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5th House Astrology

5th house astrology

Effect of 5th House Astrology in Zodiac Signs

5th house astrology



Aries in 5th House Astrology

The native will have good children unless there are other malefic influences. He will have children later than normal in life. His children will be of independent mind and if subjected to controls will rebel. His mother will be rich and inherit wealth. She may talk of religion. His father will be very intelligent and learned and may be engaged in research.

The father will inherit the property. If Mars is afflicted or influences the fifth house it can cause miscarriages since it is also the owner of the twelfth house which is the house of separation. Mars will otherwise be auspi­cious for the native being owner of the fifth and also of the twelfth house.

The native may have more than one liaison with females as Mars gets rulership of houses of love affairs and pleasures of the bed. If Mars in any manner also influences the seventh house or its owner, this tendency will be further accen­tuated. Mars in this role gives an insatiable sexual appetite and if it is weak and influences Venus, also gives perverted sexual urge.

Since from the house of children, i.e., the fifth house, the number of signs falling in a house and the number of houses as counted from this house are the same, any house afflicted will show ailment in that part of the body of the children, especially of the first born.

For example, the ninth house will have the fifth sign, Leo- If the ninth house and the Sun are afflicted, it can lead to troubles in the parts of the body signified by Leo, i.e., belly and heart of the child.

Taurus in 5th House Astrology

The native will move from one passionate relationship to the next. He will not be able to discipline his children correctly since he will spoil them in their younger days. He will have an excellent daughter who will be beautiful and well behaved.

The children will be hard working and will like to take up medicine, surgery, banking, mining or agriculture as their profession. The owner of the fifth, Venus, is also the owner of the tenth house. Venus will grant affluence, power, and status to the native. The son of the native will be in service.

If Venus is afflicted it can make the native’s children suffer from female enemies or illnesses of the urinary system and kidneys. Such a Venus will be a maraka for the mother of the native. His father will be wealthy or may be able to talk well and in-depth on religious or other subjects.

Gemini in 5th House Astrology

The children will be handsome, intelligent, virtuous and capable but they will be born late as the native will take time to decide as to when he should have them. He may not be able to devote enough time to his children due to other preoccupations.

The owner of the fifth, Mercury, is also the owner of the eighth house. The children of the native may be short-lived and the elder sister may have a miserable married life, if Mercury is weak and afflicted, the fifth house has adverse influence and Jupiter is also not in a good condition.

His mother will be a proficient musician. His younger brother/sister may suffer from diseases in ear, throat, or arms.

Cancer in 5th House Astrology

The native will have more children than normal, most of them females, born to the native rather early in life and all of them will be handsome, able and reputed. His children will not be able to amass wealth but will in theft second halves of life rise to prominent positions.

The native will be attached to them. The native will have a special talent in the field of fine arts or entertainment. A weak or waning Moon can see him lose money in speculation or game of chance.

He will have a good memory. A strong and waxing Moon connected with the ninth or tenth house can grant the native success in the political field and in getting political power.

Leo in 5th House Astrology

The children of the native will be irascible, intelligent, a source of pride to the native, and will be non-vegetarian. They will have impressive personalities and good appetite. A powerful Jupiter will ensure that they earn a lot of wealth abroad.

They will do well in their first halves of life and their fortune will be on the wane in the second half. The native may not be able to devote enough time to them.

The native will be passionate, sensual, and will enjoy drama, and other stage entertainments. A powerful and well placed Sun will make the native get a position of power.

Virgo in 5th House Astrology

The native will have studious children who will display special ability in mathematics, science, and languages. The love relationship of the native will be changeable and dogged by cynicism. The native may decide not to have children.

There may be problems on account of ti te children being beyond the control of the native or he may have children late in life. The native may lose money through impulsive and unsound investments, games of chance and indis­creet spending. He will love his wife.

The owner of the fifth, Mercury, is also the owner of the second house. This can be analyzed in the manner similar to Gemini in the second house above.

Libra in 5th House Astrology

The children of the native will be handsome, well behaved and able. They will have talent. The owner of the fifth house, Venus, is also the owner of the twelfth house. A weak and afflicted Venus will reduce the longevity of the children. It will bring about the death of the elder sister. It can pose danger and cause accidents to native’s wife.

