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Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope - Friendship, Love, Relationship, Career

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Virgo Horoscope with

Virgo Horoscope Friendship, Career, Love, Nature
Virgo Horoscope (Kanya Rashi)

Virgo Horoscope Nature and Habits

As the name suggests, Virgo Horoscope people are very shy and hesitant like a virgin and if somebody touches their body they squeeze with shy like a touch-me-not plant. They are very hesitant in about having sexual relations with others. Due to this nature of theirs, mostly they remain unmarried for a long time.

Just like a virgin girl, Virgo is very silent, peace-loving, systematic in their work and diplomatic unlike other signs, they believe in serving others. They follow every instruction very carefully and completely. They are capable of distinguishing good from the bad. They can reach to the roots of most of the problem and situations.

Virgo is the critic by birth. Therefore, they think a lot before choosing friends. They analyze clearly and their decision and opinion are based on reality. They have a natural ability to acquire knowledge about new subjects.

One more quality observed in Virgo is that they like to perform their work elaborating, and they pay attention to it’s every part. The Virgo mostly like to perform fine work like watch-making, ornaments designing, production of micro equipment, analyzing through a microscope, etc.

When negative qualities developed in Virgo horoscope then they constantly speak ill of others and criticize them. They do not enjoy doing this. They are attracted to things which are not related. They believe in maintaining their personality, their life, and their home according to their wishes.

Virgo horoscope people are very intelligent, and they have a very strong memory. They are successful in performing those work in which others do not succeed. Unless they reach their goal, they don’t sit quietly.

Normally it is very difficult to get control over them and cheat them. They highly respect position and law. Their knowledge is prospering. They are deep thinkers, they like to listen to good orators, they have good command over the language but still, they keep themselves away from publicity.

As they are very energetic they can retain their youth for a longer time. It is very difficult to guess their age by looking at their face. They get irritated by all trivial issues but they hate bloodshed. They are good mediators and representatives.

Virgo is the second sign ruled by Mercury, first being Gemini. But there is a wide difference between these two signs. A Gemini always flies in the air whereas a Virgo is matured and his feet are fixed to the earth.

A notable point observed in a Virgo is that they constantly keep changing their jobs and house.

Virgo Horoscope – Financial Affairs & Activities

Virgo Horoscope can become excellent lawyers and orators. They can be successful in scientific research and business due to their hard-working nature, strong willpower and determination. They are very talented in reviewing literature and art. In financial matters, they are very careful and less spending.

It is profitable for them to invest in house, land, etc. They can be good money lenders and writers.

Mostly they like to work behind the scene and the credit is taken away by somebody else. They love the work more than the financial benefit related to it.

They can give their time & energy without expecting any monitory returns for it. But there is a limit to their generosity and when they feel that it is exceeding then they know to say ‘no’. Their serving attitude may take them to the profession of doctors or nursing.

While traveling, Virgo horoscope keeps one part of the money in one pocket and the other part in some other pocket. As they don’t intend to spend, they keep the remaining money in their suitcase.

Virgo Horoscope Friendship, Love and Marriage

Virgo horoscope people do not let emotions take control over them. They analyze their friends properly and hurt them by frank speaking. They are indifferent towards lust and excited emotions.

It is very difficult to understand them in matters of love. There may be deep love in their heart, but they keep themselves away from emotions and expressing love. Jealousy can also be found in them. In this sign, both good and bad men and women are found. In the beginning years of their life, they are very honest.

But when they change, they change with an attitude of revenge. They are able to hide their feelings in this position also. Some people resort to drinks and intoxication.

Virgo is not easily caught in love trap. Their heart takes time to melt. But once they fall in love, they express full devotion.

But still, he does not behave like animals. Sex is not much important for him, and he can express love in words. His love is clearly seen in his work, especially when his partner is not keeping good health.

At such time no one can serve like a Virgo. Man and woman both do not like to have many children, but pay sufficient attention to those who are already born.

If negative qualities start developing in Virgo, then he doesn’t like any partner. His nature of criticism kills his sexual feelings before they are properly developed. There is mental pain in such people

Most of the Virgo consider marriage as a compromise made by Law. The same is with female Virgo.

Virgo Horoscope Health & Food Habits

As Virgo Horoscope people take proper care of their health, mostly they keep diseases at bay throughout their life. They live longer and retain their youth in old age also. They do not fall prey to diseases, but a strange thing in them is that when they read in books or newspaper about some diseases, they imagine that they have been attacked by that disease.

They have an interest in food. When they don’t get tasty food, their hunger is killed. if they do not control themselves they may come under the influence of drinks and intoxication. Proper tuning in life is very important for them. If it is disturbed, it affects their mental designing and disturbs their digestion power. If they are careless about eating, then it may affect their stomach.

They may have problems in longs and there could be a pain in the veins of their shoulders and arms. The main reason for their diseases may be hard work. Simple and light food, a lot of water, fresh air, sunbath and sound sleep and rest is beneficial for their health. It is to be quoted that in the zodiac system Virgo represents the stomach of a person.

They body a Virgo is mostly tall and thin. Hair and eyes are black. There is a dense growth of hair on eyebrows. Voice is thin and sharp. They walk fast. Their tummy seldom bulges out. Their nose is straight.

Virgo Horoscope Other Known Facts

According to Indian astrologers, the color of Virgo is grey or a mixture of all colors. The lord is Mercury and its color is green grass or blackish green and its gem is emerald and it should be worn in gold or bronze. Virgo manifests in southern direction.

According to numerology, Mercury …its lord is represented by number 5. His number symbolizes change and instability. This number plays an important role in Virgin’s life. Due to its influence, these people keep on changing their residence and jobs. The day represented in the week is Wednesday.

Virgo Horoscope Predictions directs the following thing, places, and person :

Garden, Grain fields, Agricultural land, Restaurant, Places of washing utensils, Fruit & vegetable shops, Go down, Granary, Cupboards of books, First aid box, Doctor’s kit, Library, Bathrooms, cow shed, etc.

Health department officials, Engineers, Auditors, Teachers, Ship or Naval chief, Textile mills employees, Press-officials, editor, publisher, writer, broker, accountants, lawyer, insurance agents, artists, baker, mathematicians, astrologers, etc.

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