Mars Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Mars Mahadasha Effects

Effects of Mars Mahadasha

Mars Mahadasha Effects
Mars Mahadasha Effects

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Mars Mahadasha Analysis

Mars Mahadasha period and effects remain to exist till 7 Years in a Horoscope when it becomes active.

Mars is masculine, short in height, and has a thin waist. Its reddish-brown eyes and can be powerfully built. Its hair is bright and short, and it’s red and shining.

It’s courageous, a skillful speaker, vengeful, smart, liberal, slim, of a changeable disposition, is wrathful, adventurous, and capable of causing hurts. It dresses in red. Furthermore, it’s the son of the Planet. Its vehicle is a ram. It’s active. It’s the god of warfare.

Its compatibility with some other planets are as follows:
Mars is favorable with Sun, Moon, and Jupiter.
Neutral to Venus and Saturn whereas Inimical to Mercury.

It’s noticed that the indications owned by Mars and Venus are 7th and also twelfth from one another, Mars, therefore, dissipates Venus on a lot of matters as opposed to what Venus suggests. There’s an opposition between the two planets in the above-mentioned sense.

Mars Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

It’s strong in the 10th and infectious in the second house. The distinction between Mars and Venus is evident insofar as the emotional side of human nature is concerned, Venus is emotionally very sensitive whereas Mars is emotionally excitable.

Therefore, Venus generates psychological feelings, but Mars endeavors passions. Affection and refinement fall inside the domain of Venus. Violence is governed by Mars.

Mars is male. Venus is a female. When the two connect, aspect to each other, or Mars affects Venus in any fashion, in the natal chart or the Navamsa chart, it leads to heightened human sexuality in the native.

This becomes exacerbated if the institution takes place in a fixed sign. Should Mars and Ketu influence the factors suggesting the self in a horoscope, the native suffers from injuries, violence, and injuries.

When Jupiter and Mars together influence the ego of a person, they lead him to put in works for the good of society.

There is A good Samaritan born. The opposite is the consequence when Saturn joins Mars. In this instance, the indigenous are selfish and twisted and certainly may have tendencies.

Mars is an evil planet by character. It rises part. Placement of Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house causes the early death of the spouse, separation, divorce, or marital discord or incompatibility.

Mars or a malefic planet generally in the 8th house in a horoscope is known to cause widowhood.

If Mars is afflicted in a horoscope it will result in serious difficulties for the native every 3 years and 9 months. If Mars is an adverse planet for the horoscope and is in aspect with either the Sun or Moon, the native will be in severe difficulties at the time of 52.5 years.

If this type of Sun or Moon is also affected by Saturn, the death of the native can happen.

Effects of Mars Mahadasha with other planets

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Mars Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Mars Mahadasha Sun Antardasha, on the optimistic side, the native is going to be impressive, bold, assertive, industrious, prosperous, determined, healthful, long-lived, and energetic. He can be in the military or in a force or a profession that wields weapons.

The lifetime of the native may have a predominance of action to be decided by a sign wherein Mars is set. For instance, in an earth sign, the native will probably be good at games and stimulation, in airy, he is going to be smart and mentally alert, etc.

The aspect between both of these planets will create the native leader and an achiever. He’ll profit from his parents and also will be blessed with sons.

Mars Mahadasha Sun Antardasha, while on the negative side, he may have none of the good effects that are above mentioned. He’ll be untruthful, passionate, impulsive, devoid of intelligence, and those who keep bad company.

He’ll not possess favor from his superiors and might fall out with his son or parent. He’ll have to recompense to the bad deeds of his father. He’s very likely to face accidents, fever, sunstroke, surgical interventions, enmities, and assaults. There’ll be danger in firearms and fire. His family life will probably be bad.

Mars Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Mars Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, on the positive side, the native will be enterprising magnanimous, and ambitious. He’ll benefit from his mother from the side of the family.

He’ll be blessed in property matters and become very wealthy until the close of life.

He’ll keep his mental and bodily faculties in great order until an advanced age. He is going to be hardworking, full of energy, active, and healthful with a robust physique. The circulatory and muscular systems will probably be developed and functioning.

He can be prosperous in the armed forces or jobs related to water. He’ll enjoy sport and do well at them. Journeys will be pleasant and successful.

Mars Mahadasha Moon Antardasha, while on the negative side, he is going to be rash, reckless and irritable.

He might not have the fantastic indications written above, or in a worse situation, he can have the reverse results of the good ones. He can have a bad reputation. He is going to be attracted to girls, leading to disreputable entanglements.

He can be injury-prone and will have negative outcomes in litigation.

When the seventh house is involved, the native could endure the loss of a young kid or spouse. He can have diseases of lungs, blood, head, or the brain, and at a female chart, this might indicate trouble from the breasts.

