Saturn in Different Houses

Saturn in Different Houses

Effect of Saturn in Different Houses

Saturn in Different Houses
Saturn in Houses

Saturn in Different Houses – 1st House

The native will be disciplined, thin, solemn, and hard working. He will have a difficult childhood and will face health problems. There will be delays and obstacles in his projects. The native has to work hard and long for success. He will have a defective limb, and bad morals.

If the planet is afflicted in a sign it will a give weakness to the part of the body indicated by that sign. He may suffer from colds and rheumatic trouble. He may be long-lived if Saturn is in the signs of Jupiter or it is powerful and benign or the ascendant. The native will be nervous and timid in his early years but will be bold as he reaches middle age.

He will like to be alone and silent. He may get married late or the wife may be of comparatively advanced age. His marriage may suffer and he may not be successful in partnership. Saturn in the first house placed in its exaltation, own sign or in a sign of Jupiter will confer high status and wealth on the native.

Unless the planet is under the good influence or well placed, the native will suffer a fall from a high position that he may reach. In Gemini, it will make the native progressive, perceptive, scientific and interested in the occult and in Leo it will make him powerful.

It is not good for the longevity of younger sisters/brothers, or they may be against the native. They may suffer from deception by friends or their ambitions may not be fulfilled. His mother will live at a place other than her place of birth later in life. His children may not be well off and may have a philosophic attitude to life.

His father may have disease or trouble in his stomach if the Sun or sign Leo also has an adverse influence. The father may also lose heavily in speculation.

Saturn in Different Houses – 2nd House

The native will face financial difficulties but will overcome the same in his later life. The native will be thrifty but if the planet is badly afflicted here it will make the native suffer from dire poverty. On the other hand, a strong and benign Saturn here gives success in agriculture, public appointments, mining and labour intensive jobs.

He may not be handsome. He may leave his homeland and settle away from it. He will talk little but harshly and his speech may be defective. He may have a difficult family to contend with. He may have a disease in his face or the mouth.

He and his elder sister/brother may not have comforts and his mother may be a cause of trouble to them. She may be a disappointed person with a life. He may be separated from his parents. His end of life will be in misery, penury or in spartan circumstances.

He may die a lingering death due to a chronic disease. He may not rea1ise his ambitions. He may be friendless. His younger sister/brother may lead a secluded life or he might be imprisoned. His eldest child may rise high in life but he may suffer a fall later.

A benign Saturn here will improve the longev­ity of native’s wife. His father will have the poor constitution and may be ailing.

Saturn in Different Houses – 3rd House

This is considered a good location for Saturn. The native will have to wait for success in life and work hard for it. His relations with his younger brothers/sisters and other relatives will not be satisfactory. However, he will be healthy, generous, lazy, and happily married. He will be bold, intelligent and long-lived.

Children will be born to him with difficulty. He may have some defect or disease in his arms. He may have troubles during his journeys. His father may be pessimistic but hardworking. He may not be happy with him. His mother may keep to herself and may be very religious.

The native may have some interest in the mystical side of life and may make efforts to understand it. He may remain in service far longer than average. His children will be disappointed time and again in life.

Saturn in Different Houses – 4th House

The native will keep his own company, suffer from bad health in his childhood and be unhappy. He will, however, be serious and disciplined. He will be separated from his mother and the closing part of life will be in unsatisfactory circumstances.

The native may have a lonely end. He will not have a happy married life. A favorable Saturn will, however, give much-landed prop­erty. His education may suffer. He may not have healthy early years of life. He may have a worrying or mentally disturbed disposition.

The mind may be dispassionate. A weak Saturn may cause trouble from enemies, thieves or maternal uncle. The native may not be of good health. His career will have fluctuating success.

He may find disfavor with his bosses. It will give results of its placement in the second house to his younger sister! brother. His eldest child may have to face heavy expenditure, the risk of imprisonment, confinement in a hospital due to serious sick­ness or a mind given to morbid religious speculations.

His wife may not be of good conduct. His father is likely to be long-lived.

Saturn in Different Houses – 5th House

The native would be depressed, unhappy with his children, and financially in a tight position. This is not a good position for investments, speculation and long duration contracts. It is liable to cause great sorrow due to a bereavement.

It reduces the number of children and causes trouble to be getting them. Saturn placed in a sign of Mercury may make the native childless. Pleasures for him end in pain. The native will suffer from a chronic disease in the stomach, or he may have heart trouble if the Sun or sign Leo also has an adverse influence.

He may be disappointed in love, or there may be delay and obstacles. The native will be attracted to persons senior to him in age and of serious nature. There may be an unhappy or late marriage, or, if Rahu or the Sun also influences the seventh house, there may be a separation.

His elder sister/brother may lead an ordinary life. It will give results of its placement in the third house to his younger sister/brother. His mother may talk rudely and may not get along with her family.

His wife may not have any friends or she may suffer losses through them. His father may travel to distant places but it may only bring him trouble.

Saturn in Different Houses – 6th House

The native will be a capable and ambitious person, who will be successful in his endeavors. He will be rich. If the planet is weak and afflicted, he will have trouble from servants or en­emies or rheumatic or chronic diseases.

If Mars afflicts Saturn here, the native may have to undergo surgery for some disease, or he may have to face violence during a robbery. These diseases may prove fatal. He may leave his birthplace and go elsewhere. He may lead a secluded or secret life.

