Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Venus Mahadasha

Effect of Venus Mahadasha

Venus Mahadasha

Venus Mahadasha Effects

Venus Mahadasha Analysis

It’s very handsome to look at, has curly hair, and beautiful eyes. It’s long palms, broad chest, prominent shoulders, large upper thighs, and a swarthy clear complexion.

It’s of Rajasik character, is very fortunate and likes to wear garments of different colors. It’s smart, joyous and fond of sports. It’s the instructor of the demons. It’s of a peaceful nature. Its vehicle is a white horse. It’s passive.

Its compatibility with other planets is as follows:

It could be friendly with Mercury. Neutral to Mars, Jupiter and Hostile to the Sun and the Moon.

By nature, Venus – a useful planet. It rises head. It represents Jeeva. It’s strong in the 4th house. It isn’t considered good in the 7th house and is powerless in the sixth. It’s likely to Sama enjoy Jupiter.

When Venus comes under the influence of Mars it gives rise to passions and manifests human sexuality and sensuality.

Venus connected with Jupiter or Mercury promotes accurate love, beauty, learning, purity, and general well-being.

A nicely placed and strong Venus in a horoscope ensures a constant run of good luck and a profession which steadily remains successful.

A Venus in debilitation or affected By Mars or Saturn reduces the longevity of your wife, causes discord.

Generally, makes the household life of the indigenous disturbed.

Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis of All Planets

Venus Mahadasha Sun Antardasha 

Venus Mahadasha Sun Antardasha result as where astronomically no aspect can form as the planet is never greater than 48 degrees from the Sun.

In accord with the Roman system, the only conjunction may be formed. The consequence of that is being given. The native is going to be prosperous, popular and musically inclined. He may have taste for and knowledge of arts. He’ll earn during the opposite sex.

He might have children that are a great and happy marriage. He’ll be a warm-hearted person. His union might emerge from a love affair.

He’ll marry even when there are indications to the contrary in the horoscope. He’ll be wealthy and hold a position. He may have vehicles and residence. He’ll have eyesight. The fantastic results will be diluted if the Sun is an adverse planet for the horoscope.

Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, on the positive side (if the aspecting planet is a beneficial planet for the ascendant), the native might have a joyful union. He may have good-looking and adoring kids and he’ll be pleasure-loving.

He’ll love to lead a comfortable and luxurious life. He might have an attractive character and might have an interest in fine arts and music. He’ll gain through mother or females. He’ll be socially active and popular. He could be wealthy and have vehicles. He’ll be smart in trading. In sum, he’ll be blessed with all material benefits, and he’ll enjoy them.

Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, whereas on the negative side (if the aspecting planet is a malefic planet for the ascendant), the native could have a roving eye and may not be a steadfast partner m married life.

He’ll have affairs outside marriage. Females will continue appearing in his lifetime, on whom he’ll spend lavishly. He might face humiliations on account of his liaisons.  His type of life will be surplus leading health issues.

Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha 

Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, on the positive side (if the aspecting planet is fantastic for the ascendant), the aspect energizes the abilities that the native will be given by Venus, and that could have remained dormant in the character-wise.

He’ll be fond of sports. He’ll be capable and bold. He’ll be reputed, wealthy and will spend well. He might earn during the period, art, decoration, women, music, etc. he’ll be popular and friendly. Women might be gained throughout by him. He might have a married life and marry early. His might be a case of love at first sight. His attachments can be beneficial.

Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, whereas on the negative side (if the aspecting planet is bad for the ascendant), he’ll be extravagant, passionate, lascivious, also may run after women. He might spend on sex, finery, jewelry, pomp, show, and fellowship.

When other malefic planets put in their influence, he can even have a sexual drive. The spouse might not be long-lived. There might be a danger to his life through women. He’ll have a will and will not be able to look at his wayward ways.

In case the aspect takes place at a sign, the native could get addicted to alcohol. He might love to gamble and have an affair with different women. He can have difficulty with money linked to the dead person.

Venus Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Astronomically no aspect can form. In accordance with the Hindu system, the only conjunction could be formed. The consequence of that is being given. The native will be wealthy, cheerful, talented, soft-spoken and intrigued in music and poetry. He’ll be creative and refined.

He’ll have an equable disposition and be favorable. He’ll have an attractive personality. He’ll spend heavily on unions and amusement of guests. Trouble may be encountered by him through guys that might cause him distress.

Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, on the positive side, the native will be rich, respected, scholarly, jovial, broad-minded and magnanimous. The lie will be well enjoyed, helpful, healthful and in peace with himself. He’ll have a fantastic wife and the married life will be content.

He can have one or more units, one or more love affair or he might marry a relative of his. He’ll have maybe not & residence, vehicles, and conveniences.

He’ll have, joy horn kids. He’ll have a developed aesthetic sense. He’ll earn from one or more source. Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, while on the negative side, the native might be maybe not & generous that he’d assist others to his or her sanity.

He can suffer reductions in business, or even invest excessively on religious or union celebrations, ornaments or functions. The marital life might have tensions, but it’s not likely to cause permanent damage.

Venus Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Venus Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, on the positive side, because of his upright behavior and honesty. He’ll be difficult working. He’ll have wealth and decent reputation that. Progress in career and life will be because of his good name and challenging work. The progress might be slow, but it’ll lifetime he can succeed in attaining the pinnacle of his profession. He’ll be thrifty. He’ll have a healthful bank balance.

Benefits can be had out of father or elderly persons, through a union or because of his own efforts. He’ll keep fidelity and won’t marry more than once. There’ll be a noticeable age gap between him and his spouse. Venus Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, whereas on the negative side (if the aspecting planet is bad for the ascendant), he’ll display a lax moral personality and will be known for it.

He’ll find nearly impossible to keep his passions in check. Married life is going to be disturbed, there might be separated or he might lose his spouse early. He’ll not have a domestic facility.

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