2nd House Astrology

2nd house astrology

Effect of 2nd House Astrology in Zodiac Signs

2nd house astrology

2nd House Astrology


Aries in 2nd House Astrology

Mars, the owner of the second house will also be the owner of the ninth house. It will be a very good planet for the native having Pisces ascendant. It will be the owner (counted from the seventh house) of the third and eighth houses for the wife of the native, and will by nature be adverse for her. It will be indicative of her longevity, and if well placed will confer long life on her.

It will be the owner of the first and sixth houses (counted from the ninth house) for the native’s father and cannot be called wholly favorable for him. It will have its mooltrikona in the second house from the ascendant, which would be the sixth house from the ninth, and the malefic nature of Mars due to its ownership of the sixth house will be pronounced.

It will own the fifth and tenth houses (counted from the fifth house) and will be an excellent planet for the native’s children. It will be the owner of the sixth and eleventh houses (counted from the fourth house) and will be highly adverse for the native’s mother, etc.

The results for the relatives of the native (father, mother, wife, children, etc. ) should be counter checked with the use of the karakas in the manner given for the karakas in the Chapter on Planets before the results are taken as final. The native and his sons will earn their livelihood through fair means. If the owner is powerful he will be wealthy, truthful, learned and will possess vehicles.

A powerful Mars will make the native gain without effort and the father to maintain good health. A weak Mars or afflicted by Ketu will not only cause problems in this direction but will also make the mother of the native very prone to serious accidents or operations. The younger brother of the wife may help the native earn money.

The native will take starting new ventures as a challenge and in the event of failure of the first business will, without demur, move to the next. He will be impulsive in his investments. Mars placed in the first house will make the native religious, wealthy and fortunate. Mars in the second house is excellent for wealth. Mars in the third house may restrict the number of younger brothers/sisters, but they will prosper in life.

The native will be good at his work and a successful person in life. Mars in the fourth house gives a lot of wealth to the native in the form of immovable property, and higher studies in logic, or engineering. It does not appear to be adverse for the married life of the native.

Mars in the fifth house makes the native’s father and children have an uncertain fortune since it will be debilitated here. If the Moon is waxing, well placed and powerful, or if the debilitation is canceled, the native’s children will have all the benefits in life.

The native will have a sharp intellect. It will be adverse for the health of the mother. If Mars is powerful, his wife will be long-lived. Mars in the sixth house will not be good for the native. If under the adverse influence, it may indicate that the native may have some trouble in his mouth for which surgery may have to be done.

He may have a defect in his speech. He may be put to loss by his enemies or maternal uncles. His mother may meet with an accident on a short journey. Mars placed in the seventh house makes the person happily married. It does not appear to be adverse for the married life of the native.

Mars in the eighth house will give results similar to its placement in the sixth house. It may not be good for the longevity of the native’s wife. Mars in the ninth house is not good. It makes the native’s father have a bad temper and disputes with members of the longer family. The father will be unfortunate. The native may still be very wealthy.

Mars in the tenth house will be excellent. The native will attain a high position in life. He will be of good conduct, wealthy and pow­erful. Mars, when placed in the eleventh house, is the surest indicator that the native will have great wealth.

It will be exalted here, and being the owner of the second and ninth houses, it will be occupying the eleventh house and aspecting the fifth. Mars in the twelfth house is an indication that the native will spend on a journey abroad during the period of this planet.

This is also not good for the welfare and comforts of the native’s father. He may be ailing at the time of the close of his life. This location also takes away from the capability of the planet to do good to the children of the native.

Taurus in 2nd House Astrology

The native will earn his living from agriculture. He will acquire milch cattle and precious metals. He will be constantly preoccupied with devising ways to conserve his wealth. He will be well off and will be fond of collecting works of art. His investments will be wise. Here the owner of the second house is Venus which is also the owner of the seventh house.

