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Rahu Mahadasha Antardasha Analysis

Rahu Mahadasha Effects

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Effects of Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu Mahadasha Effects
Rahu Mahadasha Effects

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Rahu Mahadasha Analysis

The Nodes, called Ketu and Rahu in Hindu astrology, are points of intersection between the path of the Moon along with the apparent path of the Sun in the sky. 

Rahu Mahadasha period is for 18 Years in a Horoscope when it gets active and effects as Antardasha period with all the planets.

They aren’t physical heavenly bodies, but their importance in predictive astrology is well recognized.

  1. It has got a head without a body that is normal. It’s fearful to look at. Its body is amorphous and is that of a serpent. It’s tamasik, dark in complexion and thievish by nature. Its motor vehicle is a lion.
  2. It’s by nature a malefic planet. When it isn’t under the influence of another planet, it acts like Saturn. It climbs the hind part.
  3. Its compatibility with some of the other planets is as follows:
    • Rahu is Friendly with Mercury, Venus, Saturn
    • Neutral to Jupiter
    • Inimical to Sun, Moon, Mars

Rahu Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

It’s exalted in Taurus, its mooltrikona sign is Gemini, and it owns Aquarius.

Heart problem, leprosy, mental confusion, injury or pain in the legs, and reptile bite.

Considering that the Nodes are capable of overcoming the Sun and the Moon by blocking their mild they’re stronger than any other planet in the nativity.

Rahu is regarded as Saturn. It’s stronger than Saturn. Saturn is the Greater Malefic. Consequently, Rahu is the strongest malefic planet.

Whenever Rahu or Ketu has a relation with a planet it could take on the power of the planet and magnifies it.

When Rahu has a relation with the Moon along with the other factors representing the brain (Mercury, the 4th house and its owner), or affects them, insanity, criminal disposition, possession by disincarnate supernatural things, psychic and mental disturbances, drug-taking, alcoholism, and neurological difficulties are going to arise.
My relation between badly placed Rahu and also an adverse Moon without any beneficial influence is likely to lead to these conditions.

Rahu has the power to block and purge the Moon that represents the brain.

Rahu influencing the Sun may cause indecisiveness, warped thinking, and illusions about the self.

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Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis with All Planets

Rahu Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Rahu Mahadasha Sun Antardasha isn’t great for the Sun if Rahu is adverse. Matters suggested by the Sun will endure a setback. The native could have difficulty from the government persons, or he might not get along with his father or elders of the family.

His health can be disturbed and basic energy will below. He could have a heart problem. He might find success eluding him in his ventures. Difficulties might be faced by his children.

The impacts of Rahu with the Sun at the first, 3rd, 5th, or twelfth house are beneficial if Rahu isn’t adverse. The institution of Rahu and the Sun in the second house might leads the native to penury.

If Rahu has an impact on the Sun at the 4th house the native will face issues with respect to his house and children. He’ll have difficulty from the enemies.

He’ll migrate elsewhere. This combination at the seventh house leads to a reduction or marital discord of wealth as a result of women. This combination from the 8th house shortens the longevity, provided the Sun is adverse for the chart.

This combination at the ninth house gives greater knowledge, advantage, and journeys abroad.

This combination at the house increases the native to some high position, however, it eventually makes the livelihood a failure. The native has a career.

This combination of the Sun and Rahu in the eleventh house is good. Such effects are specifically bad in Aries, Libra, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

The Sun having an impact with Rahu in Leo is positive however, the native may have a bad relationship with his father.

Rahu Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Rahu Mahadasha with the Moon Antardasha is usually not good. The native will be under an apprehension of the chances of something untoward happening to him.

He can be mentally depressed. He might suffer from the circulatory or digestive disease. He might face problems related to emotional issues with women.

We’ve to be cautious with regard to this combination at the first or the fourth house. It’s quite likely to trigger aberrations from the native.

When a combination takes place at the 4th house, the native might face severe health or mental issues in his 20th year of existence.

This effect happening at the next house leads to the early death of the mother or sister’s husband. The Moon situated in the 8th house and having an impact with Rahu is a symptom of a Balrista.

The twentieth day following birth will be critical. In case the native conveys, he is going to be sick in his morning.

Rahu Mahadasha Mars Antardasha.

