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Mercury Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Mercury Mahadasha Effects

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Effects of Mercury Mahadasha

Mercury Mahadasha Effects
Mercury Mahadasha Effects

Mercury Mahadasha Analysis

Mercury Mahadasha period is for 17 Years in a Horoscope. It has a grass green complexion, is a yogi, pure, rajasic, as well a speech that is skillful. It is of a disposition. Likewise, it places on clothes.

It is witty and likes laughter and jokes. Its motor vehicle is a lion with the back at an elephant. It is the son of the Moon. It is adaptable.

Its compatibility with a few other planets is as follows:
Mercury is favorable with Sun and Venus.
Neutral to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
Inimical to Moon

Mercury represents hypochondria, disturbance in the think-big process, worry, apprehension of the likelihood of something untoward happening, bad speech, diseases in the eye, throat, nose, and skin.

Mercury is neutral and whenever it comes under the sway of another planet, it may take on its own character and influence.
Jupiter governs the realm of abstract thinking.

Mercury Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Mercury relates to the more concrete side of it. It represents energy. It governs a grasp of thought, writing, education, rapid exchange of advice, publishing, journalism, and calculation.

Since Mercury relates to the pre-adolescent period of existence following infancy, any affliction to it may lead to diseases at those times or an unhappy childhood.

Since Mercury is the signification of trade and because money is a vital part of a trade, Mercury represents acquisition, accumulation, and expenditure of cash.

A Mercury could make a guy innocent, irrational, given to fantasizing, confused, immature, and even mad. Under the influence of a strong Saturn, it may lose its inherent intellect and may make the native dull.

It is strong at the first house and infectious in the 4th. It rises head.

Likewise, it is by nature a beneficial planet and when it isn’t under the influence of a planet or placed in an adverse indication or indication of a naturally malefic planet, it is going to give results just like a naturally beneficial planet.

An at least averagely strong Mercury affected by Venus in any manner in the natal chart may give musical ability.

Mercury Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis with All Planets

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Mercury Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Astronomically no aspect can form as the planet is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun. In accordance with the Roman system, the only conjunction could be formed. The consequence of that is being given. 

The mind will be filled with energy, company, and conservative. Nevertheless, if a brand-new idea comes up it will be examined from the perspective of the recognized mental make-up and accepted or rejected within that ambit. The mind will not respond to lowly persuasions.

It’ll be capable to appreciate sublime concepts. There’ll not be some apprehension of psychological power with age. The native will be emotionally sound and energetic. He might not have a dread of instability.

He’ll be scholarly, admired because of his mental status and rich. Not only that, but he will get the ability for math, astrology, or astronomy. He will be prosperous in trading. There might be travels. These fantastic results will be diluted if the Sun is an adverse planet for the horoscope.

Mercury Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Mercury Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, on the optimistic side, the native will be pliable and varying. The native will be ever willing to try new ideas. He’ll be happy, imaginative, and intuitive.

He can have a particular aptitude for languages. He may have great memory and eloquence. Furthermore, he can have skills and a pleasant temperament.

Mercury Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, while on the negative side, might be imbalanced, indecisive, and stressed. There can be a tendency to pilfer things even when not required, tell lies, and indulge in backbiting. He might have a weakness for the female firm. He can lose as a result of the incautious signing of documents.

Mercury Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Mercury Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, on the optimistic side, the native may have a vigorous and sharp mind. He might be successful as an engineer, surgeon, or even a mathematician. He will be exact, correct, and dexterous.

He will be resourceful, funny, witty, instantaneous, and playful.

Mercury Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, while on the negative side, the native will exhibit bias, passion, and anger. He will be unaware of discretion and reason. He might take refuge in untruths.

He might be crucial, untrue, self-centered, and arrogant. He might marry a widow or a characterless lady, and might not be wealthy.

Mercury Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Mercury Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, on the optimistic side, he’ll be intrigued by the humanities as a subject. He will be intrigued by the analysis and welfare of the guy.

