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Saturn Mahadasha

Effect of Saturn Mahadasha

Saturn Mahadasha
Saturn Mahadasha Effects

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Saturn Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Saturn Mahadasha duration remains active for 19 years in a horoscope whenever it becomes active.

It’s slender and tall with big and defective teeth and coarse hair. It’s lame and lazy. It’s dark in complexion, has veins and sunken eyes.

It’s old, tamasic, dirty, idiotic, miserly, and contentious. It’s a eunuch. It’s irritable. It gowns in black garments or dark blue. Its vehicle is still an ox. It’s fixed

Its compatibility with some planets are as follows:
Saturn is favorable with Mercury and Venus.
Neutral to Jupiter and Inimical to Sun, Moon, and Mars.

It represents Moola (plants, creepers, grass, trees, etc.). It’s inclined to Bheda (tact and diplomacy). It stands for the region from the Ganga to the Himalayas.

The sense of touch.

Saturn by nature is a malefic planet. It climbs with the hind part first. It’s strong in the 7th house.

• Jupiter stands for creation and expansion, Saturn for destruction, separation, and contraction.

• A bad or afflicted Saturn or influence of Saturn on the ascendant or the Moon signal could make a guy look prematurely old.

• If an adverse Saturn is connected with Mars or Ketu, it can make the native a criminal, pervert, or even an evil-minded person.

(i) Saturn is inimical to the Sun and the Moon and has an eclipse for example effect on them.
(ii) A strong Jupiter can really balance its influence.
(iii) Mercury and Venus might take the grosser aspects of Saturn.

• Saturn doesn’t prove to be that baneful to the house it occupies as to the houses its aspects.

Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis with All Planets

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Saturn Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Saturn Mahadasha Sun Antardasha, on the positive side (when the aspecting planet is a beneficial planet for the ascendant), the native could have a strong character and will be the master of himself. He’ll be sincere, persevering and patient. He’ll be a leader, secretary, as well as administrator.

He doesn’t shirk from taking liability up. He’ll carry on regardless of approbation or otherwise. He’ll be successful in his or her endeavors. He can have the goodwill of his superiors and the government. He’ll reach a top position.

He’ll remain in the business of persons above him. Persons older than his age will assist him in his affairs. He’ll have a restricted number of kids. He could get patrimony. He can have a healthful and affluent old age. He’ll be long-lived.

Saturn Mahadasha Sun Antardasha, whereas on the negative side (when the aspecting planet is a malefic planet for the ascendant), the native will have to confront obstacles in his path, his affairs could get delayed.

He may face humiliations and losses in business, and his father or son could pass off, could lose his wealth or there may be serious disagreement with the native. There’ll be many sorrows and disappointments in his life.

He’ll suffer from colds and rheumatic problems. He’ll suffer from the machinations of his enemies and may not be capable to achieve his objectives.

His bosses can get annoyed with him, or he can incur the anger of the authorities. The native will be unsympathetic and callous. He might have a tendency to develop a few heart diseases.

Saturn Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Saturn Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, on the optimistic side, the native is likely to be close to his parents, might care for them well, and might benefit from them.

He’ll be a tradition respecting the individual and will love to stick by the social norms. He’ll be self-reliant, tactful, and systematic. He’s likely to achieve a top position in life and also acquire popular approbation.

He’ll also be depended upon by his superiors and entrusted with responsibility. He can be intrigued in agriculture and water resources and might earn through these professions.

The native will be a careful and cautious individual and act with due consideration. He’ll be hard-working, conscientious and an individual who has given to the minute examination of the problem at hand, but he’ll neither be slow nor dilatory.

There’ll be a noticeable age gap between married partners.

Saturn Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, while on the negative side, throughout the main period or sub-periods of the more adverse of the two planets involved with this aspect the connections with the parents, particularly with the mother, might deteriorate, a parent might fall sick or pass off.

There can be a problem from the Authorities or the native.

