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Aries Horoscope Friendship, Career, Love, Nature

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Aries Horoscope Friendship, Career, Love, Nature

Aries Horoscope (Mesh Rashi)

Aries Horoscope Nature And Habits

Aries Horoscope is a fire (element) sign. It occupies the first place in the fire or AGNI triangle (Aries Leo and Sagittarius). The combination of sign and its lord increases the fire and energy to a large extent but in the absence of water, fire can only be harsh and it cannot take the form of creativity. This is the reason why Arians are found wasting of misusing their strength and energy and it is not used for a fruitful purpose.

Aries is a moving sign. And hence Aries are bright, courageous and have infallible willpower. They are born fighter. Due to this fighting spirit, they fight their way out of great difficulties and are not afraid of any adversities. They love freedom and independence and cannot tolerate any kind of interference in their work. If they are not allowed to work according to their wish they tend to leave the work and shift to some other work. This is the reason why the lives of Aries are constantly changing.

If an Arian keeps control over his nature, he can not only excel materially but can also hold positions of high-caliber. But a word of caution for them from sycophants and tricky people. If they are not cautious then they get confused and are misled by their ego which ends in their self-annihilation.

Aries is always in a hurry. Their mind is always occupied by new and valuable ideas but due to lack of courage, they are unable to execute it. Their stubbornness makes them feel as they are wiser. They are not ready for a second opinion and do not listen to other’s suggestions.

They judge harsh truth by their experience. They are not only ambitious, open-hearted but also very frank and outspoken. Due to a lack of diplomatic nature, they fall in enmity with their friends. They should protect themselves from an inferiority complex.

If the bug of inferiority complex bites them, they can go to any extent to achieve their goal. They may become cruel and atrocious and may die or be killed or unnatural death. As masters, they are harsh and highly disciplined and try to exploit their subordinates to get the work done, on the other hand, they themselves oppose all kind of traditions and discipline. Without thinking they fall into wasteful discussions.

Aries are very particular about their sense of dressing. While moving out of the house they are attired in such a way that leaves an impression on others about their personality. They love cleanliness and are as hard as iron. They always expect that people who come in contact with them should consider them different from others and should accept their powerful and influential personality.

Female Aries people…like their male counterparts are also highly ambitious and follow ideas. Females are also enthusiastic and energetic like males. Their house is very small for realizing their ambitions. Due to their lively and influential personality, they are always at the forefront of social activities.

Aries Horoscope Financial Affairs And Activities

As Aries people are rich in energy, determination, and willpower they are successful leaders in business and public activities. If they keep control of themselves, they can scale any heights in life. They are highly intuitive and they wish that they should be considered as heads in the family, business and any area of activity.

Arians are capable of earning money. They prefer to perform those activities which involve huge expenditure. In the field of management, they are very diplomatic and at the same time, they are full of excitement.

Their mind is always occupied with lengthy plans. Hence many times due to important decisions are taken in a state of excitement, they fall prey to wealth loss and ups and down.

Arians are very much interested in gambling and speculations. Instead, if they use their brain prudently and invest their money in lucrative avenues, they may reap good returns. They should be born of court cases and arguments as their fate is not on their side in such matters.

Arians can be successful politicians, organizers, preacher, orators, company promoters, solider or police officials, chemists, surgeons, dealers in iron and steel. Mechanics etc.

If they fall prey to their vices, they even adopt criminal mentality. Other professions which Arians can adopt are butcher, barber, priests, ironsmith, producers of weapons, watchmakers, dyers, cook, carpenter, fire-engineers, spy, boxers, dealers in sports material, etc.

Aries Horoscope Friendship, Love And Marriage

There is a significant place for love and friendship in the emotional life of Arians. In expressing their love they are very open and full of zeal.

Due to their kind nature and hypnotic abilities they are capable of attracting opposite sex towards them. In doing so they like to be independent, courageous and stable. If they keep control of their negative traits like holding control over others, lack of courage and over-excitement, their married life will be full of happiness.

