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4th House Astrology

4th house astrology

Effect of 4th House Astrology in Zodiac Signs

4th house astrology


Aries in 4th House Astrology

The wealth of the native is self-earned. He will have vehicles, property, and cattle. The owner of the fourth house here is Mars which is also the owner of the eleventh house. The native is likely to be popular among his friends and has a number of female friends.

The native’s parents may not be able to pull along well with each other. One of the parents may pass away early. The cause of disharmony between the parents will be the mother who would be self-opinionated and stubborn. A weak Mars will be bad for the longevity of the father and make the elder brother/ sister or the spouse of native’s first child sickly.

It will also be instrumental in souring any partnerships that the native’s chil­dren enter into. Mars placed in the tenth house will ensure great success at collegiate examinations, provided it is unafflicted and has no sambandha with any planet that is adverse for the chart.

Taurus in 4th House Astrology

The native will have much comforts and luxuries. The mother will be affectionate but will have much say in the household. The home of the native will be a meeting place for groups of like-minded people and there will be regular entertaining.

The owner of the fourth house here is Venus, which is also the owner of the ninth house. He will be mentally well evolved and will be imaginative. He may study abroad.

The native will be highly educated and may undertake to write a learned thesis on the basis of research that he would carry out, maybe with the younger sister of his wife. He will get patrimony and vehicles, and earn wealth and property without much effort.

A weak Venus will curtail the longevity of the father. His firstborn child will be sensual and if Venus is well placed and strong, will do well in the field of fine arts. The native will become religious at the close of his life.

Gemini in 4th House Astrology

The native will keep changing his residence. The home will be a place for the exchange of ideas in which friends and acquaintances will participate. Many a time the activities that the native will undertake will not be usual.

The owner of the fourth house here is Mercury, which is also the owner of the seventh house. He will travel regularly. Since both these houses represent female rela­tives of the native, Mercury will carry a strong feminine influ­ence. Whichever factor in the horoscope is effected by this planet will get a feminine characteristic.

Thus Mercury will give the native only sisters if it affects the third/eleventh house or daugh­ters only if the fifth house is under its influence.

The native will gain wealth, property and vehicles due to his marriage and his wife and mother will have a close bond. His mother will be fond of reading and be of the literary bent of mind. He may have a female business partner. He will be happy to be close to water or beautiful gardens.

Cancer in 4th House Astrology

The native will be guided by his wife. He will be soft-spoken, handsome, learned and well behaved. The mother will be loving but also overbearing. He will like to live close to the water and may change his residence frequently. His wealth may fluctuate.

The Moon, being the owner of this house and also the karaka for the mind, represents the mindfully and with whichever house it is associated the mind of the native will dwell on that subject constantly and the native will like that matter or person. For example, if the Moon is in the fifth house the native will be attached to his children and like entertainment or speculation.

The native will also like to closely watch his children and will monitor all their activities. He will be proud of his home where he would like to spend as much time as possible.

Leo in 4th House Astrology

The native will have well-developed hobbies. He will keep a close watch on his children. His house will be classy and will be well lit and ventilated. He will be high minded but will get annoyed at trifles and lose his temper. He will keep the poor company.

His mother will be from a high family and of majestic appearance. The native will live away from his place of birth. If the owners of the fourth and twelfth houses are in sambandha, or Rahu and Saturn influence this house, the native will change his residence from time to time.

A strong Sun will be indicative of the fact that the native will attain a high position towards the end of his life.

Virgo in 4th House Astrology

The native will come across thieves and backbiters in life even though he may not like to mix with them. He will prefer service to an independent vocation. He will not have much interaction with his father and will keep changing his residence.

The owner of this house is Mercury, which is also the owner of the first house. He will be learned and an intellectual. He will enjoy differences of opinion and debates as it will give him an oppor­tunity to argue out the matter. A weak Mercury will make the native loose-tongued and one who promotes dissensions and enjoys quarrels.

If Mercury is strong, the native will acquire property and vehicles by his own effort and will be comfortable in life. He will be popular and may make a place for himself in his chosen field of knowledge. Since Mercury indicates multiplic­ity, the native will pursue several lines of intellectual study. He will be an intellectual, a linguist, close to his mother and popular.

Mercury will indicate the mind and whichever house is influ­enced by it will be the field in which the native will show particular interest. The mother will like pomp and high status.

She will be critical of others, of literary taste and will definitely show some interest in the study of languages. She will live long. The native’s children will go abroad.

