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Saggitarius Horoscope Friendship, Career, Love, Nature

Sagittarius Horoscope (Dhanu Rashi)

Sagittarius Horoscope – Temperament and Nature

Sagittarius horoscope predictions nature is revealed by an archer, which is the representative of this zodiac sign. As the archer concentrates and hits the target correctly, in the same way, the Sagittarius people try to move towards their target without a pause.

There is a strong feeling to move ahead in the nature of Sagittarius. There are three directions in which they can move ahead: materialistic atmosphere, visionary interest and knowledge, and spiritual development. The line which they choose can be determined only after seeking their horoscopes and planetary positions.

One main quality of these Sagittarius is strong feeling towards independence. they cannot tolerate any kind of control over their independence, their views, and occupation. Because of this feeling towards independence, a major proportion of these people are seen in the line of players.

Sagittarius horoscope is a highly intellectual people. Their personality is full of merry-making and excitement. But they should protect themselves from being too much optimistic and keeping too much faith on someone especially in a matter of finance, where it is essential to becoming practical.

They are open-hearted and outspoken. They may sometimes become very frank in their behavior. Their energetic and exciting nature expects that people should also behave like them, and behave properly. They cannot bear cunningest and treachery.

Sagittarius is a dual-natured zodiac sign. This affects the nature of the person belonging to this zodiac sign. Sometimes they may get angry without any cause. They manage financial matters properly. In their life, they may express their interests in religion, law, occultism, and philosophy.

From the beginning, Sagittarius show an optimistic attitude towards life. When they are pleased then the excitement and happiness reflect in their occupation. Sometimes in speech, work or behavior they show exaggeration which creates enemies for them.

Instead of living in a civilized society with luxuries they prefer to stay close to nature which provides them with happiness. They avoid highly populated areas and love to stay at open places which have less population. As they have faith in future they sometimes love to take risky opportunities.

They keep their attention focused on one work until they become extremely tired and they will never move their eyes to any other thing. Normally they never love to keep themselves tied with any one type of work. New ideas keep on flashing in their minds and changes take place very frequently. As a politician, they will be changing their policies very frequently.

As a religious preacher, they may change religious principles. If they are doing scientific research, then they may leave it and turn towards some business. If they realize that they are unable to achieve their goal, then they stop it in between. They may sever relations with their ambitions and may start some new job, or they may not do anything in their lifetime.

Normally the Sagittarius are polite; when they display their inherent nature they may become harsh and violent. Intuition is also one of its qualities. They reflect the truth, peace, and justice and so they have great sympathy for oppressed and tormented people.

They become people’s ‘ideal’, they gain success and status and become a popular person. Normally they are very fortunate people; they never burn in the flames of unsuccessfulness and move ahead in life. According to the proverb if Guru (Jupiter) is favorable for you, then nobody can do any harm to you.

People may try to take undue advantage of their kindness. People may deceive them by telling unreal and fabricated stories and try to gain their sympathy.

Even though they possess all these qualities, they are emotional and arrogant, sometimes even small matter may hurt their ego. They are not at all careful about other’s feelings and they hurt them by their frank, bitter and boastful talks.

Female Sagittarius are more generous than their male counterparts. Their self-sacrifice is of greater depth in nature, they have a higher level of understanding about respect and duty, but their views about life is of independent nature. Other qualities which they possess are the same as male Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Horoscope – Economic Activities and Occupation

Their intuition power is so intense that before any bargain is finalized they can foresee its outcomes. Jupiter’s given qualities make them a good, talented money leader, organizer, group activists, political activists. They have good hold the fields of writing and publication.

They can become good authors, editors, publishers, printers and can be seen in the line of booksellers. They can also be the accountant, clerk, registrar, postman, interpreter, and teacher.

Only this zodiac sign Saggitarius horoscope has been given so many options related to occupations. No other zodiac sign has got this type of chance with having so many types of occupation. But they should choose jobs of such types, which they love to do and then it should provide them with maximum holidays.

The Sagittarius horoscope people can become a good sportsman, also especially when the sports are related to horses and dogs. For anything, they may try to reach to its roots and they get maximum happiness in that.

They search for weakness in their competitors and then work accordingly. And due to this nature, they are highly successful in the legal profession. Their areas of interests are golf, fishing, football which keeps them entertained. They feel suffocated in a closed chamber.

They love power. It becomes difficult for them to work with friends or partners. But then also they are very popular among their subordinates. Normally they do not accumulate wealth. But if by chance they had accumulated wealth, then they lose it in their old age. The love to spend money with open hands.

Sagittarius Horoscope – Friendship, Love and Marriage

The Sagittarius horoscope people love to make maximum friendship with the opposite sex. They make friendship very fast and this friendship continues for a long time in their life. Their sweet smile contributes a lot to making friends and friendship. They are very popular in their friend circle. They are known to their friends because of their nature of merriment and good reasoning power, and these qualities create problems for their life partners. To protect themselves from jealousy they have to be understanding and use their virtue.

In the case of marriage, this zodiac sign is known as ‘bachelors’ zodiac sign. Sagittarius are fond of their freedom to such an extent that they cannot sacrifice their independence in an exchange with marriage. And due to this, these people remain bachelors and unmarried.

This does not mean that they do not experience waves of love in their heart. In reality, they are very emotional and get easily attracted to the opposite sex, but this attraction cannot be for any one person.

When they turn emotional they marry and then repent for that divorces and disturbances related to married life are also found in the zodiac sign. And because of arrogance they never accept their faults and people accept their married life as an ideal and here also Sagittarius frank nature comes in between.

Sagittarius Horoscope – Health and Food Habits

Sagittarius horoscope people are either very tall or very short. Their body is thin lean and thighs are lengthy. Their forehead is broad, hair flying in the front, shining eyes, lengthy nose, and a broad mouth. Short stature Sagittarius have broad shoulders and they have a tendency of gaining weight in their old age.

Their health is good and the body is restless. Their waist is lengthy and legs and body are well-shaped. the color of the hair is light brown. As per Kaal Purush theory Sagittarius represents shoulders, thighs, nerves, and heart.

Normally the Sagittarius horoscope suffers from back pain & nerves pain, especially when Mars was in Sagittarius at the time of their birth. They may suffer from the following diseases:- problems in ligaments, palsy in legs, diseases related to nose, bronchitis problems of blood and heart.

Their body and mind should not work too much, they should save themselves from intoxicants and make it a practice of providing maximum looseness or relaxation to mind and body. They should avoid eating oily and heavy food.

Sagittarius Horoscope – Other Known Facts

  • According to Indian astrologers, the color of Sagittarius is yellow.
  • The lord is Jupiter and its color is Yellow.
  • Jupiter’s gem is Topaz and it should be worn in gold.
  • Sagittarius manifests in eastern direction.
  • In the weekdays, Sagittarius represents Thursday.
  • As per numerology Jupiter, its lord is represented by number 3.
  • This number plays an important role in Sagittarian’s life.
  • This number act as an introducer to literature and also display interests in other media.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions indicates about following things, places and persons:

Medicines, flowers, tuber roots, fruit, seed, fish, other aquatic animals, aquatic fruits and flowers, houses, elephants, arrows, spear, needless, pasteboard, rope, etc.
Mountains, the room in the house at a great height, horse stable, ammunition factory, churches, a learned man in medicines, doctor, teacher, orator, bank officials, religious preacher, political worker, pleader, persons working in the embassy.

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