The impact of Rahu Mahadasha with Mars brings out the brutal tendencies in the latter. The native will have uncontrollable rage. It might develop suicidal inclination from the native.

But when Mars and Rahu are positive for the chart, the adverse outcomes of the impact will only manifest themselves in the kind of anger.

The native may have an increased libido. Some important effect positions are stated as below:

  • At the third house, it’s a sign that the native is either the eldest brother or the eldest hasn’t survived.
  • This type of combination from the fourth house leads to losses if mars is a valuable planet for the ascendant and Rahu is placed.
  • This type of combination in the 5th house is an indicator that the indigenous would either have a man issue or he would lose it early in life. The identical result may be anticipated if Rahu is in effect with Mars through the exchange of signals or through aspect.
  • This type of combination in the 7th house is a sign that the native had premarital affairs or has a lot of one or more spouses.
  • This type of combination from the 8th house spoils the health of the native and may cause his death by poison or sting of a poisonous insect.
  • This type of combination in the second, 10th, or eleventh house may lead to amassing of wealth through questionable ways.

Rahu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Under Rahu Mahadasha with Mercury Antardasha, the native may have a sharp intellect and good power to convey when both the planets are positive, He can have an inclination to gamble and speculate. Some important effects in positions are mentioned as below:

(i) At the 4th house gives benefits, honor, higher position, and wealth but in Pisces, the results are simply the reverse,

(ii) At the 5th house, it is not good for the mental wellness of the indigenous,

(iii) At the 6th, 8th, or twelfth house causes an undiagnosable disease, insanity, or nervous disorder.

(iv) This type of combination from the 7th house will lead to an extremely disturbed married life.

Rahu Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

This Rahu Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha effect is productive of good results a lot of time. The native can be rich, clever, or learned. He can have an exceptional ability that is legal. Some important effects positions are mentioned as below:

(i) At the first, 4th, 5th, or the house in a positive sign, it may take the indigenous to a very high position and makes him rich.

(ii) This combination from the 5th house might cause the spouse to miscarry, or the death of kids.

(iii) This combination from the 8th house gives stomach trouble and a mark near the navel of the indigenous.

(iv) This combination anyplace in the horoscope, unless well aspected or both the planets being beneficial to the graph, causes distaste for religion in the indigenous.

Rahu Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Rahu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha is an adverse influence on Venus unless Rahu is good for the graph, and may distort the attitude of the native to healthful sex, relationship with females, and marriage.

Some important effects in positions are mentioned as below:

(i) At the 4th house gives land, wealth, harmony, amenities, and cordial relations with relatives.
(ii) This effect is worse in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and twelfth houses.

Rahu Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Rahu Mahadasha along with Saturn Antaradasha is not a good combination for the native’s health.

(i) At the ascendant, is indicative of this the native’s mother had difficult childbirth. Additionally, it suggests the native would suffer from poor health in childhood and would get hurt in his early years times.

(ii) Such an effect in an adverse house will give a tendency to commit suicide and a criminal bent of mind.

(iii) The impact happening at the 4th house might prove troublesome. There might be a disturbance or imbalance of mind. It’s also bad for the mother.

(iv) It’s bad if put in the house. Here it gives displeasure of the authorities, parents and the indigenous could be made to migrate elsewhere.

(v) When the combination takes place at the 10th house, the indigenous might reach a high position if the two planets are favorable to the chart but it’s also indicative of what the native might endure a drop from a high position.

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Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

(i) from the first house causes venereal and sinus diseases,

(ii) from the 8th house, it gives rise to immorality, as well as

(iii) anyplace in the horoscope, it not only makes the native accident-prone but additionally destroys the results of that house.

When there’s a market of asterisms between Rahu and Saturn and there’s the participation of the 8th house in this combination, it could make the native predisposed towards paralytic strokes.

Rahu gives better results when aspected by a planet favorable to it as opposed to in association with it.

(i) Every time a Node is at the 3rd, 6th, or eleventh house, and doesn’t own it, it is going to be an adverse planet for the horoscope.

(ii) Every time a Node is at the sign or constellation of an owner of the 6th, or 8th house, or is in relation with the owner of one of those houses, which is an adverse planet for the horoscope, it is going to be adverse to the chart.

