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16 thoughts on “Online Free Horoscope with Mahadasha Calculator

  1. How will be Rahu mahadasha if Rahu is placed in 10 th place ( uttarashadha nakshatra)is in Makar Rashi

    1. You are welcome, Nina. Well to answer your question. The impact always depends upon what you choose as your ‘Karma’, as in your case it can provide you great presentation skills and on another side, it can lower down your enthusiasm. But one thing that you need to take care of is to act diplomatically with people. I hope if this answers your question…

  2. I Have Venus sitting in my 10th House, Aries Ascendent….. Venus mahadasha is going to start in March 2021.. Howe would it be for me me as far as Health & Profession

  3. My birthdate is 15/09/1984. time:-12:09 and place Dhoraji india. Could you suggest what shoud i do?

    1. Hello Arpit,

      Thank you for sharing your details. Could you please elaborate on your question or be more specific, so that we can assist you accordingly?

      Nishikant Chandra

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