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Moon in Different Houses

Moon in Different Houses

Effects of Moon in Different Houses

Moon in Different Houses

Moon in Houses

Moon in 1st house

The native can be daring, handsome, social, cheerful, and fond of traveling. He’ll travel overseas, will probably be intrigued in matters and would be highly placed.

He’ll be desirous of change, will enjoy walking and also be attached to your own spouse. His wife would have got married in a relatively early age.

She’ll be delighted with her union. He’ll be passionate and sentimental but of nature. He may have a strong constitution. He’d be in contact with the masses in his life. He’d be easy going, rich and long-lived.

This position however negatively impacts intelligence or the feeling of hearing, vision or speech if the planet can be found at a signal other than Aries, Taurus or Cancer, is waning and weak.

In case the Moan is waxing the native may have a fair complexion and a pleasing character, but may have the desire for money and worldly goods. The Moon in Cancer at the first house may death by drowning, edema or colds and issues from fluids.

The native’s father will be satisfied with his kids and if there’s no other influence, on the contrary, the native is likely to have more sisters than brothers.

Moon in 2nd House

The native will belong to a good and big family, may have profits in his business and be rich. Women will be helpful to him in earning wealth.

He can also earn by employing a number of people. He’d have a very good education. His finances will wax and wane like the Moon.

He’ll be sensual. He’d be generous and soft-spoken, but the speech will have some flaw. He may have a pleasant face.

He’ll suffer from eye trouble. He’ll enjoy good food and will be reputed. He’d be learned and generous, but there might be a break in his early education.

His younger sister/ brother may work in a hospital or prison or may be deeply interested in the occult. His mother will be very loved. His kids will travel overseas and might change their vocation several times.

Moon in 3rd House

The native will be thrifty, artistic, inquisitive, and can communicate his ideas well. He’ll keep changing his hobbies every once in a while. He will have younger sisters than brothers and his relations with his younger brothers\/sisters would be satisfactory.

There’ll be a change in his environment every once in a while. He’d be changeable, courageous, cheerful and fond of traveling and his publicity. In case the moon is badly influenced or is waning, the native might start to lose his wealth after 25 years of age. His elder sister\/brother is likely to have female children. His father will change his business partners several times and travels a lot. His wife will travel overseas, be charitable and might perform works of philanthropic or public interest.

Moon in 4th House

He may have a cordial relationship with his mother and family. He’d be generous and if the Moon is strong and well aspected, the native will be cheerful, and his mind will be at peace.

In case the moon is weak and afflicted, the native or his mother might suffer continuously from diseases. He’d have comforts, immovable property, good transportation, and friends.

He’d be sensual. He’d live near water. In case the sign in the 4th house is watery, the native will earn from marine products or usually by dealing with water or liquids.

He’ll be popular and at the end of his life will, if the Moon is strong, have the adulation of the masses. He’ll change his residence several times.

This isn’t considered a good position for the Moon, although it’s the highest directional force here since it’s the karaka for the house.

A good Moon here’s a sign that the native may have a peaceful end. The native’s wife can be well known and popular.

His kids can be engaged in a hospital, asylum, nursing home or prison. His elder sister\/ brother may have diseases of the lungs or chest, or he can be mentally troubled.

Moon in 5th House

The native will be of romantic nature and would be fond of amusements and pleasure. His kids could be a source of great satisfaction and happiness to him. He’d be smart and will love entertainment, art, and sport. He’ll increase to a high post in life.

The native may have a number of female problems and one of the kids will have a close bearing on the future path of the native’s life.

He’ll have an interest in speculation, the occult, and spiritual side. A well-placed and strong Moon under the beneficial influence will make the mother of the native religious and engaged in work. His wife will be gained through by him.

Moon in 6th House

The native would be in support of others and certainly will change jobs a number of times. His relations with his mother and coworkers at work would be hard.