(iii) (a) In case the Node is put within an angle also has a relation with the owner of a triangle, or
(b) it is placed in a triangle and has a relationship with the owner of an angle, it becomes extremely potent to do good to the indigenous.

(iv) (a) If a Node is put within an angle at the sign owned by a fantastic or Decent planet, or

• (b) it is placed in a triangle at the sign owned by the owner of an angle, or

• (c) it is placed in the 8th house, in its own sign, it becomes capable to do good to the indigenous.

• (v) A Node placed at an angle with no other influence could be a neutral planet. Its nature depends on the nature of the disposition.

• (vi) A Node put in a triangle with no other influence could be a good planet. Its nature would be modified by the nature of the disposition.

• (vii) Mixed results will be felt when the Node is put in the second or twelfth house, or the owner of the second or twelfth house has a relation with the Node.

The nature of the dispositor of the Node will be quite significant and the nature of the Node determined in the above way will be markedly altered by it.

The results to be given from the Node are going to be sensed throughout the sub or major periods of the concerned Node.

Rahu is very important in giving worldly results, Ketu for spiritual or religious ones.

The sub or major periods of Rahu or Ketu can be unpleasant if any of them is at the asterism of Ketu. The results can be beneficial in the event the asterism involved is that of Rahu.

A Node will give the results of the house in of its dispositor, and of the planets, with that, it’s got a relation.

A Node adopts the qualities of the planet with which it’s in relation, but at the exact same time passes on its own bad influence on that planet. A planet, even when it’s a useful plant for the horoscope, will give at least some adverse results in its main or sub-period.

The Nodes attain powers to kill only when they are in relation to the adverse Saturn, or the Maraka owner of the second or seventh residence.

Otherwise, if they’re based in the second or 7th house without any malefic planet relation, they won’t kill.

A Node at a common indication, the owner of that owns a triangular house gives good result well-positioned placed Node at a common indication, the owner of that owns an angular house gives good results.

Nonetheless, these good results will be spoilt if the owner owns the 3rd, 6th, 8th or eleventh house.

A Node at a sign, the owner of that owns a triangular or angular house gives good results, but the results will be fair when the signal is a fixed one.

Nonetheless, these good results will be spoilt if the owner owns the 3rd, 6th, 8th or eleventh house.

A Node put at the 3rd, 6th, or the eleventh house in relation to a useful planet, or put within an angular or triangular house in relation with a malefic planet, will in its own period first give good results, but the results will be unfavorable to the conclusion.

Adverse results must be predicted if the significant period of Rahu is the 5th or 7th from the very first significant period after arrival.

Kaalsarpa Yoga is formed: If Rahu is at this yoga destroys the good readings initial sixth house from the ascendant.

Each of These yoga destroys the good readings. No planet is located at the exact same signal as Rahu. This yoga destroys the good readings at a horoscope.

The house suffers the most where Rahu is situated. The yoga will function if conditions and only are satisfied less.

The initial 6 months of the Rahu period after the close of the Mars period is as a rule adverse.

The dispositors of the Nodes are of particular significance. If any of them is below a fantastic influence, doesn’t own a bad house, and can be a valuable planet for the ascendant that dispositor becomes effective at this type of planet, under the adverse influence or of adverse providing great results.

If it creates a fantastic yoga with some other planets, the potency of this type of planet, under the adverse influence or of adverse great results.

A Rajyoga and Rahu is correlated with this combination, the Rajyoga results will be given by Rahu’s character, which is capable of damaging the native to some great extent.

If some planets shape Rajyoga and Rahu are related to this combination, the Rajyoga results will be given by Rahu.

Rahu put in relation with the owner of an angle and triangular house shall give high standing and prosperity during its sub or major periods.

In case the owner of an angle and a triangular house aspect or relation of a Node with may have high standing and prosperity throughout the sub or major periods of Rahu.

The aspect or relation of a Node with numerous planets ought to be analyzed in the following manners:

The institution of the Node with a luminary, the outcomes will be very different compared to Saturn and of Ketu like Mars.

Because of the special affinity into the institution of the Node with a luminary, the outcomes will be very different luminaries, the relation with into the institution of the Node with a luminary, the outcomes will be very different should be examined differently.

