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Venus in Different Houses

Venus in Different Houses

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Effect of Venus in Different Houses

Venus in Different Houses
Venus in Houses

Venus in 1st House

A bad Venus will create the native gullible. If Mars is adverse or affected from the chart, the native might be sexually promiscuous.

He might not be bold. This is considered a fantastic location for Venus. His younger sister/brother will be rich, will have a car, and possess a great number of friends.

His mother may love to be connected with societies and clubs for entertainment where she might hold some honorary position.

The native will be a long-lived joyful big spender. He might be very good-looking and might have a beautiful wife. He’ll be a guy of refined tastes and fortunate.

He may have a capacity for the fine arts. He’ll be attractive, especially to the opposite sex, will like a business, and will be a happy family guy.

His kids will be well-behaved and well-educated. They could travel over prolonged distances and might enjoy it.

His father can be pleasure-loving, effective at speculation, inventive, and a guy of refined tastes. His elder sister/brother might be proficient in music or painting or else he could be a poet.

Venus in 2nd House

The native will be handsome wealthy and will spend lavishly. In case the planet is correlated with a benign Saturn, the native will save well and have a bank balance.

He’d be friendly, will talk, and be engaged in artistic pursuits whereby and has a favorable influence, the native he’d earn well. He may have beautiful eyes. He’ll like the best high-quality food.

He might have a huge and has a favorable influence, the native. He might attend school. When the house is strong gets high posts in life might get a heritage through a relative.

His conclusion will be peaceful. His younger sister/brother could have a love affair. His mother can have a prosperous and comfortable gets high posts in life buddies. His kids can get high posts in life via their contacts.

His wife can have an ending. His father will lead a lifestyle that can cause him derangement in wellness from time to time. His older sisters/brothers will have vehicles, riches, and conveniences from exhibit talents in art and music.

They could exhibit talents in art and music. His wife might have some trouble that is gynecological.

Venus in 3rd House

The native will exhibit talents in art and music. He’ll be bright and cheerful. His mind will be free from ideas. He’d visit places as a tourist may have relations with them.

He’d be introverted. He will delight in traveling and can visit places as a tourist. Venus at an indication of Mars, or, under its sway, could make the native write passion¬, ate love letters to his beloved.

His mother might be long-lived and he could be close to her. His wife may have sway over her. A strong and benign Venus will create the native blessed.

A Venus connected with the home as well will make the native go abroad to a developed country. It’ll give the results of its placement in the twelfth home to his mother and at the very first home to his younger sister/brother.

Venus in 4th House

The native would be wealthy, have a home, and a peaceful and contented close of existence. He’d have close ties with his family and will be particularly close to his mother. He’ll possess fine vehicles. The native will also be in friendly conditions with his boss.

The facet of the Moon on or institution of the Sun with Venus here will make the native quite blessed. It’s fantastic for wealth.

The joy of the children. It can make the wife social and active in art circles or in community life. It will yield results of its placement in the very first home to his mother.

She might be stout, but good-looking. It’ll give the results of his placement in the second home to his younger sister/brother.

Venus in 5th House

The native will possess kids and his first kid may be especially good-looking. He’ll have a greater number of daughters than sons. He is going to be wealthy.

He’ll earn well through speculation and sound investments. He is going to be smart and possess an aesthetic awareness. He’ll be pleasure-loving.

He could have fantastic creative thinking and, in the event, the third home or Mercury can also be involved, he might utilize it to write long stories or novels.

If Saturn or Rahu influences Venus here, the native won’t have success in romantic relationships and he might need to confront humiliations as a result of such affairs. He may be a lonely buff grieving because of his long-gone beloved.

He might take a position of trust. His maternal uncle will lead a life. It’ll give the results of his placement in the third home to his younger sister/brother, at the second to his mother, and at the very first to his children.

Venus in 6th House

The native will maintain good health and he’d work in the sphere of arts. He’d be friendly and also a gourmet. He’ll have faithful servants.

The native might suffer from diseases in the urinary or reproductive system, which can be due to excesses that the native is predisposed towards gratifying. The native might dislike his wife or there might be marital issues.

A badly affected Venus here will indicate the passing of their wife. His wife and he, both, could have a secret love relationship, and that he could be licentious.

He’ll have some enemies who might keep troubling the indigenous. These enemies could be females. A strong Venus will ensure that the native remains free from enemies. The native will have good longevity.

That is a good position for the younger sister/brother, as Venus would be from the 4th home from the third house. His mother could have musical talent. His kids, especially the very first kid, are likely to be rich and eloquent.

His father will head several amusements, fine arts, or even speculation organizations in an honorary capacity. He’ll get these positions because of his wide acquaintance and connections, and not so much as a result of merit.

Venus in 7th House

He’d get married and the wife would be well behaved and good-looking. His relations with acquaintances will be eloquent and he’ll have a very good number of friends.

