All of us live underneath the impact of planets and nakshatras. Typically you want to be confused to examine that despite doing lots of efforts, we have a tendency to be obtaining as what we have a tendency to merit. Really this all depends upon the placements of Planets, nakshatras, Dasha, Mahadasha and Antar Dasha and its impacts on our lives.
Mahadasha may be a terribly effective tool for predictions in Vedic star divination. Their square measure many varieties of Mahadasha in Vedic star divination however most vital Dasha system is Vimshottary Dasha. This is often a cycle of one hundred twenty years supported most doable life amount for a personal. Every of 9 planets has its own amount within the cycle. Calculation of this Dasha is predicated on the system of nakshatras or constellation. Each of the 9 planets is that the lord of 3 of twenty-seven nakshatras. The primary Dasha is set by the constellation that the Moon is denizen at the time of birth. For instance, if the Moon is within the constellation Ashwini, the primary Dasha are of Ketu as a result of the ruler of Ashwini is Ketu. The order of the Mahadasha is Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury.

Rahu Mahadasha Effects

Rahu Mahadasha Antardasha Analysis

Rahu Mahadasha Analysis

The Nodes, called Ketu and Rahu in Hindu astrology, are points of intersection between the path of the Moon along with the apparent path of the Sun in the sky.

They aren’t physical heavenly bodies, but their importance in predictive astrology is well recognized.

It has got a head without a body that is normal. It’s fearful to look at. Its body is amorphous and is that of a serpent. It’s tamasik, dark in complexion and thievish by nature. Its motor vehicle is a lion.
It’s by nature a malefic planet. When it isn’t under the influence of another planet, it acts like Saturn. It climbs the hind part.