When there’s an eclipse due to the association of the Node with a luminary, the results will be very different. An eclipse at a house is harmful to the affairs of the house and is great in an adverse house.

When there’s an aspect between the beneficent Jupiter and Rahu’s will create Jupiter loses some of its temperament aspect between the beneficent Jupiter and Rahu’s will create Jupiter loses some of its consequences, take the character of the planet.

Thus, by way of example, an is under the influence of a Node, the events signaled by this factor will always exhibit some character, is under the influence of a Node, the events signaled by this factor will always exhibit some. It needn’t be reemphasized that when a planet or a house node is in exaltation, or under the influence of surprising &maybe not, ness or unexpected results.

When a node is in exaltation, or under the influence of these planets which provide overall good results in his day, but the element of it’ll fear of things going awry at any point will persist suddenly and also a fear of things going awry at any stage will persist.

A Node at a sign owned by an adverse Saturn usually doesn’t give good results in its sub or major periods.

An intriguing statement has been made at Brihat Parashar Hora Sastra. It says that whenever Rahu is placed in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Pisces or Aquarius or, Ketu is put in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, the period of the Node will likely be effective of beneficial results.

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Rahu Mahadasha Marriage

Let’s understand more about the Effects of Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha results through the below illustration as an example of one of our clients…
(please note that we strictly do not share the personal information of our clients and subscribers)

Date of Birth: 28-06-1980
Time of Birth: 20.20.00 Hrs.
Place of Birth: Kolkata, West Bengal

Career and Marriage Predictions with Rahu Dasha Analysis

KETU is situated in Ascendant and impacting your creativity, knowledge, and the house is luck. Overall Ketu is resulting as you may not be satisfied within your circumstances.

You are suggested to remove that thinking from your mind about having satisfaction within your circumstances. Not only this but also with your opposite circumstances, opponents, etc. like your office staff, any person with whom you deal.

Rahu Mahadasha Antardasha Analysis 1
Rahu Mahadasha Analysis Example Horoscope

Before we proceed further first, let me provide an overview of Mahadasha.

How does it work in an individual’s horoscope…

Mahadasha effect would be around 20%

Antardasha effect would be 45-55%

Rests are Pratyantar Dasha and Sookshm Dasha effects which would like something around 25-30% (but only for the short-term periods).

The Mahadasha works and provide results like an overall scenario, how the things will happen according to that particular planet’s Dasha period.

Whereas, the Antardasha behaves with relates to that subject, according to the active Planet Mahadasha.

We will talk about your queries / situation and horoscope on the basis of Dasha Predictions and Overall Horoscope…

Currently, you are going through with the Rahu Mahadasha and your 7th house will impact the most due to Ketu as Rahu is also situated there.

 Therefore, the opposite circumstances will get affected and especially during this period as Rahu Mahadasha is going on and it has just started and the Antardasha is of Rahu itself, and will remain active till July 2021.

Rahu also has conjunction with your Ascendant that will result as a disturbance in your mind that might impact with confusions all the time that will not let you take right decisions in life.

If we talk more about the 7th house, we should notice that Rahu is with the 4th sign (Cancer) which is a watery sign. It will impact you through emotional things especially related to your opponents.

So, you should have a clear-cut understanding of this thing that you have to be practical, and you won’t be able to remain satisfied with your career, business, marriage, and with your desires.

However, your Ascendant’s lord Saturn is situated at the 8th house which is of research and analysis, ups and downs, etc.

Saturn is the lord of 2nd house as well in your horoscope that means if you are looking for status than you are required the continuous research and analysis towards your subject. Or whatever has happened till now, you have to work accordingly with proper planning and take actions accordingly.

You can do this before your birthday every year so that you have the analysis of the entire year, like what are the circumstances and what could be the circumstances…

Plan accordingly towards your actions and approaches. All of these are suggested, due to Saturn’s placement in your horoscope with Mars as well that have a conjunction of 3rd, 2nd, 11th house. All of these houses represent the actions, status, and fulfillment of your desires.

With these approaches you are also requested to leave all the emotional factors, look after the actual truth behind it. Know the reality, never expect any favor from anyone and not anything else, just be practical.

It is not possible to get anything like that. You would be responsible for your own gains through your own Karma that is due to Rahu in the 7th house.

