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1st Lord in Different Houses

1st lord in different houses

1st House in Vedic Astrology

1st Lord in Different Houses will affect the owner of the First House is in various houses have been given below. It is however dependent on certain factors that have been recorded below. These factors have to be studied very carefully. These are capable of altering the nature of the effects to a very large extent. A weak planet may be powerless to give results. The time when these results will fructify has been dealt with in detail. It should be seen:

(i)         Whether the owner of any house, the effect of whose placement in a house is being ascertained, is a malefic planet for the ascendant.

(ii)        Whether the owner of the house is exalted, in mooltrikona sign, in own or friend’s sign, is well aspected, well associated or generally well placed in a house.

(iii)       Whether that planet is in a situation reverse to the one above like debilitation etc. in a house.

  1. (i)         The gender, element, quality, and characteristic of the sign in which the owner of the house is placed should be taken into account.

(ii)        The location of the owner of the house in Navamsa will also be relevant. If it is placed in the eighth Navamsa in the sign, it will not give good results. For example, the Sun in Aries at 25 degrees will be in the eighth Navamsa and will therefore not be well placed to give good results.

(iii)       The owner of a house will not be able to yield good results if it is placed in the sixth, eighth or the twelfth house in the Navamsha chart from its disposition. For example, let the owner of the third house be the Sun. Let it be in the tenth house, the owner of which is Jupiter. Thus the disposition of the Sun is Jupiter. If the Sun is in the sixth, eighth or the twelfth house from Jupiter in the navamsa chart it will not give good results.

(iv)       When more than one result is given, we look for the state of relevant karakas, to select the one that will be the most appropriate. If the result of placement is recorded as loss of wealth or early death of the mother, and if we find that the karaka for wealth is in a good state but the karaka for the mother is afflicted, the second alternative should be picked up.

  1. A planet, when placed in a house, will aspect other houses from there. It should be checked whether the houses aspected are places of enemy’s sign, place of mooltrikona, own, or friend’s sign. The strength of the aspecting planet is of primary importance but even a debilitated planet will mildly tend to improve the affairs of a house that it aspects provided the aspected house contains a sign owned by the planet or a sign that is friendly or a mooltrikona sign of the aspected planet. If the planet aspects a sign owned by an enemy of the planet it will tend to deteriorate the affairs of that particular house by aspect.
  2. The karaka properties of the owner of a house have also to be taken into account when evaluating the effects of that planet in different houses.
  3. Whenever the owner of a house by placement in a house indicates some result that is likely to happen in the life of the native, it must be corroborated by the karaka for that aspect. If the karaka is weak and incapable of giving good results, the indication will not materialize fully. For example, if the owner of the second house placed in the ninth indicates that the native will be wealthy, but the karaka for wealth, Jupiter, is weak and badly placed, the indication for wealth will not fully materialize.
  4. (i)         If the owner of a house is well placed in any house, it will yield good results otherwise not.

(ii)        Further, the owner of a house located in the eighth house from the house it owns will tend to deny matters covered by that house.

1st lord in different houses

1st lord in houses

Effect of House Lord in Various Houses

1st Lord in 1st House

The native will be long-lived, have good health, be physically strong and successful in his efforts. He will be self-made, will occupy a high position and hold property. He will be popular and wealthy. The younger brothers/sisters, neighbors and col­leagues of the native will gain. The mother of the native will command respect.

The children of the native will travel abroad, if the fourth house is connected with the first, for higher studies and will make long journeys. They will be of good conduct. The native may marry more than once, or have liaison with more than one woman. If the owner of the first house is an enemy of the owner of the seventh house, the native will not have a satisfactory married life and will find difficulties in the way of partnerships.

The spouse or partner will face danger to his life or adversity. The results will be satisfactory if the sign in the seventh house is that of exaltation, mooltrikona or friend’s sign for the owner of the first. He may not get along well with his maternal uncle, and his wife’s family. He may not be very close to his own relatives.

1st Lord in 2nd House

The native will serve somebody but will have wealth with little effort. He will be stoutly built and will be of good conduct. He will be eminent in his clan and will be attached to his family in case the owner of the first house is a friend of the owner of the second, is exalted there or is in its mooltrikona sign. The owner of the first, if well placed in the second house (due to reasons recorded in the previous sentence), it will improve the longevity of the native.

