Venus in Different Houses

Venus in Different Houses

Effect of Venus in Different Houses

Venus in Different Houses
Venus in Houses

Venus in Different Houses – 1st House

The native would be long-lived, healthy, happy, rich and a big spender. He may be very good looking and may have a beautiful wife. He will be a man of refined tastes and fortunate.

He will have an ability for fine arts. He will be attractive, especially to the opposite sex, will like a company and will be a happy family man. A bad Venus will make the native gullible.

If Mars is adverse or afflicted in the chart, the native may be sexually promiscuous. He may not be bold. This is considered a good location for Venus. His younger sister/brother will be wealthy, will own a vehicle and have a good number of friends.

His mother may like to be associated with clubs and societies for entertainment where she may hold some honorary position. His children will be well behaved and well educated.

They may travel over long distances and may enjoy it. His father may be pleasure-loving, successful at speculation, imaginative and a man of refined tastes. His elder sister/brother may be proficient in music or painting or he may be a poet.

Venus in Different Houses – 2nd House

The native will be handsome, polite, rich and will spend lavishly. If the planet is connected with a benign Saturn, the native will save well and have a good bank balance. He would be friendly, will talk well and be engaged in artistic pursuits through which he would earn well.

He will have beautiful eyes. He will like the best quality food. He may have a large family with a number of female relatives. He may attend a good and expensive school. When the eighth house is powerful and has a beneficial influence, the native may get a legacy through a female relative. His end will be peaceful.

His younger sister/brother may have a secret love affair. His mother may have a comfortable and prosperous life with a number of friends. His children may get high positions in life through their contacts. His wife may have a peaceful end.

His father will lead an excessive lifestyle which may cause him derangement in health from time to time. His elder sisters/brothers will have prosperity, vehicles, and comforts in the second part of life. They may be close to the mother. His wife may have some gynecological trouble.

Venus in Different Houses – 3rd House

The native would exhibit talent in arts and music. He will be bright and cheerful. His mind will be free of evil thoughts. He would have younger sisters than brothers and will have good relations with them.

He would be introverted. He will enjoy traveling and may visit places as a tourist. Venus in a sign of Mars, or, under its influence, may make the native write passion­ate love letters to his beloved.

His mother may be long-lived and he may be close to her. His wife will have influence over her. A powerful and benign Venus will make the native fortunate.

Such a Venus connected with the twelfth house as well will make the native go overseas to a developed country. It will give results of its placement in the twelfth house to his mother and in the first house to his younger sister/brother.

Venus in Different Houses – 4th House

The native will be rich, have a luxurious and comfortable home and a peaceful and contented close of life. He would have close ties with his family and would be especially close to his mother. He will possess fine vehicles. The native will also be on friendly terms with his boss.

The aspect of the Moon on or association of the Sun with Venus here will make the native very fortunate. It is good for wealth and. the happiness of the children.

It makes the wife social and active in community life or in art circles. It will give results of its placement in the first house to his mother. She may be stout but good looking. It will give results of its placement in the second house to his younger sister/brother.

Venus in Different Houses – 5th House

The native will have good and handsome children and his first child will be especially good looking. He will have more daugh­ters than sons. He will be wealthy. He will earn well through speculation and sound investments.

He will be intelligent and have an aesthetic sense. He will be pleasure loving. He may have a good imagination and, if the third house or Mercury is also involved, he may use it to write long stories or novels.

If Saturn or Rahu influences Venus here, the native will not have success in love affairs and he may have to face humiliations due to such affairs. He may even be a lonely lover grieving for his long gone beloved.

He may occupy a position of trust. His maternal uncle will lead a luxurious and prosperous life. It will give results of its placement in the third house to his younger sister/brother, in the second to his mother and in the first to his children.

Venus in Different Houses – 6th House

The native will keep good health and he would work in the field of arts. He would be friendly and a gourmet. He will have faithful servants. The native may suffer from diseases in the reproductive or urinary system, may be due to excesses that the native is prone to indulge in.

The native may dislike his wife or there may be marital difficulties. A badly afflicted Venus here may indicate the death of wife. He and his wife, both, may have secret love affairs and he may be licentious.

He may have some enemies who may keep troubling the native. These enemies may be females. A powerful Venus will ensure that the native remains free of enemies. The native may have good longevity. This is a good position for younger sister/brother, as Venus will be in the fourth house from the third house.

His mother may have musical talent. His children, especially the first child, are likely to be wealthy and eloquent. His father will head several entertainment, fine arts or speculation organisations in an honorary capacity. He will get these positions due to his wide acquaintance and contacts, and not so much due to merit.

Venus in Different Houses – 7th House

He would get married early and the wife will be well behaved and good looking. His relations with acquaintances would be smooth and he will have a good number of friends. He may have better fortune after marriage. In the male horoscope, Venus is the karaka for wife, marriage and sex.

