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Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope Friendship, Career, Love, Nature

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Cancer Horoscope with

Cancer Horoscope Friendship, Career, Love, Nature
Cancer Horoscope (Kark Rashi)

Cancer Horoscope Temperament and Nature

Cancer Horoscope people belongs to the water element, triangle’s first zodiac sign. According to ancient astrologers, why this name has been given, because sun’s movement in the sky appears as moving in front & back as crab. This habit is found in the people born in cancer zodiac sign.

They always move or come backward in their work & decision. This continuous flow is also found in terms of their destiny, as up-downs are very common for them in life. This type of nature is because of the moon, which is the lord of cancer & its nature is also changing in fifteen days, growing & reducing.

To understand Cancerian nature we have to keep in mind one special quality about them. Cancer (crab) when holds an item in its paws/claws, it tightens its grip around it, never ready to leave, even though it may have to lose his paws/claws. They have the strong emotion of getting attached to their loved ones & ideas. This nature provides them with the qualities of receptiveness, attentiveness & courage.

By nature, these Cancerians are very sentimental. If someone says something to them, they think about that for hours together & have a great impact on them. Their mood changes very frequently. They are bestowed with good imaginative power.

They use this imaginative power to make things appear larger than they are, not only for themselves but for others also. They possess a good memory. And because of this, past is very important for them, whether it may be family’s past, country’s or society’s, they have the habit of decorating the facts and present it dramatically. And for this, they are in search of an audience.

Normally they adopt a lifestyle in which they get an audience of their choice, for e.g. – a teacher. And when this never happens then their friends relative have to assume the role of an audience.

Cancerians are in great love with their family, especially wife & son without this their life is incomplete. They maintain their friendship throughout their life. They are their own masters, they will not tolerate any kind of restrictions imposed on them.

The crab makes the Cancerians submissive & solitary. And due to these fast changes get a phase of restriction in their life. In their life, if they have to bring an uncommon or ultra modern change, then they will prefer to be conservative, but in case of mental ideas & their day-to-day viewpoint, they show exemplary courage.

They show mercy & compassion to the people who are distress. Constant worrying is their habit & this is the biggest foe for them.

Cancerians achieve great success in life & occupy the highest position. Once they reach the top or achieve great success then they are not ready to part with it. They cannot escape the glare & dazzle of publicity & media.

They can be a good artist, writer (author) musician & drama artist. Some can also be businessmen, psychoanalyst, learn occultism, religious or take interest in extraordinary living philosophy.

Normally they dream of huge projects. For the welfare of others they chalk out big ideas, but if faced with criticism, they feel hurt. At that time they may restrict themselves.

The Cancerians are attacked by negative feelings they become slaves of their mood, in the flow of emotions, they become a bundle of opposition. Attaching (giving) more importance to self, they lose compassion & friendship. To attract others they may take help of illness & pose as if they are sick. Negative feelings also attack their sexual life.

Female Cancerians also have the same qualities as their male counterparts, but the special quality is of a mother. If they fail in expressing motherly qualities, they restrict themselves in a circle & become a burden for their family. Cancer’s lord is feminine, moon & due to which these people have some female qualities in them and they are self-tormenting also.

Cancer’s Lord is the moon, which is a light providing planet, but it shines on borrowed light. If its relation with its light’s source is cut off then it will not be able to shine. The same is the matter with the Cancerians. Cancer is also a dwarf or pigmy zodiac sign. Majority of Cancerians are pygmies (dwarfs).

Cancer Horoscope Economic Activities & Occupation

Cancerians are hard-working & energetic but normally the may tend to have to evil habit of gambling, investing in share market, which may lose their hard-earned money & disturbs their business. In their life, the financial status anticipates changes & hence they should be careful from offices or people who tell that small amount of money can be doubled etc. They have to remain alert or chances of cheating is possible. They should be extra alert in terms of signing papers, documents etc.

Cancerians normally get money from queer places, sources & strangers when they come in contact with them. They should invest in the following which may be profitable for them oil purification coal, ships Radium, electricity, forts. If money is invested in companies which manufacture utility goods for people it will be profitable.

The economic places in which they will be successful are as follows; medicines (fluids import, exploration & search development of earth & mines, restaurant, materials found in water milk & dairy products. In the zodiac system it occupies the 4th zodiac sign, the Cancerians can take interest in Vedic literature and do repeated study or research. They get maximum pleasure when the stay near water.

Cancer Horoscope Friendship, Love & Marital Status

Cancer Horoscope people prove to be good friends and continue (maintain) their friendship throughout their life. In matters & love they very emotional & sentimental and the brain becomes a storehouse of all little small things of the past. Even though they are very loving by nature, but they never express their love. And so normally they are considered cruel & emotionless. They are totally sacrificing towards their family.

This is true that Cancerians are highly emotional, imaginary lover, but they are shy also & they cannot tolerate insult or even disrespect. And due to this, many misunderstandings take place. But finally, they are successful in removing all the stumbling blocks.

Cancer Horoscope Health and Food Habits

The Cancerians are weak in their childhood, but with the passing of time, their body develops. They have a big frame & bones are protruding. Hands & legs are thin & lengthy as compared to the body. The forehead is big, the lower jaw is protruding towards the front. The face is broad & nose is raised above. Hair is brown in color & there is a great distance between the two eyes. Pygmies (short people) are born in this zodiac sign.

Cancer represents chest and bosom. Cancerians have to be very careful about their food. They can be a good eater, due to which their stomachs are big and protrude outside. In cases of depression or with the group of friends they may become alcoholics.

Worry is their biggest foe. Due to this their digestion gets disturbs, which in turn affects their blood circulation. These Cancerians are too much imaginative, they always weave the webs, and dreamy, which in turn brings bad effects for their health.

The diseases by which they can be affected are; the major diseases are as follows: Problems in lungs, flew, cough, asthma breathing, trouble, pleurisy, tuberculosis, stomach probe. Beri-Beri, problems in ligaments, fear emotions, epilepsy, jaundice, obstruction in the gallbladder, worms in intestines, boils on the chest, swollen bodies, cancer & pain in joints.

Majority of the diseases from which Cancerian people suffer are because of too much emotions uncontrolled sentiments & when they pass through a phase of depression. They should protect themselves from the worries and fear of the future.

Zodiac Sign Cancer Horoscope Other Known facts

According to Indian astrologers, Cancer’s color is rose & red.
Its lord is the moon, whose color is white.
Moon’s gem is pearl, which should be worn in silver.
Cancer manifests in the north direction.

Cancer’s lord is Moon whose original number is 2. It represents dualism. Neptune’s number is 7 and it has a special relationship with it. Both the numbers play an important role in the life of Cancerians. In the week the zodiac sign is represented by Monday.

Zodiac Sign Cancer Horoscope indicated the following materials places & people :

Milk & milk products, silver, tea, petrol all fluids, fruits especially banana, Rubber Cauliflower, Mushroom etc.
Stem, River Drain, Lake, sea, well, Waterfalls, Valley swamp, aquarium, Diary farm, Garages, Drainages sea.
People working in a ship, Businessman, Restaurant, Tea stall owner, Nurse, Matron, Historian, teacher, preachers, speaker etc.

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