Moon in Different Houses

Moon in Different Houses

Effect of Moon in Different Houses

Moon in Different Houses
Moon in Houses

Moon in Different Houses – 1st House

The native may be bold, handsome, sociable, cheerful, and fond of travelling. He will travel abroad, will be interested in metaphysical matters and will be highly placed. He will be desirous of change, will like walking and be attached to his wife. His wife would have got married at a comparatively early age.

She will be happy with her marriage. He will be passionate and sentimental but of changeable nature. He will have a strong constitution. He would be in contact with the masses in his life. He would be easy going, wealthy and long-lived.

This position however adversely affects intelligence or the sense of hearing,  sight or speech if the planet is located in a sign other than Aries, Taurus or Cancer, is waning and weak. If the Moan is waxing the native will have a fair complexion and a pleasing personality but will have the desire for money and worldly goods.

The Moon in Cancer in the first house can cause death by drowning, edema or cold and problems from liquids. The native’s father will be happy with his children and if there is no other influence to the contrary, the native is likely to have more sisters than brothers.

Moon in Different Houses – 2nd House

The native will belong to a good and large family, will have profits in his business and be wealthy. Females will be helpful to him in earning wealth.

He may also earn by employing a number of persons. He would have a good education. His finances will wax and wane like the Moon. He will be sensual. He would be generous and soft-spoken but the speech may have some flaw.

He will have a pleasant face. He will suffer from eye trouble. He will enjoy good food and will be reputed. He would be learned and generous but there may be a break in his early education.

His younger sister/ brother may work in a hospital or prison or may be deeply interested in the occult. His mother will be well-liked. His children will travel abroad and may change their vocation several times.

Moon in Different Houses – 3rd House

The native will be thrifty, artistic, inquisitive, and can commu­nicate his ideas well. He will keep changing his hobbies from time to time. He will have younger sisters than brothers and his relations with his younger brothers/sisters would be satisfac­tory.

There will be a change in his surroundings from time to time. He would be changeable, courageous, cheerful and fond of traveling and his publicity. If the Moon is badly influenced or is waning, the native may begin to lose his wealth after 25 years of age.

His elder sister/brother is likely to have female children. His father will change his business partners several times and travel a lot. His wife will travel abroad, be charitable and may execute works of philanthropic or public interest.

Moon in Different Houses – 4th House

He will have cordial relations with his mother and family. He would be generous and if the Moon is powerful and well aspected, the native will be cheerful and his mind will be at peace. If the Moon is weak and afflicted, the native or his mother may suffer constantly from diseases.

He would have comforts, immovable property, good conveyance, and friends. He would be sensual. He would live near water. If the sign in the fourth house is watery, the native will earn from marine products or generally by dealing with water or liquids.

He will be popular and towards the end of his life will, if the Moon is powerful, have the adulation of the masses. He will change his residence several times. This is not considered a goad position for the Moon, though it has the highest directional strength here, since it is the karaka for this house.

A good Moon here is an indication that the native will have a peaceful end. The native’s wife may be well known and popular. His children may be engaged in a hospital, asylum, nursing home or a prison. His elder sister/ brother may have diseases of the chest or lungs or he may be mentally troubled.

Moon in Different Houses – 5th House

The native would be of romantic nature and will be fond of amusements and pleasures. His children would be a source of great satisfaction and happiness to him.

He would be intelligent and will love entertainment, arts and sports. He will rise to a high position in life. The native will have a number of female issues and one of the children will have a very close bearing on the future course of native’s life.

He will have interest in speculation, the occult and spiritual side of life. A well placed and powerful Moon under the beneficial influence will make the native’s mother religious and involved in charitable work. He will gain through his wife.

Moon in Different Houses – 6th House

The native will be in service of others and will change jobs several times. His relations with his mother and colleagues at work will be difficult. He will suffer from eye and stomach troubles and humiliations. He would be of poor intelligence.

He will be able to check his enemies if the Moon is well placed and powerful here. A full Moon here is a good augury for long life. a lie will have an unsatisfactory childhood,

He will time and again face demands for repayment of loans from his creditors. If the Moon is waning and under the malefic influence, the native is likely to suffer from oedema or trouble in the lungs. A weak Moon will be bad for the health of younger sister/brother and the mother.

His children will be very wealthy provided the Moon is power­ful. Such a Moon will raise the father to a high position who would also be inclined to do philanthropic work.

Moon in Different Houses – 7th House

The native will be happily married and if there are other indications in the horoscope that confirm it, he may get married more than once. He may marry early. He and his wife would be good looking and passionate. He may earn well through success­ful business partnership, may be from abroad.

The wife would be dominant. The native and wife would like travelling. An afflicted and weak Moon may bring about the early death of the wife.

His children will travel around and may change their hobbies and interests from time to time. It will give results of its place­ment in the fifth house to his younger sister/brother, and in the ninth house to his elder sister/brother.

Moon in Different Houses – 8th House

The native will suffer from eye trouble and poor health. His relations with his mother would be unsatisfactory. The mother will face danger. The longevity of his wife or mother is curtailed.

He will be fickleminded and not confident of himself. This position generally tends to curtail life but if the birth is during the day and the Moon is waning but aspected by beneficial planets, or if the birth is during the night and the Moon is waxing and aspected by beneficial planets, the danger of death during infancy is removed.

A waxing Moon here gives money through marriage. The death of the native can be of a public nature. If the Moon is waning and under the malefic influence, the native is likely to suffer from oedema or trouble in the lungs. The native will die of drowning or imbalance of watery element in the body.

Moon in Different Houses – 9th House

The native will be popular, prosperous, religious, generous, devoted to his father and will be happy with his children. He will have a successful career and may be respected by all.

He will tend to do well in life after 23 years of age. His undertakings will fructify. He will travel abroad and live there for some periods.

He will be imaginative, and inquisitive about metaphysical matters. He will like doing charitable works for the public good like making hospitals, and digging wells. It will give results of its placement in the first house to his father, and in the fifth house to the children of the native.

Moon in Different Houses – 10th House

The native will have a high moral standard, be successful and popular. He will be helpful to others and will have a cordial relationship with his mother. He will get along well with women.

He may not be happy with regard to his children. He will change his vocation several times. He will travel abroad and will be well-known. If the Moon is not powerful it will make the native pursue a vocation where he serves a large number of people for example ferryman, hawker etc.

A powerful Moon will also make the native come in contact with a large number of people but he will be occupying a high and responsible position, perhaps in govern­ment. The native will find his 24th and 43rd years particularly fortunate. Good longevity is ensured if the Moon is powerful.

Moon in Different Houses – 11th House

The native will realise his ambitions. He will be wealthy, honest and happy with his children and servants. This is a lucky position.

He will not be constant in his friendship though his circle of acquaintances and friends will be wide. He will be sociable and will be able to mix in society easily. He will be successful at politics.

He will have a number of female children. The native will possess expensive vehicles and will gain in trade. He may be in government service. It will give results of its placement in the first house to the elder sister/brother of the native.

Moon in Different Houses – 12th House

He would be lazy and emotionally disturbed. He may be infirm in a limb or of poor eye-sight. He will be interested in mystical and romantic subjects.

The native is likely to travel overseas frequently. This position increases the number of en­emies. He may be involved with hospitals, monastery or prisons.

He may be holding a nursing job. The native will experience restrictions. He will not be firm minded and can easily be led away. He will be worried and may face heavy expenses. It will give results of its placement in the sixth house to his wife.

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