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Number 4 Numerology Meaning based on Astrology

Number 4 Numerology

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Number 4 Numerology Details

Number 4 Numerology
Number 4 in Numerology

Number 4 Numerology people born on 4, 13, 22, and 31 of every month have the basic number- ‘4’. The ruling planet of this number is Rahu. This is a shadow planet, and it is fiery, lustrous, and capable of causing a lot of disturbances in life. Resultantly, the person is affected by sudden progress, amazing happenings, and such incidents that may be considered impossible.

Dates of birth                          : 4, 13, 22, and 31

Ruling Planet                          : Rahu

Important Time period          : 21st June to 20th August

Favorable Days                       : Saturday, Sunday and Monday

The people who belong to this number 4 numerology, their life is subject to such sudden ups and downs that it could not have been imagined. They can be suddenly promoted can get sudden monetary benefits jobs or all of a sudden become bankrupt too. Their life is full of contradictions.

Number 4 Numerology Personality

  1. Your life is full of various disturbances and contradictions and you have to work harder in your life.
  2. You are able to see things only from your own point of view. In case of an argument, you always take an opposing view so the people consider you to be a quarrelsome person but you are not so. Due to this lot of people become your enemies.
  3. Your life is reformed because you believe in breaking the prevalent customs of society.
  4. You make friends very easily. You will also have many friends but many out of them would turn against you yet they would not be able to harm you.
  5. You are not very successful in earning and saving money.  Even if you get the money, you are not able to save it because of the lavish way in which you spend it the people are often shocked to see it.
  6. Your life is prone to sudden changes. If angry you become furiously violet-like sun and when you are not angry you become as soft as wax. You get angry very quickly due to which some people are offended and they harm you.
  7. You may become a millionaire all of a sudden and may also become bankrupt. Your life is full of contradictory disturbances.
  8. You are never able to reveal the mysteries of your heart to anyone. What are your plans for the future, no one can tell, not even your wife?
  9. Your friends will also be just like you. Only those people will become your friends who are social workers, reformers, and leaders or may appoint to the high post. The people who are ruled by Sun will be the ones with whom you will forge a good friendship.
  10. You are cautious while working yet sometimes you accomplish such work that is harmful to you. But sometimes you do benefit from such odd jobs.
  11. You are very indecisive. Sometimes you are not able to decide on a particular thing for days. This indecisiveness often causes harm.
  12. Taking an independent decision is not possible for you.
  13. Sometimes you harm others to fulfill your motives but you repent over it and feel that you did not a good thing.
  14. You always think that are alone but it is not so. You have some faithful and trustworthy friends, recognize them.
  15. People think that you are rich because of the way that you spend money.
  16. Even in old age, you have to work hard for earning your livelihood.
  17. You are often rash and you expect and everything to happen immediately. You do not like delays.
  18. Your wife usually has stomach problems and she remains irritated.
  19. You pose to be a lover of fine arts but you are not an assayer.
  20. You will not inherit any property from your father. Brothers and sons also will not be helpful for you. Sons will not give but rather keep asking for something from others. Fate has not granted you happiness from the relatives.
  21. You would get the opportunity to raise with others’ help but there will be many difficulties in fulfilling your desires.
  22. You will always be doing more than one work.
  23. In your heart, you are a rich person but you have an empty pocket. When you get the money you consider yourself to be a king when the money is spent your condition is extremely miserable.

 Although you have many qualities there are some bad ones to due to which you often become unsuccessful.Do not speak ill of others, learn to praise others.

Avoid giving false assurances. Do the work that you can do and say ‘no’ for the work that you cannot do.

Do not spend more than earn. Try to save something

In case of an opportunity be alert.

Beware of the animals with horns.

Do not get angry and keep a peaceful environment at home. Do not indulge in any such work that may raise your blood pressure.

Do not let there be a shortage of blood or hemoglobin in your body. Take persecutions from infections disease and cold and cough.

During a journey, do not be credulous as it might generate losses.

Number 4 Numerology Health

The people who have fedic number-4 suffer lack of blood known as Anemia. With even slight sickness thy fall prey to this ailment. Thus, these people should include such foods in their diet that have iron contact in them.

Exercise: If these people start doing ‘yogasans’ right from the beginning they would not suffer anemia. They should do ‘Surya Namaskar’, Shirshasan’, servang asan’ and shavasan’.

If daily, they do any two Asana specified above with Shavasan for five minutes also.  They will not have an ailment regarding blood, Such as lack of blood or impurities of blood.

