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Sun Sign Calculator - Know Your Sign Compatibility with Sun

Sun in Aries

The native is likely to be wealthy, wise, very intelligent an able doctor, an arms trader or manufacturer and will excel himself in his field. The native will be long-lived. He will be a leader of men, ambitious, aggressive and self-confident, but his health will be poor.

The native will have a good bone structure. He will have to travel a lot and may be interested in exploration. He will get help from highly placed persons. This is a good position for a realization of political ambitions. The native will not be averse to religion.

His attitude towards life will be positive. This location is excellent for Cancer (a very superior Rajyoga), Leo (affluence and power), Libra (wife from an aristocratic family and Rajyoga through her) and Sagittarius (patrimony and high position) ascendants.

For Aquarius ascendant, it makes the wife religious and fortunate since the owner of the seventh house gets exalted in the ninth house from it. The native may also be fortunate after his marriage. The aspect of Saturn on the Sun, except for ascendants owned by Venus, may not be good.

Sun in Taurus

The native may earn well from the manufacture of clothes, perfumes, and similar luxury items. He may get wealth from his father, speculation, shares and similar sources. He may be very careful with his money. He will be a skilled artisan and a connoisseur of music.

He will not be close to his wife. I-fe is capable of very hard work and is likely to be handsome, lean, and wise. He will be prone to suffer from diseases of eyes, face and the mouth.

He will have musical talent and will face danger from water. it is good for Cancer (being in the eleventh house in a feminine sign it indicates gain through females), Leo (high position), and Aquarius ascendants.

The aspect of the Moon on the Sun will make the native come in touch with a number of females, either by way of sexual liaisons or in the discharge of his duties. The aspect of Saturn on the Sun will not give good results.

Sun in Gemini

The native will be a mathematician, good writer, learned, fortunate, and intelligent and will be of a high order and his mind will be capable of working in several areas at the same time. He will like change and may travel about. He will be financially well off.

His father may marry more than once. He will be well behaved and fond of his children.

For Leo ascendant the Sun in this sign is very good for the father; for Scorpio, the Sun may shorten the life of the native; for Sagittarius, the native will have a well-behaved spouse, and the native may become fortunate after his marriage; for Capricorn,

The native will come out successful in litigations; and for Aquarius, the number of children will be severely restricted. The aspect of the Moon or Mars on the Sun, except for ascendants owned by Venus, will not give good results.

Sun in Cancer

He will be in the service of others and will have to work hard. His financial status will be average and will wax and wane. He would be good looking, and fickle-minded but of anxious disposi­tion and of poor stamina.

He will oppose his father and the elders of his family. He will be close to his mother and family. He will be easy going. He will be honorable.

The native is likely to earn through shipping, water-related jobs, or public, including stage performances meant for the public. He may get property and wealth from his parents. The native is likely to live near water from time to time.

If the Moon is weak, the wife will either be simply looking or the married life will be unsatisfactory. He will like intoxicants. If the ascendant is Scorpio or Sagittarius, it reduces the longevity of his father. The aspect of Mars or Saturn on the Sun will not give good results.

Sun in Leo (Mooltrikona from 0 to 20 deg)

The native will be famous, of good stamina, courageous, aggressive, ambitious and powerful. He will be capable to man responsible positions and take on important leadership assign­ments.

He will be careful of his dignity. This position tends to produce persons who have to appear before the public, such as those who are the rulers, instructors, managers or directors. He will be rich, generous, ambitious, intelligent, talkative and will occupy a good position in life.

But an aspect of Saturn on the Sun will reduce these qualities to a large extent. He would like non-vegetar­ian dishes and going to forests and mountains. He will overcome his enemies.

The father will be fortunate and long-lived. The Sun will not give good results in this sign for Virgo ascendant. Such a situation of the Sun will, however, be conducive to a prosperous stay abroad.

Sun in Virgo

The native will have opportunities to travel. He will have the ability to write well and will show skill in arts. He will also be mathematically inclined. He will have feminine traits. He will be good at repair of vehicles.

He is likely to work in a subordinate capacity. He may have trouble from servants or subordinates. This trouble will be there in a still greater measure if the Moon or Mars aspects the Sun here. An aspect of Jupiter will yield the best results.

