Number 5 Numerology Meaning based on Astrology

Number 5 Numerology

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Number 5 Numerology
Number 5 in Numerology

Number 5 in Numerology

            Number 5 Numerology person born on 5, 14, and 23 dates of every month belongs to the basic number ‘5’. This is a very important number of numerology. The people belonging to this number are of extraordinary capabilities in various fields and have courteous, wise, and thoughtful, intelligence, enjoyment and happiness and desirous of materially inclined personality.

People who are influenced by this planet are successful in gaining knowledge, in the fields of science, in law and debates, have a strong belief in astrology, and are successful in serine or business. The people belonging to this number whether they are in service business basically do work in the manner of business only as they have strong business sense and so if someone is doing business he will definitely be successful in it.

Dates of Birth                         :           5,14 and 23

Ruling planet                          :           Mercury

Important time period           :         21st May to 20th June and 21st August to 20th December

Important days                      :          Wednesday, Friday.

Numerology 5 Numerology Personality

  1. Mentally you are very sensitive. Excitement is inborn in you. Due to your sharp intelligence, you are able to understand a situation very easily. You are a mind reader and so to speak an idea that is in others’ mind is not difficult for you.
  2. You have a quick mind. You are able to take a decision very quickly and once decided, you complete the work very quickly, with great excitement.  Basically, you believe in doing those works through which you can quickly earn money.
  3. You have the intelligence to earn money from new discoveries new ideas and new plans.
  4. You can be a good sculpture and your hobby may be to speculate on shares.
  5. You are always ready to take risks and always ready for a new experience and so generally you are successful in your endeavors.
  6. You are always adjusting to the circumstances, you are especially blessed with this quality you do not face any special difficulties in your life. If you have money, you will spend lavishly and if you do not have it, you will sit quietly. This quality will be helpful in your success.
  7. Even after losses you are able to keep the situation under control. You do not indulge in crying over the losses for long. Even a great unfortunate and unlucky period is not able to break your resolve and you remain steadfast and determined on your chosen path.
  8. If you are good by nature, you will remain so and if you are wicked, cruel, or selfish then no power in the world can change you to become good.
  9. You are able to forge friendship very quickly but only those people who belong to your basic number will be you,r trustworthy friends. Because of this characteristic of yours, you are never lonely. Everybody has sympathy for you.
  10. A journey is always enjoyable for you. It is another thing that you have got time for it but traveling will always be beneficial for you.
  11. Whenever the planning of new work is complete and you have decided about it, you start the work with complete dedication and never bother about any other thing or expenditure too.
  12. You are a person engaged in many different jobs. You are never satisfied with one job and your sources of income to are many.
  13. You are a businessman by nature and so you should engage in a business of your own even if it is in partnership. Others will always benefit from your partnership.
  14. You will, suddenly, get monetary benefits; it may be from lottery or speculations. There will be minor losses too but do not get disheartened by them.
  15. You do work hard but you have deep faith in fate and luck. You acknowledge its importance and thus are influenced by it.
  16. You are able to learn every new work easily, and if necessary you can do it yourself but there remains no continuity it.
  17. In the 23rd year of your life, fate will start giving you a helping hand, by 32 years, many more favorable occasions will present themselves to you.  By the time you reach middle age, you will have all the material comforts.
  18. As you take adequate care of yourself so you appear young even in your old age. Your body is made in such a durable way that you will be able to do maximum physical labor.
  19. You should have a good acquaintance with the people of upper social strata. Even if you do not have any work, do meet them often so that they maintain a good impression of you.
  20. Maintain a good relation with your friends throughout your life. They will stand by you through thick and him. In the absence of your relatives, they would always help you.
  21. You have vast knowledge and you can speak effectively on many subjects but do not force views on others and do not consider your own views superior most.
  22. You become so tense and worried that it can cause a nervous breakdown. You become angry very easily and are not able to tolerate anything silly.

Always try to remain happy. Remain away from the sad environment. Do not develop contact with an unsuccessful person or dejected people. They will make you depressed only.

Friendship, marriage, and relations should be developed only with the people belonging to the basic number ‘5’ only. If you have a love affair then that person should belong to the basic number ‘5’.

Number 5 Numerology Health

The people who have fadic number 5 are generally found suffering from cold and cough.  But they also have tendency of nervous breakdown.

Due to excessive anger, weakness of muscles and tendons, and excessive mental work, you make become prone to mental disease and blood pressure.

You should beware of blood, skin, and paralysis. There is a possibility of falling prey to this disease if precautions are not taken.

Strolling is good exercise to strengthen a person mentally. You must go for a morning walk.

Take precautions against cold, cough, and fever. Pay attention to the purification of blood. Take calcium, vitamin, and nutritive food. Consume less salt and do not s