The native will also earn in the name of his wife. The native will beget children with difficulty. A powerful owner of the first house well placed in the second house is an excellent indication for very high status and wealth for the children of the native especially the first child. This is also a sign that the native’s mother will gain due to her high position or eminence, or she may be a working lady earning independently. The native’s maternal uncle will fare poorly in life.

The native may not have good relations with his father and his wife. He may have a relationship with more than one woman. He will do well in school and later will be well read. He may have a religious bent of mind. He will find it difficult to pull along in a partnership. He will be wealthy.

1st Lord in 3rd House

He has good relatives and friends. He will many more than once. He will be courageous and a self-made the man. He will be efficient at work. He will earn wealth through his own efforts but if there are indications in the horoscope for poverty, the native will have to work very hard to overcome these indications for even a reasonable modicum of wealth. His wife will prosper after her marriage.

The native will be religious. He may be in service of somebody. He will be good at conveying his ideas and may travel frequently. He may do well as a mathematician or musician. He will be a skilled writer. He will earn through writing if the first and third houses which are related to each other here are also connected to the second, tenth or the eleventh house.

The native’s children will be prosperous and their ambitions will be fulfilled without much effort on their part. If the two planets-owners of the first and the third houses-are friendly, the native will be attached to his younger brothers/sisters, neighbors or the children of his elder brother/sister. He will be aloof from his 14th and kin and his wife’s family.

1st Lord in 4th House

He will be on cordial terms with his parents and will receive patrimony, have the support of the government, will be wealthy, and live in comfort. He will have property, learning, conveyances and will be mentally at peace. He will have better than average appetite. He will be of studious nature and may be interested in the occult. He may be popular with the masses and may do well in inter-personal relationships.

The native’s mother will have an independent profession at which she will excel herself. The elder brother or sister of the native may do well at speculation or in the field of fine arts. The native’s first child will go abroad and the second will attain a high position in life after his marriage.

The native will not be on close terms with his younger brothers/sisters and neighbors and may not like his father and elder brother/sister. He will have few friends.

1st Lord in 5th House

He will be highly intelligent, well placed and will keep good health. His mother will be rich from the earnings of her business. He will have good, well-behaved children but there is a danger to the life of his first child. The first child shall be fortunate if he survives and religious.

The native will be attached to his children if the owners of the first and the fifth houses are friendly. He will be clever and will have an interest in music, fine arts, speculation, and sports. He will have a good income and his ambitions will be fulfilled. He will be initiated in spiritual practice and will take to japa (repetition of spiritually energized words called mantras).

If the owner of the first house is debilitated or otherwise badly placed without any beneficial influence on it in the fifth house, the native’s maternal uncle will have a powerful station in life. The uncle may be short-lived. This will be so since the owner of the first house, which will be the eighth house as counted from the sixth house, will be in the twelfth house from the sixth, and will thus form a Vipareet Rajayoga. The native will not be able to pull along with his mother-in-law.

1st Lord in 6th House

A powerful owner of the first house here makes the native have more than one wife. He will be healthy, rich, fond of his maternal uncle, successful at elections, competitions and litiga­tion, fond of pets, prone to act against his own people, property owner, miserly, comfortable and reputed. If the owner of the first house is a beneficial planet, the native may face problems from his enemies.

The native will spend much and will get fame and wealth from abroad. He may be in service but he may be doing a job that is not to his liking and the native may take it as drudgery. A weak and afflicted owner here makes the native sickly, indebted, dirty, and low in body vitality.

The native takes to arms. He may become a robber, soldier, policeman or a surgeon, provided the second, tenth or the eleventh house is also connected here. The reason is simple. The first, third and the eleventh houses are indicative of acts done by the self. The sixth house is representative of weapons or sharp-edged instruments. The second is the house of money, the tenth represents the profession and the eleventh, gain and income. There is a danger that the native may be a complicated personality.

1st Lord in 7th House

The native’s wife will be beautiful and well behaved. The native is likely to be attached to his spouse unless there are indications to the contrary. The married life will be to the fore. He will be handsome and sensual and will like female company. He will travel extensively.

The native prospers in partnerships or by the efforts of his wife. His wife may not live long and he may marry again after the death of his first wife. He wins turn reclusive later in life. If the owner of the first house is a male planet and is located in the seventh house it indicates that the native win get married with difficulty and he will have extramarital relations. The affairs of the first house will prosper. He will not like his relatives.

The native’s mother may get comforts, house, and conveyances from the government. His children may travel extensively and may author books or reportage on international affairs. His father will earn well from speculation, entertainment or through his children. The children will be fortunate.