He’ll be eloquent and will enjoy meeting people. His mindset will soon be philanthropic. The wisdom will be capable of soaring to the greatest levels of mental and consideration speculations.

He will be keen to learn. He’ll gain respect and repute because of his learning along with an intellectual person. He’ll travel, go overseas and be wealthy.

He’ll be happy and may have a positive attitude toward life and can be a luminary.

Mercury Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, while on the negative side, he might be worried, suffer through litigation, and might have losses in business. He might commit a forgery or fraud or might suffer as a consequence of this. His address will be his disability, which many a time put him.

Mercury Mahadasha Venus Antardasha.

Astronomically no aspect can form. According to the Hindu system, the only conjunction could be formed. The consequence of that is being given. The native will be wealthy, cheerful soft-spoken, and intrigued by music and poetry. He’ll be imaginative.

He may have an equal temperament and be friendly. He may have an attractive personality. He’ll spend on the amusement of guests, and marriages. Trouble may be encountered by him.

 Mercury Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Mercury Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, on the positive side, his mind will be deep and broad-ranging. He’ll be a sound and sober person with common sense. He is going to be prepared to exactitude, be sensible, and is going to be a capable person who can lead a big organization.

He could think consecutively along his vision is going to be broad. He may have a good memory and concentration of the mind. The instability of Mercury is cared for by Saturn beneath this aspect.

Mercury Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, while on the negative side, the mind can be dull and slow. The native can be in danger of losing his equilibrium. He might suffer from depression and pessimism.

There might be a propensity to postpone things. He might travel with no aim. He might be an individual given to inducing dissensions.

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Mercury Mahadasha Example Horoscope

Mercury Mahadasha Marriage

Let’s understand more about the Effects of Mercury Mahadasha and Antardasha results through the below illustration as an example…
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Date of Birth: 23rd March 1982
Time of Birth: 22.35 Hrs.
Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa

Marriage Predictions with Mercury Dasha Analysis

For this relationship analysis generally, we check the 3rd, 11th, and 7th houses. Under this mainly we see 3rd and 11th because 3rd house is for your communications, approaches, etc. and 7th house is for your friendship and gains from that relationship.

A relationship that could convert into a marriage. If we have to include the love relationship kind of thing as well as, we take 5th house as well…

Mercury Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 1
Mercury Mahadasha Analysis Example Horoscope

Overview of your Horoscope…as per the query.

You have the horoscope of Sagittarius Ascendant with Ketu situated in it. Where Venus is Nakshatra lord of Ketu and placed at the 2nd house.

For marriage we see 7th house, its lords and placement of it and especially the Jupiter planet as well to know about your spouse. Jupiter is here for Women as the significance of marriage predictions in a horoscope.

And, here Jupiter could also be the main planet not only to see the nature or to know about your spouse but also to know about the type of marriage.

Marriage is one of the important parts of our life and we all are interested in starting a relationship, if single. Marriage or relationship gives us a remarkable happiness and excitement to live life to the fullest.

We can’t describe the excitement in words that a successful marriage or relationship gives us. A feeling of having a partner to share our emotions, sad or happy moments spread a big and magical smile on our faces.

Before we predict as per your query, we see the promise of marriage in the horoscope. After checking the promise, we see if there is early or delayed marriage in the horoscope.

If there is the promise of marriage, one can get married during the Dasha-Bhukti of a planet related to the 7th house Dasha- Bhukti of Lagna lord and 5th lord is also important as per your case specifically.

Marriage can happen during the Dasha-Bhukti of Jupiter as it is a natural signification or marriage for female natives as stated above as well…

Where your Ketu is placed at your Ascendant, it is also in retrograde position as well, affecting your mind and emotions. It will let you remain usually in depressed mode, low feeling, the feeling of dissatisfaction about anything that is running in your mind. So, overall, you are required to keep this thing in mind and take care of it.