Saturn Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Saturn Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, on the optimistic side, his character will be masterful. He’ll be ambitious, courageous to the degree of being contemptuous of danger, and energetic.

He’ll be of attitude to work. His mind might be subtle. He’ll have leadership skills and might attain fame.

Saturn Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, while on the negative side, he’ll be fanatically attached to his thoughts and religion, and he’ll be the right substance of that militants are made.

He’ll be overbearing and might get notoriety. There might be a danger to his honor.

There might be injuries, accidents, or death. The native will suffer at the hands of the authorities or his opponents. He can have losses due to theft or disputes with labor. His parents can get estranged from him or might pass off early.

If he accomplishes a position, there’s a danger of fall from it. He’ll have bad relations with his bosses and he’ll suffer because of his hotheadedness. He might be callous and overburdened.

Saturn Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Saturn Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, on the optimistic side, his head will be profound and broad-ranging. He’ll be a sound and sober person with great judgment.

He is going to be prepared to exactitude, be sensible, and is going to be an individual who will head a massive organization. He can also think consistently and his vision is going to be broad. He may have memory and concentration of mind.

The instability of Mercury is cared for by Saturn beneath this aspect. Saturn Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, while on the negative side, the mind could be slow and dull.

The native could be in danger of losing his mental balance. He might suffer from depression and pessimism.

There might be a propensity to postpone matters. He might travel aimlessly. He might be an individual given to causing dissensions.

Saturn Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Saturn Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, on the positive side, the native may have the esteem of his superiors and his elders. A native will experience superior luck. He’ll be rich and will be honored.

He might hold a place in the government, and he’ll progress in his career. He may have property. He’ll have a happy relationship with his father won’t shirk from the brand new. He may have a company character and may stand on his own.

He might be traveling overseas to have a happy relationship with his father. He’ll have buddies in other nations. He may have a happy relationship with his father. He may have difficulty or harm.

Saturn Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, while on the negative side, the native is predisposed towards having financial trouble. Normally, the inverse of things written above might be expected. His education may suffer.

He might not be simple or might lose because of the dishonesty of others.

Saturn Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Saturn Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, on the positive side, is steady and towards the close of his working life of the behavior and honesty.

It is going to be difficult for working. He may have wealth and a great reputation that be steady and towards the close of his working lifetime. Progress in lifestyle and career will be attributed to his name and challenging work.

The progress might be slow, but it’ll father or aged persons, through a union or might succeed in attaining father or aged persons, through the union. He will be thrifty. He may father or aged persons, through the union.

Benefits can be had out of father or aged persons, through marriage or because of his own efforts. He’ll maintain marital fidelity and won’t marry more than once.

There’ll be a noticeable age gap between his spouse and him. Saturn Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, while on the negative side, he’ll display a moral personality.

He will find almost impossible to maintain his passions in check. Married life is going to be disturbed, there might be separation, or he might lose his spouse. He will not have domestic felicity.

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Saturn Mahadasha Example Horoscope

Saturn Mahadasha Analysis

Let’s understand more about the Effects of Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha results through the below illustration as an example…
(please note that we strictly do not share the personal information of our clients and subscribers)

Date of Birth: 15th July 1964
Time of Birth: 18:30:00 Hrs.
Place of Birth: Sattenapalle, India

Financial Predictions with Saturn Dasha Analysis

Concern shared by Client…

My main problem at present no job in hand, harassment from wife, father-in-law and their relatives, negative propaganda,

Due to that ill health, Isolation, depression etc., 

When will I have better time in life. Financial problems are mounting.

I have no direction in life.

I am confused about this society as I am straightforward still I am facing harassment at work, home and in society in total.

I am not working from 03.06.2016, I lost my position on that day as a software engineer.

You have the horoscope of Sagittarius Ascendant with Ketu situated in it. The Ketu planet has conjunction on three houses in your horoscope 5th, 7th, and 9th.

Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 1
Saturn Mahadasha Analysis Example Horoscope

Ketu is actually strong in your horoscope as its Nakshatra lord is also Ketu itself.

But one thing that it is in a retrograde position, which is why you might feel dissatisfied, feel distracted, not so confident about what you have already.

When Ketu is situated in Ascendant then usually a native does not focus on what he has already, but he actually focuses on all other things except his own goals, subjects, etc.

Since, it is affecting the 5th, 7th and 9th house, this is why your creativity skills, your spouse or say opponents and society are not in favor for you. It is not something that in real actually.

It is something that you have actually accepted this thing so much that it seems like reality to you. But it is merely a feeling of dissatisfaction, disbelieve. You are required to believe in yourself.

Have confidence in yourself that you are something. Start feeling important about yourself. I will share the remedies as well, later…

After this intro about your horoscope and main planet positions that is affecting the situation. Let me quickly start with the current Dasha details.

First, let me provide an overview of Mahadasha. How it works in an individual’s horoscope.

Mahadasha effect would be around 20%

Antardasha effect would be 45-55%

Rests are Pratyantar Dasha and Sookshm Dasha effects which would like something around 25-30%

We will talk about your queries / situation and horoscope on the basis of Dasha Predictions and Overall Horoscope…

After analyzing your Dasha periods, I have seen that… you might have started thinking of leaving job or say the fear of job insecurity at the time when your Venus Antardasha started from November 2015 and during Venus Antardasha along with the Sun’s Pratyantar Dasha period you lost your job as software engineer as mentioned by you…

This Sun as said situated at your baadhak house that is your 7th house as you are 9th sign Ascendant, and since it is the lord of 9th house so it will affect that house as well.

If you do the job and at a senior level or say related to any technical field, electronics then you have low chances of survival in those types of job.

You would have clashed with the management, with the people you deal with on a daily basis like your colleagues, managers, etc.

Currently, you are going through with the Saturn’s Mahadasha period and Sun Antardasha in it that has started from January 2019 and will remain active till December 2019.

Under this particular period, you will hardly get any of the good opportunities at least not in any job. But yes, you should keep on trying to work as a freelancer, anything creative, or you may plan to start any business as well.

As stated above, since Sun is situated at your Baadhak house, so it will let you get any results from your seniors or upper level management people especially if you are doing any job.

But it will benefit you to work as a freelancer or if you start any of the business. But overall the chances are still low to get any stable financial condition. So, it would be best to just keep on trying at least December 2019.

Before, we proceed further let me share some insights about your Saturn Mahadasha period.

Your Saturn Mahadasha got started from January 2009 and will remain active till 2028. The Saturn is situated at 3rd house in your horoscope with the conjunction of 5th, 12th and 9th house.

Saturn is also strong in your horoscope as it has its own Nakshatra lord.

Under this entire Mahadasha period, overall progress would be very slow. You might face some good times some bad times, but the progress would be slow as your Saturn is also in a retrograde position.

You are required to focus on international clients more, try to be in discipline, use a time-table module in your daily life, leave any intake of liquor if you do. You see Saturn is situated with the 11th sign in your horoscope.

The 11th sign is for getting gains or fulfillment of desires. So, whatever gains you are expecting, the results would be slow and this thing would be going to remain active till January 2028.

Now under this Dasha period, let’s see in future Antardasha periods if there are any good times available where you can do any kind of remedy or something through which we can look for any solution to improve your financial situation…

After Sun Antardasha period, Moon’s Antardasha period will start from December 2019 and will remain active till 2021. Moon is the lord of its own Nakshatra, which is it is also strong.

Now here, under this Dasha period, you might gain benefit through your clients, you might get new projects as well. Try to target the international market more and more. Your presentations or approaches would be more effective during this period.

You are required to remain emotionally intelligent. Keep yourself emotionally stable and strong. In order to get more and more clients, plan with your intelligence and then execute it.