There’ll be danger from robbers, surgery, water, or fire. The native will suffer declines because of his own rash acts.

Mars Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Mars Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, on the positive side, the native may have a mind. He can be successful as an engineer, surgeon, or even a mathematician. He is going to be exact, correct, and dexterous.

He is going to be playful, humorous, resourceful, instantaneous, and witty. Mars Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, while on the negative side, the native will show prejudices, passion, and anger.

He’ll be unaware of discretion as well as reason. He might take recourse to untruths. He can be a crucial, untrue, self. He might marry a widow or a characterless girl, and might not be wealthy.

Mars Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Mars Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, on the positive side, the native may have a positive approach to life. He’ll be independent-minded, persuasive, and noble. He’ll be financially successful.

He’ll have advanced methods of dealing with problems confronting him. He’ll be the and only champion of the weak and the oppressed. He’ll enjoy traveling and may benefit from it. He is going to be upright and simple. He’ll be capable to motivate others to a greater level of efficiency.

Mars Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha, while on the negative side, he’ll have to face problems due to religion. He might face religious persecution or might suffer harm due to occult practices. It can be the victim of the other’s dishonesty, or he can harm others by such practices.

He might die away from the house, maybe murdered due to hostility, or die in confinement, a monastery, or a hospital. He can be extravagant.

Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, on the optimistic side, the aspect energizes the talents that the native will be given by Venus, and that would have remained dormant in the personality otherwise.

He’ll be fond of sports. He’ll be capable and bold. He’ll be reputed, rich, and will spend.

Not only that, but he might earn throughout the point, art, decoration, girls, music, etc. He is going to be popular and friendly. Women may be gained by him.

He’ll marry and may have a fantastic married life. His might be a case of love at first sight. His attachments can be beneficial.

Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, while on the negative side, is going to be extravagant, passionate, lascivious, and may run after girls. He might spend on sex, finery, jewelry, pomp, show, and fellowship.

When other malefic planets put in their influence, he can even have a sexual drive. The wife might not be long-lived. There might be a threat to his life. He’ll have a will and will be not able to look at his wayward ways.

In case the aspect takes place at an aqueous sign, the native can get addicted to alcohol. He might like to bet and have an affair with different women. He can have difficulty with money related to the dead person.

Mars Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Mars Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, on the optimistic side, his personality is going to be like a master. He’ll be ambitious, brave to the extent of being contemptuous of risk, and energetic. He’ll be a tenacious attitude at work. His mind can be subtle. He’ll have leadership skills and might attain fame.

Mars Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, while on the negative side, he’ll be fanatically attached to his ideas and faith, and he’ll be the right material of that militants are made. He’ll be overbearing and can get notoriety.

There might be a danger to his honor. There may be injuries, mishaps, or death. The native will suffer at the hands of the government or his enemies. He can have reductions due to theft or dispute with labor.

His parents can get estranged from him, or she might pass out. If he attains a position, there’s a threat of collapse from it.

He can have bad relations with his bosses and he’ll suffer because of his hotheadedness. He can be unfeeling and callous.

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Let’s understand more about the Effects of Mars Mahadasha and Antardasha results through the below illustration as an example of one of our clients…
(please note that we strictly do not share the personal information of our clients and subscribers)

Date of Birth: 29th August 1983
Time of Birth: 06.30 Hrs.
Place of Birth: Ferozepur, India

Mars Mahadasha Predictions

MRS. A: “I am concerned about my Mars mahadasha, as always been told it is going to be a hard period for me. I am concerned how my married life, career life, and everything in general. And also we are trying to conceive my 2nd child which has been unsuccessful so far.”

mars mahadasha example horoscope
MRS A. Horoscope with Current Mars Mahadasha Analysis

You have the horoscope of Leo Ascendant with Sun and Venus situated in it. Here, Ketu is actually strong in your horoscope as it’s the Nakshatra lord of both Sun and Venus. But one thing that it is in Retrograde position, which is why you might feel dissatisfied, feel distracted, not so confident about what you have already.

When Ketu is linked with Ascendant then usually a native does not focus on what he has already but he actually focuses on all other things except his own goals, subjects, etc.

It is not something that is reality actually. It is something that you have actually accepted thing so much that it is seeming like reality to you. But it is merely a feeling of dissatisfaction, disbelieve. You are required to believe in yourself. Have confidence in yourself that you are something. Start feeling important about yourself.

After this short intro about your horoscope, let me quickly start with the current Dasha and upcoming Mahadasha Predictions.

First, let me provide an overview of Mahadasha. How it works in an individual’s horoscope.