1st Lord in 8th House

The native will be ailing, thievish, given to gambling, sensual, and have a peaceful death if the owner of the first house is a beneficial planet for the chart. Also, the native may be a scholar, get legacies and recover long overdue money which can be in the form of arrears of pay, gratuity, long term deposits, etc. If the owner of the first house is a malefic planet for the chart, the native will not live long and is likely to lose an eye. He may also get hooked on drugs.

The native will not be good looking. He will be miserly, preoccupied with the thought of his wealth and may have to work hard to earn it. He may be learned and have an interest in the mystical side of life. The native will not have a happy married life. He may face dangers, see his family members pass away, will be involved in accidents or may get injured. He may not like his father and his younger brothers and sisters.

He may not have neighbors or he may keep himself aloof from them. He may always be under a notion that he has certain imperfections in him and may, therefore, suffer from a complex.

The native’s mother will benefit through speculation or fine arts. His children will have property and conveyances. If the owner of the first house also owns the eighth house, this placement of the owner of the first house shall make it a highly beneficial planet.

1st Lord in 9th House

The native will like traveling over long distances and over­seas. He will have a large clan. He will be learned, happy, and respected. He will be fortunate. He may study matters in detail and engage himself in research projects. He will gain through the younger brother/sister of his wife. He will be happy with his father, younger brothers/sisters, neighbors, and colleagues.

If the owner of the first house is a beneficial planet which is powerfully placed in the ninth house and is a beneficial planet for the chart, the native’s father will be highly religious and rich.

The native will enjoy good reputation and will be highly reli­gious. He will inherit property and wealth. His mother may be in service that brings her in contact with foreigners and at which she may do well, but the native will not have good relations with her.

The native’s first child will make his fortune abroad. His elder brother or sister will be a self-made person and may earn through his pen.

1st Lord in 10th House

The native will be highly placed. He will gain through the government and will be respected. The native will earn by the dint of his own efforts. If the owner of the first house is a naturally beneficial planet which is beneficial for the chart, the native will be known for his good conduct.

The native’s mother will enjoy the pomp and high status which she will get after her marriage. He will be well behaved, a scholar, and will respect his parents and the preceptor. He will have the goodwill of the government and reach a high position in life.

The native will have comforts and vehicles. He will be fortunate. This placement is not conducive to good relations with children, brothers, and sisters. The affairs of the fourth house will prosper. The children will be in service abroad.

1st Lord in 11th House

He will be reputed, will have good children, will be long-lived, have good conveyances, be rich and happy. He may marry more than once. The native will gain and earn much during the major or sub-periods of the owner of the first house.

The native will have highly placed benefactors and friends. He will always be successful and will have good health. His ambitions will be fulfilled. He will recover quickly from illnesses. The first child will be lucky after his marriage.

The elder brothers/sisters will be well placed in life, and in case the owners of the first and eleventh houses are friendly to each other, the native will be very close to them and his friends.

If the owner of the first house is debilitated or otherwise badly placed without any beneficial influence on it in this house, the native’s maternal uncle or his enemies will be very highly placed.

1st Lord in 12th House

He will commit bad deeds, be cruel-hearted, petty-minded, may live abroad, be arrogant and a spendthrift. He will have a good number of enemies. He will face hindrances and will find it difficult to succeed in his endeavors. He will be slim in build.

The native will prefer his own company, will be isolated, will visit lonely and deserted places, may be connected with jails, asylums, and hospitals and he may have to live in them. He will be the cause of his failures. His bank balance will be poor. He may find interest in the occult and may work for his spiritual emancipation. He can be learned.

This placement is good for the wealth of younger brothers/sisters. It also indicates that the mother will be fond of visiting religious places, going on pilgrimages and attending to religious duties sincerely. She can be wealthy and well placed in life. However, the native’s children will have to work hard for success and face disappointments in life.

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  1. For a Capricorn ascendant with Saturn placed in 12th house gives gives permanent settlement in abroad or just frequent travels to abroad?

    1. Thanks for asking the query.

      Well, to answer your question, I would say yes it should provide the permanent settlement to abroad not the frequent travel as for frequent traveling other factors are also responsible but for the settlement thing, we see Saturn’s engagement with the 12th house. However, whether it would be clearly possible or not that actually depends upon the Dasha – Antardasha of Planets with your horoscope. So, in order to get to any conclusion, we should look after the entire horoscope and the suitable Dasha period… For more clarity please check Foreign Settlement Astrology

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