He can have better luck after the union. From the horoscope that is male, Venus is karaka for wife, marriage, and sex. The positioning of karaka at a home, the affairs of that it suggests, isn’t considered good.

There can be trouble in his marriage because of his gender habits. The wife might be short-lived. The native would be fine, gifted and an individual of refined taste. He’ll be popular.

He’d gain through his partner and partners. This location of Venus can cause urinary or reproductive trouble for the native. His younger sister/brother might have kids.

The natives would be wealthy and arty. His mother could lead a comfortable and pleasant life. His second child could possibly be good-looking and rich.

Venus in 8th House

The native would have character, but he’d keep good health. He’d be happy and rich and will profit from his partner in a company.

His conclusion would be easy. Venus here for Libra ascendant is considered especially excellent. The native could die of thirst. He can have urinary or reproductive trouble.

The native could gain throughout the passing of others. There might be trouble for the native during his wife kids or other girls, or, there can be a threat to his wife, daughter, or mother.

This indication would be more important in his lifetime in the event the sign from the home is a fixed one. His father is very likely to lead a lavish life.

His younger sister/brother could possibly be healthy. His kids are going to be rich and well placed in life. His elder sister/brother would be an individual with broad contacts.

Venus in 9th House

That is a good location for Venus. The native might be married happily to a foreigner. The native may have a passion for art music or elegant literature. He might gain via water, shipping, or travel abroad. He may have pleasure from kids, will be rewarding, and also will have friends.

He’ll have a tendency to do well in life after 26 years of age. He may have sound higher education and when Venus can also be linked nations. He’ll be sympathetic to not could possibly be engaged in work. He’ll be religious.

He’ll have favor from the authorities. It’ll give results of its positioning in the very first house to his father, who might gain through the relatives of his wife. His kids can be in the arena of art and might do well in life.

Venus in 10th House

The native might pursue an artistic career and get from it. He might serve under a superior or his job might involve females. He might get in contact with a high number of guys then release his responsibilities.

He’ll have a group of buddies and benign superiors. He’ll have pleasing manners and can be appointed as head of an institution on the basis of his contacts.

The decades between 25 and 32 of existence will be more tolerable. He’ll be attached to his wife and children. His conduct will be helpful and he might exhibit a charitable disposition. He can have vehicles throughout his profession.

An aspect of a benign Jupiter will enhance the excellent effects of Venus placed in this house. An adverse Moon and on the other hand is very likely to ruin the prospects, in case it casts its influence on Venus here.

It’ll give results of its positioning in the 8th house to his younger sister/brother. This location is great for the older sister/brother of the native-like Venus will be in the house from the eleventh. A strong Venus, placed in the 6th house from the 5th, will be helpful to his children.

Venus in 11th House

The native will possess numerous female buddies, will possess comforts, conveyances, and wealth. He’ll gain through buddies and from trade. He’ll have obedient servants and Advisors.

He’ll profit by means. His aspirations will be fulfilled. He can trust people with ascendants dominated by Venus, or the Moon placed in the indications of Venus.

When the Sun is favorable into the ascendant and is associated with Venus, the advantage to the native is going to be through friends that are female. When the Moon is indeed associated or facets of Venus, the native will be popular and will like meeting people, pleasure, and entertainment.

His older sister/brother will be rich and handsome. It’ll give results of its positioning in the next home to the father and at the 8th to the mother.

His kids can have handsome spouses however their married life won’t be trouble. His wife is going to be artistic, smart, and fond of good company. This positioning is conducive to the enhancement of spirituality from the native.

If this indication is encouraged by other factors in the research, the native might progress on the spiritual path. However, when Venus is placed in an earthy signal or a signal owned by Mars, the native will need to conquer his perceptions that shall also be strong.

Venus in 12th House

He is going to be fond of sensuous pleasures and wealth. He’ll be especially rich if the planet has a facet of association with at least another useful planet.

Such beneficial influence will make a native selfless and keen to assist others. He’ll be easy-going, and long-lived and will adore horses. He’ll indulge in pleasures secretly. He’ll have an ability.

His elder sister/brother will be eloquent and wealthier. His mother may have the excellent effects of Venus put in the house and his father may have wealth and vehicles.

If Saturn, especially one that it’s bad for the ascendant, facets Venus or is connected with it, the native could become involved with a love affair after marriage and can get separated from his spouse.

Venus in Pisces when the ascendant is Gemini, Virgo or Aquarius will provide excellent results.

When the ascendant is Pisces and Venus is placed in the first home in exaltation, in the sign, the native will be long-lived and rewarding. Venus in the twelfth house, per se, doesn’t give adverse results.

When the ascendant is Aries, Venus will be in Pisces in the house. This type of placement of Venus will create the vulnerability to eye trouble and hefty expenses.

If you are looking for more information about Venus then you may refer to Venus Sign Calculator. Effects of Venus with Zodiac Signs.


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