Sun in Different Houses

Sun in Different Houses

Effect of Sun in Different Houses 

Sun in Different Houses – 1st House

Sun in Different Houses effects as follows but here we are starting with the Sun in 1st House. This is a good position and will confer good health if there is no detracting factor. The native will have good relations with the government. He will be respectful and obedient to his father. His spouse will be from a high family. He will be on good terms with the people in power.

He will be morally upright and will have a religious or ethically correct attitude towards life. He will be frank and magnanimous. Such a Sun will be highly beneficial for the younger sister/brother of the native. The younger sister/brother will be well placed, wealthy and will have friends in high places.

It will also make the native’s mother inclined to religion and she will go on pilgrimages. His children will do well at the highest levels of studies. They may also go abroad in this connection. If the Sun is adversely placed in the first house it will make a person aggressive, impetuous, lazy, unforgiving, ambitious, proud, of impressive appearance, and impatient.

If will be full of vitality, bald, tall, lean, and may suffer from ailments in the head and eye but on the whole, will enjoy good health. The health may remain indifferent during childhood. He is likely to gain from cattle. The native will have a restricted number of children.

Sun in Different Houses – 2nd House                                         

The Sun in the second house, if adverse, makes the personal struggle for money and may have to face confiscation of wealth and property by the Government. Such a Sun will make the younger sister/brother of the native not well disposed towards his father.

His father will be in service, not rich, and weak in constitution. The younger sister/brother may either have physi­cal deformity or trouble in his eyesight. The sibling may also not be morally upright and may be deprived of children. If the Sun is favorable, well placed and powerful it can make the native very wealthy.

He may gain from government and by trading or dealing in copper, gold and other metals. He may have diseases of the mouth and face. He will find it difficult to learn things and he cannot express himself well. His relations with his immediate family may be unsatisfactory.

If the Sun is well placed here it will confer favor of the superiors, inheritance, and good eye-sight. Such a Sun will bring wealth to the mother of the native and very high position and riches to his children. The children will be of good conduct. His wife will face a critical time in her middle years. A good Sun with powerful second house will be favorable signs for her to expect a legacy.

Sun in Different Houses – 3rd House

This location of the Sun makes the relationship with younger brothers/sisters and other relatives strained. Some of his younger brothers, sisters, neighbors or colleagues may reach high posi­tions in life. It can also lead to the early death of a sibling.

The native would, however, be fortunate, high minded, good looking, learned, successful in litigation, intelligent, valorous, and in an authoritative position. He may travel a lot in connection with his business. He will have success in the field of publishing and editing.

He will have the satisfaction of having good servants. He will have a tendency to associate with rough or undesirable persons. His mother will either be interested in the occult or may devote her time to charities, hospitals or asylums. His father will be successful at litigation and may do well in life.

Sun in Different Houses – 4th House

The native would be an employee of the Government. An adverse Sun in the fourth house leads to difficulties in relation­ship with the mother and native’s boss, He will not generally be happy in life especially at the close of it, would not have peace of mind and would do away with his property if the Sun occupying this house is weak. Such a Sun is not good for the wealth of the native’s father and that of his younger sister/brother.

He may suffer from high blood pressure and heart trouble. There would be several changes of residence. A powerful Sun will bring success to the native abroad. He will realize his ambitions. He will have immovable property and will be highly educated.

The native would have honor towards the end of his life. This position is good for the native’s wife. She may be of good and pious conduct or be highly placed in life depending upon the influence that the Sun receives and on the sign in which it is placed.

It will give results of its placement in the first house according to its strength and nature for the ascendant to native’s mother. This position of the Sun in the fourth house is not good for native’s children. They may have stomach, eye or heart trouble or they may lead an inconspicuous life.

Sun in Different Houses – 5th House

The Sun, if weak and afflicted, in the fifth house leads to a strained relationship with the children or their premature death. Though the native would be very intelligent, he would be given to love affairs which can bring dishonor to him. He will make risky and unproductive investments.

He will be of anxious dispo­sition. The native is likely to suffer from heart and stomach diseases, particularly so if the house and Leo are also afflicted and weak. The Sun in a Navamsa owned by a malefic planet and the owner of the fifth house weak and badly placed will severely curtail the longev­ity of native’s father.

A powerful Sun will bring the native into contact with highly placed persons who will be friendly with him. The native is likely to be scholarly and has a few elder brothers. An elder brother of the native will reach a high position in life. The native’s younger sister/brother will do well in life.

Sun in Different Houses – 6th House

This indicates that the native would take up service at which he would perform well, help other# and have a successful career. He is likely to take up medicine or chemistry as his special branch of study. The native will be troubled by his enemies but will successfully overcome them.

Though the native will have good vitality, he would generally be concerned about his health. Finan­cially he would be well off. The health of the wife of the native will not be good. There would be a danger to the native from quadrupeds. His mother’s family will have problems.