Venus will be a powerful maraka for the native. If afflicted, it will cause severe trouble in its major-period and sub-period of an adverse planet or vice-versa, In such a case it may also be responsible for the death of the native and will considerably reduce the longevity of the wife. When Venus is afflicted and influences a weak planet in the horoscope, it will annihilate the matters indicated by that planet as a karaka.

Thus if Venus influences Jupiter, the native may not have children or may lose them. But if Jupiter is powerful and favorable, the native will earn from business or in partnership with the family of his wife. He may gain wealth after his marriage, maybe as dowry or gifts from his wife’s family. His mother will have property and conveyances and will be learned.

His daughter will have her independent source of income if Venus is in the third or sixth house. In case the ninth house is also involved, she may earn by writing romantic novels. Venus badly placed especially in the fourth house and having a connection with an adverse Mars or Ketu may involve the father of the native in a major accident.

Gemini in 2nd House Astrology

The native will gain wealth through females and his wealth will remain in the hands of women. The owner of the second house there is also the owner of the fifth house. The planet involved is Mercury. Both these houses are connected with eloquence and the karaka for eloquence, Mercury, is their owner. Thus Mercury fully represents eloquence.

If Mercury is strong, the native will be a wonderful singer or speaker. He will gain financially by his speech and from his children. Mercury also represents money. If this planet is powerful, the native will earn well from speculation, clubs, and games of chance. He will successfully complete his education. The children of the native will be attached to the family but the affection will not be steady as Mercury is not a steady planet.

If Mercury and Venus are weak and afflicted by a planet having his mooltrikona sign in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house or a Node, the wife of the native will not live long as the owner of the eighth house counted from the seventh and the karaka for wife will be under the adverse influence.

The native will have wealth and cattle. He will have the opportunity to have the company of saints. The financial status will be changeable. The native is liable to make faulty investments or he may change jobs from time to time. If Mercury is placed in the eleventh house from the ascendant, the native will be wealthy, very intelligent but shall only have daughters.

Cancer in 2nd House Astrology

The native will face danger from water. He will earn well from timber, liquid related businesses, catering or hotel business. His finances may wax and wane. He may not show promise in his early years at school.

He may be miserly and his wealth will be enjoyed by his children who may join professions related to hygiene, nursing or medicine. He will be fond of sweets. The wealth will be self-earned. He will love his daughters. A powerful Moon will make the native like his family.

This will also ensure a long-lived wife. He will be good looking. His father may suffer from edema, tuberculosis or lung troubles. His mother will be of a friendly disposition and will have a large circle of female friends.

When the Moon is placed in the first house with a natural malefic planet or one that is adverse for the chart, the native may experience a shortage of funds during the periods of the planet.

Leo in 2nd House Astrology

The native will earn money through trade in forest produce and put his earnings to the good of all. He will strive to earn as much as possible through fair means which gives him a feeling of security. The speech of the native will be impressive.

His family will be dignified. He will like to have non-vegetarian food. He will be forthright. If the Sun is powerful, the native will earn from the government or through highly placed persons. His mother’s elder brother can be of high status or connected with the government.

His children also will prefer government jobs. The Sun in the second house is indicative of the fact that the native’s eldest child will be very highly placed. If the Sun is favorable and well placed in the house close to its cusp, the native will have high status.

Virgo in 2nd House Astrology

He will have good business acumen and will earn through it. The owner of the second house is Mercury which is also the owner of the eleventh house, It, therefore, is representative of wealth and value. A powerful Mercury will make the native earn well from an early age, as Mercury tends to give its results early in life.

Whichever house is influenced by it will prosper as Mercury represents value here. To illustrate the point: if Mercury occupies or influences the fourth house, the native will be highly and well educated; if it influences the fifth house, he will be very intelligent, and will have very good, well behaved and highly qualified children who will do well in life, etc.

However, the status of finances will not be stable. When Mercury is powerful, his elder brother/sister will be learned and wealthy. If Mercury is placed in the twelfth house, his younger brother/sister will earn his livelihood by writing and will be self-made.