Number 4 Lucky Days and Dates

The time period from 21 June to 20 august is especially beneficial and profitable for you. But the months of October, November, and December are not favorable for you. Thus, during this period there will be many hindrances in tour work, a fall in health, lethargy, unnecessary confusion, and running around will be there.

Number 4 Numerology Auspicious Years, Dates, and Days

The important years of your life are 4,13, 22, 40, 58, 67, 76, and 85.

You should start all the important worked on 4,13, 22, or 31 dates. You will definitely get success in the works started on these dates. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are beneficial for you. If these dates fall on the above mention days within the period of 21 June to 20 August then these are the most auspicious ones and would result in resounding success for you.

Others than these, if a Monday falls on 1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 16, 19, 20, 25, 28, and 29, then is also good.

Lucky Color For Number 4 Numerology

If you belong to Number 4 Numerology then you should use those colors, which are a mixture of two-three colors, and shiny, bright colors, like bright blue, are favorable to you.  Brown and Khaki colors are also beneficial for you. The white-wash and the interior decor of your house should be of one color only.

Shining blue colors is also most auspicious of them. The can wear the neck i.e. of this color otherwise that must have a handkerchief of this color in there, pocket.

Lucky Gemstones for Number 4 Numerology

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) will be a favorable gemstone for you as it matches your sharp temperament you will definitely profit from it but you must check it by keeping it under your pillow for one night. If you feel restless or tense or you get dangerous or terrifying dreams; try the alternate Agate stone (Gomed).

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is very quick in showing its effects and is capable of great disturbances and rises immediately. It is worn in a ring made up of five metals. It should be a minimum of 6 gms. It is an expensive gemstone thus everyone cannot afford it.  A cheaper alternate is Agate.  This yellowish blue in color and is worn in a silver ring.

            Blue Sapphire and Agate both are worn after purification, on a Saturday, in the middle finger.

Their most fortune gem is Blue Sapphire (Neelam). If Sapphire becomes appropriate for them, then they would have not the death of money. If Sapphire is not appropriate for them they should wear Agate (Gomed).  It should be set in a ring made of five elements in such a way that it touches the skin.  It should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

Number 4 Numerology Ruling Planet and Deity

You are ruled by the planet Rahu. Your guiding deity in “Ganesha’. You must have an idol or photograph of Ganesha in your house and light a pure Ghee lamp every day after taking bath in the morning.  In case of difficulties, monetary or otherwise, recite the following mantra.

Aum Shreem Harim Kalim Glonm Gum Ganpathaye

 Varuvai , Sarv Janen Mem Vashmany Swaha

Prayers: These people should pray of Lord Ganesha. They should have a status or photographs of lord Ganesha in their home. This will help them to become financially well off.

Fasting: they should keep fast on Mondays and ‘Ganesh-Chaturthi’. This will prove beneficial from every point of view.

You should keep a fast on Monday to pray to ‘Ganesha.  During the fast make a Ladoo of Jaggery (Gudh) Ghee and toasted flour (Atta) and have it only once a day.

Important Advice For Fasting

We would like to advise you as to what is supposed to be done on the day of fasting. In the present scientific age, it is not advisable to remain totally without food and water for the whole day. The meaning of fast is to troubled the body but to make it light healthy.

If on the day fast, it is your weakly, rest and holiday then are ideal as you should not put in hard work on such a day. You should not have constipation as it would hamper the effects of the fast.

            On the day of the fast, if you feel weak then you should rake a cup of milk, tea or such drinks or you also eat some dry fruits but this must be taken only once in the whole day and at a pre-decided time. If you would not like this then you should take a glass of fresh fruit juice or you can take fruit according to the seasons.

            In the evening, after offering prayers should you complete your fast by having light. Do not eat, in the evening as it would make the fast futile.

Famous Personalities Born with Number 4 Numerology

Some important personalities with basic number ‘4’

George Washington                            22                    February                      4

Lord Byron                                         22                    January                        4

George Eliot                                        22                    November                   4

Lord Byden Powee                               22                     February                     4

Thomas Carlyle                                   4                       December                   4

Faraday                                               22                    October                       4

Sir Francis Bacon                                22                    January                        4    

Thomas Hexlay (philosopher)          4                      May                             4

Seth Aurther Conam Dayle                22                    May                             4

Seth Jamanalal Bajaj                           4                      November                   4

You can read about the RAHU planet to understand more about Number 4 Characteristics as RAHU is the Ruling Planet of Number ‘4’. RAHU PLANET AND ITS EFFECTS


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