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Number 2 Numerology Meaning based on Astrology

Number 2 Numerology

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Number 2 Numerology Details

Number 2 Numerology people who are born on 2, 11, 20, and 29 of any months, belong to basic number ‘2’ although ‘Sun’ (the ruling planet of basic number ‘4’)

Number 2 Numerology
Number 2 in Numerology

And, ‘Moon’ (the ruling planet of basis number ‘2’) both have opposite characteristics yet the people belonging to the basic number ‘1’ have a cordial relationship with people belonging to the basic number ‘2’.

Dates of Birth             :           2, 11 20 and 29

Ruling planet               :           Moon

Important time Period :           20th June to 27th July

Important Days           :           Sunday, Monday and Friday

This is because there is a mutual correlation between the sun’s and moon’s rays and vibrations. The people born on 7, 16, and 25 belong to the basic number ‘7’.

Number 2 Numerology Personality

  1. If you belong to the Number 2 Numerology then you are a gentle, kind-hearted, and soft-spoken person.
  2. You have a strong imagination, you love art forms and by nature, you are a romantic at heart.
  3. You like new ideas but you do not stick to them. Like your ruling planet moon, you too have a playful and lively nature and so to do one work for a long time is not possible for you. Your fertile imagination constantly gives rise to new thoughts and ideas but you are not able to stick to them.
  4. Being mentally strong and fertile, physically you are not strong. That’s why you are more successful in the works where you can mental capabilities rather than physical jobs.
  5. Begins naturally kind-hearted and sympathetic you cannot say ‘no’ to anyone. You are often at loss due to this.
  6. Begin sophisticated and a lover of fine arts, you are able to make friends but you always lack good and faithful friends.
  7. You lack self-confidence that’s why you often change your stance.
  8. You will be blessed with an educated life partner, But you’re being over-imaginative, the world becomes a cause of contention. In such a situation, a person like you will not hesitate to do anything.
  9. You are always dependent on your companion. In the absence of such a companion, your work would suffer and remain incomplete.
  10. Due to the strong presence and effects of the moon, you are naturally inclined towards women and are able to develop strong bonds with them.
  11. You are able to rich other person’s mind quite easily.
  12. If you live in a city on the banks of the river or a sea, it will prove most beneficial for you.

People belonging to the Numerology number ‘2’ are kind-hearted, sympathetic, helpful gentle courteous, and polite, but there are some precautions that you must take.  If you are cautious and careful about the following things, you would be more successful.

By knowing about the number 2 you will not only sharpen your basic qualities but also can overcome the bad ones. Whatever you set your heart at, consider its advantages and disadvantages and if you still find it beneficial then put all your effort to make it a success. There is nothing that would stop you ten, and you will get success. It does not behave you to leave any work incomplete.

Awaken your self-confidence and do not indulge in inferiority complex. With strong confidence in your capabilities you are capable of doing everything. Inferiority complex erodes self-confidence.

Leave rash behavior and nasty decisions. Don’t be perplexed and confused in difficulties. Have a determines resolve and steadily work towards your goal.

Even if you do not get a good atmospheres do not get excited or agitated. Excitement and being emotion can be harmful for you. Being excessively sentimental can lead insanity.

Do not fall in love with every woman. Do not always sit with women; it can harm your reputation and personality. Give a serious thought before making friends. Avoid flatterers.

Number 2 Numerology Health

Physic and nature are often responsible for many diseases, and you are no exception to it. Your sentimental nature can cause heart disease.  Thus, be practical.

Sentimental people are often a prey to various stomach related problems such gas and constipation. Take care that you may not suffer from constipation. People belonging to basic number ‘2’ may possibly die to stomach ailments. Thus, be always careful and take all the precautions.

Your tendons and ligaments are affected very quickly. Avoid such work that may adversely affect it.

Beware of infectious diseases.

You do not have very healthy physic so avoid being energy. It can cause harm to you.

When the moon wanes, you are liable to be affected by the throat and cause harm to you.

Daily, you have must go for a morning walk.

The people who have principle number ‘2’ are generally troubled by stomach problems. They can be troubled by indigestion gas, acidity, and dysentery. They should restrict their eating and take a less and balanced diet, right from the beginning even if they do not have any disease.

