11th House Astrology

11th house astrology

Effect of 11th House Astrology in Zodiac Signs

11th house astrology


Aries in 11th House Astrology

The female native will be prone to have difficult childbirths. She may have to undergo surgical operations to deliver her the child.

The native will gain from trading in cattle, from the government and from abroad. He will own vehicles. He will be independent-minded and will not hesitate in expressing himself fearlessly. He may thus alienate his friends and colleagues.

He may find it easier to work independently and not in a group. Mars, the owner of the eleventh house here is also the owner of the sixth house. If Mars is powerful and well placed the native will be successful at competitions and elections but since the eleventh house is sixth from the sixth house, it also indicates accidents and injuries.

Mars by nature is a planet that governs accidents and injuries. Therefore Mars here is a planet that totally represents violence and injury. If it is in any manner connected with the first house and is ill-placed and weak, it will make the native a victim of misadventures leading to injury.

If such Mars influences the first or fourth house and the Moon, the native will have a violent nature.

Any house that comes under the influence of Mars will cause the relative indicated by that house to face the brunt of native’s violent nature, and the limb of the native indicated by that house will also be prone to wounds and damage.

Taurus in 11th House Astrology

The native will mostly have female friends. He will generally not have a large circle of friends; only a handful will be close to him but friendship with them will last for the lifetime.

The native will gain through women, and by lending money and earning interest on it. He will be rich and a proficient agriculturist. Venus, the owner of the eleventh house here is also the owner of the fourth house.

The native will get admission to the educational institution he aspired to join. He will profit by dealing in immov­able property or vehicles. He will gain property and vehicles.

The elder brother, sister or a close friend of the native will suffer from enemies or urinary, eye or kidney trouble if Venus is weak and badly placed.

Such a Venus will also be a strong significator of death for the father of the native. The native’s elder brothers/sisters will have their maternal uncles and female enemies prominent in their lives.

Gemini in 11th House Astrology

There will be again in matters that the native takes up. He will be a scholar, will be liked by women and will enjoy good meals. He will have vehicles. He will have friends who have literary or varied interests and with whom the native can have open discus­sions. The owner of the eleventh house here is Mercury which is also the owner of the second house.

Since both these houses indicate wealth and since Mercury is also related to vocation and business, if it is powerful it will make the native prosper in his business, give long life to mother, give vehicles and property to the elder brother/sister and make their minds sharp and agile; if it is not so and afflicted, it will make the native undergo anguish over his declining fortunes and cause distress and loss of longevity to the mother. Kindly also refer to Virgo in the second house.

Cancer in 11th House Astrology

Agriculture, water-related trades and service will be especially beneficial to the native. He will also profit by dealing in books. He will be happy to be near water. Gains will fluctuate and if there is no influence on this house and its owner, the native will only have elder sisters.

The native’s friends will be generally females, there will be long lasting friendships but doubts and suspicions will dog them. A weak and afflicted Moon will shorten the life of the native’s mother.

Since the Moon indicates the mind, .its ownership of this house makes it a very powerful representative of the areas in which his father is interested.

The influence of such a Moon on a house can let us decipher as to the field in which he is interested. For example, when such a Moon influences the fourth house by aspect or location, the native’s father will be interested in the common man and people at large.

Leo in 11th House Astrology

The native will be fond of hunting, traveling and physical fitness. He will be engaged in business in timber, forest, or horticultural produce.

He will be highly ambitious and if the Sun is powerful and the house has a beneficial influence, his ambitions will be fulfilled, A powerful Sun will also be helpful in making the elder brother of the native rise high in life.

If there is no other influence on this house, the native will only have elder brothers. His friendship will be among highly born or highly placed persons, he will be very loyal to them and expect the same from them.

The native will have a limited number of children. If the Sun is afflicted and the house also has adverse influence, the native’s spouse will suffer from heart or stomach ailments. He will be able to get his work done through a show of anger. His conduct will not be commendable.

Virgo in 11th House Astrology

The intellect and knowledge of the native will be well known the lie will gain through undertakings that he takes up. He will be happy and generous. He will own vehicles. Mercury, the owner of the eleventh house here is also the owner of the eighth house.

The native’s father will travel a lot and live away from home. The native’s spouse will earn through entertainment or speculation. A strong Mercury and a powerful eighth house will make the native gain legacies, held up money or old invested money will mature and come the native’s way.

