Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope – Nature and Habits

Pisces Horoscope sign is the most complicated sign in the entire zodiac system. Its dual nature pulls the person in two different directions. As a consequence he never understands that he wishes to do or what he should do. Due to this mental confusion he mostly thinks that everything around him is wrong but he can never analyze what is wrong.

Pisces are very emotional and they very easily influenced by others. As soon as they enter the room they come to know what is happening there. The difficulty is that they come under the influence of others very easily and hence it is very necessary they should come in contact with right people Otherwise they tend to imitate others and develop a thinking like others.

They are very sentimental and therefore their emotions and feelings play a very important role in reacting to people and situation. Due to their extra sensory knowledge they unreasonably fall in love or hold grudge for anybody. They are very illogical in doing so. They are over filled with sympathy.

They cannot perform any work which may harm others. When they find somebody in difficulty or find someone in despair or afflicted by disease they feel like running to help them, but they don’t understand how to help them. Due to this nature of Pisces some people try to take undue advantage of them.

People who comes under Pisces horoscope have great imagination power and it is well-developed. In route they are idealistic and try to escape from the bitter realities of life and get engrossed in their dream – world. This is the reason why many great poets, writers and musician were Pisces. But what is the use of those imagination which cannot be utilized in worldly affairs. This is the reason why Pisces stay behind others and fail to bring themselves in limelight.

They lose hope due to little opposition. Their entire personality is negative. Their nature is not stable and changes every moment and depends on their mood. They themselves never take any vital decision and depend on others for decision-making.

Pisces horoscope people are like spending peaceful time at home instead of enjoying sports activities and other worldly enjoyment. Due to this they tend to get lazy. They are attracted towards water. Due to their coward nature they repeatedly risk for forgiveness or constantly give excuses.

Basically Pisces horoscope people are dual nature. The question is which path they adopt. The most determined and the most weak character are found in Pisces. Some people fall prey to their emotions and adopt a path of pleasure, get influenced by the atmosphere or fall in the company of false friends. Some people come under the influence of liquor or intoxication get habituated to it. But if they find a purpose or mission in life, then they mould themselves according to the situation.

Due to the sudden change in their nature, they may surprise their friends. In no moment they shed their weakness and sensual character and raise to any level of self-confidence.

They are attracted to study of Occultism. The love to discover the unknown, philosophical and secret things but people think about them as superstitious where in reality they are very fortunate.

A female Pisces totally possess the feminine attribute outwardly due to which male are attracted towards them. They are ready to adopt a tough life inwardly. Due to love and sympathy for poor and those in despair their house tend to become an asylum for pet animals and children.

Pisces Horoscope – Financial Affairs & Activities

For Pisces horoscope money is the least important factor. It is a means of them, not an end. But they are always scared of poverty. Hence they do not let their generosity control them unless and until they are forced by their dear ones. They sacrifice everything for them. They do not worry for accumulating money for bad days and therefore their old age is mostly spend in poverty.

In financial matters they frequently face ups and downs. But once they get control over their unstable nature, there is no position in life where they cannot reach. They can be successful in the work of a loader, foreign business, import export or marine business. Their interest may be in the job of nurse, restaurant – owner, social workers, teacher, accountant, money – lender etc. in business they can be successful in joint ventures or partnerships.

Pisces  Horoscope – Friendship, Love & Marriage

Pisces never feel shortage of friends. This is not only due to their nature but also due to the power of attracting others. They can go to any extent to help their friends and share their sorrow. They do not expect anything in return for this. As a consequence many people are seen around them to take undue advantage of this nature of theirs. If time comes these people may use the information gathered from Pisces against them or to defame them.

As far as love is concerned, Pisces are very emotional and romantic. They are very much attracted by physical appearance and are very much conscious about physical beauty. The idols expressing sex in temples and the samples displayed in big shops also attract them. This kind of their nature also influences their personal life where they make love more like a lover as a husband with his wife. But if they are mentally hurt then they get very much disturbed.

In such a situation normally they don’t react or don’t say anything and for many days they resort to silence and keep thinking silently. They may be suspicious about their life partner. In this field also their dual nature is on the fore. On one day they will shower lot of love on their partner and on the other day unreasonably they will pose themselves of not having any relationship with the partner.

Pisces Horoscope – Health & Food Habits

The make of their physique is mostly in small but balanced. Some Pisces are short in height. But if they are fat they equal to any fat and tall statures person. Their feet and hands are small heavy. Shoulder is fleshly and round. Skin is soft , hair is silky, eyes are light coloured and complexion is fair, there is a grace and sparkle on there is an inherent attraction in them and when they are tension free, there is a grace and sparkle on their face.

As regards to health, paeans are more prone to mental sickness. Due to excessive thinking, there is an adverse effect on their digestive system. Many people are afflicted by berry–berry, palsy and diseases of lungs . There may be over sweating in body especially from hands and feet. They should be cautious about growth or boils is in the intestines.

In the zodiac system Pisces represents the feet . Therefore there can be the problem in the feet of Pisces. Due to the odd Structure of their feet, they may find difficulty is choosing proper footwear for then.

As Pisces is a water sign, Pisces may have an inclination for drinks. Some are seen addicted to liquor.

Pisces Horoscope about Other points to know

According to Indian Pandits / Astrologers, the colour of Pisces is yellowish white. The colour of its ruling planets ,Jupiter is yellow . Its gemstone is yellow sapphire which is to be worn in gold. According to western astrologers, Pisces is ruled by Neptune whose colour is Aquamarine.Pisces manifests the north direction.

According to Indian Astrologers the number of the ruling planet of Pisces that is Jupiter is 3. This number symbolizes numerology , art and oration . According to western astrologers the number of Neptune is 7. This number is considered a very secretive number and people under the influence of this are always in the life of a Piscean. The day represented by Pisces is Thursday.

Pisces Horoscope influences about the followings things, places and persons:

Food grains, food ,Pearl, shells, Lotus, water flower salt , smell/ scent, gen, heat, electricity , lighting , house etc.Ocean, sea, Aquarium, oil – refineries, temple, port, orphanage, health department, jail, prison, well etc.

Political head , ministers, bank agent, tourist, lawyer, teacher, religious & Philanthropic person, village head, wealthy, person, businessman, literature, reporter, writer, accountant, auditor, money-lender etc.


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