Such disposition of the planet is however likely to make the native suffer from a slight speech defect. His mother may gain a legacy or recover money that had long been locked up.

Libra in 2nd House Astrology

The native trades in clay, earth, stone or their products and grain. His partnership will be successful. Even his wife can be a successful business partner. The owner of the second is also the owner of the ninth house. Venus, therefore, is a powerful repre­sentative of wealth which will come to the native much beyond the effort that he will put in for it.

The wealth will be earned with the help of or through wife or women. If Venus is weak it indicates loss of wealth in the same reverse manner both for the native and his father.

The native’s children can do well at speculation and also earn through professions connected with entertainment. A powerful and well placed Venus can be good for the status of the children especially the firstborn. The native will be generous and charitable. He will also be very learned.

Scorpio in 2nd House Astrology

He will be religious, humorous, fond of female company, and friendly. He will play truant from school in his early years since he could not feel interested in school work. He will be a good physical education teacher or an expert in calisthenics. He will not desist from making money through foul or unscrupulous means.

The owner of the second is also the owner of the seventh house here. See observations that have been recorded for Venus as a maraka under Taurus above. His son will be a self-made man who may join the military or a uniformed service and, if the planet is strong, he will rise high in his profession.

Such a Mars will make the native’s maternal uncle (his mother’s younger brother) wealthy with the substantial property. A weak and afflicted Mars will be very dangerous for the father of the native.

He may face accidents or undergo major operations. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Taurus above.

Sagittarius in 2nd House Astrology

The native earns through his ability, four-legged animals, milk and juices. The earnings and expenses will keep pace. The owner of the second is also the owner of the fifth house. The analysis done for Mercury when Gemini is placed in the second house may be seen above.

His investments will be successful if Jupiter is in a good state, otherwise, the native is likely to suffer losses from speculation. He will be well known. His father may serve a foreign law or educational concern or he may be associated with an international religious movement which will not be the one in which he is born.

A strong and well placed Jupiter will make the native’s mother very wealthy. His elder brother/sister will come by property and vehicles and will lead a comfortable life after marriage. His younger brother may go away and live at a short distance from his native place.

His mother’s younger brother will go abroad. A weak and badly placed Jupiter may cause the elder brother of his wife to have a serious setback in his profession or face dishonor in its major or sub-periods.

Capricorn in 2nd House Astrology

The native will earn his bread abroad, through the government or agriculture. He will have to work hard for making his liveli­hood. He will take recourse to unfair means to earn his wealth. He will be a poor pupil in his early years. He will be thrifty and will have the ability to make sound investments.

The owner of the second is also the owner of the third house. When Saturn is placed in the third house, the native will travel abroad during the periods of Saturn. The native will gain from his younger brothers/sisters, neighbors and colleagues if the owner is pow­erful. His elder sister/brother may be wealthy. His mother may not be able to save.

His children will have a very good income from their professions. Saturn in the eighth house is bad for the wealth of the native. Saturn in the ninth house indicates an irritable and sickly father.

Aquarius in 2nd House Astrology

The native will trade in flowers, fruits and produce of water. He will collect contributions for religious and charitable pur­poses. He will have to work hard for his wealth. He will be miserly.

The owner of the first house is Saturn which is also the owner of the second house. If Saturn is placed in the second house or is strong and well placed anywhere else in the horo­scope, it will give the native wealth but after much effort and late in life.

A powerful Saturn will indicate that the eldest child of the native would be a prosperous and well-placed person in life. Such a Saturn will also be good for the mother. If Saturn is in the second house, the elder brother/sister may continue higher education through correspondence.

Pisces in 2nd House Astrology

Jupiter is the karaka for wealth and owns the second and eleventh houses. It will, therefore, indicate wealth and worth fully here. Its influence on any other house will imbue the matters represented by that house with worth and make them prosper.

The native will have a steady income and steady expenditure. He will earn through education, and by locating treasure troves. He will have wealth.

If you are looking for more insights about 2nd House in Vedic Astrology then go through with 2nd house lord in different houses.

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