If Mercury is in any manner connected with the ninth house, the first born child of the native will have largely female children. If Mercury is weak and has adverse influence, the native will suffer losses and disappoint­ments.

He will mix with people who share similar intellectual and artistic interests. He will have very few true friends and he may keep changing his friends. He cannot bear weaknesses and flaws in others. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Gemini in the eighth house above.

Libra in 11th House Astrology

The native will be well behaved and humble. He will talk well and gain. The native will have a large circle of friends who will either be women, people interested in theatre and arts or who are engaged in pursuits of fine arts.

These friendships will be long-lasting. If there are no influences on this house to the contrary, the native will have a number of elder sisters and they will be good looking and artistically inclined. The owner of the eleventh house is Venus here, which is also the owner of the sixth house.

The native may gain from his maternal uncle. He may be successful at competitions. Association with foreigners will be beneficial. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Aries in the eleventh house above.

The propensity of Venus to cause injury to the native will be further accentuated if it, in any manner, is connected with an adverse Mars or Ketu. If it is connected with an adverse Saturn or Rahu it will cause illnesses that it represents.

Scorpio in 11th House Astrology

The native will adopt unscrupulous methods to earn profits. He will not be truthful. He will be knowledgeable about Mantras and the science of Tantras and will earn through this esoteric knowledge.

The native will be impatient with his friends and elder brothers/sisters and there will be disagreements with them. The owner of the eleventh house here is also the owner of the fourth house.

The native will gain property and since Mars is also the significator for the property, this result will be prominent in the life of the native if Mars is powerful. A powerful Mars will ensure that the native gets admission to the desired engineering or defense college.

Such a Mars will afford wealth through children, entertainment or speculation to the spouse of the native. The eleventh house represents the arm of the native. Therefore it is symbolically representative of premeditated action on the part of the native.

Mars is cruel. Therefore if Mars influences the significator for a relative, the native will be intentionally cruel to him. A weak Mars will be a powerful significator of the death of the mother.

Sagittarius in 11th House Astrology

He will be a companion of the highly placed persons and will earn by his own efforts. He will be clever and rich. He will have a large number of friends and companions and will have the ability to work with them easily.

Jupiter is the owner of the eleventh and the second houses here. The native will earn well through teaching or legal practice.

Jupiter will also have the ability to improve the prospects of matters that it influences through their significators or houses. For example, if Jupiter is connected with the Sun and the tenth house, the native will rise to a high position.

The elder brothers of the native will be scholarly, will have a property and live in comfort. If Jupiter is powerful, the native’s mother will be long-lived.

Capricorn in 11th House Astrology

The native will earn well from boats and other seafaring vehicles, matters related to water, construction of canals and ponds, from government and by journeys overseas, but will also spend the earnings quickly.

The native will find it difficult to make friends but he will be loyal to them and the friendship will be long-lasting. The native will not be able to work in a group. He will have elder sisters. The owner of the eleventh house here is also the owner of the twelfth house. The mooltrikona sign of Saturn is in the twelfth house.

The native’s income will not be commensurate with the effort that he will put in for it. A weak Saturn will lead to losses through elder brother/sister or friends. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Aquarius in the twelfth house below.

Aquarius in 11th House Astrology

He is likely to take to crime to earn his livelihood. If Saturn is powerful, education and learning will be the means of earning the livelihood and the native will be sober and rich.

The native will have a small circle of close friends. They will be as members of the family and will share with him the same inter­ests. The native will prefer to form groups through which he will champion the cause of the weak and disabled. He will be sociable.

These activities will become so onerous that the native may start neglecting his family- Saturn, the owner of the eleventh house here is also the owner of the tenth house.

If Saturn is powerful, the native will have a very good income from his vocation and will be wealthy. He may work with or for his elder brother/sister, or in an enterprise owned by his friend.

Pisces in 11th House Astrology

The native will meet his friends at social gatherings. The number of friends will continue to grow. He will gain through his friends and the government. The owner of the eleventh house, Jupiter here is also the owner of the eighth house.

If the eighth house is powerful and Jupiter is well placed, the native is likely to get a legacy. Jupiter will tend to give the native’s eldest child only female children and the native’s father much touring if it influences the ninth house.

When one of the lunar nodes influ­ences Jupiter, which is weak and has a bad influence on it, the native may meet with a serious accident. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Virgo above.

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