Let’s talk about your boss through your horoscope. The 10th house represents the boss of any working professional, where Venus is the lord of 10th and 5th house, situated at 5th house itself. The 5th house represents the creative, presentations, etc.

Overall to the point in your case, the more you remain disturbed, the more your boss will remain unhappy with you. But since currently, you are going with the Rahu’s Mahadasha period, so you are suggested to make your approaches politically.

Have a diplomatic attitude, think about yourself first, for your personal development. Here is one amazing thing is that your entire life and fulfillment of desires depend upon your thinking only. You are required to stable your thinking so that you get the power to make strong decisions in your life.

You will get the results accordingly, especially within the time period of Rahu’s Mahadasha and Antardasha period. So, whatever you have asked, and what we have covered till now, is about your life till now.

Overall you are suggested to look after your acts and after doing the analysis of it proceed further with any actions. These are things that can provide you success in career, personal life and especially with the people.

How you deal with them, etc… Otherwise, things might not good for you. The reason, Saturn is the lord of your Ascendant and he himself placed at the 8th house of planning and ups & downs.

There is one more reason why we took 8th house into consideration as per your queries because Jupiter is also situated there and it is representing your colleagues and sub-ordinates in your horoscope. Apart from Jupiter, Mars is also there in your 8th house, who is the lord of 4th (general happiness) and 11th house of desires.

A triangle is forming of all the watery signs, 4, 8, and 12 in your horoscope along with Rahu. So, you are strongly requested not to be emotional towards your actions and circumstances to achieve any career goals.

Astrology provides you the paths where you can go and make your life better. Here in your case this would be the complete analysis that why your career is impacting even when you are capable with your professional skills…

Give it a try and simply just be practical and forget about emotions especially when dealing with your opponents or any person. You can get benefit with your career aspects only when you understand your opponent, whether it is any person, company, anyone’s portfolio, or any circumstances etc.

Rahu is the planet that is impacting all of these things and here Rahu is under the Nakshatra of Mercury only who is situated with Rahu itself. So, the impact of what we have discussed is huge and perhaps the vice-versa of it will also be good, in terms of positive approaches towards the fulfillment of your career growth and desires.

We are not really sure but it might be possible that you could have any ancestor’s business, if yes then you could take part in it. And, if possible, then please take suggestions from your father. Any advice from your father would be good for you as per your planet positions.

And, one more thing I would like to remind you about the ‘Baadhak’ house in your horoscope which is 11th house, the house of desires.

Please make a note that your desires will not work, your aims will work. Because with aims, you carry the determination that drives you towards the fulfillment of your desires. And, your determination is based on, what face as your opponents, challenges in life, etc.

Rahu Mahadasha Marriage Analysis

Under Rahu Mahadasha, as per your marriage thing, Rahu is placed in the 7th house itself which is the house of your marriage. It is indicating that you should get married under this dasha period especially during the current period if you try at your best with proper planning and analysis as stated and discussed above Rahu planet.

After Rahu Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha will start from July 2021 under this period as well there are chances of getting married.

If we look after your present status, your 40th age of year should be the age when most probably you will get married as per your Dasha and planet positions. You should not worry much about your marriage.

Let’s talk about other factors as well that are related to the fulfillment of your marriage. If in any case you get any chance to know or meet someone for marriage then the Rahu will not allow you to take the right decision towards your marriage.

You will pinpoint anything that might not be relevant to the relationship, but somehow you will deny that person to get married, even when everyone is agreed to it and even if that person is a good one.

See, we understand that everybody wants to have someone better than us. But there is difference between the better and good if you analyze the things properly. If you get any good person as a life partner then you should accept him. You have to leave your judgmental thing while making decision for your life partner. 

It might be possible that you had any love relationship in your past at your work place or might be in present. But it is rarely possible that your love relationship will convert into marriage.

Your horoscope doesn’t support the love marriage. So, you are suggested to not go for the love marriage. The reason, micro-chemistry of Venus due to its Nakshatra lord comes at the 8th house which is of endings. It might be an attractiveness kind of something, nothing more than that. It is better to leave all of these things.

Get married as Mercury is the lord of the 9th house and situated at the 7th house of marriage.