His younger sister/brother may not be happy. It will give results of its placement in the fourth house to his younger sister/brother. The native may cause trouble to his mother. His conduct may be disgraceful. He may not like the job that he is doing or he may be forced to work at something that does not interest him.

His children will hav0 the results of placement of the planet in the second house. His father may reach a high position but is likely to suffer a fall. The father may have trouble from the government or his superior. His elder sister/brother may be long-lived.

Saturn in Different Houses – 7th House

The native may marry late in life, the spouse may be older in age and the marriage may not be happy. The spouse may be short-lived. He may marry a widow or a divorcee. The native may have difficulty in having sex or he may be indiscriminate in his liaisons with females.

This will be further aggravated if Venus is under the adverse influence in the chart. He may travel a lot. A good Saturn here may take the native abroad and may make him rise high in society there. The native may also have a difficult relationship with partners or may suffer losses in partnership.

He may be disci­plined in his outlook. He may not be fortunate or wealthy. His education may not be continuous, or there may be some obstruc­tion in it. However, Jupiter or Mercury should also be weak or afflicted in the horoscope for this result to materialize in full.

He may have trouble with his mother. His elder sister/brother may not get along with the father. The elder sister/brother may have a philosophical turn of mind or he may be dispassionate.

Saturn in Different Houses – 8th House

The native may face difficulties and disappointments in life. He may be argumentative or he may not be able to communicate easily. 1-Us death can be by drowning if there is a watery sign here, or it may be slow and lingering. A powerful or favorable Saturn in this house ensures a long life.

A well-aspected Saturn here will give an abiding interest in occult subjects. The native may die of hunger. He may have trouble from servants and rheumatic, eye, stomach, or chronic diseases. He may have trouble in the rectum. He may not be rich.

The number of children born to the native will be few. He will be burdened with responsibilities. He cannot expect money by way of legacies or through marriage. He may not have a happy childhood. There may be trouble in his family. He may not be handsome.

He may have a difficult career. His boss may be troublesome or he may lose the position that he may attain. His conduct may not be above board. This position is very good for the material well being of his younger sister/brother.

If a lunar Node afflicts Saturn here, his mother or the native herself may suffer from miscarriages. His children will have little property or comforts.

Saturn in Different Houses – 9th House

The native may be solemn, hard working and religious. His relationship with his wider family may be bad. If the Sun is weak, badly placed or adverse, he may have bad relations with his father. He may suffer losses through foreign and long voyages and litigation.

He may be lonely and without much income. His elder sister/brother may not do well in life. His relations with his younger sister/brother may not be cordial. He may be troubled by his enemies or servants, but he may not lose on their account.

It will give results of its placement in the fifth house to his children and in the sixth hi his mother. However, Saturn in its own house here may make the results totally different. The native may be fortunate throughout his life. Such a native will have a serious bent of mind, deeply interested in religion and the mystical side of life.

If Saturn is adverse and is afflicted by Rahu or Mars, the native may be stupid or mentally imbalanced. Such a Saturn in the ninth house will also be very bad for the well being and longevity of native’s father.

Saturn in Different Houses – 10th House

The native is highly disciplined and persevering. He is ambi­tious and works hard to achieve his goals. His conduct may not be good. He may be engaged in mining, agriculture or horticul­ture, particularly if the sign in the tenth house belongs to Earth category.

If the sign belongs to Water category, he may be a diver or connected through his job with the ocean bed. He is likely to rise in life but there may be a severe fall. Owner of the eighth house connected with Saturn and both placed in a Navamsa owned by a malefic planet indicate serious trouble from a terrible boss.

His father may not be wealthy or he may have some speech defect including a rough tongue. The native may have to face false allegations and may lose his father early. The 36th, 42nd, 72nd and 83rd years may be fortunate. The native may always be bothered by heavy expenses.

His married life may be dis­turbed. This is a good location for his children. When Saturn is well placed here, his younger sister/brother may be long-lived. His elder sister/brother may not be rich.

Saturn in Different Houses – 11th House

The native may be powerful, wealthy, and highly connected. He may have sound health and intelligence. He may be long-lived. I-k may earn by employing labor. He may suffer from ill health in his infancy.

He may have only daughters. If Saturn is adverse or afflicted, the native may be childless. He may be a leader in his community. He may have friends among common people.

He may befriend persons who are older than him in age. The friendship may be long-lasting and faithful. If the planet is adverse for the ascendant he may either not have friends or he may face trouble from them.

Saturn in a movable sign here is indicative of the fact that the native may face obstruction and hindrances in his ventures from his friends. Saturn here in a common sign causes disappointments. A good Saturn will make the native healthy and wealthy, and he may not have many enemies or trouble from them.

Saturn in Different Houses – 12th House

The native is not careful with his money. He cannot pursue his early academic career smoothly. He would be an introverted personality. He may face imprisonment. He may have bad eyesight. He may suffer humiliations and may not command respect.

The native may be of bad conduct secretly. He may like to be alone and maybe a silent person. He may face failures and his expenses may be heavy. He may have trouble from his enemies. His maternal uncle may not do well in life.

If an adverse Mars influences Saturn here, there is a chance that the native meets with a bad end; if an adverse Mercury influences it, some kind of mental aberration may be looked for. He will be perseverant in his quest for the paranormal.

The native may meet with losses if the mystical is pursued. There may be deformity in a limb. There may be secret enemies. His younger sister/ brother may be highly placed in life, but his conduct may not be good and he may lose his high position, that he had built up by hard work and perseverance, some time in life.

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