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All of us live underneath the impact of planets and nakshatras. Typically you want to be confused to examine that despite doing lots of efforts, we have a tendency to be obtaining as what we have a tendency to merit. Really this all depends upon the placements of Planets, nakshatras, Dasha, Mahadasha and Antar Dasha and its impacts on our lives.
Mahadasha may be a terribly effective tool for predictions in Vedic star divination. Their square measure many varieties of Mahadasha in Vedic star divination however most vital Dasha system is Vimshottary Dasha. This is often a cycle of one hundred twenty years supported most doable life amount for a personal. Every of 9 planets has its own amount within the cycle. Calculation of this Dasha is predicated on the system of nakshatras or constellation. Each of the 9 planets is that the lord of 3 of twenty-seven nakshatras. The primary Dasha is set by the constellation that the Moon is denizen at the time of birth. For instance, if the Moon is within the constellation Ashwini, the primary Dasha are of Ketu as a result of the ruler of Ashwini is Ketu. The order of the Mahadasha is Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury.

Mercury Mahadasha Effects

Mercury Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Mercury Mahadasha period is for 17 Years in a Horoscope. It has a grass green complexion, is a yogi, pure, rajasic, as well a speech that is skillful. It is of a disposition. Likewise, it places on clothes.

It is witty and likes laughter and jokes. Its motor vehicle is a lion with the back at an elephant. It is the son of the Moon. It is adaptable.

Mercury represents hypochondria, disturbance in the think-big process, worry, apprehension of the likelihood of something untoward happening, bad speech, diseases in the eye, throat, nose, and skin.

Mercury is neutral and whenever it comes under the sway of another planet, it may take on its own character and influence.
Jupiter governs the realm of abstract thinking.

Venus Mahadasha

Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Venus Mahadasha period remains to exist for the most till 20 Years in a Horoscope when it becomes active.

It’s very handsome to look at, has curly hair, and beautiful eyes. It’s long palms, a broad chest, prominent shoulders, large upper thighs, and a swarthy clear complexion.

It’s of Rajasik character, is very fortunate and likes to wear garments of different colors.

It’s smart, joyous, and fond of sports.

It’s the instructor of the demons. It’s of a peaceful nature. Its vehicle is a white horse. It’s passive.

Mars Mahadasha Effects

Mars Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Mars Mahadasha period and effects remain to exist till 7 Years in a Horoscope when it becomes active.

Mars is masculine, short in height, and has a thin waist. Its reddish-brown eyes and can be powerfully built. Its hair is bright and short, and it’s red and shining.

It’s courageous, a skillful speaker, vengeful, smart, liberal, slim, of a changeable disposition, is wrathful, adventurous, and capable of causing hurts. It dresses in red. Furthermore, it’s the son of the Planet. Its vehicle is a ram. It’s active. It’s the god of warfare.

Saturn Mahadasha

Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Saturn Mahadasha duration remains active for 19 years in a horoscope whenever it becomes active.

It’s slender and tall with big and defective teeth and coarse hair. It’s lame and lazy. It’s dark in complexion, has veins and sunken eyes.

It’s old, tamasic, dirty, idiotic, miserly, and contentious. It’s a eunuch. It’s irritable. It gowns in black garments or dark blue. Its vehicle is still an ox. It’s fixed.

Jupiter Mahadasha

Jupiter Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

The Jupiter Mahadasha is for 16 Years that goes through all the 9 Planets in a Horoscope.

Beneath Jupiter Mahadasha period it’ll result with these features and characteristics.

Jupiter has a fat body with a broad chest and massive limbs. It’s intelligent and well-versed in religious texts. It’s yellow hair and a golden complexion.

It’s straightforward in nature. It’s forgiving, modest, and peaceful. It likes the virtuous. It’s the tutor of the gods. It is a motor vehicle is an elephant. It’s adaptable.

Jupiter would result as friendly with Sun, Moon, and Mars.

Whereas Neutral to Saturn and Inimical to Mercury and Venus.

In a permissive society where a male partner is taken on the spur of passion and discarded when emotions subside, it’s Mars that more suitably represents a partner), and older brother/sister.

Moon Mahadasha Effects

Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Moon Mahadasha period remains active for 10 years of duration in a horoscope where Moon affects the most during that period.

Moon Mahadasha consequences with Moon’s features under the Moon Mahadasha is female, fair, with handsome eyes and voice it’s svelte, tall, youthful, with curly and short hair, and can be instinctive and beautiful in appearance.

It’s learned, friendly fickle-minded, and likes to wear clean white clothes. It’s straightforward and partial to elderly ladies. It’s a queen. Its car is a deer. It gets hurt easily.

It’s passive and impressionable. It’s quick-moving. In case the 4th house, its owner, and the Moon are affected by Saturn the native is dispassionate.

Sun Mahadasha Effects

Sun Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Sun Mahadasha period is for 6 Years in the horoscope when it gets active. 

Sun Mahadasha will change as with these attributes. The Sun has a masculine and royal character, curly, but scanty hair legs, long hands, broad shoulders, and also isn’t so tall. It’s honey-colored eyes, a nicely developed bone structure, and has a squarish appearance.

It’s got a very sharp mind. It’s active. It’s easy in nature. It wears orange or saffron-colored clothes. It doesn’t remain in one place for long. It’s of clean habits. Its vehicle is a horse with seven heads. It’s honest, wise, kind, as well as firm. It respects the gods and genius.

Ketu Mahadasha Effects

Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Whenever your planet positions are going through the Ketu Mahadasha period then the consequence of Ketu Mahadasha will result as follows:

It’s got a serpentine head. The regular human head is cut away. It is tall and gowns in smoke-colored garments that are grey and can be tamasik. Its vehicle is a serpent.
It is by nature a planet. Otherwise, under the effect of any other planet, it acts just like Mars.
Its compatibility with some other planets is as follows:
• Favorable with Mars, Venus, Saturn
• Neutral to Mercury and Jupiter
• Inimical to Sun, Moon
It is the KARAKA for Witchcraft, difficulty to enemies.

Rahu Mahadasha Effects

Rahu Mahadasha Antardasha Analysis

The Nodes, called Ketu and Rahu in Hindu astrology, are points of intersection between the path of the Moon along with the apparent path of the Sun in the sky.

Rahu Mahadasha period is for 18 Years in a Horoscope when it gets active and effects as Antardasha period with all the planets.

They aren’t physical heavenly bodies, but their importance in predictive astrology is well recognized.

It has got a head without a body that is normal. It’s fearful to look at. Its body is amorphous and is that of a serpent. It’s tamasik, dark in complexion and thievish by nature. Its motor vehicle is a lion.
It’s by nature a malefic planet. When it isn’t under the influence of another planet, it acts like Saturn. It climbs the hind part.

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