This coming Dasha period would be good for you to improve your financial situation.

Moon is also placed in the house of gains when I checked the Transit charts. It would be more effective in your presentation and communication skills.

After this, your Mars Antardasha will start from July 2021 and will remain active till August 2022.

Now under this period, if everything goes fine during your Moon Antardasha period then you are required to save yourself for not spending money on unnecessary things. Avoid unnecessary luxury pleasures or needs.

You would be also required to take care of your health at most, during this Mars Dasha period. The best thing that you can do during this Dasha period is to make good investment decisions.

Invest most of your money, do some fixed deposits, etc. It would be a good decision or remedy to keep yourself confident and secure with the financial thing…

From August 2022, the Rahu’s Antardasha period will start and will remain active till July 2025. Now, again you are required to keep yourself stable and avoid confusions, distraction. Just stick with the reality.

One thing that you are required to keep in mind and especially during this particular Rahu’s Antardasha period is that you will gain as per your desires suddenly and a lot more than you think or expecting, but you are also required to keep it safe and make sure that it is secure.

So, keep on investing time to time that would be good for you.

Rest of the Dasha periods are good…

About your health… till the time this Saturn Mahadasha period has started you might have started facing health issues and you are required to take care of yourself at least till August 2022.

You see… your inner confidence, will power would be the key to fight with your health issues. This is something that is above all the methods to get relief and to improve your health… as Mars is situated at 6th house in your horoscope.

If your willpower is strong, then no disease can harm you, or else you will end up with a lot of expense related to your health issues…

Negative Propaganda, harassment, spouse related issues…

As I stated above, your 7th house is baadhak in your horoscope. So, your spouse or anything related to her would be a hurdle in your life…

One more thing I have noticed that interestingly all the malefic planets in your horoscope are actually strong, where they have their own Nakshatra lords that are the same…

As Rahu, Ketu, and Mars. Only Moon is showing the positive side but unfortunately, it is for the shorter time period that comes time to time in your horoscope and life…

What to do….

You are required to plan and focus in your own subjects and you will rise like anything. Plan and try to start something at your own. Any business that has your own creativity and skills. You can do a lot better.

This way your 7th house will improve and since 7th house is also for your spouse then things might get normal…

Kindly look at some of the remedies I am sharing below:

Saturn Mahadasha Remedies

Saturn denotes areas where we must concentrate and develop responsibility. Develop internal strength and the ability to deal with life’s challenges.

Develop strict inner discipline without repressing human love and caring.

Learn to be humble, hardworking, and selfless in your service to others, without feeling disrespected or expecting anything in return.

Concentration, austerities, fasting, and seclusion are used to strengthen one’s spirituality.

As an offering to God, work hard for the benefit of others without expecting anything in return. Serve the sick, infirmed, and impoverished.

Karma Yoga is recommended.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Before we continue to know and understand about the Remedies of Saturn… first we should also need to know all about Saturn Planet and how does it work and could affect our lives and our horoscopes. Let’s go through it…

Saturn is described as a serpent in astrology, with Rahu as its head and Ketu as its tail. When Ketu is placed in a house before Saturn, it sometimes becomes a great boon to the native.

However, if Saturn is in an unfavorable position, the native will suffer the most poisonous consequences.

Furthermore, when Saturn is positioned in Jupiter’s houses (i.e. 2, 5, 9, or 12), it never has a malefic effect, whereas Jupiter has a negative effect when positioned in Saturn’s house.

Saturn is good in the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th to 12th houses, but bad in the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th houses. It has enemies in the Sun, Moon, and Mars, friends in Venus, Mercury, and Rahu, and neutrality in Jupiter and Ketu.

Saturn is exalted in the 7th house, but its debilitation is in the 1st house.

When Venus and Jupiter are in the same house, they have the same effect as Saturn. Mars and Mercury in such a single house act equally to Saturn in that house. In the first case, Saturn acts like Ketu, whereas in the second case, Saturn acts like Rahu.

