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Online Free Horoscope with Mahadasha Calculator

Online Free Horoscope with Birth Chart and Mahadasha Calculator & Predictions


Please fill all the required details in order to generate your online free horoscope of 10+ pages Horoscope report with current Dasha Mahadasha Astrology Predictions…



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50 thoughts on “Online Free Horoscope with Mahadasha Calculator”

  1. Ravindra Gulumkar

    How will be Rahu mahadasha if Rahu is placed in 10 th place ( uttarashadha nakshatra)is in Makar Rashi

      1. For the Rahu Dasha period, one needs to be focused on whatever they do because Rahu provides illusion and lets us believes that it is good but in reality, and after analyzing it, later on, we will come to know that it is of no use.

    1. You are welcome, Nina. Well to answer your question. The impact always depends upon what you choose as your ‘Karma’, as in your case it can provide you great presentation skills and on another side, it can lower down your enthusiasm. But one thing that you need to take care of is to act diplomatically with people. I hope if this answers your question…

  2. I Have Venus sitting in my 10th House, Aries Ascendent….. Venus mahadasha is going to start in March 2021.. Howe would it be for me me as far as Health & Profession

    1. Hello Arpit,

      Thank you for sharing your details. Could you please elaborate on your question or be more specific, so that we can assist you accordingly?

      Nishikant Chandra

  3. My DOD 5 Jul 1962, TOB 2 Pm, POB Madurai, Tamil nadu. Running under Rahu mahadasa Sani bhukthi, No job since Jan’2019. When I will get job

  4. Hello Sir/Mam,

    My son was born on 25th Novemebr 2018, in Ohio USA.
    I see two different horoscope charts for my son – one indicating the rahu mahadasha will end in 2024 and the other one indicating the rahu mahadasha will end in 2034 – which is true?

    Additionally, are there chance for my little one to pursue his career in the medical field?
    Kindly confirm.

    1. Hello Swathi,

      To answer your question, we would suggest you to check the war time correction, in order to get the accurate horoscope and planet positions along with the Dasha Antardasha period details. If you still need any help then feel free to reply and share the birth details along with your query at

      All the best…

  5. Pramod
    9:20 pm
    Bangalore Karnataka

    My business related n
    When I will get married n married life

  6. Yellow Sir,

    What ever said in my horoscope has not at all happened except Kal Sharpa yoga. Now Rahu maha data started.

    Where can I get correct predictions for my next 18 years of Rahi maha dasa?
    Birth day -27-07-1978
    Time – 12.10 Noon
    Place – Badulla Sri Lanka
    Name – Suresh


  7. Hi, I have Sagittarius lagna with mars , mercury and Jupiter in 3rd house, venus and sun in 4th house, Rahu in 5th, moon in 7th, ketu in 11 and Saturn in 12th house. How will this effect my career, family and children and finance.

  8. I have Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in 6th house. Is it Pravjya/Sanyas yog, if yes when it will activate.
    DOB: 19/09/1981
    Time: 8:30 pm
    Place: Hyderabad.

    1. Hello Harshita,

      Thank you for asking your question.

      Mainly, the exalted position of Venus would be considered in the Birth / Lagna Chart. The D9 Chart would be your microscopic view of Horoscope.
      Please connect with us at for more info.


  9. I have sun, moon, mars, mercury and saturn in 8th house from leo ascendant. Conjuction of jupiter and ketu in 7th house from leo ascendant. Can you please tell me how these planets can influence my career, job and marriage

  10. Hello. Can anybody tell me how to guess if a man is Scorpio lagna without knowing his birth time ? His sun is in Uttaraphalguni, Venus and Rahu is in Ashlesha and Moon and Mars is in Anuradha.

  11. Name- Vinesh Saini
    Birth Place -Amritsar, Punjab, India
    Birth Time-1:45 Pm

    Kindly predict my foreign settlement and travel ,if you can.
    Have been facing a lot of problems in my life recently.

  12. 6 nov 2002, 9:37 pm
    place dimapur, nagaland
    anuradha nakshatra pada 4 cancer lagna
    what are the career fields i can excel in?

  13. As per maha dasha many of things are correct, lost my mom is early age, want to clear debt, marriage problems, anger, loneliness…no one tells how to over come from this….

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