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1st House Astrology

1st house astrology

Effect of 1st House Astrology in Zodiac Signs

1st house in zodiac signs

1st house in zodiac signs


Aries in 1st House Astrology

Under the 1st House Astrology native will have a ruddy complexion. He will have a quick temper, will be determined, impulsive, quarrelsome, and ungrateful and will be prone to be deceived by women and servants. He will be passionate, will be afraid of water, fond of female company and will not be truthful. The structure will be middle and the physique will be lean and muscular. The neck will be long and the face oval. The head will taper to a narrow chin.

The native will enjoy good health. Mars here is the owner of the first as well as the eighth house. It, therefore, represents the longevity of the native and also death. The longevity of the native will be proportional to the strength of Mars.

The cause and the kind of death the native will have can also be judged from the influence that Mars has on it. If Mars is bereft of beneficial influence, the native will lead a life of sin. If the fifth house and the Sun are afflicted, it can lead to troubles in the parts of the body signified by Leo, i.e., belly and heart. He will also have diseases indicated by Virgo in the sixth house.

The native will love sports and outdoors. He gets bored easily if the atmosphere is not according to his liking. Such a man lives away from water but there are dairies, farms, grain shops, or jeweler shops near his residence.

Taurus in 1st House Astrology

The native can have a mental illness. He will keep changing friends. He will be prone to injuries by weapons or fire, spend on account of these injuries and will face losses in life. Venus is the owner of the first and sixth houses. The native will, therefore, be liable to get involved in accidents.

If the owner of the eleventh house-Jupiter, and Mars-the karaka for accidents, also influence Venus the possibility of having a number of accidents involving vehicles in life will considerably be strengthened. He will have relations with foreigners and outsiders to his faith and culture. A weak Venus will cause the native to suffer at the hands of female enemies.

If Venus influences the first house and is af­flicted, the native will suffer from illnesses during its major or sub-periods. He will also have diseases indicated by Libra in the sixth house. His family will be sepa­rated from him often. He will be ill-tempered, angry, conceited, and lover of his own comforts. He will make a bad husband.

The native will have a big face and moles there. The forehead and the neck will be thick, the eyes bright, hair dark and sometimes curly, and the complexion will be clear. The female under this sign will be comely. The native will have a well-developed muscular system, heavy shoulders and will be stickily built. The statue will be middle. He will be happy in the latter part of his life and earn his livelihood from agriculture. He will have a weakness for women and will be of forgiving nature.

The native will indulge in excesses-like overindulgence in eating, drinking and spending-and be the worse off for it. The native will be a plodder. He will be a tenacious and patient worker. He is capable of working very hard. He will talk little but will be a family man.

He will be possessive and jealous. The temper will be placid till aroused when it will be like that of an angry bull. He will be firm in his views. Such a man also lives away from water but there will be the shop of a goldsmith, an aviary or the residence of a widow near his house.

Gemini in 1st House Astrology

The native will be clever, fair in complexion, fond of female company, happy, a pleasant talker, and humble. He will have dark eyes, a long and raised nose, and an active disposition. He will be tall and straight in build. He will have long arms and will walk smartly. He will be scientific, fond of reading, temperate and a good member of the society.

Mercury owns the first and fourth houses for this ascendant. If it has a separative influence on it of the Sun, Saturn, Rahu, the owner of the twelfth house or their dispositors, or at least of any two of these, the native will live away from his homeland and will change his residence and the place of stay several times in life. The karakas for the mind, namely Mercury and the Moon along with owners of the first and the fourth houses show the status of mental health of the native.

When Mercury is under some adverse influence it goes a long way in disturbing the mental equilibrium of the native since it is not only one of the significators as recorded above but is also the owner of the fourth house. If the Moon also has adverse influence, the fourth house and the karaka for the mother will have an adverse influence leading to curtailment of mother’s lon­gevity.

A well placed Moon in the fourth house with Mercury there having no adverse influence will ensure success for the native in public life. Mars for this ascendant is an extremely violent planet as it is the owner of the sixth house and also of the eleventh.

