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Libra Horoscope – Habits and Nature

Libra Horoscope is a sign of beauty and balance. It is ruled by Venus which is considered to be the king of countenance & beauty. Therefore a Libran is more interested in beauty aspect. The sign Taurus is also ruled by Venus. But there is great difference in these two signs. In Taurus the quality of Venus for material love is more prominent, whereas in Libra, the creative side of Venus is on the fore.

This is the reason why a Libran likes to be in a pleasant surrounding in the absence of which he is out of mood. And this is possible only if Librans maintain proper balance in them as is seen in the symbol of Libra. If a little balance is lost everything gets disturbed. They believe in extracting happiness from life till the last drop and living life to the fullest.

Mentally, Libra Horoscope can be good judges, Panch, messenger of peace. They have the tact and feel the need logically to get to the root of any subject. In doing so, they do not spare themselves. Due to this nature of Librans, they are found more eager to study Law.

They can participate in public life, at the same time they can also contribute towards creation lf law. They have full command over language. They believe in expressing their views in short sentences and intelligible language.

Although Librans may be lacking in many aspects, but still they are popular among their friends. They keep themselves away from quarrels and fights. Their likings can be known from their costumes or dressing sense. Highly idealistic and highly moralistic principles are the base of their character. They like to live in the present according to their nature.

They are least bothered about their past and future. Once they have chosen their path in life, they always proceed towards success. But the present conditions and situations greatly affect their mind, which swings them in hope and despondency.

One of the significant qualities of Libra Horoscope is that before discussing any matter they consider, analyze and balance all its sides. This obviously will take time. This applies to their decision making and organizing. As a consequence, those who like quick decision making, consider this aspect of Librans as lack of decision making power and lose courage.

At the same time, one of the weakness found in Librans is that any time they way jump from one side of the balance to the other side and may change their party. Having made up their mind for a particular thing, in no time they may change their thinking and consider some different view.

With relevance to situation Librans are morally very tactful because they have the ability to consider both sides of a problem. Due to this ability and the hypnotic ability of Librans they are always ahead in achieving their goods than others who may take time to understand the situation. They are justice loving people and cannot tolerate injustice.

If weakness grows in them they may go astray and they may not be able to achieve success. Female Librans also possess almost all the qualities possessed by male Librnas. The biggest difficulty with them is that they cannot say “No” to anybody and thus many problems and tensions crop up.

In the zodiac system Libra occupies the place in front of Aries. Leaders born under this sign will always be in limelight and be popular where as Arien leaders will be known only during good times and will disappear in rainy days.

Libra Horoscope – Financial Affairs & Activities

Librans are considered successful in material or worldly affairs. They can accumulate wealth in the form of land or house. They can be clever businessman and earn money and success. The most important is that whatever business or occupation they choose, they try to maintain complete propriety.

They are ready to expend any amount of money to buy beautiful and grand articles. Money is not much important for them. in Indian astrology Libra is also known as Businessman’s sing.

These people not only become good lawyers and judge but also some of them take up special study and devote their whole life in research activities. Some become great scientists and doctors. In the field of education Librans earn both money and success. But very few of them save more for their future or old age. Names of some famous

Librans are actress Sara Barnhart, dramatist Oscar wild, Annie Besant, former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri etc. A famous Libran who is always remembered is Mahatma Gandhi.

Pharmacy, Painting, story and play writing, architecture, air force, selling – agents and in some other professions. Librans can become successful. Their hobbies include photography, gardening, painting, poem, music etc. Libra is a moving sign, hence the hobbies of Librans is constantly changing.

Libra Horoscope – Friendship, Love and Marriage

Libra Horoscope people are good friends. Truly speaking life becomes very difficult without friends for Librans. They are very popular among their friends Love is of utmost importance for Librnas. Until old age they are interested in love. These is a fear with Librans of making love proposal or whenever they see a beautiful lady. They may repent for this in future.

Most of the times Libra Horoscope may be having many love -affairs. Sex play in important role in their life but they get more pleasure in having playful or unreal love affairs. These kind of plays begin in their life from a very small age.

They are not much pompous in love affairs, but they never fail in extracting from the minutest thing. They forget while weighing love that it cannot be seen from a microscope.

They fail in keeping their lovers bound and satisfied for a long time. A Libran treats his lover as a non – living thing like a bouquet or a beautiful painting. Who can tolerate this?

Therefore the wife of a Libran has always to be watchful about her husband’s fickle mindedness and she herself has to be very attractive. If she does so then she can expect every possibility of limitless happiness in her married life from a Libran partner.

To secure a balanced relationship a male or a female Libran can sacrifice anything.

Libra Horoscope – Health & Food Habits

Health of Libra Horoscope people is always find but the condition is that they should always maintain their balance. If the balance is disturbed, then they may have muscular problem and the structure of body may get disturbed. Their face is heart shaped with a smile.

There is a hole in their chin. Body is lengthy and well structured. Even after having good food they don’t get obese. Hands and feet are thin but strong. Nose is like parrot’s beak. Hair on head starts falling in old age.

Female Libra Horoscope people body is medium in size and flexible. Their chest is broad, feet are well shaped, hair are light brown, jaws are circular, eyes are yellow and face is heart shaped. They have dimpled chin. Their voice is melodious and laughter is very vibrating. They have mostly fair complexion.

Libra represents kidneys waist and spine of a person. In Librans there is a possibility of appendicitis and pain in back & disc. In the horoscope, if Saturn is in Libra, then such people may have kidney stone problem. In despair they should take proper care of their food and should engage their minds in music, reading novel or any other kind of arts.

Libra Horoscope Other points to know:

  • According to Indian Pundits / Astrologers, colour of Libra is blue.
  • The colour of its ruling planet ‘Venus’ is mixed or white.
  • The gemstone for Venus is diamond which is to be worn in silver.
  • Libra manifests the west direction.
  • The number of Venus is 6.
  • Number 6 symbolizes beauty and hobby.
  • This number plays an important role in the life of a Libran.
  • It enhances the inclination towards art.
  • The day, represented by Libra is Friday.

Libra Horoscope has certain influence on the following item –

Cotton, silk and terelene material, wheat, sugarcane, food grains, animals, vehicles, luxurious items etc.
Land near wind mill, the outhouse in a mansion,  interior rooms,the backside of mountain, places of cool breeze, mountain cliffs etc.,

Lawyers, judge, investigator / critic chemist, painter, transport, defense personnel, Restaurant owner, milk or milk product seller,fruit seller, story and dramatist, musicians, sculptor, public relations officer, host / hospitality, salesman etc.

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