9th House Astrology

9th house astrology

Effect of 9th House Astrology in Zodiac Signs

9th house astrology


9th House Astrology – Aries

The native holds that his views are always correct and this may lead to arguments with others. The native may rear animals. He will be generous. The number of houses counted from the ninth house and the number of sign in that house will be the same.

This can be analyzed with regard to disease and disability in a part of the body of the father of the native in the manner similar to Aries. The father will be of quick temper and restless. He will be impetuous and will be of athletic build.

The owner of the ninth house here is Mars which is also the owner of the fourth house. If Mars is powerful it will, in its major or sub-periods give the native property, vehicle, and comforts without much effort.

The native shall be learned in engineering or warfare. His parents will be happy with each other. Such a Mars will be helpful to the native in excelling in the field of law, logic or research. If it is weak and afflicted, it is not only dangerous to the longevity of younger brothers and sisters but will make the father short lived.

There is a chance that the native’s wife either takes on a white-collar job or her younger sister/brother attains a high position in life.

9th House Astrology – Taurus

The native’s father will be handsome and stockily built. He will have good business acumen. He is likely to be connected with agriculture, mining or medicine.

The native will earn wealth from horticulture, mining or agriculture. He will acquire higher education only with hard work and continuous application. He may have foreign collaboration in business or it may extend beyond the borders of the country.

Such business, in case Venus is powerful, will earn the native much wealth, since the owner of the ninth house here is also the owner of the second house.

The native’s wife may gain from abroad. Such a Venus will be very good for native’s children as they will not only be well behaved but will benefit from the government and attain high positions in life.

A weak Venus will make the father of the native fall sick and will curtail the longevity of the native’s wife. A weak Venus having a bad influence over it will make the native’s younger sister/brother sensual.

9th House Astrology – Gemini

The native will study current and international affairs exten­sively. His father will be a learned man whom the native will like to emulate. The father will have an aptitude for mathematics or science.

The native will be good at teaching, advertising, and publicity and since the owner of the ninth house here is also the owner of the twelfth house, he may go abroad in this connection. The mother of the native may be taken over a long distance or abroad for treatment of disease and may be admitted to a hospital there.

If Mercury has a connection with the first house or the Moon, the native will be spiritually inclined and interested in the occult. The native will be engaged in religious practices and will visit religious places.

When Mercury is weak and afflicted, the native’s first child is likely to lose one of his children. This child is also likely to practice secret Tantric rites. A powerful Mercury is a clear indication that the native’s elder sister/brother will be wealthy. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Virgo in the twelfth house below.

9th House Astrology – Cancer

The father of the native will be shy, and home-loving; he may be very warm at times and may become moody and quiet at the other, and he will have love and ability for music. This is a house for a journey abroad.

A watery sign here indicates that the native will travel abroad and may stay there for long periods. Since the Moon is considered a queen, and the ninth house is connected with favors from the government if the Moon is well placed and powerful, the native is likely to gain from the government and may hold a high position in government.

He may earn from religious occupations. His first child will be prone to beget more female children than male. A powerful Moon is a sure indication that the native will not only have a placid mind but also that he will be fortunate.

9th House Astrology – Leo

The native will have good vehicles and will be religious and rich. The native’s father will be independent-minded, ambitious, a good organizer and will like being praised; he will be author­itarian in outlook and will be the dominant personality at home through generous and a good host.

The native will like to excel in scholarship, teaching, law, etc. The ruler of the ninth house is the Sun, the native will be closely linked with highly placed persons and will if the Sun is powerful, gain from them.

The native will be pious, have an interest in Yoga and may work for self-realization. A weak or afflicted Sun will cause stomach or heart trouble to his mother.

9th House Astrology – Virgo

The native’s father will like clean surroundings, and be health conscious, given to regular exercises and wholesome food. He will be slim, self-conscious, shy, a linguist, learned and reserved. He will, however, be critical of others and difficult to please.

The native will also follow the footsteps of his father by learning languages and studying subjects like chemistry, psychology, and law. He may be good at journalism. Since the owner of the ninth house here is also the owner of the sixth house, a weak Mercury will make the father ailing.

A powerful Mercury will make the father be highly placed, gain property and conveyances and lead a happy and comfortable life. The native will do well at compe­titions without much effort if Mercury is powerful and well placed.

The native will come in contact with foreigners in con­nection with higher studies. Mercury powerful and connected with the first house and Rahu or Ketu in the ninth house will give the native sudden gains.