But normally this never happens with them and they land themselves in great trouble mainly because of their hurried nature and imprudent decisions.

To speak intelligently, Arians should first bring stability in their life and get married. But this seldom happens due to their hurried and overexcited nature. As a consequence, in search of an ideal life partner, they get trapped in marriage and love related matters.

Devotion is not a matter of much significance for them and hence break-up and separations in marriages, especially in the Western Countries is not a matter of unusual for them. Their ‘I Attitude’ is not helpful for them to achieve much in marital relations. As a consequence of which such persons have to face a lot in love relations. As they are unable to read and understand women’s mind, their relations with them get strained. But if they apply “Give and Take” policy in their life, they can experience happiness.

They have an attractive personality. The negative trait in them is that they never listen to others. If they control their selfishness and greed, their problems can come to an end. They can then prove themselves to be a good friend, companion, and lover. They do not contain any filthy thoughts in their mind for the opposite sex but keep on properly appreciating them. They tend to mentally worship them and never hurt their feelings. They also feel as they are protectors of women.

Female Arians are no less than their male counterparts in terms of ‘ideals’. But they are always worried about their love and marriage getting broken. They are very much attracted towards a male who acts as protectors of women and is ready for sacrifice. Female Arians actively participate in love affairs. In this, their desire is at the top. Unfortunately, weak males do not like such women and their relations can be in danger. On getting an opportunity, such women can dominate their husbands.

Arian wives like to be ready-witted and freedom-loving. They are very proud of their beauty and rich lifestyles. They always keep praising about their family. Jealousy and pride is the biggest weakness in them. They always want their husbands to praise them, keep running after them and should never praise other women in front of them.

They are in search of husbands about whom they can always praise. If by bad luck they get an innocent husband then that husband will be the most unfortunate one. If they are in a good mood then they shower more love.

Leo or Sagittarius can prove to be good husbands for Arians. Even Librans can also maintain peace in them and lessen their anger. But an Arian husband can only be the best life partner for them. They also require a beautiful and intelligent wife. If they are in a good mood then they never lag behind in spending more than their capacity on their wives.

Hence it is advisable for Arian wives to keep some money aside to face contingencies. Arians love their home and family. They try to spend maximum time with them. They try to keep their homes clean and tidy. They are good hosts and they do not feel dearth for friends.

Aries Horoscope Health  And Food Habits

Arian men are extremely fickle minded, excited and take long strides. Their body is well-built. Head is big which has thick dry hair. Many Arians have straight nose and lips come forward which gives them an appearance of sheep.

In the case of health, Arians are fortunate, but they have the habit of doing more work than their capacity which makes them tired. And so they need discipline. They should develop the habit of trusting others so that the work may get distributed.

Arians have good resistance power, but they should protect themselves from small injuries and serious accidents. The maximum danger is for their head and face because this is influenced by zodiac sign Aries. From Aries, the sixth (disease) ‘bhava’ is Virgo which is related to the digestive system.

So the Arians may suffer from headache, burns, big diseases, diseases of the brain, epilepsy, pimples, insomnia, ringworm, pain affecting have the head, smallpox, malaria, etc. They should take the maximum rest and eat green and leafy vegetables more. They should avoid intoxicants and reduce the quantity of meat in their food.

Children of these zodiac sign show fighting tendency from the beginning. They may beat others and use more of abuses. He will be without any control, original, sports loving and in schools, he will take active participation in all activities and due to this he becomes popular very quickly and he will be never alone.

Aries children’s health will be fine, but they should protect themselves from head injuries.

Aries Horoscope other Known Facts

According to Indian astrologers …..
the color of Aries is red.
in their day-to-day activities.. prefer to use this color.
The lord is Mars and its gem is coral.
Aries manifests in eastern direction.

The Mars its lord is represented by number 9..…this number is a number of great disturbances. This number plays an important role in Arian’s life. The day represented by the lord of this Zodiac sign is Tuesday. Tuesday’s presiding deity is Lord Kartikeya whose vehicle is said to be a peacock.

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