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Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Venus Mahadasha

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Effect of Venus Mahadasha

Venus Mahadasha
Venus Mahadasha Effects

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Venus Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Venus Mahadasha period remains to exist for the most till 20 Years in a Horoscope when it becomes active.

It’s very handsome to look at, has curly hair, and beautiful eyes. It’s long palms, a broad chest, prominent shoulders, large upper thighs, and a swarthy clear complexion.

It’s of Rajasik character, is very fortunate and likes to wear garments of different colors.

It’s smart, joyous, and fond of sports.

It’s the instructor of the demons. It’s of a peaceful nature. Its vehicle is a white horse. It’s passive.

Its compatibility with other planets is as follows:

It could be friendly with Mercury. Neutral to Mars, Jupiter, and Hostile to the Sun and the Moon.

By nature, Venus – a useful planet. It rises head. It represents Jeevan. It’s strong in the 4th house.

It isn’t considered good in the 7th house and is powerless in the sixth. 

When Venus comes under the influence of Mars it gives rise to passions and manifests human sexuality and sensuality.

Venus connected with Jupiter or Mercury promotes accurate love, beauty, learning, purity, and general well-being.

A nicely placed and strong Venus in a horoscope ensures a constant run of good luck and a profession that steadily remains successful.

A Venus in debilitation or affected By Mars or Saturn reduces the longevity of your wife, causes discord.

Generally, makes the household life of the indigenous disturbed.

Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis of All Planets

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Venus Mahadasha Sun Antardasha 

Venus Mahadasha Sun Antardasha result as where astronomically no aspect can form as the planet is never greater than 48 degrees from the Sun.

In accord with the Roman system, the only conjunction may be formed. The consequence of that is being given. The native is going to be prosperous, popular, and musically inclined.

He may have taste for and knowledge of arts. He’ll earn during the opposite sex.

He might have children that are a great and happy marriage. He’ll be a warm-hearted person. His union might emerge from a love affair.

He’ll marry even when there are indications to the contrary in the horoscope. He’ll be wealthy and hold a position. He may have vehicles and residence.

He’ll have eyesight. The fantastic results will be diluted if the Sun is an adverse planet for the horoscope.

Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, on the positive side (if the aspecting planet is a beneficial planet for the ascendant), the native might have a joyful union. He may have good-looking and adoring kids and he’ll be pleasure-loving.

He’ll love to lead a comfortable and luxurious life. He might have an attractive character and might have an interest in fine arts and music.

He’ll gain through mother or females. He’ll be socially active and popular. He could be wealthy and have vehicles. He’ll be smart in trading. In sum, he’ll be blessed with all material benefits, and he’ll enjoy them.

Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, whereas on the negative side (if the aspecting planet is a malefic planet for the ascendant), the native could have a roving eye and may not be a steadfast partner m married life.

He’ll have affairs outside marriage. Females will continue appearing in his lifetime, on whom he’ll spend lavishly. He might face humiliations on account of his liaisons.  His type of life will be surplus leading to health issues.

Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha 

Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, on the positive side (if the aspecting planet is fantastic for the ascendant), the aspect energizes the abilities that the native will be given by Venus, and that could have remained dormant character-wise.

He’ll be fond of sports. He’ll be capable and bold. He’ll be reputed, wealthy, and will spend well. He might earn during the period, art, decoration, women, music, etc. he’ll be popular and friendly.

Women might be gained throughout by him. He might have a married life and marry early. His might be a case of love at first sight. His attachments can be beneficial.

Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, whereas on the negative side (if the aspecting planet is bad for the ascendant), he’ll be extravagant, passionate, lascivious, also may run after women. He might spend on sex, finery, jewelry, pomp, show, and fellowship.

When other malefic planets put in their influence, he can even have a sexual drive. The spouse might not be long-lived. There might be a danger to his life through women. He’ll have a will and will not be able to look at his wayward ways.

In case the aspect takes place at a sign, the native could get addicted to alcohol. He might love to gamble and have an affair with different women. He can have difficulty with money linked to the dead person.

Venus Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Astronomically no aspect can form. In accordance with the Hindu system, the only conjunction could be formed. The consequence of that is being given. The native will be wealthy, cheerful, talented, soft-spoken, and intrigued in music and poetry. He’ll be creative and refined.

He’ll have an equable disposition and be favorable. He’ll have an attractive personality. He’ll spend heavily on unions and the amusement of guests. Trouble may be encountered by him through guys that might cause him distress.

Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, on the positive side, the native will be rich, respected, scholarly, jovial, broad-minded, and magnanimous. The lie will be well enjoyed, helpful, healthful, and in peace with himself. He’ll have a fantastic wife and the married life will be content.

He can have one or more units, one or more love affairs, or he might marry a relative of his. He’ll have maybe not & residence, vehicles, and conveniences.

He’ll have, joy horn kids. He’ll have a developed aesthetic sense. Not only that, but he’ll earn from one or more sources. Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, while on the negative side, the native might be maybe not & generous that he’d assist others to his or her sanity.

He can suffer reductions in business, or even invest excessively in religious or union celebrations, ornaments, or functions. The marital life might have tensions, but it’s not likely to cause permanent damage.

Venus Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Venus Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, on the positive side, because of his upright behavior and honesty. It’ll be difficult working. He’ll have wealth and a decent reputation.

Progress in career and life will be because of his good name and challenging work. The progress might be slow, but in a lifetime he can succeed in attaining the pinnacle of his profession.

He’ll be thrifty. He’ll have a healthful bank balance.

Benefits can be had out of father or elderly persons, through a union or because of his own efforts. He’ll keep fidelity and won’t marry more than once.

There’ll be a noticeable age gap between him and his spouse.

Venus Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, whereas on the negative side (if the aspecting planet is bad for the ascendant), he’ll display a lax moral personality and will be known for it.

He’ll find it nearly impossible to keep his passions in check. Married life is going to be disturbed, there might be separation, or he might lose his spouse early. He’ll not have a domestic facility.

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Venus Mahadasha Analysis

Let’s understand more about the Effects of Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha results through the below illustration as an example…
(please note that we strictly do not share the personal information of our clients and subscribers)

Date of Birth: 26th December 1988
Time of Birth: 21.45 Hrs.
Place of Birth: Dombivli, India

Child Birth Predictions with Venus Dasha Analysis

You have the horoscope of Leo Ascendant whose lord is Sun and it is placed at 5th house with the Nakshatra lord of Ketu.

Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 1
Venus Mahadasha Analysis Example Horoscope

We generally look at the 5th house for childbirth predictions, along with the 11th house for the fulfillment of it.

But here in your case, since you are asking for the first childbirth, so we will look into the 5th house of your horoscope, in order to know about the possibilities and favorable period of pregnancy for the childbirth. 

I would also like to share this information that we look into the horoscope to see for the childbirth or say delivery of the child… 

I am clearing this point because some say that the childbirth is what we should look, some say about getting pregnant…

So here, I am going to share the analysis according to the favorable periods and possibilities of conceiving to get pregnant for your childbirth. 

While looking at your horoscope, one can say that you already have a strong desire for motherhood or say to become a mother. Generally, it is with almost every woman but in your case, it is actually more…

Let’s quickly talk about the favorable period to get pregnant and chances of becoming a mother as well… 

Currently, you are going through with the Venus Mahadasha period along with the Saturn’s Antardasha period that had started from December 2018 and will remain active till March 2022.

Venus is situated at the 4th house, and it’s the lord of the 3rd and 10th house in your horoscope but its Nakshatra lord is Mercury that is placed at your 5th house. So, through the Nakshatra lord, Mahadasha is promising the activeness of your 5th house.

Whereas, the Saturn is also placed at the 5th house with the lord of 7th and 6th house. Its Nakshatra lord is Ketu. Please note here that Ketu is placed at Ascendant (Lagna).

It is affecting the motherhood in your case as it is with the zodiac sign whose lord is SUN, and it is placed at the 5th house itself.

Therefore, you are must needed to take care of Ketu in your horoscope as this could be the main reason of not letting you to become mother and after this, Saturn is there as well in your 5th house because of which there is a huge delay for motherhood.

One more thing to note here that Saturn is combusted as well in your horoscope. Due to which it results with no energy or say positively.

Under this Saturn’s Antardasha period till March 2022. Unfortunately, there are less chances for the fulfillment of a childbirth.

However, there is a favorable period, from August 2020 till October 2020 when there are chances to get pregnant for a healthy child. During this period the Sun’s Pratyantar Dasha period will be active and Sun is the Atma Karka of life source.

As mentioned before, the Saturn’s Nakshatra lord is Ketu plus it is combusted so unfortunately the situation is not so good / favorable for the child birth at least during Saturn’s Antardasha period till March 2022.

(I will share the remedies as well for Ketu and Saturn)

Now, after Saturn Dasha period your Mercury Antardasha period will start from March 2022 and will remain active till December 2024. Under this Dasha period there are chances for a healthy child birth as Mercury is first placed at the 5th house itself, secondly its Nakshatra lord is Venus whose Mahadasha period is already running…

During this period from March 2022 – December 2024, from March 2023 till May 2023 is extremely beneficial period for you. Please note this period.