If the Sun is expected by Saturn in any horoscope, Venus is ruined. The aspect of Venus on Saturn results in a loss of money, whereas the aspect of Saturn on Venus is extremely beneficial.

The native’s eyes will operate due to the collision of Saturn and the Moon. When Saturn is placed in the house before the Sun, it produces positive results.

If Saturn is positioned with the Sun or Jupiter in a single house, it will never produce malefic results, but if it is positioned with the Moon or Mars in any house, it will produce highly adverse results.

When Saturn is between Rahu and Ketu, that is, when it is in the previous and later house w.r.t. Saturn, Saturn activates its poisonous effects on the sign of Sun and Mars.

If it is posited in the first house, on Mars only if it is stated in the third house, on Moon if it is posited in the fourth house, on Sun if it is posited in the fifth house, and on Mars.

If it is posited in the eighth When Saturn is in the 3rd house and the 10th house is empty, it destroys the native of the ability to accumulate actual money and kills the native’s children. If friendly planets are positioned in the second house, it becomes extremely beneficial in the 12th house.

If Saturn is placed in houses 1 to 7, except for the 10th house, it produces outstanding results.

For the native’s wife, Saturn in the first house and the Sun in the seventh, tenth, or eleventh houses create a slew of problems. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn has a negative impact on the entire chart.

Remedies for Saturn in 3rd House

Saturn brings good fortune to this house. The pukka Ghar of Mars is this residence. Saturn will produce excellent results when Ketu aspects or is placed in this house.

The indigenous person will be fit, wise, and intuitive. If the native is wealthy, his family will be male-dominated, and vice versa. The native will live a long healthy life as long as he avoids beverage and non-vegetarianism.

Remedies for Saturn
  1. Serve three dogs.
  2. Free distribution of eye medications.
  3. It is extremely beneficial to keep a dark room in the house.

Main Planet to take care of all your needs and fulfillment is… SATURN
(I will share the SATURN Yantra model as well, place it at your temple or workplace).

Saturn Yantra and Benefits

Shani, also known as Manda, is the planet Saturn, whose name means “slow.” As in “shankara,” “shanno danti prachodayat,” it also means “to be full of gratitude, tolerance, and peace.”

Saturn is the planet of solitude and spirituality. He represents cold sicknesses, dedication, public office, political aspirations, and disease chronology.

Saturn is the karaka of anything slow, whether it’s a disease or a long day at work. Shani in a good position gives you a lot of life. Shani, likewise, would cause delays in the areas of life with which he is associated.

Shani (Saturn) is in charge of bones and blood quality. Fractures, dental problems, and anemia would be caused by an unfavorable Shani.

Shani’s remedial measures will primarily reduce delays, cure cold and bone disorders, and lessen the negative effects Shani has as a result of his position, ownership, and relation in the chart.

How to Install Saturn Yantra?

Shani Yantra: For the +ve influence of planet Saturn.

Saturn grants honesty, wisdom, religious faith, fame, patience, leadership, authority, long life, organizational skills, sincerity, honesty, love of justice, understanding of right and wrong because it governs the inner conscience, and spiritualism to those born under its sign.

Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 2
Saturn Yantra Model with Numbers and Mantra

Start using this Yantra on any Saturday Morning.

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  1. Sani-guru dasa predicted seems initially true but prediction related to spouse is wonderful.
    Sani-rahu conjunction in 10th house in mithun lagna kundali -please give prediction.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Fani. Sure, I would be happy to answer this…
      Saturn Rahu conjunction with 10th house in a Gemini Ascendant or say Mithuna Lagna Kundli, it will impact the native with laziness, slowing down in progress – especially with the promotions in job careerwise, it might confuse the native with unnecessary ways of the fulfillment of desires related to their Karma – where there is no connection with the reality. Rest I can predict more accurately if I could have the complete birth details… Thanks! You can take our services of complete Dasha Analysis. Please visit Mahadasha

  2. I have gone through lords and houses.its immensely helpful. Can you clarify about cancer ascendent in d9 with following planetary positions:
    Jupiter in ascendent
    Moon Venus in 8th house
    Mercury in 7th house
    Saturn in 4th house
    Sun Rahu in 6th house
    Ketu in 12th house.
    Can you predict about my spouse characteristics and profession.

