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Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope - Friendship Love Compatibility (Kumbh Rashi)

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Aquarius Horoscope with

Aquarius Horoscope - Friendship Love Compatibility (Kumbh Rashi)
Aquarius Horoscope (Kumbh Rashi)

Aquarius Horoscope – Nature & Habits

Aquarius horoscope people are the most humanely sign, among all the twelve signs in the zodiac system. It is filled with humanely qualities and they are very much sincere towards their life’s ambitions and are very promising. They are not boasters. They have comprehensive knowledge and they are filled with mental courage and compassion.

The seeds of a highly developed human being are hidden in an Aquarius. Today’s society is not capable of understanding its effect. Therefore many qualities of Aquarian go unnoticed. It is the basic nature of Aquarian to make friends. And it is long-lasting most of the times. Their number of friends never get reduced. At the same time, there is a kind of renunciation in the nature of Aquarius.

Aquarius has strong willpower and they have a determined opinion in every through. They do not easily accept others’ opinion and are fixed to their own views. They face adverse situations with balance and seriousness before taking any decision, first they try to understand the problem completely and unless and until it is inevitable, they do not take any decision instantaneously.

Their point of view is of discovery and a scientist. Some of their thoughts are so forwards that people think of them as a person of a future generation and they themselves do not find them to be fit for contemporary society. When there is a difference of opinion between them and others or other situation then they get very excited in anger.

The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus, makes the Aquarian very secretive. Sometimes there is such an unexpected or sudden change takes place in an Aquarian that he himself is taken aback.

Aquarius is a sign of improvement. Therefore Aquarius believe in new ideas, values, quick results and ideas different from old customs & tradition. They are more satisfied in work related to group, institution or mission than in the confinement of personal relations. They need freedom from the bindings of personal relations.

They can very well understand the intentions of any person who comes in their contact by their sixth sense, but they do not express their opinion about them since they do not want to hurt the person. If they utter unpleasing words for others they repent for this very much and try to compensate for this.

Aquarians have an intense feeling to help others. They are mostly found participating in group activities in the welfare of people and nation. Despite themselves being in mental tension, they are seen consoling land pacifying others who are mentally disturbed. Due to this nature of theirs, people take undue advantage. Therefore they should be very cautious in choosing partners and friends.

Aquarius horoscope people have a sharp logical brain. They believe in setting disputes logically. They have a good mind for business. They try to provide an advantage to others in whatever field they are. If they act patiently, and with confidence, there is no position in life where they cannot reach. They do not hesitate to perform any complicated task which may be against rules and regulations if they find it morally correct. In a nutshell, Aquarians are called hope for mankind.

When negative qualities start developing in male Aquarius, then they are lost in their thoughts and are unable to take decisions as a consequence of which they do not do anything. They are surrounded by cowardly.

Female Aquarius although being attractive, due to their unbiased thoughts fall prey to the jealousy of male. She may dodge her lover by procrastinating her marriage for a long time and even after marriage it cannot be expected from her that she will give physical satisfaction to her husband. Her qualities and nature mostly keep her engaged in social activities and the welfare of mankind and it is difficult to bind her in a home.

Aquarius Horoscope – Financial Affairs & Activities

Aquarius can adjust themselves to any situation.  They have a special ability to identify human nature.  Therefore they can be expected to play a creative role in any field of life.  They are successful in financial matters, but for the money is not an end but a means and it is for the welfare of others more than for themselves.  Business is not their cup of tea and they should keep themselves away from it.

Due to the influence of Uranus, there could be a big and sudden change in their destiny.  There could be unexpected or queer monetary gains once in their life.  They can be successful in trusts, the insurance company, banks, railway companies, electricity companies, aviation, and new discovery projects.

Aquarius Horoscope – Friendship, Love, Marriage Compatibility

Aquarius horoscope friendship is a casual quality of the Aquarius and they have a huge number of friends who have a long-lasting relationship despite this, friends seldom understand the nature of an Aquarius completely. This is due to their very complicated and abysmal nature.

Aquarius selects their friends from their personal view. Still, stable relations cannot be expected from them. Due to their forgetfulness sometimes they land themselves in a queer situation. They are always ready to learn from their friends. They do lot have any kind to prejudice and as soon as they come to know about their mistake, they accept very happily and change their preconceived opinion.

Their home is always open to their friends. Therefore to welcome them they always keep it decorated. There may exist old items and modern electronic items. Their love affair begins with friendship. They choose a life partner who is a partner as well as a friend and who is free from fickle-mindedness.

A partner with a burning desire for sex is not a proper combination for Aquarius because according to the sexual relations are only one side of the coin which should not be allowed to overpower life.

Aquarius Horoscope – Health & Food Habits

Aquarius is tall and this body is well structured. Their face is oval-shaped. Males are like female figure and females are like children. Hands are long, eyes are away, upper lips are thin are ears are small. Hair is brown in color and breast of a female is small. They do not believe in frivolities but there is a childish and easy smile on their face.

Aquarius represents the ankle, heels, and blood-circulation in a human body. Due to slow blood circulation, hands and legs become cold. Due to blood disorders, more serious problems may arise. Aquarius should be cautious about this and they should inhale fresh air as much as they can. Teeth, heart, and throat are also influenced by it. The ailment in teeth and tonsils are possible. They should be cautious about pain in joints. They are more pony to infection. If they do not keep proper health, or if they get tired of little work or if they have insomnia, then they should consult a doctor.

They should have simple and nutritious food. They should keep their feet warm. They should not neglect injuries or blood disorder. They should not live in an atmosphere of malaria.

They are vulnerable to problems related to veins, stomach, heart, and gallbladder. It is difficult for doctors to treat them. They are seen buying medicine from a market which is advertised. Some capsules or energizing medicines are always available with them for their friends’ ailment.

In old age, they are prone to ailments related to blood – circulation, shortage of blood, headache & back pain, faster heart heats and weakness, unusual accidents hurting legs, injury in heels or fractures of bones.

Aquarius Horoscope – Other known facts

According to Indian pundits, astrologers the color of Aquarius is grayish black. According to Indian astrologers, the color of the ruling planet of Aquarius i.e. Saturn is black. The gemstone for Saturn is blue sapphire which should be worn in iron. According to western astrologers, it is ruled by Uranus. It is related to the sun and its mental is uranium.

Aquarius manifests west direction.

Aquarius represents Saturday. The number of its Indian ruling planet Saturn is 8 and Western ruling planet Uranus is 4. Both these numbers are considered lucky. These two numbers play an important role in the life of an Aquarius and bring sudden ups and downs in the life of an Aquarius.

Aquarius Horoscope directs the following thing, places, and person:

Security/defiance – department, business, wholesale business, motor vehicle, wool, silk, electric appliances, boat, bridge, hydroelectricity generation, etc.

Mountainous or rough surface, places close to sources, carves, mines, recently dug fields, tunnels, windows, place to store electric goods, temple.

Metal – dealer, orthopedic surgeon, philanthropist, rich person and social worker, fish seller, hunter, water-man, liquor manufacturer, loiterer / first, thief, dacoits, shepherd, killer, a person of inferior of cadre, lawyer, registrar of birth-death, blasphemous.

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