Apart from all of those Dasha periods, please note that you have to work on Ketu. The Ketu provides dissatisfaction towards a particular subject and in your case and currently, it is childbirth specifically. Since Ketu is placed at Ascendant, so it is much more important for you to follow the remedies.

Let me share the remedies that are recommended as per your horoscope and query:

Remedies of Saturn and Ketu

  1. Feed jaggery (gur) to monkeys.
  2. Apply saffron as Tilak.
  3. Donate milk and sugar.
  4. Offering almonds in the temple and bringing and keeping half of it in the house.
  5. Serving black cow.

Venus Mahadasha Remedies

Learn to appreciate life in a healthy and “sattvic” manner.

Heal the sexual connections. Avoid attachment to sensual pleasures and overindulgence by sublimating the grosser sexual energy.

Transform the physical need for love into spiritual and divine compassion.

Recognize the god’s creation beauty as a manifestation of God’s grace and presence. As an instrument of God’s creation work, become an artist.

Understand a woman’s beauty and feminine qualities as manifestations of the spiritual mother, or cosmic Shakti (power).

Bhakti Yoga is recommended.

Venus Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Before we continue to know and understand about the Remedies of Venus… first we should also need to know all about Venus Planet and how does it work and could affect our lives and our horoscopes. Let’s go through it…

Venus, as a devil mentor, signifies the spouse in the horoscope of a female and the wife in the horoscope of a men.

When Venus is placed alone at birth chart, it produces positive results. Venus rules the 2nd and 7th houses, and she is exalted in the 12th house. Venus has friends in Saturn, Mercury, and Ketu, but enemies in the Sun, Moon, and Rahu.

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th houses are excellent for Venus, however the 1st, 6th, and 9th houses are considered wrong for Venus.

As a matter of fact, Venus is very beneficial in the houses of Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu, whereas it is very harmful in the houses of Sun, Rahu, and Moon.

When Rahu opposes Venus or vice versa, and whenever both are conjunct in a house, Venus’s positive effects are nullified, and the native loses all of his or her money, wealth, and family happiness.

If the Moon and Venus are placed completely opposite each other, the native’s mother’s words may become severely faulty.

Venus is impacted, causing eye problems, ovarian diseases, gout, anemia, and other complications as a result of overindulging in amusements and sex, including gonorrhea and syphilis.

An afflicted Venus can lead to car accidents, betrayal in love and marriage, and help rid the native of the conveniences of vehicles, transportation, and so on.

Remedies for Venus

  1. Change your wife’s name and formally remarry her.
  2. To prevent conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, throw rice, silver, and milk into running water or feed Kheer or milk to mother-in-law like women.
  3. For your wife’s health, keep the roof of the house clean and well-maintained.
  4. Offer Jupiter-related items into the river, such as gram, pulses, and Kesar.

Main Planet to take care of all your needs and fulfillment is… Venus
(I will share the Venus Yantra model as well, place it at your temple or workplace).

In Hindu astrology, the planet Venus (Sukra) is a natural benefic planet, similar to guru. In Sanskrit, Sukra means “brightness” and “potency.” Venus is the karaka of love, luxury, glamour, wealth, and the fine arts.

The Rakshasas’ teacher is known in Sukra. In the parliament of the planets, Guru (Jupiter) is the welfare minister, while Sukra is the cultural minister.

Venus’s primary concern will be to promote cultural development. A powerful Venus in the chart will bestow wealth, artistic taste, and mastery in the fine arts of the native.

Sukra disease causes hormonal imbalances, circulatory malfunctions, and diabetes. Forgiveness of sin to Venus will bring an estranged couple back together, bestow wealth, and give the native a positive outlook on life.

How to Install Venus Yantra?

Shukra Yantra: For Venus’s positive influence.

Romance, beauty, intimacy, passion, sexual pleasure, love affairs, luxuries, arts, and music are all ruled by Venus.

It bestows wealth, comfort, early-life attraction to the opposite sex, a very well-fit body, and the attractive features required for sensuality.

Usually, the native becomes soft, gentle, and compassionate.  Motivates them to be poets, musicians, and truth and information seekers (secret sciences).

The native enjoys being in the company of people of the opposite sex, as well as artists and musicians.

Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 2
Venus Yantra Model with Numbers and Mantra

Start using this Yantra on any Friday Morning.


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