The native may be a doctor or a scientist. He may find it difficult to assert himself or make up his mind. The Sun for Virgo ascendant will be a factor for heavy expenditure. If the ascendant is Sagittarius, placement of the Sun in Virgo will be a major Rajyoga.

Sun in Libra (Maximum debilitation at 10 deg)

He will be fickle minded, indulge in excesses, may have a liaison with other women and will not be confident of himself. The tendency to seek other women will be accentuated if the Moon aspects the Sun.

He will be unfortunate, dishonorable, will face frustration and may have to leave his native place due to difficulties faced by him. He will be persecuted by the government. The aspect of Saturn will make things worse.

If the Sun is in the ascendant it gives very adverse results-the man loses his children and has to face abject poverty.

A debilitated Sun in the horoscope at 10 deg in Libra is capable of countermanding all other good indications in the chart. The aspect of Jupiter will improve matters.

Sun in Scorpio

He will be irascible, obstinate, energetic and untruthful. He may join an armed or uniformed service, particularly so if the Sun has the aspect of Mars here. He will lack in intelligence and suffer from weapons, fire, and poison.

The foregoing will not come to pass in case the Moon aspects the Sun here. He will be unfortunate with regard to parents. This position is particularly not good for the father of the native, who may die early or the relations between him and the native may be soured.

The native is not likely to rise in life. His married life will be bad and he may lose his wife early. He will be involved with low-class women.

He may meet with accidents. The native will be long-lived and rich in case the ascendant is Capricorn. Similar results will be given by the Sun if it is aspected by Jupiter. In such a case the native may be a judge.

Sun in Sagittarius

The native will be fond of reading the scriptures, interested in medicine, and religious activity. He will prize his independence and will be rich. He will have good relations with persons in power, he will be helpful, skillful in the use of weapons, peaceful, honorable, and will have a good physique.

However, if Mars aspects the Sun, he keeps getting annoyed with his family members. He may be an original thinker and may become famous for a discovery that he would make. He would be inclined to travel and change his residences.

The Sun in Sagit­tarius for Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius ascendants will be particularly good. For Taurus ascendant, the Sun in this sign is an indicator that the native’s father may reach a high position during the periods of the Sun.

For Pisces ascendant, this placement will give fame and high position. Aspect by the Moon or Jupiter will further improve matters.

Sun in Capricorn

The native will be unforgiving, of moderate means, interested in low-class women, timid, hold an insignificant job, and greedy. He will lose due to conflict with his relatives.

If the Moon aspects the Sun, the loss would be due to females. He is likely to be lonely and isolated and may not have any persons loyal or intimate to him. He will be conservative, pessimistic and reserved and may be lacking in energy.

An aspect of Mars on the Sun will improve the mentality just referred to in the previous sentence but it may cause trouble from the enemies and make the native susceptible to injuries.

An aspect of Jupiter or Saturn will improve matters considerably insofar as material well being is concerned. He will have a good appetite. The Sun will give moderately good results in this sign for Aries and Taurus ascendants.

Sun in Aquarius

He may have heart trouble. He will be physically strong but for Cancer ascendant, this placement of the Sun may cause the death of the native in its major-period or sub-periods.

He would be miserly and will not have much wealth. For Aries ascendant, the Sun in its major-period or sub-periods may give highly placed friends or a male child and confer a lot of wealth on the native.

An aspect of Jupiter or Saturn will improve matters considerably insofar as material well being is concerned. He has a responsible attitude to his duties and can, therefore, be relied upon.

He will not be a firm friend, but he will be popular and sociable. He will like to be his own master. His life may have influence or participation of masses in it. He will be unhappy with his children.

Sun in Pisces

The native will earn through products related to water. He would be fond of female company, be wealthy, a good speaker, friendly, reputed, happy and learned. He would have a tendency to amass wealth.

If the ascendant is Taurus, the native will be successful in making plenty of money. He will be honorable if the ascendant is Gemini. He will defeat his enemies and will be successful in litigation.

He will have a good wife, children, and servants. He would be able to communicate well but will be untruthful. He may have a disease in his private parts. Aspect by the Moon or Jupiter will improve matters.

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