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Moon Sign Calculator - Know Your Sign Compatibility with Moon

Moon in Aries

The native will be haughty, independent, sensual, head of an enterprise, fickle minded, courageous, and fond of traveling. He will be rich but will spend whatever money he would earn.

A full Moon will give excellent results with regard to wealth if it is in the ascendant or in the second house in this sign. He would keep bad company. He will have a ruddy complexion. He would have bad nails, knees, and hair.

There would be marks of wounds and boils on his body and he would be afraid of water. He may suffer from troubles in the head and fevers. The wife and mother would be dominating and he would not pull along well with his brothers.

If the Moon is located in this sign hemmed in by two malefic planets, the native will die of bums or injuries inflicted by weapons. He will be afraid of water. The Moon in this sign in the ascendant is good.

If the Sun aspects the Moon, the native will have quick temper and he will be keen to join the army or police. An aspect of Jupiter or Venus will be welcome as it will make the native rich and highly placed.

Moon in Taurus (Exalted at 3 deg/Mooltrikona from 4 to 30 deg)

The native is quiet, patient, generous, handsome, broad-chested with a thick neck, has curly hair, has a well developed aesthetic sense, and prefers female company. He will be conservative and may resist change. He may successfully acquire property and friends.

He may involve himself in his family business. He may be prosperous. He may talk well and maybe an interesting conversationalist. He will be happier in the middle and end of his life. For Aries ascendant, a powerful Moon will give riches but some sickness as well.

The aspect of Mars is bad for the morals of the native. When Jupiter aspects the Moon the native will be wealthy. He will be learned and good if Mercury aspects it. The aspect of Saturn will make the native have an uncertain financial status.

Moon in Gemini

The native has a developed intellect. He will be very fond of books and reading. He is learned, humorous, witty and can express himself well. He is fond of female company, handsome, and likes to travel. He may have a prominent nose.

He will think of the welfare of all, will do good deeds, will be popular among women, and will be respected for his gentlemanliness.

A pow­erful Moon in this sign with Virgo ascendant will make the native very rich and highly placed. The aspect of Jupiter on a Moon placed well in Gemini will make the native very learned. The aspect of Venus is excellent for wealth.

Moon in Cancer

The native will be under the influence of his mother. He will be generally susceptible to female influence. He would be wealthy, owning property, highly placed, fond of flowers, traveling and water bodies. He will have interest in astrology and the occult.

His family life will be happy. He will have a good house. His career may have periodic ups and downs. He may live abroad. It is not good from the point of view of longevity for Gemini ascendant, especially so when Mars influences it.

If with such a combination, Mars and the Moon have their major-period and sub-period current in the childhood of the native, he may not survive it. When the ascendant is Scorpio, a combination of the Sun with Moon in Cancer will take the native high in life and make him prosperous.

Even aspect of the Sun on Moon will produce excellent results. The aspect of Jupiter or Venus will likewise produce very favorable results, but the aspect of Venus on the Moon in Cancer may make the native lustful and he may not have a good moral character.

Moon in Leo

Though the native will be attached to his mother and will respect her, the cause of most of his troubles will be women and his married life may not be satisfactory. He would be a man of principles and would have a dignified air about him but he would be of anxious and vindictive temperament.

He would be generous in nature. He would have a broad chest and face. He would suffer from teeth and stomach trouble. This position of the Moon for Aries ascendant is not good. The native will, with great difficulty, be able to have a daughter.

If the ascendant is Leo, the native will have some defect in his eyesight. An aspect of the Sun on the Moon will make him a highly placed person. When Mars aspects the Moon in Leo, the native is likely to be a prosperous and senior army officer.

Moon in Virgo

He would be truthful, handsome, learned, eloquent, persever­ing, patient, helpful, wealthy, teacher of Vedas and compassion­ate. He would have more daughters than sons. He would be partial to female company. The native will be fortunate.

If the Moon is located in this sign hemmed in by two malefic planets, the native will die of blood disorders. The native, with Taurus ascendant and the Moon placed in Virgo, will have a daughter who will be very rich later in life.

