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Number 3 Numerology Meaning based on Astrology

Number 3 Numerology

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Number 3 Numerology Details

Number 3 Numerology
Number 3 in Numerology

Number 3 Numerology people who are born on 3, 12, 21, and 30th of any month, have the basic number ‘3’. The ruling planet of this number is Jupiter. In astrology, this is a very important planet.  People belonging to the basic number ‘3’ are also as courageous as those ambitious.  These people form strong relationships with people belonging to the same number, which also proves beneficial.

Dates of Birth                          : 3, 12, 21 and 30

Ruling Planet                           : Jupiter

Important Time Period          : 19th February to 20th March and 21st November to 20th December

Auspicious Days                      : Thursday and Tuesday

Number 3 Numerology Personality

  1. You are a straight forward and ambitious person. Thus you cannot work under someone else. You cannot also do any smaller work. You are always striving to reach the highest post.
  2. You always wish to have maximum rights and authority and that maximum people should work under you.
  3. You like having complete control over others and expect others to obey the orders given to them. You too obey orders and complete the work to the best of your capabilities.
  4. After getting authority and power, you start acting like a dictator. Sometimes you categorize your order as law and demand their competition. That’s why people often become your enemy. 
  5. You do not like being obliged or taking favors from anyone. You have a free and independent nature and so do not like any sort of control and restrictions.
  6. You can express your ideas impressively to mothers and can get your work done.
  7. You get plenty of money but you are never able to save it. You do not worry about the monetary aspect of the future but due to lack of it, you are often worried.
  8. You are selfish, you will not pay attention to a person who will not benefit you are in any ant way.
  9. You want to live a luxurious life and you spend a lot on fun and enjoyment, and your hobbies, liking, and decorations.
  10. If your desires are not fulfilled, you become disappointed
  11. You are very conscious of your social prestige.
  12. You are not especially liked by your family members and they have a feeling of antagonism towards you.
  13. Although you are an honest person if you get an opportunity to earn money from unfair means, you do not hesitate.
  14. Although you get angry easily yet you are prudent and wise.
  15. To earn more money you work very hard at more than one work but are able to maintain a balance.
  16. Most of your friends will prove to be selfish and treacherous people.
  17. You don’t get success in love or romance but you will get a beautiful, courteous and obedient wife.
  18. In childhood, you may have to struggle for your education and the support of the family might have been lacking.
  19. You are fond of horse riding.
  20. You will benefit from traveling.
  21. You would be successful as an advocate, professor, lecture social worker, administrator, accountant, publisher, share broker, businessman, research scholar, priest,  minister, or philanthropist.
  22. You want to do such work in your life, that people may remember you.
  23. You enjoy deep sleep and delicious food. You want to live in a well-furnished and well-decorated house.
  24. You would be able to own your vehicle before the age of 40 years.

Beware of the  habit of over spending, or you will be in trouble

You should not feel jealous of others riches and wisdom because neither can you become rich overnight nor can you immediately become an expert.

Always save something form your earnings. No one will help you in hour of need.

Avoid the company of selfish superficial and mean people. Although you do not flatter others, you are tricked by flatters.

Number 3 Numerology Health

You are easily prone to skin and windpipe infections. Take precautions against stomach and heart disease. You can be easily affected by urinary tract infections too.

As you relish food, avoid the tendency of consuming fatty, spicy heavy food and over eating. You must have fruits regularly.

The sinewy ligament system being weak, these people generally. Suffer from body pains and tiredness.

Exercise: these people should do ‘Shiskras’ ‘Dhanursan” and ‘Suryasan etc. if by doing these exercise or otherwise feel tired then they should do ‘shavasan’. If they come to know the right method of doing such an asana, they would get rid of tiredness forever.

Number 3 Lucky Days and Dates

If you belong to Number 3 Numerology then the time period from 19 February to 20 March and 21 November to 20 December is auspicious for you. During this whichever work you start, you will be successful at it.