    1. Sure, Viraj.

      Thank you for the appreciation of our content. It motivates us to share more helpful content for the Vedic Astrology enthusiasts like you. Well, for your prediction and horoscope analysis along with your queries, I would suggest you go with the Mahadasha Predictions as our service. You can ask multiple questions on different aspects.

  3. Saturn mahadasa started in may 2019 with Saturn in Makati with ketu and lagna is vrishik. How will be the life during the dasa see

    1. Hello Srinivas,

      Thanks for asking about Saturn Mahadasha.

      To answer this, I would say for a Scorpio Ascendant (Vrishchik Langa) native under Saturn Mahadasha the life would be good and progressive But, in order to achieve that you should be disciplined and do not consume liquor. Best, if you can avoid non-veg food as well.

      Else, the progress would be too slow, even if you are consistent in your approaches.

      For more details, please feel free to send share your birth details at [email protected]. or visit Mahadasha Predictions

      Nishikant Chandra

    1. Hello Rohit,

      Thanks for asking this… We follow the Vedic Astrology as even KP Astrology or any other method that exists comes Vedic Astrology itself. Indian Vedic Astrology is something that is based on complete mathematics, calculations, degree-wise planet positions and analysis of it, and Nakshatra level of predictions. We follow and combine all of these methods to provide the best outcome or solution for any query. I hope if this answers your question.

      If you still have any doubts then feel free to mail us at [email protected].

      Nishikant Chandra

      1. I don’t know my date & time of birth. My mind is often occupied with fanatic & hateful thoughts. I am suffering heavily in hands of my bosses & senior authourities.
        As i don’t know my DoB. What can i do?

        1. Hello Pramod Ji,

          if you don’t have the Date of Birth and Time of Birth then we can do the analysis while using the Vedic Numerology Techniques…

          We would suggest you share your details at [email protected].

’s team members will guide you accordingly.


  4. Nice information, I can relate with what you have written as I am cutting going through Saturn mahadasha. Currently under Saturn mahadasha and Rahu antardasha which will end 2022 and Jupiter antardasha will start which will run through 2025. I am Aries ascendant Jupiter mars and Saturn in 5th house in d1 and Saturn in 3rd house Jupiter in 9th house in d9 libra ascendant. Please let me know how it will be. Till now it’s been moxed kind of.


    1. Hello Anshu,

      Thank you for sharing your concern.

      Any Mahadasha in starting till the time when it has the same Antardasha period as well. It will either provide very good benefits or bad results as per their planet and Nakshatra lord along with its position. Jupiter usually provides benefits but in your case most probably the Nakshatra lord of your Jupiter is at the negative position in your horoscope.

      We would strongly recommend you to connect with our team. You can connect with them at [email protected].


  6. Saturn MD and Rahu AD about to start for me (Mithun ASC and Rashi) . Rahu in cancer and Moon in lagna. Saturn in 4th with Jupiter. Moon close to bhav madhya and trinal to sun+mercury(libra). Rahu is in Saturn’s star and Leo navamsha. Rahu has no aspects but is slightly trinal to venus in 6th.

    Please suggest how will Saturn MD and Rahu AD will be

  7. Very good one Sir. Thank you. A question in regards to find whether Saturn ins benefic or malefic . For a Makara lagna, Saturn is placed in 10th house Libra and ‘DEBILIATED’ whereas the Venus is placed in the Second House Aquarius (creating parivartan) – Is Saturn benefic or malefic ? Request your view

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