The mother may develop strained relations with her younger sister/brother during the major-period or sub-periods of the Sun. The native will have a heightened sexual appetite. This is considered a good location for the Sun. The native will be susceptible to fevers and eye trouble early in life.

A weak and afflicted Sun may cause the native to suffer humiliations at the hands of his enemies and he may lose in litigation. It will give results of its placement in the second house to his children. A benign and powerful Sun shall be excellent for the progress of native’s father in service.

The father may be in service of a foreigner. Such a Sun may make the elder sister/brother of the native learned in occult matters.

Sun in Different Houses – 7th House

The sexual urge would be strong in the native and there would be a certain amount of restlessness in him. A weak Sun will be indicative that problems with regard to his marriage may arise later in life and the wife of the native may not keep good health.

She will be dignified and proud. Even a slightly tainted Sun here can be troublesome for marital felicity and harmony for the native. The native can suffer from humiliations and insults due to women. He may antagonize the Government. His younger sister/brother may have troubles from his children, or he may not have children at all.

The native may go abroad. He may have problems with regard to his business and partnership. He will have intestinal trouble and colic. A goad Sun will make the native successful after marriage, popular and gain through partners.

The native will be able to resolve matters by arbitration and will thus avoid litigation. This is a good position of the Sun for the children and father of the native. It will give results of its placement in the third and eleventh houses respectively to them.

Sun in Different Houses – 8th House

This position is an indicator that the native would suffer from eye trouble, particularly in the right eye. The native will be susceptible to fevers. He will hardly have friends and his rela­tionship with his father would be tense. His health, however, will be good through the span of life may not be more than medium.

It can lead to separation from the family, loss of wealth, miseries and heavy expenditure. The native is likely to have a tendency to sexual promiscuity, especially with foreigners. The native will get inheritance or money by way of legacy through his wife.

In the horoscope of a female, this shows widowhood. The native may die committing an act of heroism. He will face a critical time in his middle age. The native may die of fever or fire. A well disposed of Sun may make the native scholarly or to have a deep interest in the occult.

Sun in Different Houses – 9th House

This position ensures success and gains through long journeys but, like the previous one, also indicates poor relations with the father and religious preceptor. The father may pass away early in life. Native’s relations with his younger sister/brother may also get strained during the major-period or sub-periods of the Sun.

When the Sun is well placed and has a beneficial influence, the native would be interested in law, religion, and philosophy. He may have a close connection with colleges or law firms. He will tend to do well in life after 21 years of age.

He would earn respect in his field, be wealthy, fair-minded and comfort-loving. He will successfully pursue higher studies. He will also travel abroad. His children may have cause to worry on account of their children.

Sun in Different Houses – 10th House

The Sun, when favorable, in the tenth house makes the person intelligent, learned, famous, wealthy, and self-confident. He would earn his livelihood by doing mental work. He would be a leader of men and will be successful in his career. Such a Sun will give success, respect, repute, and fame to him.

The native will earn well through his profession and he will hold responsible positions, may be in government as well. He may be concerned over matters relating to his mother. His relations with his father will be satisfactory and the father will be long-lived.

He may live away from his relatives. He may have an ungovernable or worried mind throughout his life. He may live at a place away from the place of birth. The native will find his 22nd and 70th years as particularly fortunate.

It will give results of its placement in the second house to the father. It is an excellent place for the children of the native. The eldest child may become a doctor. If the Sun is the owner of the third house, and Mars is weak in the horoscope, the native may not have a younger sister/brother.

If Mars is afflicted in the combination just described, some of the younger sister/brothers may die at an early age. The elder brother or sister of the native may not be rich. It will give results of its placement in the fourth house to his wife, and in the second house to his father.

Sun in Different Houses – 11th House

This position is excellent for the material welfare of the native. The Sun here is an indication of successful investments and good income from them. It also ensures the realization of ambitions. The native is likely to acquire wealth.

This position is harmful to the eldest child. It is likely to cause mental disquiet to the native on account of his children. It promises success without much effort, good reputation, and position. The native may not be friendly with politicians. His wife will be good looking. His friends will be highly placed and the native will gain through their help and support. \

He will have favors from his superiors and will be in the good books of the government. It will give results of its placement in the first house to the elder sister/brother, in the fifth house to his wife, and, in the ninth house to the younger sister/ brother of the native.

This position is not good for the health of his mother. Sun in the eleventh house is excellent for the welfare of his maternal uncle.

Sun in Different Houses – 12th House

The native may live abroad and may not be rich. This is not a good position for relations with the father. The native has to work hard for achieving his ambitions and suffers at the hands of the Government. He will have a lot to do with hospitals, asylums, charitable institutions, prisons, and philanthropic work.

He will successfully pursue a career in medicine, chemistry or occult sciences. The early years in his life would be obscure. He may be given to the incessant practice of Yoga.

He may lack in self-confidence. A powerful and beneficial Sum here will be excellent for the advancement of his younger sister/brother in his career and in the world. An afflicted Sun is bad for the health of native’s children.

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