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Leo Horoscope Economic Activities and Occupations

The Leo Horoscope have the capability to perform tough jobs, but the way they adopt is normally imperfect and creates problems for their co-workers. Sometimes they perform such small work which they should not do not delegate it to the people of lower level. In this way they waste a phase of idleness, due to which the suddenly leave the job and sit quietly. And when the phase ends, they start working again.

Leo are considered as fortunate in terms of financial matters. They achieve maximum success in any field when they work with honesty. There are chances of getting maximum benefit from people of higher post and aged people. Gambling, using the money may be profitable. In their economic plans which are of big nature and has got people’s protection will be successful for them.

They have to keep a check on their spending nature. Leo can earn good income from the following: Gold, brass, diamond jewellery business, works related with governmental and municipal offices.

Leo Horoscope Friendship, Love, Marital Relation

The Leo are very liberal towards their friends, but as they prefer flattery they always choose wrong set of friends, and have to bear losses. Even if there financial position is not stable than also they will try to fulfill their friend’s demands. They cannot say ‘no’ or refuse. The Leo can tolerate any hardships for their beloved ones. Leon women also prove to be good friends.

In the Leo heart there will be always fire of love will be burning rapidly because it falls in the center of fire Triangle. They are very loyal in their love relationships. Leon’s Kaal Purush represents heart, and so his love generates from heart and his emotions are deeply rooted. But to hide his emotions, in his love matter he normally takes the help of rudeness.

The Leo are full of lust and they give maximum importance to it. For love matters they will do everything devotedly. Women get attracted towards the manhood and by flattery take undue advantage and try to win their hearts.

Defective Leo normally marry women of a lower status, and get a feeling of satisfaction as if they are greater to someone in comparison. They lack the knowledge of checking the character and get attracted towards outer appearance and wealth. They are full of lust and uncontrolled desires. This type of people suffers from all types of sexual disorders.

Leon women also have great lust, but they want to lead a life full of luxury and according to their own whims and fancies. As they have too much of confidence in them they tend to select wrong persons as lovers.

The consequence of which is that their hearts break. Leon women’s past life, if remembered, it will be full of broken love stories, affairs, segregation from husbands and even divorce.

Leo Horoscope Health And Food Habit

The Leo in their body a royal splendor. He is polite in walking and speaking, his shoulders and forehead are broad. Majority of the Leo are tall and have a well-built personality, but if they are short, they can be easily recognized every in a big crowd. Napoleon is an example of this. He used to walk slowly. Their pace is longer that the average. Their laughter is like the royal of a lion. They may take interest in dance because of their well-built bodies.

Either the Leo are very healthy or often fall sick and lie in beds. Adverse atmosphere and their suppressed arrogance and undesired love affairs affect their health. They have capacity to recover fast, but the best medicines for them are peace, love and relishing atmosphere.

Leo’s Kaal Purus represents heart and upper part of backbone, Leo should be very careful about these parts of the body. Leo, zodiac sign or Sun, Mars and Neptune have its evil eyes on it and so weakness in heart of any type can occur. In Leo zodiac sign, Mars position increases the heart beats.

The Leo Horoscope can suffer from the following illness heart disease, heart beats becoming faster, suffer from sunstroke, pain in joints, fever. The Leo should keep themselves away from alcohol and intoxicant, and should eat a balanced and good diet.

Leo Horoscope Predictions with Other Known facts:

According of Indian astrologers the colour of Leo is yellow, white, pale.
Its lord is sun, and sun’s colour is dark red.
It is also called as Tamravarna.
Sun’s gem is ruby which is worn in gold or copper.
Leon manifests in eastern direction.
Leon’s lord is sun and its number is 1. The people belonging to this number are full of strong will power and self-confidence. In the weekdays Sunday represented by Leo.

Leo Horoscope indicates the following goods, Places and People.

Chillis, Almond, saffron, Thorny Plants, Golden items, Finger rings, Gold corns, Brass, Medicines etc.
High mountain, wild animals home’s jungles, forest, palace, fort, mansion, governmental offices, Club, houses, Theaters (Cinema and Drama), Play Ground, casino, jockey, share market, gold mines, mint, fire-place, chimney, Kitchen, open roof etc.

Jeweller, Goldsmith, insurance authority, manager, officer, superintendent, director, captain etc.

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