He’ll have problems with eye and stomach troubles and humiliation. He’d be of intelligence. He’ll be capable to look at his enemies if the Moon is well positioned and powerful here.

A Moon here’s a fantastic augury for long life. A lie may have an unsatisfactory childhood. He’ll, again and again, confront demands for repayment of loans out of his creditors.

When the moon is waning and under the malefic effect, the native is very likely to suffer from edema or problems from the lungs.

A feeble Moon would be bad for your health of younger sister/brother along with the mother.

His kids would be very wealthy given that the Moon is power and maybe not, full. Such a Moon will boost the father at a high office who’d also be prepared to do philanthropic work.

Moon in 7th House

The native will be married and if there are other signs in the horoscope that affirm it, he can get married more than once. He might marry early.

His wife and he could be great looking and passionate. He might earn through successful business partnership, could be from abroad.

The wife could be dominant. The native and wife would like traveling. An afflicted and feeble Moon will bring about the death of the wife.

His kids can travel around and may alter their hobbies and pursuits from time to time. It’ll give results of its own location in the 5th house to his younger sister/brother, and at the ninth house to his older sister/brother.

Moon in 8th House

The native will suffer from health and eye trouble. His relations with his mother will be unsatisfactory. The mother will confront danger. The longevity of his wife or mother is curtailed. He’ll be fickle-minded rather than confident of himself.

This position usually tends to curtail life, but if the birth is throughout the daytime and the Moon is waning, but aspected by beneficial planets, or if the birth is throughout the night and also the moon is waxing and aspected by useful planets, the danger of death during infancy is removed.

A Moon gives money. The passing of the native might be of a public nature. In case the moon is waning and under the malefic planet influence, the native is very likely to suffer from edema or difficulty in the lungs.

The native will probably die from drowning or imbalance of watery elements in the body.

Moon in 9th House

The native will probably be popular, prosperous, spiritual, generous, and dedicated to his father and is to give the results of its placement in the first home to his father and pleased with his kids. He’ll have a career and might be admired by all.

He’ll have a tendency to give the results of its placement in the first home to his father, and old. His undertakings will fructify. He’ll travel overseas and reside there for some periods. He’ll be inventive, give the results of its placement in the first home to his father.

He’ll give the results of its placement in the first home to his father, and good. It’ll make the native follow a vocation where he serves an at the 5th house to the kids of the indigenous.

Moon in 10th House

The native may make the native follow a vocation where he serves an effective and popular. He is going to be very helpful to others and is going to have a relationship with his mother. He’ll get along well with girls. He might not be pleased with respect to his kids.

He’ll change his vocation many times. He’ll travel overseas makes the native follow a vocation where he serves a. If the Moon isn’t strong it’ll make the native follow a vocation where he serves a high number of individuals for instance ferryman, hawker, etc.

A strong Moon will also make the native come into contact with a lot of individuals, but he is going to be occupying a high and responsible position, possibly in government.

The native will find 43rd years and his 24th particularly fortunate. Good longevity is ensured if the Moon is powerful.

Moon in 11th House

The native will realize his ambitions. He is going to be rich, sincere and pleased with his kids and servants. That is a lucky position.

He’ll be lazy, and emotionally disturbed buddies will probably be broad. He’ll be lazy and emotionally disturbed capable to blend in society easily.

He is going to be effective in politics. He could be lazy and emotionally disturbed kids. The native will possess to be lazy and emotionally disturbed.

He can be in government support. It’ll be lazy and emotionally disturbed sister/brother of the indigenous.

Moon in 12th House

He’d be lazy and emotionally disturbed. He might be infirm of bad eyesight or at a sidewalk. He’ll be intrigued by mysterious and romantic subjects.

The native is very likely to travel overseas often. This position increases the number of enemies. He might. He can. The native will encounter restrictions.

He will not be business intrigued and may easily be directed away. He is going to be worried and might face expenses. It’ll give results of its placement in the 6th house to his spouse.

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