Number 3 Numerology Auspicious Years, Dates, and Days

For you 3, 12, 21, and 30 of every month will be beneficial for you. 6,9,15 24 and 27 world also be favorable. The years that have a sum total of ‘3’ of or those which can be completely divided by ‘3’ would prove beneficial for you.

The most auspicious day is Thursday. You may start an important job or work on this day. If this day falls on the above-mentioned dates and the auspicious time period then you would get success in every work started or completed in this duration.

You may also get some good news and some honors or money from the government; or some previous investment or some blocked money from the government, or some previous investment or some blocked money.

Lucky Color for Number 3 Numerology

Yellow and the colors with yellowish tinge are most favorable. Violet and light pink are also good. You must-use yellow color for the whitewash of your house and the interior decoration such as curtain, bed covers pillar covers, etc.

Lucky Gemstones for Number 3 Numerology

Gemstones and elements-Pukhraj’ is the most auspicious gemstone for these people. Gold studded Pukhraj in ring; set in such a way that it touches the skin is most properties, in the signing finger.

The yellow topaz (pukhraj) will be the most beneficial gemstones for you. It should be set in gold and worn on the first finger i.e. signing finger, after purification on Thursday.

Numerology Number 3 Ruling Planet and Deity

Your ruling planet is Jupiter for Number 3 Numerology. You must wear yellow on Thursday or keep a yellow hanky in your pocket. Have yellow food that day. Keep a fast; eat once that day, with yellow and sweet only. No salt is to be consumed, on that day. Try to keep your elders, teacher, and guru happy.

Prayers: The pray to God Vishnu. They should recite ‘Vishnu Shahrse nam’ i.e. the thousand names of lord Vishnu. Read ‘satya-narayana katha’.

If you are restless or in trouble, recite:

“Aum Berahaspatyye Namah”

For around 108 times and you will feel the peace and the strength to sort out the problem.

Fasting: They should keep a fast on full moon day and if they are not feeling well then they should not eat anything on Thursday.

Important Advice For Fasting

We would like to advise you as to what is supposed to be done on the day of fasting. In the present scientific age, it is not advisable to remain totally without food and water for the whole day. The meaning of fast is to troubled the body but to make it light healthy.

If on the day fast, it is your weakly, rest and holiday then are ideal as you should not put in hard work on such a day. You should not have constipation as it would hamper the effects of the fast.

            On the day of the fast, if you feel weak then you should rake a cup of milk, tea or such drinks or you also eat some dry fruits but this must be taken only once in the whole day and at a pre-decided time. If you would not like this then you should take a glass of fresh fruit juice or you can take fruit according to the seasons.

            In the evening, after offering prayers should you complete your fast by having light. Do not eat, in the evening as it would make the fast futile.

Famous Personalities Born with Number 3 Numerology

Three important people belonging to basic number ‘3’ were Stalin from Russia; Winston Churchill forms Britain and Roosevelt from the U.S.A. All three believed in different philosophies yet at the time of war all three believed in different Philosophies yet at the time of war, all three joined forces, decided the course of history with a joint consul. It shows all three belong to the basic number ‘3’.

Some other important personalities are:

President Roosevelt                           30 January                   3

Winston Churchill                               30 November               3

Marshall Stalin                                    21 December               3

Abraham Lincon                                 12 February                 3

King George(V)                                  3 June                          3

Lord Resale                                         12 August                    3

Rudyard Kipling                                 30 December               3

Darwin                                                12 February                 3

Mark Twain                                         30 November               3

Warltyer                                              21 November               3

Remze Mackdawnold                         12 October                   3

Aubdul Gamal Nasir                           21 October                   3

General Manekshar                             3 April                         3

Henry Ford                                         30 July                         3

Dr. Rajeshra Prasad                            3 December                 3

Swami Vivekananda                            12 January                   3

You can read about the JUPITER planet to understand more about Number 3 Characteristics as JUPITER is the Ruling Planet of Number ‘3’. JUPITER PLANET AND ITS EFFECTS


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