Libra in 4th House Astrology

The native will have an equable, and friendly temperament. He will be humorous, well educated and learned. He has a strong sense of family ties. His house will be well decorated. He will have a good collection of art objects.

His mother will be good looking, will have an elegant taste and will be fond of perfumes and jewelry. She will try to keep balance and harmony in the house and will be house proud. The owner of the fourth house, Venus, is also the owner of the eleventh house and will, therefore, be a significator for the longevity of the parents.

A powerful and unafflicted Venus will make them live longer. Venus, being the owner of the fourth house, will influence the mind. If afflicted it will make the native sensual. If Venus is connected with the fifth, seventh or the twelfth house, the native will be oversexed.

Scorpio in 4th House Astrology

The native cannot get along with his mother and may separate from his parents early in life. His mother may be sensual, hardworking and of exacting nature. He will keep changing houses, sometimes due to differences with his landlords.

The owner of the fourth, Mars, is also the owner of the ninth house. He will be learned in the field of engineering or military science and may pursue the study to a high level. He may formally do research and write a thesis.

The native will acquire property, vehicles, and comforts without much effort. Mars, if weak and afflicted will be a maraka for the younger brother or sister of the native. It will also cause ailments to the mother of the native and may make her undergo surgical operations etc.

This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Aries in the ninth house. He will have a poor temper and keep bad company. His firstborn child will have a tendency to be sensual and if Mars influences Venus in an adverse manner this tendency will manifest itself fully.

Sagittarius in 4th House Astrology

The native will have servants and large vehicles. He may live abroad and may even many a foreigner. His job will entail contact with foreigners and he will obtain fluency in several languages. He may deal in the purchase and sale of the property.

His parents will be in the academic field or they will be religious. He will have good houses to live in. His mother will always look at the brighter side of life. She will be truthful to the extent of being tactlessly frank. She may thus offend people by her outspoken­ness.

Jupiter is the owner of the houses of mother and wife. It will, therefore, have feminine characteristics. If it has a connection with the fifth house, being the significator for children, it will give the native a number of female children.

A powerful Jupiter will make the mother of the native prosperous and own property, and his younger brothers/sisters and neighbors gain through their children. The wife of the native may have independent means of livelihood.

Capricorn in 4th House Astrology

The native will be born in a domestic environment where discipline will be considered of much importance. He will be unhappy with his mother. She will be hard working, thrifty, prudent practical and hard-headed. His parents may not have cordial relations with each other.

The native will like to stay at home and enjoy his surroundings which will be neat and pleas­ant. He will like to visit water bodies and green and sylvan places with his friends. A powerful Saturn will signify prosperity and gain for the native since it being the owner of the fourth and fifth houses, will be a superb beneficial planet for Libra ascendant.

The native will have happiness from his children and will be very attached to them. He will have a bright intellect and a sharp mind. He will lead a comfortable existence. The mind may easily get depressed and worried. The native may get a position of confi­dence and power as a result of his popularity with the masses.

Aquarius in 4th House Astrology

The native will always have a good number of people visiting his house. His relations with his parents and the relations of the parents with each other will be the same as described for Capricorn above. His mother will be gregarious, friendly and social.

She will always support her weakest child and shield the children from the wrath of the father and teachers. He will be intellectually active and participate in mind warming group discussions.

A strong Saturn will make the native happy on account of younger brothers/sisters, neighbors and colleagues since the owner of the third house will also be the owner of the fourth house.

He is likely to keep changing his residence. The native’s children may find that their income is inadequate to meet their requirements.

Pisces in 4th House Astrology

The native will have a peaceful and contented domestic life. He will be attached to his mother. She will be simple, easy going and free with her money. She will also be sentimental and impressionable. The parents would be religious and artistic.

The native will have spent his early years abroad. He will have his house close to a lake or a waterbody. The owner of the fourth is also the owner of the first house. A powerful Jupiter will make the native highly educated and mature personality.

He will have conveyances, a large house, and comforts. The mother of the native will be rich and highly connected. She may be working, perhaps with the government as a teacher or therapist and will have her independent source of income.

The native will have a comfortable and contented existence. His father may show inter­est in the occult, may make a study of it and practice spiritualism. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Virgo in the fourth house and Sagittarius in the first house.

If you are looking for more insights about 4th House in Vedic Astrology then go through with 4th lord in different houses.

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