This placement of a full and powerful Moon in the ascendant will make the native very wealthy and handsome. An aspect of Jupiter or Venus will further improve matters.

Moon in Libra

The native will have property, be generous, active, a trader in cattle, very wealthy, religious, interested in philosophy, intelli­gent aid fond of traveling.

He may be tall and slim and may have a prominent nose. He may have liaison with more than one woman. The Moon in Libra for Aries ascendant may not give good results. Here, the native will be ailing and may succumb to diseases in the major-period or sub-periods of the Moon.

For Taurus ascendant, such a Moon will cause the native to get involved in litigation and debts. A powerful Moon in Libra will be excellent for Gemini, Virgo or Libra ascendant, provided Venus is powerful and the Moon is not associated with the Sun.

Moon in Scorpio (Debilitated at 3 deg)

The native may fall ill repeatedly in his childhood. He may be greedy, miserly, and fickle-minded and may not be able to express himself satisfactorily. He may have to live away from the family. He would be capable and clever at his work. He may have to suffer displeasure of the government in the form of financial penalties.

The native would be overbearing, of thievish disposi­tion and will not get along well with his relatives. He will gamble away his money. He may have a painful death. He may join service. If the Moon is located in this sign hemmed in by two malefic planets, the native will die of bums or injuries inflicted by weapons.

A full Moon in Scorpio will be very good as far as marital felicity is concerned for Taurus ascendant. A weak Moon in Scorpio is also good for Aquarius ascendant. Aspect of Mars on the Moon will make the native rich and powerful.

Moon in Sagittarius

The native can communicate his ideas well. He may have an oval face and an elongated neck. He would be strong, learned and generous. He may be short-statured or he may have normal height but abnormal weight if Jupiter is powerful in the horo­scope. He will live near water.

He will be well built, courageous and eloquent. He will be rich but miserly. The native will succeed at speculation well if the ascendant is Gemini but his married life may cause sorrow to him.

For this ascendant, the native may have trouble in his teeth. Cancer in the ascendant and the Moon weakly placed in Sagittarius is a bad combination. The native may be of bad conduct and may indulge in giving and taking of loans, gambling, womanizing and he may be in the habit of taking alcohol.

A waning Moon in Sagittarius may bring about separation from spouse for Capricorn ascendant, and give ailing children to a native having Aquarius ascendant. If strong, it shall be excellent for Pisces ascendant. The aspect of the Sun, Venus or Jupiter will yield good results.

The aspect of Mars on the Moon in Sagittarius will make the native a wealthy and well placed senior army officer. The aspect of even Saturn will make the native morally upright and a good speaker.

Moon in Capricorn

He can be unforgiving. He would be a slow worker. He would like traveling but he is basically a family man. He would be tall and lean in appearance.

He may have musical talent. He will be highly sensual, truthful, unexcitable and ruthless. He will look for the company of young women.

He will be susceptible to cold. If the Moon is located in this sign hemmed in by two malefic planets, the native may die of bums, hanging or fall from a height.

The Aries and Libra ascendants with the Moon in Cap­ricorn are good for power and pelf. The aspect of Mars, Jupiter or Venus on the Moon is good.

Moon in Aquarius

He has finally developed aesthetic sense but would have a bad temper. He would not be religious and may like intoxicants.

He would be lazy, inimical to good persons and will be poor. His build would be large. If the Moon is located in this sign hemmed in by two malefic planets, the native will die of bums, hanging or fall from a height.

The native will earn well if the planet is favorable for the ascendant. A powerful Moon in Aquarius will yield good results for Gemini and Scorpio ascendants. The aspect of Jupiter on the Moon will be auspicious.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon is generally good in this sign. The native would be generous, fond of young women, well educated, balanced, hand­some and wealthy. He can be successful in the field of fine arts. He will have an unpredictable temper, taste for good music, and an interest in things foreign.

He may get or inherit wealth suddenly or may come upon buried treasure. He will be fond of journeys overseas and may profit from them.

The Moon in this sign for Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius ascendants may yield poor results. The aspect of the Sun on Moon will make the native join the army. He will have a martial frame of mind. The aspect of Mercury or Jupiter will be excellent for affluence and learning.

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