Therefore, anything which is official and related to your religion and social that event should occur and that is marriage. And, in arrange marriage if your father makes the decision then it would be good for you. Else Rahu is making you confused already. Do not get into the trap of Rahu planet.

Soon, your marriage should get fixed. If your family gets involved in it then it would be really good for you. Otherwise, there would no good things with related to your marriage.

Before understanding your opponent/life partner, you should make things clear to yourself first. Because, marriage not only a life event that occurs between two individuals as a marriage.

Marriage is also to make adjustments and compromise and support to be in a relationship as a life partner. Sarvguna Sampann could be Lord Rama, Shri Krishna, etc., not any normal human-being. So, choose wisely.

Otherwise, confusions, will destroy to make any good decisions especially for your life partner.

We hope you will understand that your career and marriage analysis and fulfillment of it is depending upon the main planet Rahu in your horoscope.

And, Rahu Mahadasha is telling you to adjust and compromise and understand the circumstances. For marriage, look after his family, culture, etc. No love marriage is good for you.

If take things seriously then your life would be good whether it is on monetary basis or married life. You are requested to keep yourself balanced under all the circumstances.

So, overall you are suggested to develop your creative skills for your career. These creative things will benefit you for your career growth.

We hope you understand the points, discussed above and it will surely provide you progress in your life towards your career and married life.

Second Revision…

Please find the answers to your questions related to marriage and career…

We hope if I am able to answer your questions… Kindly go through it. 

1 nature of spouse i.e. qualifications, personality, type of family, etc

The nature of your spouse would be good. 

He would be the secretive type of person, carrying various things in his mind, a good planner. He would be extremely good at making strategies creatively.

If he is working in a corporate sector then he would be surely at a good management level as he would be a career-oriented person with the enthusiasm for his work, presentation skills, and research.

He would surely have some deep hidden knowledge within himself. 

If we take another side of your spouse’s nature then he might be the kind of person who believes in trading, gambling, kind of thing…. if it is positive then it’s okay… like stock trading, import-export, etc. But should not be involved in a gambling kind of work. 

The type of family would also be good but there is a strong possibility that he might be depended upon his siblings so you are requested to check that… also make sure that he is not dependent on any ancestors money. 

2. My relationship with my in-laws whether it will be smooth or not

Yes, it would be smooth. But one thing to note here that in your case… it actually all depends upon your spouse, the reason he will act like a boss and would be the boss of your family (in-laws). 

So the control or we say the management power would be in the hands of your spouse. 

So here you have to decide accordingly as per your perspectives. 

Apart from it, whatever the thoughts or decisions came into your spouse’s mind that will be pass through your advise or we say through your suggestions… he would obey your thoughts or opinions… 

It is not like that you will command over your spouse it is just that he will look after your thoughts and act accordingly. 

NOTE: Please make sure that he should not be the kind of person who has the attitude like, “I am the person who is right, rest everybody is wrong… what I think is correct and people should follow it”… These type of people are could be a very bad decision maker… So please check that… as there are strong possibilities that you might get a spouse who has this attitude…

Rest everything would be good…

3. Will he be based in India or abroad?

Yes, there is a strong possibility that he might be based abroad or maybe he is connected at the foreign level, whether it is a relation, relatives, business, etc. 

Even if not based in abroad then at least he would love travel foreign or already did some foreign journeys… especially for higher studies…

There is one more reason that makes a strong possibility of your spouse from foreign… as your Moon is situated in 12th house and lord of 7th house of marriage… 

So, overall yes… your spouse would be based in Abroad… strong chances are there…

4. The exact time period where there is a chance of getting married 

During Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha period until July 2021 as per your horoscope

(You should get married. For detailed analysis, we have covered in marriage analysis in the previous report, kindly through it.) 

5. Will it be an inter-caste marriage or not.

Yes, you have strong chances of inter-caste marriage as Rahu is placed in your 7th house… with the Nakshatra lord of Mercury who is also placed in the house of marriage 7th house… So, there is a strong possibility of inter-caste marriage… there is no doubt about it… 

You have to look after accordingly… 

About Career pending query… 

Career, promotions, performance and whether you are able to reach the top…etc. 

Let me answer this to you. 