Located in the first house in association with or in aspect to Mercury, it makes the native prone to head injuries and influencing the Moon, it makes the mind of the native full of violence and anger. A connection is also established here between the sixth and the eleventh houses. The sixth house represents competition and the eleventh house indicates the fulfillment of a wish.

If Mars is in good Vargas or is under the beneficial influence or if its malefic nature is subdued due to some reason, it will make the native succeed at competitions. He will be able to guess others’ unspoken thoughts and make out implied meanings. He will be of a worrying nature which will affect his health. He may also worry over his children.

He will have to ensure that he is relaxed and gets adequate rest to maintain good health. He will also have diseases indicated by Scorpio in the sixth house. The native will live near a grove, garden or a well or other source of drinking water.

Cancer in 1st House Astrology

The native will be of fair complexion, generous, fond of water sports, of sharp intellect, religious, loved by his subordinates and forgiving. He will be of a hasty, truthful, changeable, mild and gentle temperament. He may be troubled due to his wife. He will have a large circle of friends, property, and wealth.

The number of children will be restricted. He will be of short stature, and slender in appearance. He may develop a large abdomen in later years. He must keep his weight under check by careful eating habits and regular exercises.

He will also have diseases indicated by Sagittarius in the sixth house. He will be moody, sensitive, timid and introverted. He will be moved to help others and like to keep his innermost thoughts to himself. He will express himself through creativity.

The native will have a garden in his house or will stay near one. There will be a well or a source of drinking water near his house.

Leo in 1st House Astrology

The native will be firm, arrogant, bold, fond of outdoors, magnanimous, clever, loyal and powerful. He will have a very short temper and cherish his independence. He likes flattery. He will be close to his mother. He will be majestic in appearance and dignified in demeanor.

When the Sun is placed in the tenth house in Taurus, and Venus is unafflicted and powerful, the native will be famous and highly placed. He will be tall, large and muscularly built. He prefers non-vegetarian food and trav­elling.

He will be handsome, broad-shouldered and will have a well-made bone structure. The constitution will be strong. He will also have diseases indicated by Capricorn in the sixth house. The diseases are usually not long lasting and the recovery is quick. The native will live near a dairy or a jewelry shop.

Virgo in 1st House Astrology

The native will be truthful, rich, fond of learning, eloquent, easily influenced by women, sensual, kind and will look less than his age. He will be clever, will go into the details of the matter, analytical, self-conscious and frank.

He will be tall, slim, active and with a flat abdomen. He will have beautiful eyes. The native will practice moderation in all walks of life and therefore due to his careful and regulated lifestyle, he will maintain good health. He will also have diseases indicated by Aquarius in the sixth house.

Mercury is the owner of the first and tenth houses and shows a close linkage with the government and people in high places.

If Mercury is weak and the tenth house, its owner and the Sun are also badly afflicted, the native will suffer at the hands of the government and he will be opposed to the ruler. The native will have a dairy, shop, well or a source of drinking water near the place he lives.

Libra in 1st House Astrology

The native will be truthful, religious, and fond of female company. He will be attractive, loquacious, graceful and social. He will like to overeat and drink without moderation in com­pany. His acceptance in society will be a matter of great concern to him. The social obligations will hardly leave any time for himself. He will be very well dressed.

Females having this ascendant like to use good perfumes, jewelry, and beautiful clothes. Appearance is of importance to them. He sometimes does not have his own independent view on matters and prefers to echo those of the others to please them.

Decision making is not an easy exercise for him, He can be a good teacher and also good at such jobs where he has to have contact on an almost individual basis such as teachers, psychiatrists, etc. He likes to please people. He will have good relations with the government. By habit, he is easy going and does not like to exert himself.

He will be tall and proportionately built. He suffers due to his excesses. He will also have diseases indicated by Pisces in the sixth house. Venus is the owner of the first and also the eighth house. It, therefore, represents longevity and death. There will be a grain shop or the establishment of a potter near his house.

Scorpio in 1st House Astrology

The native will be violent reserved, dauntless, brutish, ruth­less, deceitful, irritable, inflexible, and heartless. Saturn for this horoscope is the owner of the third and fourth houses. Since its mooltrikona sign falls in the fourth house, Saturn will predom­inantly govern the mind. Being the owner of the third house, it will also indicate the self.