The placement of karaka in a house, the affairs of which it signifies, is not considered good. There may be some trouble in his marriage due to his sex habits. The wife may be short lived. The native will be handsome, talented and a person of refined taste. He will be popular. He would gain through his spouse and partners. ‘

This location of Venus may cause reproductive or urinary trouble for the native. His younger sister/brother may have mostly female children. The native will be wealthy and artistic. His mother will lead a comfortable and pleasant life. His second child may be good looking and rich.

Venus in Different Houses – 8th House

The native would have sensual nature but he would keep good health. He would be happy and wealthy and will gain through his partner in a business. His end would be easy. Venus here for Libra ascendant is considered particularly good. The native may die of thirst.

He may have reproductive or urinary trouble. The native may gain through the death of others. There may be trouble to the native through his wife, female children or other women; or, there may be a danger to his wife, daughter or mother.

This indication will be more prominent in his life if the sign in the eighth house is a fixed one. His father is likely to lead a luxurious life. His younger sister/brother may be healthy. His children will be wealthy and well placed in life. His elder sister/brother will be a person with wide contacts.

Venus in Different Houses – 9th House

This is a good location for Venus. The native may be happily married to a foreigner. The native will have a love for art music or refined literature.

He may gain through water, shipping or travel overseas. He will have happiness from children, will be prosperous, and will have numerous friends. He will tend to do well in life after 26 years of age.

He will have sound higher education and, when Venus is also related to the twelfth house, will travel to developed countries. He will be sympathetic to not so fortunate human beings as he, and may be engaged in philanthropic work. He will be religious.

He will have favour from the government. It will give results of its placement in the first house to his father, who may gain through his wife’s relatives. His children may be in the field of art and may do well in life.

Venus in Different Houses – 10th House

The native may pursue an artistic career and earn well from it. He may serve under a female superior or his job may involve females. He may come in contact with a large number of females then discharge of his duties. He will have a large circle of friends and benign superiors.

He will have pleasing manners and may be appointed as head of an institution on the basis of his contacts. The years between 25 and 32 of life will be favourable. He will be attached to his wife and children. His conduct will be good and he may exhibit charitable disposition.

He may have vehicles through his profession. An aspect of a benign Jupiter will en­hance the good effects of Venus placed in this house. An adverse Moon on the other hand, is likely to ruin the prospects, if it casts its influence on Venus here. It will give results of its placement in the eighth house to his younger sister/brother.

This location is very good for the elder sister/brother of the native as Venus will be in the twelfth house from the eleventh. A powerful Venus, placed in the sixth house from the fifth, will be beneficial to his children.

Venus in Different Houses – 11th House

The native will have numerous female friends, will have comforts, conveyances and wealth. He will gain through friends and by trade. He will have obedient servants and subordinates. He will gain by proper means. His ambitions will be fulfilled.

He can trust people with ascendants ruled by Venus, or the Moon placed in the signs of Venus. If the Sun is favourable to the ascendant and is associated with Venus, the gain to the native will be through female friends.

If the Moon is so associated or aspects of Venus, the native will be popular and will like meeting people, pleasure and amusement. His elder sister/brother will be wealthy and handsome. It will give results of its placement in the third house to the father and in the eighth to the mother.

His children may have handsome spouses but their married life will not be trouble free. His wife will be intelligent, artistic and fond of good company.

This placement is conducive to the enhancement of spirituality in the native. If this indication is supported by other factors in the horoscope, the native may progress well on the spiritual path. But, when Venus is placed in an earthy sign or a sign owned by Mars, the native will have to overcome his senses which shall also be strong.

Venus in Different Houses – 12th House

He will be fond of sensual pleasures and wealthy. He will be particularly wealthy if the planet has an aspect of or association with at least another beneficial planet. Such beneficial influence will also make the native selfless and ever willing to help others.

He will be easy going, and long lived and will love horses. He will indulge in pleasures secretly. He will have an intuitive ability. His elder sister/brother will be eloquent and wealthy. His mother will have the good effects of Venus placed in the ninth house and his father will have wealth and vehicles.

If Saturn, particularly one which is bad for the ascendant, aspects Venus or is associated with it, the native may get involved in a love affair after marriage and may get separated from his wife. Venus in Pisces when the ascendant is Gemini, Virgo or Aquarius will give excellent re­sults.

When the ascendant is Pisces and Venus is placed in the first house in exaltation, in the twelfth sign, the native will be very long lived and prosperous.

Venus in the twelfth house, per se, does not give adverse results. When the ascendant is Aries, Venus will be in Pisces in the twelfth house. Such a placement of Venus will make the native susceptible to eye trouble, and heavy expenses.

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