The native may be a hypocrite in religious matters. He may talk a lot but will not be sincere in what he says. He may be in service.

9th House Astrology – Libra

The native’s father will be mild-mannered, loving and a friendly person who would like luxuries and comforts. The owner of the first house is Saturn which is a friend of the owner of the ninth house here. Therefore unless there are adverse indications the native will have good relations with his father.

The native will be known for his knowledge and intellectual bent of mind. The owner of the ninth house here is also the owner of the fourth house. A powerful Venus will, therefore, be an asset since it will be the owner of a triangular house and an angular house and will confer on the native wealth, status and comforts.

The mother of the native will be house proud, good looking and fond of a good life. She and the native’s father will be long-lived, loving towards each other and healthy. A weak Venus will make the mother ailing., the father short-lived and the native mentally disturbed due to losses.

A strong Venus will also be conducive to high status for the brother/sister of native’s wife. Ninth house with no other influence will tend to give only younger sisters to native’s wife. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Taurus in the fourth house and Aries in the ninth house.

9th House Astrology – Scorpio

The native’s father would be a determined person who would set high standards and work very hard to achieve them. He would be addicted to stimulants and intoxicants. He would be ruthless and will have a relentless drive to achieve his goals.

The father will love the native but will not be able to express it and may, therefore, appear cold and insensitive. The relations between the father and the native will be average. The native will be argumentative and will not be able to stand up to harsher aspects of life.

The native will be irreligious and an atheist. The owner of the ninth house here is Mars which is also the owner of the second house. A powerful Mars will make the native gain without effort and the father to maintain good health.

A weak Mars will not only cause problems in this direction but will also make the mother of the native very prone to serious accidents or operations. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Aries in the second house.

9th House Astrology – Sagittarius

The father of the native will be generous, sober, balanced and learned. He will, however, be known for his outspokenness and frank behavior. The owner of the ninth house here is Jupiter which is also the owner of the twelfth house.

If there is no influence to the contrary, the native will be very religious and famous for his upright behavior. The native will travel abroad. The native’s father will have conveyances and will lead a com­fortable life.

He may be wealthy and may have property. A powerful Jupiter connected with the first house or the Moon may also make the native religious. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Gemini above and Pisces in the twelfth house.

9th House Astrology – Capricorn

The native will strive to convert people to his own faith. He will have theological knowledge and will be religious in fanatical and ritualistic senses of the word.

The native’s father will be ruthless, reserved, a man of strong determination, having great organizational skills and ability to achieve what he sets as his goal.

The father will also be frugal, loyal and cautious. Saturn owns the ninth and the tenth houses. It, therefore, becomes an excellent planet since it owns a triangular house and an angular house.

If Saturn is powerful in the horoscope, it will give not only wealth but also power and will make the native rise to dizzy heights, but the progress will be slow though steady. It will be excellent for the welfare and prosperity of native’s maternal uncle.

If it powerfully influences the third house, the maternal uncle may become a high political personality. If Saturn is powerful and connected with the first or the fourth house, or the Moon, it will make the native very religious and dispassionate.

Saturn in its major or sub-periods will show exceptionally good results. Normally the native will be born in an average family and will rise beyond his level of birth.

9th House Astrology – Aquarius

The native’s father will be fond of gardens. The father will be handsome and of gregarious temperament.

There will be a con­stant stream of visitors to his father’s house and he might even be working at a job which involves group activity; he may leave his place of birth and settle down elsewhere; he will face disap­pointments and may have to deal with hospitals etc., and he may not have enough time for his children.

The native will be independent-minded and will be many a time considered unusu­al by even persons close to him. Saturn here owns the eighth and the ninth houses.

Its mooltrikona sign falls in the ninth house, therefore it will on the whole not show bad results. If it is powerful, it will bring fortune to the native from abroad; if weak disappointments and danger.

Pisces in 9th House Astrology

The native will be pious and a linguist. He may like traveling and may visit abroad. His father would have an influence on him due to his honesty, religiousness and artistic abilities. The young­er brothers and sisters of the native’s wife will go away and settle elsewhere, maybe abroad.

They will also cause some expenses to her and may later get estranged from her. The native will have trouble in his business and with regard to his wealth from his enemies if Jupiter is weak. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Gemini or Sagittarius in the sixth house.

The owner of the ninth house is Jupiter here which is also the owner of the sixth house. If such a Jupiter is associated with a planet that is malefic for the chart, the native is likely to have very adverse relations with his father.

If you are looking for more insights about 9th House in Vedic Astrology then go through with 9th lord in different houses.

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