I understand that we have not specifically answered this question but we have explained the current situation because of which you are actually dealing with the low performance. That is major because of Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha period which will remain active till July 2021.

I would request you to go through the career analysis again that we sent to you. You will get solutions to it. 

About the promotions, performance, and whether you would be able to reach the top… etc. 

If we look after your overall career thing… then yes you have the capability to reach the top as you must have great management and leadership skills, especially at your workplace…

And, in order to achieve that you are must be needed to have a creative approach towards your work and especially towards the direct reporting management level… to get the promotions and benefit out of your work. 

And, as far as this Rahu’ Dasha period is going on… it would be difficult for you to keep yourself motivated. You are must be needed to plan and look after your work and then execute the next step… 

We have explained all of these points related to Rahu Dasha in that career analysis…kindly go through it…

However, after July 2021 when this Rahu’s Antardasha period will end… then your good and favorable period will start with Jupiter’s Antardasha period… that will provide you the career growth and could also promote you at the top management level…

Let me quickly share the remedies that need to be followed during Rahu Mahadasha:

Rahu Mahadasha Remedies

Rahu and Ketu represent the “Raga-Dwesha” game, which depicts the subconscious mind’s persistent attraction and repulsion. They are the causes of mental agitation and lack of mental tranquility.

The afflictions of Rahu may be linked to subconscious chaos caused by unresolved events from previous lives.
It denotes the need to comprehend the unconscious and subconscious mind in order to bring unresolved problems to the surface.

Rahu’s attraction to the dark and hidden can easily tune in to lower or negative astral entities, resulting in adharmic behavior.

Rahu is associated with intense compulsive impulses and fears that are mostly latent and stem from previous lives’ grievances. They have the potential to become addictive.

The Yogic cure for Rahu is to examine, understand, and separate from the mind’s intense desires.

Without being obsessed or anticipating powers or astral encounters, channel and articulate your personal interests and aspirations against a higher and spiritual purpose. Build spiritual power, esoteric wisdom, confidence, commitment, and detachment to overcome fear.

Rahu Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Before we continue to know and understand about the Remedies of Rahu… first we should also need to know all about Rahu and how does it work and could affect our lives and our horoscopes. Let’s go through it…

Saturn is referred to as the serpent, and Rahu is said to be the head and the tail is regarded as a demon. Even the fourth house (the Ascendant is in fourth-quadrant Gemini) will be happy if Rahu stays clear of kasthan the beginning of life in the 1st house and is free of conflict.

These good results are achieved when Mars occupies houses 3 and when his own 4th House is well-positioned, or when Mercury is in his 4th house, or when he is posited in 4th. The association with Rahu offers better results if placed with Mercury or aspected by him.

If Saturn is placed in the house earlier, then Rahu can provide highly beneficial effects. If everything else is absent, then Saturn becomes even more powerful and Rahu takes on the role of an agent. Under the aspects of the Sun, the stars, the planet’s life energy output is vigorous and healthy. However, when aspected by Saturn, the energy output is suppressed.

Rahu is found in the 2nd and 6th house (Rajangan), whereas he becomes debilitated in the 8th and 11th (the Haa). [the 12th house’s] is his palace of Pakka Ghar and can be shown to be auspicious in houses 3, 4, and 6.

He has some friends (Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Venus) who oppose him, whereas he has enemies (Sun, Mars, and Ketu). Jupiter and the planet do not affect him negatively, and the Moon has no effect on him.

When the male and female signs of Sun and Venus are placed in a horoscope, Rahu will provide bad results. If Saturn and the planet and the Sun are simultaneously included in a horoscope, bad results are to be expected.

This is where Mars will become Mars-like in an equal but opposite manner Ascending nodes (Ketu) is positive in houses and Ketu is negative; or, if placed before (meeting) Rahu, Rahu produces no results, but Ketu is neutral.

In the main, Rahu operates through the expansion. Venus will take whatever good things she can get, but she doesn’t care whether she gets hold of them; she is just gobbling them up, however.

On the other hand, Jupiter’s planet, a quick get trophies drawls are always occurred instantly, but require expansion; they use his powers. Rahu has wonderful karma. More and more politicians are climbing the ladder in Rahu, but is this done through promotion or through bombast?