The native’s father will be learned and engaged in research when Venus is well placed. Venus Will be a beneficial planet for the children of the native since it will own the first and eighth houses from the fifth house. Though it will be the owner of the twelfth house, its mooltrikona sign will be located in the fifth house.

Therefore, a well placed Venus should bring benefits to the children. If it is in the fifth or twelfth house, the children will be long-lived; if in the fourth house, they may travel abroad during the periods of Venus; if in the seventh house, they will go on journeys time and again, and in the eighth house, the eldest child will have property and vehicles.

Scorpio in 5th House Astrology

The native will invest and spend his money without proper thought. He will be secretive and hide his feelings. He may not be liked by his children and his wife and his relationship with them may not be pleasant. His children will be hard working, exacting, introverted and determined. They will have little sen­timentality in them.

The native will enjoy sports and entertain­ment. The native will have to face unfounded and baseless charges in life. Mars is the owner of the fifth and tenth houses. This is an excellent planet for the native and if well placed and powerful, can do a lot of good to the native in its periods.

However, if it does not have sambandha with a bad planet in the chart, the sub-period of any such bad planet in the major period of Mars will be highly troublesome.

This can be analyzed in the manner similar to Taurus above where Venus has similar own­erships. However, the diseases that Mars will give will not be the same as recorded for Venus.

Sagittarius in 5th House Astrology

The native will have children who will be courageous, frank, will suppress enemies, and reach high positions in, or receive honors from the government. He will be prosperous and com­fortable. He will be cheerful and optimistic but will not be able to have romantic liaisons.

The owner of the fifth house is Jupiter, which is also the owner of the eighth house. His children will be learned, will have good houses and will lead a comfortable life. If Jupiter is afflicted, the native will have trouble from or on account of his children.

When Jupiter is weak and afflicted, the danger to the children especially the firstborn will be much more since Jupiter is also the karaka for the children. His elder brother/sister will get married into a highly placed family or one that is connected with the government. His father will travel abroad or may be learned in secret or mystical knowledge.

Capricorn in 5th House Astrology

The native will be a martinet with his children who may be born late in life. He will reject many partners before settling down in life. The children will not be good looking. They will be hard working, down to earth and practical in life.

Saturn will be the owner of the fifth and also the sixth house. A powerful Saturn in the fifth house will make the children of the native wealthy and the mother of the native to get wealth through her younger brothers/sisters, neighbors or colleagues.

If Saturn is weak and afflicted, his children will be sickly. If with such a Saturn, the sixth house is under the adverse influence and Mercury is also weak, the first born child of the native will suffer from a severe speech defect.

A powerful Saturn well placed will make the native’s father rise high in life. The rise will be slow but steady and may come late in life.

Aquarius in 5th House Astrology

The native will have a sober and dignified son. The native may consciously decide to have children late in life due to his social and other preoccupations.

The owner of the fifth is also the owner of the fourth house. The native will gain through his children if Saturn is powerful. Also in such a situation Saturn will act as a great beneficial planet and will confer prosperity, status, and comforts on the native if powerful.

The native will have a good chance of getting power and position through his popularity among the masses. The mother of the native will also be wealthy and will have a happy family life.

A weak Saturn will reduce the income of the younger brothers/sisters of the native. He will not give much time to his children. The children will be few but highly intelligent and creative.

Pisces in 6th House Astrology

The owner of the sign being the karaka for children, if strong and well placed, will mean the birth of children to the native during it’s major or sub-periods. The native will be fond of sports and arts. The owner of the fifth house is Jupiter. Jupiter is also the owner of the second house.

A powerful Jupiter is a good indicator of native’s success at speculation or games of chance. He can also be a powerful and intelligent orator. He may also show intellectual promise of a high standard in his school days.

Jupiter, for the elder brother/sister of the native, has feminine characteristics, as it owns the fourth and the seventh houses from the eleventh house and if Jupiter influences the third house, the elder brother/sister will have mostly daughters.

This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Gemini for the second house above.

If you are looking for more insights about 5th House in Vedic Astrology then go through with 5th lord in different houses.

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