Jupiter Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Jupiter Mahadasha

Effects of Jupiter Mahadasha

Jupiter Mahadasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Effects

Jupiter Mahadasha Analysis

Beneath Jupiter Mahadasha period it’ll result as with these features and characteristics.

Jupiter has a fat body with a broad chest and massive limbs. It’s intelligent and well versed in religious texts. It’s yellow hair and a golden complexion.

It’s straightforward in nature. It’s forgiving, modest and peaceful. It likes the virtuous. It’s the tutor of the gods. It is a motor vehicle is an elephant. It’s adaptable.

Jupiter would result as friendly with Sun, Moon, and Mars.

Whereas Neutral to Saturn and Inimical to Mercury and Venus.

In a permissive society where a male partner is taken on the spur of passion and discarded when emotions subside, it’s Mars that more suitably represents a partner), and older brother/sister.

• From character, Jupiter is a beneficial planet. It’s strong from the first residence. It rises simultaneously with hind parts along with the head.
• In case a horoscope Jupiter is strong but not Mercury, the native will be clever but since he’d not be articulate, he’d not appear clever.
• If in a horoscope Mercury and Jupiter are both strong and connected, the native will pursue an intellectual vocation.
• Jupiter, if strong and well placed in a horoscope, is due to good Kannas (actions ) done from the native in previous lives.
• Such a Jupiter will get unearned rewards for the native success at speculation, lotteries, a massive inheritance or success without a lot of work. It makes the native possess faith in religious and ritualistic practices.
• Jupiter is also fun loving but whereas Venus finds its pleasure in large gender, Jupiter is joyful in gatherings. It, therefore, makes the native throw parties or shares things with others.
• Jupiter improves the affairs of a house by aspect. Its occupation may not prove to be as beneficial for a house.

Jupiter Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis with All Planets

Jupiter Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Sun Antardasha, on the optimistic side (if the aspecting planet is a beneficial planet for the ascendant), the native will have respect for religion. He can be sincere and sympathetic. He will have good relations with his father. The father and native’s kids can be prosperous and off. He can be on the right side of the government. He might go on long journeys on official work or under orders of the superior.

The native would be full of energy, honest, responsible and reliable. He can also be involved or inclined to, charity, nursing or hospital work. He will have a huge circle of buddies. He can be scholarly and can be in the teaching profession. He can be reputed. In the pursuit of a female, her husband would be prosperous and placed. Jupiter Mahadasha Sun Antardasha, whereas on the negative side

The native might suffer from the problem of obese, derangement of liver or spleen or problems at the heart. The areas where results were anticipated, as explained above, will show reverse results. He can be a hypocrite in spiritual matters or a religious zealot. He’ll have reduction or trouble from the judiciary.

He might contract a disease he’s been attempting to heal as a physician in a medical institution. Nevertheless, the negative results won’t be severe unless other malefic planets, like Mars or Saturn, contribute their mite.

Jupiter Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, on a positive side, the native will be wealthy, well behaved, and religious.  He’ll be maybe not imaginative and intuitive. He may have a mind. He’ll be honest and only. He may have great relationships with his mother and profit through interests. His kids will be a source of happiness for him. His superiors will be respected by him in position and era. He will have great relations with the authorities and his bosses. He is going to be healthful, well known, powerful, popular and friendly.

He’ll come across inheritance, he’ll gain through law enforcement and litigation. Jupiter Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, while on the negative side, he is going to be extravagant, excessive in his living with his money. He’ll suffer losses in games of chance or speculation. He is going to be given to pomp and show. He might face unfounded accusations.

Jupiter Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

On the positive side, the native may have a positive approach to life. He is going to be independent minded, persuasive, noble and learned. He’ll be financially profitable.

He will have methods of dealing with problems confronting him. He’ll be only and a champion of the weak and the oppressed. He’ll like traveling and may benefit from it. He is going to be upright and straightforward. He’ll have the ability to motivate others to a higher level of efficiency. On the flip side, he might have to face trouble because of religion. He might face religious persecution or might suffer harm due to occult practices.

It might be a victim of the dishonesty of another or he may hurt others by such practice. He might die away from the house, maybe murdered as a result of enmity, or die in confinement, a monastery or hospital. He might be extravagant.

Jupiter Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, on the positive side, he’ll be intrigued in humanities as a topic. He’ll be intrigued by the analysis and the welfare of man. He’ll be eloquent and enjoy the meeting people.

His attitude will soon be philanthropic, maybe not. The intellect will be capable of soaring to the highest level of mental and thought speculations. He’ll be keen to learn. He’ll get esteem and repute because of his learning and an intellectual personality. He’ll travel, go overseas and be wealthy. He’ll be pleased and may have a positive attitude toward life. He can be a luminary.

Jupiter Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, while on the negative side, he might be stressed, endure through litigation and might have losses in business. He might commit a forgery or fraud or might endure as a consequence of this. His address will be his handicap, which could, many a time put him.

Jupiter Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, on the optimistic side, the native will be rich, respected, scholarly broad-minded and magnanimous. A lie will be well-liked, useful, healthful and in peace with himself. He’ll have a wife that is good and the married life will be contented. He’ll have one or more marriage, one or more love affair or he might marry a relative of his.

He’ll have residence, vehicles, and comforts. He’ll have, happiness horn kids. He’ll have a well-developed aesthetic sense. He’ll make from one or more source. Jupiter Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, while on the negative side, the native might be generous that he’d assist others to his detriment.

He might suffer losses in business, or even invest too on religious or marriage celebrations, decorations or functions. The marital lifestyle might have tensions, but it’s unlikely to cause damage.

Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, on the optimistic side, the native may have the esteem of his superiors and priests. The native will experience luck. He’ll be rich and will be respected. He might hold a place in the government and he’ll progress in his career.

He’ll have land. He’ll conform to the traditional but won’t shirk from the brand new. He’ll have a company character and will stand on his own. He might travel overseas or go on long journeys. He’ll have buddies in other countries. He’ll have a relationship with his father. He’ll have difficulty or harm from enemies.

Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, while on the negative side, the native is predisposed towards have trouble. Normally, the inverse of great things written above could be anticipated. His education may endure. He or she might not be simple or might lose because of the dishonesty of others.

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