Exercise: They should do ‘Yogasanas’. Mayurrasan’, Sarvangasan’, Utanpadasan’ and ‘Pawanmuktasan’ will be very beneficial for them, even do it for only ten minutes only.  They should have their dinner around sunset itself.  This will help in proper digestion and good, sound sleep.  They should not consume such things at night which creates gas in their stomach.

“Sarasin is the best Asana’ for these people”

Number 2 Numerology Ruling Planet and Deity

Your ruling planet is the moon and the guiding deity is ‘Shiva’ you must have an idol or photograph of Shiva in your house. The first thing in the morning should be to view it. If not possible then view your pearl set in the ring.

 Monday should observe as a fast. His food once day with sweet, no salt should be taken that day. The idol of ‘Shiva’ should be bathed with water with little raw milk added to it, right in the morning after bathing. This will bring good times and happiness in your life.

Fasting: They should observe Monday as fast along with full moon and ‘predosh’

Prayer : There should deity is ‘Shankar’. They should pray day and night to him and read ‘Shiv-stotra’.

Important Advice For Fasting

We would like to advise you as to what is supposed to be done on the day of fasting. In the present scientific age, it is not advisable to remain totally without food and water for the whole day. The meaning of fast is to troubled the body but to make it light healthy.

If on the day fast, it is your weakly, rest and holiday then are ideal as you should not put in hard work on such a day. You should not have constipation as it would hamper the effects of the fast.

            On the day of the fast, if you feel weak then you should rake a cup of milk, tea or such drinks or you also eat some dry fruits but this must be taken only once in the whole day and at a pre-decided time. If you would not like this then you should take a glass of fresh fruit juice or you can take fruit according to the seasons.

            In the evening, after offering prayers should you complete your fast by having light. Do not eat, in the evening as it would make the fast futile.

Number 2 Lucky Days and Dates

The best time of the year is 20 June to 27 July. The Mondays of this time period are especially beneficial for you. The dates that sun up a  ‘2’ are also good along with 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, and 25. The work undertaken on these auspicious dates would always be successful.

The days when sun is strong, you would remain healthy but mental tension will increase. December, January and February months are especially not beneficial for you.

Number 2 Numerology Auspicious Years Dates and Days

The years 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, and 65 of your life will be a fortune. The years 1, 10, 19, 28, 46, 55, 64 and 1, 11, 33, 21, 40, 49, 58, 67 and 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52 and 61 are also important years. Basic numbers 1, 4, and 7 have a favorable association of ‘2’ but it should be first determined that no unfortunate incidents have taken place in these years.

        You should start all your important works On 2, 11, 20 and 29th and if these dates are from 20 June to 27 July, they would be all the luckier. And if there is a 2,11,20, or 29 falls on a Monday in this period that is the best.

         If you start a work or go for an interview on 20 June to 27 July, You would succeed with flying colors.

Lucky Color for Number 2 Numerology

The most favorable color for you is ‘light green’. White and Cream colors are also suitable. Wearing clothes and having cream whitewash on the walls of your house is ideal. Black, violet, and dark red colors are harmful to you.  White eatables like milk and curd are a must for you.

Lucky Gemstones for Number 2 Numerology

The most fortunate gen for you is ‘Pearl’ but an imitation pearl should not be worn. The pearl that is too worn should be smooth and symmetrical with a healthy shine.  It should be set in a silver ring and should wear after purification on a Monday it will prove to be most appropriate and profitable.

Famous Personalities Born with Number 2 Numerology

Addison                                               1 February                   2

Ibsen                                                    20 March                     2

Charles (II)                                          29 May                          2

Thomas Hardy                                     2 June                          2

President Hardings                               2 November                2

President Adams                                  11 July                         2

Henry George                                      2 September                2

Pope Leo(III)                                       2 March                       2

Pope Paous (X)                                    2 June                          2

Sir Ashutosh Mukerji                           29 June                       2

Morarji Desai                                       29 February                2

Sumitranandan pant                             20 May                      2

Mahatma Gandhi                                 2 October                  2

Mousolini                                            29 October                2

Lal bahadur shastri                              2 October                  2

Hitler                                                   20 April                     2

You can read about MOON planet to understand more about Number 2 Characteristics as MOON is the Ruling Planet of Number ‘2’. MOON PLANET AND ITS EFFECTS


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