This period was must be of some ups and downs for you and especially when it comes to your emotions or the state of depression. Not only this… it might be possible that some circumstances or reasons were there during this particular period due to which you might be suffering now or may be later as a result. So, keep this thing in your mind.

Now let’s talk about the current Dasha period. You are currently going through with the Mercury Mahadasha period along with the Ketu Antardasha itself that will remain active till June 2021.

Since Ketu is situated at the Ascendant with the lord of 1st and 4th house, where its Nakshatra lord is Venus that is situated at the Ascendant or 2nd house.

Now, due to this combination till at least June 2021, you will feel like there are a lot of things in your life that has no value. You will not feel satisfied with what you have already and will focus more on things that you don’t have… like here in your case and stated about the marriage thing.

However, marriage related thing is also getting active because Ketu is active in your horoscope where its Nakshatra lord is Venus and your last marriage also happened when Venus was active in your horoscope but at that time it was the Venus Antardasha period.

Here, I would like to suggest to you that if you are sure about marriage then think of it twice, thrice because it might be possible that from the past few months only you got serious about marriage and this feeling of emptiness could be harmful to you.

So, do your complete analysis and then decide of getting married after this Ketu Dasha period that is after June 2021.

This is also because when you get marry during Ketu Dasha period or start any relationship as well, it won’t last longer.

And, also after this Ketu Dasha period, your Venus Dasha period will start from June 2021. So, you can proceed with the marriage after in that particular period.

Your Venus Antardasha period would be from June 2021 till April 2024. Not only this, you never know, after your Ketu Dasha period ends, your mind will start thinking and working in a completely different way and you might realize something wrong.

So, all I am suggesting as per your horoscope is to wait, do your analysis, and then take the decision of getting married as this is your second marriage as well.

You should also avoid the ego while thinking that things should go according to you… also understand the difference between the need, ego and expectations.

As per your horoscope you are looking for someone, who is wealthy and can take of your needs, home and other special things… you are required to think above this and try to stick with the spirituality, rather than materialistic.

You are required to keep your desires at the spiritual level or might be you are already into this practice. However, the things will remain the same at some extent until this current Dasha period till September 2020. As, right now your Ketu-Venus Dasha period is active till September 2020.

After this your Venus Antardasha period will start where things should get change and this could affect more if it’s all happening as per your wish. You might get into a situation that could also result in marriage. This phase will be going to remain active from June 2021 till April 2024.

The Venus is situated at your 2nd house and its Nakshatra lord is Moon that has direct conjunction on your 9th house which is for second marriage. Therefore, a complete sign and promises of second marriage are there… as your main Mahadasha is of Mercury and your 7th house is also has connection with 9th house directly.

Under this Dasha period, things will get much smoother. But since Rahu is situated at 7th house in your horoscope so you are required to control your emotions and mind. Do not get depressed have patience. Learn about the emotional intelligence, that would be very beneficial for you.

And, here is one thing that I would like to share about the baadhak house in your horoscope which is 7th house itself. As, you are Sagittarius Ascendant you have the baadhak 7th house in your horoscope. So, what you are required to do is… Do not expect much in your married life. Be it relationships, anything. Always believe in your own Karma…

After your horoscope analysis… if I have to say about your partner’s horoscope (Atish) then I would say, if you would like to go with this person then you can but you are required to compromise with his ego, stubbornness, over-commanding, anger, etc.

You could have a happy married life with him but it is strongly recommended to not to expect too much cooperation with anything. You are required to keep your things separate.

We have also attached a compatibility report of you and Atish. Kindly go through it especially the Guna Milan report. You will understand the pointers mentioned in it.


You are required to avoid ego and expectations, be spiritual with your needs, avoid materialistic approaches, and have patience until this Ketu Antardasha period passes till June 2021.

You are also required to do the remedy of Ketu as per your horoscope. I will share the remedies and Yantra below.