If Saturn and Mars-the planet for cruelty-influence a house in the horoscope, the relative of the native represented by that house will suffer from cruelty and heartlessness of the native. As an illustration, if the fifth house is so affected, the native will be cruel to his children.

If Jupiter is also influenced likewise the indication will be further con­firmed. Here Mars is the owner of the first and the sixth houses. Therefore it will act in a manner similar to Venus for Taurus ascendant. The analysis given there may be seen. He may be in service. He will have more than usual determination, maturity, and ambition.

The native will have his friends among the per­sonnel of armed and police forces. He is able to achieve his goal by sheer effort. As a result, he will be highly strung. He will easily take to artificial stimulants like drugs and intoxicants.

He will also have diseases indicated by Aries in the sixth house. He will be of middle stature with a robust body. He will have plenty of curly hair. He will live near the house of a scholar or a famous man.

Sagittarius in 1st House Astrology

The native will be liked by people in government, he will be good and clever at work and will be religious. He will be good at archery and can be a marksman. He will have vehicles and keep milch cattle. He will be eloquent, fair complexioned and graceful.

He is fun loving and social. He is honest and fair in his dealings. He keeps his worries to himself and in no circumstance would he like to put his true face to public gaze. He, in his fun sprees, commits indiscretion in eating and drinking and not only overloads his system but also puts on weight as a result.

He lacks in self-disciple. He will also have diseases indicated by Taurus in the sixth house. Here Jupiter is the owner of the first and fourth houses. He will be tall, well-formed, handsome, and good-hearted. The native will have a waterbody near his house or an advocate, or government servant will live near him.

Capricorn in 1st House Astrology

The native will like to be near water. He will be cunning, clever, unscrupulous, ruthless, diffident, a backbiter and given to defrauding others. He will be lazy, and religious. The native will keep the company of people of the lower strata of society.

He generally does not talk unless he has something important to say. He is ambitious, and sober, and hankers after success. He will be tall and slim and will be weak in the lower parts of his body. He will have deep set eyes and a pointed nose.

He will also have diseases indicated by Gemini in the sixth house. He will be long-lived if Saturn is powerful and will not have bad qualities if the first house is aspected by at least a beneficial planet. Such a situation of planets will also make the native very wealthy with age. The native will have a garden, well or the house of a scribe or land surveyor near his house.

Aquarius in 1st House Astrology

The native will be of stable temperament, fond of water sports and female company and liked by them, well behaved and popular. He will be secretive, greedy and fond of flowers and fragrances. He will be highly strung, irritable, stubborn, gener­ous and active. He will be so involved in his work that he would not like to take up any other diversionary pursuit.

A powerful Saturn improves the qualities of the personality and makes the native long-lived. Saturn, being the owner of the first house and Mars the owner of the third house, are both indicative of the “self”. If these two planets afflict factors representing a relative of the native, he will be treated very cruelly by the native.

If these planets influence the eighth house, the native will commit sui­cide. He will love humanity but will tend to neglect his imme­diate family. His behavior will appear eccentric and people will not understand him easily. He will be tall, oval faced and fair in complexion. He will be handsome and proportionately built.

He will suffer from high blood pressure and diseases arising out of stress due to his constant preoccupation with his work and lack of relaxation. He will also have diseases indicated by Cancer in the sixth house. The native will live near a house in ruins, pond, flower beds, or a temple. The owner of the first house there is also the owner of the twelfth house.

The native will be fond of visiting unknown places and will spend well. He may be connected with hospitals, monasteries or asy­lums. He may live at a place distant from his place of birth.

Pisces in 1st House Astrology

The native will be fond of living near water. He will be gentle, learned, talkative, anxious, impressive, reputed and will remem­ber a good turn done to him. He will be fond of his wife. He will be romantic, spiritual, open, ingenious, and imaginative.

He can work well with children or in the field of dramatic or stage arts. He will have trouble with his weight which will have a tendency to increase with age. He will also have diseases indi­cated by Leo in the sixth house.

Here Jupiter is the owner of the first and the tenth houses. The native will live near a school, conference hall, or a dispensary.

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