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Scorpio Horoscope Friendship, Career, Love, Nature

Scorpio Horoscope (Vrishchik Rashi)

Scorpio Horoscope – Nature & Habits

Scorpio Horoscope is a sign of water element. It is the second sign of the water triangle (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Its ruling planet is Mars which is a fire planet. The combination of water and fire helps to convert water into vapors. This can bring repulse in calm and stable water. Vapour is one of the main sources of energy. In Scorpio, there is a limitless repository of energy.

Scorpio is a stable sign. This quality makes the Scorpio very religious and devoted. They are always engaged in some of the other work and once they are determined to do work, they don’t sit quiet, until they finish the work. To take advantage of their energy, they should be made to realize their supremacy.

There is a great difference between Taurus, another sign ruled by Mars and Scorpio, which is also ruled by Mars. The difference is that Taurus think themselves as born leaders and they find it difficult to work under anybody. They lack stability they while away or misuse their energy. On the contrary, Scorpio is more inclined to creative activity.

Scorpio Horoscope is an equal or a female sign. Such signs are considered very wild and polite and they do not get into conflict with others unless they are forced to do so. But once when somebody irritates or excites them, they do whatever they can to insult such a person. In such situations, female Scorpion is like an injured lioness.

Male Scorpion has an extraordinary power to attract others towards them. In their childhood, they are very delicate and prone to many diseases. After attaining the age of 21, they acquire surprising energy to fight with diseases. They have to face mostly hidden diseases and breathing troubles. They are also prone more to accidents. There is very few Scorpion who do not meet accidents. These accidents leave an indelible mark on their body.

If there is no unpropitious sign of the unfortunate/evil planets on the Lagna or there are no other unfavorable combinations, then the body of the Scorpion is finely structured. Their hands are longer than normal, a face is a wide, attractive personality, small curly hairs, and fleshy body.

There is a special kind of ignorance and fascination in the hands & feet of female Scorpion which attracts others. They can make use of these fascinating powers when required in a positive or negative way.

Whatever work or business Scorpio take up, they put their complete efforts and hard work into it. Their head is also a devil’s workshop. They have strong imagination power and a very sharp brain, but because of being more imaginative they are caught in their own trap and they fail to take proper advantage of their powers.

One of the reasons for this is that they are very jealousy minded. A small prank or comment for fun may hurt them badly. They start thinking about such issues which are unfavorable for them. For example, if a friend tells the Scorpio that his wife was seen talking to a particular person in a market, then the jealousy minded Scorpio will start thinking about the illicit relations of his wife with the person. As a result of this, the peace in the family could come to an end.

The biggest weakness in a Scorpio is that with whom so ever they come in contact, and give their complete trust to them, they try to mold themselves according to their thinking or according to them. And as a result, they have to pay the price once they believe that their friend or their superior is trying to insult him then he will instantaneously ready himself to take revenge.

They have a habit of leading a double character life. One to show to the world and the other for themselves. They appear very talkative and frank but hold back some important confidential matter which they reveal when they get a proper opportunity.

Scorpio does not like to interfere in other affairs. They take an interest only when they are related to them. They are not interested in unimportant matters and never take the help of cheating or deception. As far as possible they talk less. Their words are very balanced.

Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio gives them qualities like self-confidence, to work in excitement, courage, determination, excitement, and fearlessness. If they like somebody, they like them from the depth of their heart and if they dislike somebody they do so from their heart.

They go to the extremes of anything very quickly they get excited. They are not ready to bend before anybody, even if they are alone. They fight for themselves along and choose their path themselves.

The main quality of Scorpio is that they are always under the control of their emotions not only in love affairs but in all other work. If they do not get an opportunity to stay in the highest emotional position, they fall prey to psychological diseases. They can choose any field to express their emotions, like social, political injustice, economic exploitation, insufficient accommodation arrangement. They apply their energy to the fullest to fight against injustice and they possess extraordinary intuitive power.

They get a prior intimation of future incidents by their intuitive power and they act accordingly. It is true that Scorpio has the ability to hurt as the Scorpion does with its sting. If somebody takes revenge from them they do not forget it easily. But after expressing their sorrow they can take control over their anger. And at the same moment, they forgive their enemies.

Scorpio Horoscope – Financial Matters and Activities

Scorpio Horoscope possesses limitless energy. They can be compared to an engine which does not keep working becomes worn out. If they do not use their energy then it affects their health adversely. They fall prey to mental problems.

It is also true that they are not satisfied with small or unimportant work. If they feel that they are only a small & unimportant spare part of a machine and their energy is being wasted or not used productively then they lose all their enthusiasm to work. They try to search for a new job and start working from the beginning.

Scorpio horoscope is mostly compared to an instructor. Every time they try to reach to the root of any problem. They have strong reasoning ability and intuitive power. They are totally devoted to their work or business. Due to these qualities, they become good doctors, surgeons, advisors, and orators. Due to their original thinking, they can become successful in business, politics, literature, etc.

They have good command over the language. By creating an impression on the audience by their oratory skills, they can make them move in the direction they wish to. As writers, they choose to be critics or any field where they can judge other qualities and weaknesses.

They are also interested in scientific subjects. They describe things in a very playful way. Very soon in their life, they take an interest in occult studies. They can very well study another character. As they possess the ability of deep analysis and reaching to the roots of reality, they can become good police officials, especially investigators of criminal offenses.

The problem is that, if they are in this field, they may come across people of their own sign. i.e. Scorpio. If they fall prey to negative qualities, they may even become criminals.