Rest everything would be good as stated above in the analysis, and please follow the below remedies as well:

Mercury Mahadasha Remedies

Learn how to discriminate and how to use your intelligence properly. Using the intellect for spiritual and selfless motives.

Transform the intelligence into insight. Learn how to do business with integrity. Speak just the facts. Aim for information and selflessly share it with others.

Under the guidance of a trained teacher, practice Gnana yoga and study Vedanta philosophy.

Mercury Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Before we continue to know and understand about the Remedies of Mercury… first we should also need to know all about Mercury Planet and how does it work and could affect our lives and our horoscopes. Let’s go through it…

Mercury is our solar system’s smallest planet. Mercury, according to the author, is like a bat that hangs upside down and pounces on a child’s face at the first opportunity.

In the meantime, the mysterious and mischievous Mercury reverses the fortune cycle. Mercury is responsible for the effects of the planet(s) with which it is associated. Mercury rules the 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 12th houses and is considered malefic.

Rahu is unfavorable in the first, fifth, seventh, eighth, and eleventh houses. If Mercury and Rahu are both in their auspicious houses, Mercury creates havoc in the native’s house and has disastrous consequences, such as putting the native behind bars or causing similar problems.

Mercury is considered lucky in the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh houses, but it is unlucky in the third, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth houses. It is green, and Moon is its adversary.

The sun Mars, Saturn, and Ketu are all friendly to him, but Venus and Rahu are not. Mercury’s Pukka ghar is in the 7th house.

It is exalted in the sixth house and debilitated in the twelfth. Diseases of the teeth and nervous system are caused by an afflicted Venus.

Whenever Mercury is situated as a single planet at any house in a horoscope then the native wastes a lot of his time and gets in the mode of constant movement.

Remedies for Mercury in 3rd House

Mercury in the third house is not a good sign. Mercury is a planet that is hostile to Mars. Mars, on the other hand, has no animosity toward Mercury.

As a result, the native may benefit from his brother’s efforts, but he will not benefit his brother or others. Mercury has a negative impact on the father’s income and condition due to its aspects in the 9th and 11th houses.

Remedies for Mercury
  1. Clean your teeth with alum every day.
  2. Feed birds at the park.
  3. Do not reside at the south-facing house.
  4. Distribute medicines for asthma.

Main Planet to take care of all your needs and fulfillment is… MERCURY
(I will share the MERCURY Yantra model as well, place it at your temple or workplace).

Mercury Yantra and Benefits

The Moon (Chandra) represents the innocent mind, while Mercury (Budha) represents ‘buddhi’ – intelligence.

Mercury is known as the karaka or signifier of intellectual, writing books, humor, commerce background, education, humor, scholars, orators, lawyers, and consultants.

Budha (Mercury) is either ahead of or behind Ravi as he closely follows the Sun (Ravi). As a result, Budhaditya yoga can be found on many charts. Nipuna yoga is another name for this.

Budha bestows proficiency (Nipunata) in a variety of areas. It is up to the native to decide how he will use such abilities.

He has the option of becoming a successful detective or a thief! As a result, Budha is neither a malefic nor a benefic being. He adopts the mindset of his peers. He adds wit and a sense of humor to jokes.

The story about the Moon abducting Tara tells us about the meaning that, Guru’s wife, is that intelligence is born out of imagination and wisdom (Jupiter).

Budha despises Chandra, implying that measured intelligence triumphs over innocence and imagination. Critics who are successful cannot become creative writers!

When Budha is afflicted or misplaced, it causes mental problems, skin diseases, and family misunderstandings. Propitiation to Budha results in high intelligence, quick reading skills, and a reduction in mental anxiety.

How to Install Mercury Yantra?

Buddha (Mercury) Yantra: For the +ve influence of planet Mercury.

Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication. It rules traders and businessmen. It rules our intelligence, speech, self-confidence, humour, wit, astrology, mathematics, and short journeys.

Mercury Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 2
Mercury Yantra Model with Numbers and Mantra

Start using this Yantra on any Wednesday Morning


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