Being worried all the time because of the mind’s evil eye in Mars in the First House brings much turmoil. A malevolent planetary spirit known as Rahu can cause his client to wander the earth as a bit, sometimes granting the gift of aggression and sometimes turning the recipient into a recluse.

Rahu is uninvited, in another land and is thought to be making an appearance with an aim to take something that was not wanted. This will probably never be beneficial.

This technique can however turn into the traditional: ‘Your Rahu is assisting you to move into an established order, guaranteed, or persuasive, or compelling position, and afterward there appropriates the best positions or gathers in abundant riches.’

Yes, Rahu can turn itself to positive and aggressive, leading to some amazing opportunities for the native to be seized. Rahu often has accomplished many stellar “bang” or “good catch” achievements in the house in this category.

Even if the results are thought to be extraordinary, such an exceptional house can fail to win recognition due to Rahu. As an expanding minority of common people, the rejection may be accompanied by a greater part of their acceptance, whereas in the context of the wealthy, we have a much more receptive minority.

We often appear to be seen as wealthy nations with struggling masses (poverty-stricken peoples in other countries) to those who are concerned with survival in the world. Since the birth of the Rahu period, Rahu stars have been extremely prominent in Western astrology.

Only the fact that I have Rahu in the 5th & the 2nd in my mouth allows me to present Hindu ideas and concepts in the U.S. Rahu in the 5 & 5th Lord has no associations with foreign ideas & creativity for the U.S. and therefore supports my thinking, I will use him to convey Hindu philosophies & doctrines.

It is common for natives to force those who follow the Rahu house of thought to leaving their houses, and this only causes hardships.

Rahu is harsh on the subject, turning them inward, exiles, causing them to appear eccentric, turning them to be separate from the majority of people however, it is possible for new and original material to originate from the expansion of the words. They lead by example in some way, if not always by actual example.

If you search, you may find out where Rahu is when it strikes your house, know that it is not you or your family’s lord; seek out where his interests lie, and you will discover who or what he has done wrong there, and know why he has caused a Fengshui in your house.

Rahu in 7th House Remedy

The native will certainly become very wealthy, but his wife would lose her family. Because he was strong, he would conquer his adversaries. it would be disadvantageous to the parties if the marriage does not take place before the age of 21 He would have a good working relationship with the government.

Losses associated with electronics stores such as these would be incurred if he went into electrical hardware stores, or aftermarket components.

The native would feel bad about his relationship with Mercury, Venus, his sister, or his son could make the native’s head hurt if they were in the 11th house. If Mercury, Venus, or Ketu were in the 11th house, the native’s sister would damage his overall well-being.

Remedy to follow for Rahu Mahadasha

Offer six coconuts in river.

Main Planet to take care of all your needs and fulfillment is… RAHU
(I will share the Rahu Yantra model as well, place it at your temple or workplace).

Rahu Yantra and Benefits

In Hindu astrology, the North Node of Chandra (Moon) is known as Rahu. Rahu is referred to as chaya graha (Shadow Planet) because he is not a material manifestation.

Rahu is the northern point where the earth’s path around the Sun intersects with Chandra’s path. Eclipses occur when the Moon, Sun, and Earth all align in the same plane near Rahu.

Rahu is a malefic alien that afflicts the planet with which he is affiliated. He is the forerunner to any unexpected occurrence, whether it is an accident or a lottery win.

He represents secrecy, discontent, secret rivals, greed, and knowledge of foreign and artificial languages, such as machine languages.

He is associated with alien or exotic cultures, obsessive personalities, mass tragedies, and mysterious diseases. He is responsible for abortions, marital strife, and domestic issues.

Rahu is better in some houses of the horoscope, such as the sixth house. Daily Rahu propitiation steps eliminate the aforementioned issues. Accidents, snake bites, allergies, and other problems are less likely.

How to Install Rahu Yantra?

For the +ve influence of planet Rahu.

Rahu is thought to have a similar impact to Saturn. When Rahu is properly positioned or exalted, it can bestow strength, fame, political success, wealth, and physical beauty (i.e., attraction).

Rahu does not regulate any zodiac sign, but it does have power over Virgo.

Rahu Yantra Model Numbers
Rahu Yantra Model with Numbers and Mantra

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