Scorpio can become a good psychologist. In government departments, they can play the role of diplomats and conversations very well. They play an important role in resolving conflicts or teaching lesson to enemies. They can be good soldiers also. Generally, they love discipline but this discipline should not come in their way of displaying their energy.

They like to undertake risky and dangerous work like discovering hidden treasures, exploring unknown places, etc. They prefer to play a risky game only like boxing, karate, judo, etc. They are also interested in swimming, but riskier water games like skiing in the water, boat race, etc.

Scorpio often gets acclamation and appreciation from their friends and colleagues but very few of them escape from deformation due to frauds and scams. They have normally two sources of income. In the initial years of their life, they have to struggle a lot and face many difficulties, but in the latter part, they meet success.

They easily trust anybody and get trapped in their plots and plans which do not have concrete evidence. They believe in spending their money with both hands. Money lying in their pockets pricks them.

When somebody screams for help. they cannot stop themselves from running to help them especially when the person is of the opposite sex. The is the reason why Scorpio seldom accumulate wealth.

Scorpio Horoscope – Friendship, Love and Marriage

Scorpio horoscope represents private organs of a person. The seventh sign, which expresses marital and love relations is Taurus. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus which governs the excretion of sperms in the whole body. Taurus itself represents the strength of manhood. It moves on its way by swinging here and there.

But when it gets out of control, it becomes very difficult to control it. It crushes everything that is lying in front of it.

Therefore it is apparent from this that in the zodiac system, Scorpio is the most lustful sign. A major part of their energy is wasted on love affairs. Many Scorpio maintains two families at the same time.

They are very emotional and in no time, they fall in new love affairs. At the same time, they do not forget their old love affairs. The main reason behind the breaking of their love relations is their jealousy nature.

They expect to derive too much satisfaction from their life partners. If such things do not happen, they become very restless and try to seek extramarital relationships.

They cannot cope with a dejected life-partner. Therefore before marrying a Scorpio, one should know very well that a Scorpio husband wants to play the role of a lover of his wife. See also a Scorpio wife wants to be a lover of her husband. If they bring such practices in their life, then only they can lead a happy life.

For a female Scorpio, an ideal husband can only be a male Scorpio. She can be happy also with a male Piscean or Cancerian. She can also get along with a male Virgo or Aquarian. A Taurus husband fully tries to keep his Scorpio wife happy. As far as possible, he will not let family matters to go out.

A Taurus husband is mostly concerned about his status and family glory. But the problem with a Scorpio wife is that she loses her temper very quickly. In such situations, she is not aware of anything. Neither about the position of her husband nor anybody’s suggestions.

When her excitement gets over, she repents for her behavior. Normally Scorpio wives are very hard-working, simple and truthful. The same is for Scorpio husbands.

As far as friendship is concerned, when Scorpio make friendship very soon they get closer to them. But their friendship very rarely remains stable. When there is some misunderstanding or arguments between the two, then there is no enemy as bad as a Scorpio.

Scorpio expects too much from their friends. For trivial issues, they keep on disturbing their friends, but at the same time, they too are very generous. They take their friends to the best of hotels & restaurant to treat them. The squander money to welcome them and provide hospitality to them.

They do not care whether their friend is affluent or pauper. Whether he will able to able to repay their kindness or not. If necessary, they extend even financial help to friends.

In the beginning, Scorpio parents love their children too much, but when they grow, Scorpio parent imposes strict discipline on them. The expectations of parents are very stable.

Due to strict discipline, children may develop a psychology of fear from parents. With growing age, the differences in their thinking widen and this takes the form of the generation gap.

Parents should be very careful while bringing Scorpio children. Scorpio children have a very determined personality and are very stubborn. They wish that their inquisitiveness should be fully satisfied.

If parents fail in doing so, then the children search their own path for their satisfaction and may follow wrong or improper direction. If this is not controlled by the parents at the proper time then they get addicted to it. This may adversely affect them.

The worst quality which may develop in Scorpio children is jealousy. This attitude could be for their younger siblings. In hostels, these children may be getting engaged in search of a secret source of entertainment.

Scorpio Horoscope – Health & Food Habits

According to Indian fund or Astrologers, the color of Scorpio Horoscope is Golden. According to Westerners, persons born under this sign like red or maroon color. The curtains, floor, etc. of their room will be most of this color. To make the colors more loudly or exciting, they may mix blacker dark colors to it. To decorate their rooms they use peacock feathers, stone or pebble kind of unusual articles, and pictures stimulating lust. They love intoxicating music only –After the passage of a certain time, Scorpio is attracted to occult studies. One should not get surprised if the room of Scorpio is lighted with sandal incense sticks.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope about Other Known Facts

Scorpio manifests the Northern direction.

The number of Mars, the Lord of Scorpio is 9. According to Cheiro, the number creates heavy disturbances and confusion.

This number plays an important role in the lives of Scorpio.
In days it represents Tuesday is governed by Lord Kart key, whose vehicle is said to be a peacock.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope directs the following things, places, and personalities.

Explosives, bomb, crackers, knives & weapons, sword, other weapons, liquor, chemicals, oil, acid, petroleum, poison, groundnut, linseed plant, mustard, iron.

Well, pits of same – Scorpion, gutters, rivers, ruined houses on coastal places, kitchen, slaughterhouses, fish – meat market, operation theatre, toilets, the storage place of iron, leather tannery, laboratory, cemetery, articles produced in the month of autumn (Sharad Ritu).

An affluent, strong and charismatic person, president in corporations, legislator, passenger, film heroes, thief, tax evaders, etc.

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