Mahadasha effect would be around 20%

Antardasha effect would be 45-55%

Rests are Pratyantar Dasha and Sookshm Dasha effects which would like something around 25-30%

The Mahadasha works and provides results like an overall scenario, how things will happen according to that particular planet’s Dasha period.

Whereas, the Antardasha behaves with relates to that subject, according to the active Planet Mahadasha.

We will talk about your queries/situation and horoscope on the basis of Dasha Predictions and Overall Horoscope…

Very soon your Mars Mahadasha will be going to start from March 2020 and will be going to remain active for 7 years that is March 2027.

You said, Mars, is not favorable for you, which means its Dasha period also not going to be favorable for you. Well, this is not true exactly as stated above,

Dasha period works with all the planets, and the Mahadasha effect would be 20%, mainly we should always focus on the Antardasha periods and it will be going to change from time to time according to each planet’s respective time periods under their duration of Mahadasha, here it is 7 years.

Now, what’s the reason that Mars could affect you… well, I would like to tell you that Mars is Debilitated (Neech) in your Horoscope.

And, Mars itself is the planet of energy, and since it is Debilitated so it will lose all its energy.

Mars is debilitated in your horoscope because it is with the Cancer sign situated at the 12th house. Cancer is a watery sign and Mars is a fiery planet, therefore it’s all energy will get vaporized.

Mars is the lord of the 9th and 4th house. During this Dasha period, you will be going face family-related issues and you could travel for long journeys due to family issues.

This Dasha period could also lead to some kind of depression. It could provide or take you in a state of depression and could hurt you emotionally.

So, you are required to be emotionally strong and do not become sensitive to minor issues.

Mars has its Drishti on 3rd, 7th, and 6th house. And, its Nakshatra lord is Saturn. In this combination, there could be two scenarios, first, you might face some Foreign Settlement related issues, might require to struggled, face some problems things that are required to settle abroad especially with the people who are involved in managing it.

If you have like permanent settlement then things might be different. The second scenario is… there might be chances that you face any health issues or any reason that you could visit a clinic or hospital.

Now, since you are already planning to have a second baby, the 7th house is responsible for it as stated in the previous prediction as well.

7th house is getting active under this Dasha and combination of houses along with the placement of Mars can lead you to the hospital for health issues or might be for the reason of childbirth or it could take you far away from your home (here home could be your hometown or place of birth that is Ferozepur, Punjab).

Under the starting period Mars Mahadasha, from March 2020 till August 2020, you are required special attention towards your Dasha period. As in starting each planet’s Dasha effect is the most in starting always.

But each planet provides result in two-way scenarios according to their Karma flow happening in their life.

The Debilitated Mars will affect you with no energy as stated above. Else, Mars is the planet that provides energy, enthusiasm, the courage to do something in life or to act for any particular thing or aims.

In your case, all of these things will be going to affect for sure during this particular Dasha period of Mars. I will share the specific remedies for Mars later…

Mars Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

After Mars Antardasha your Rahu Antardasha will start from August 2020 and will remain active till August 2021. The Mars and Rahu Nakshatra lords are common and it is Saturn.

So, under this particular Dasha period, your mind will get affected by lots of unrealistic things especially related to your career.

Confusions in decision making or say bad decision making, etc. You are required to take care of anything that could be related to your status.

In your case it seems like for you, your career position is your personal status, from your point of view. Now whatever position it could be… it is specific to you!

Mars Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

After this Jupiter Dasha period will start from August 2021 and will remain active till July 2022. Under this Dasha period, Jupiter will benefit you with the Foreign Settlement-related things.

It could also let you invest in property or any fixed assets.

This particular Dasha period could also provide you the career growth and at last, this particular period is also good for the fulfillment of a second child if you still remain unsuccessful to conceive and with the childbirth of the second child. But, compared to the previous Dasha period the chances would below.

Mars Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Now the Saturn Antardasha could benefit you again with the status or career growth. Saturn is exalted (Uuch ka Grah) in your horoscope.

Interestingly, its Nakshatra lord, sub-lord, sub-sub-lord, three of them is Rahu which is rare. This particular Dasha period could either take you up or down, not in between or average.

So better be careful and follow the discipline in our acts.

Mars Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Mercury Antardasha will start from September 2023 and active till September 2024. If you remain still in your job, business, or for any reason, it could seriously provide the benefit to you with the fame.

Mercury is exalted in your horoscope, placed at 2nd house with its own sign lord. Any act towards the fulfillment of your desires would be fruitful. At least you will find a way…

However, the end results or say the fulfillment of it depends upon the particular subject for which you plan for.

Mars Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

During Ketu Antardasha for September 2024 till February 2025. Do not underestimate yourself with anything… Ketu-related prediction is stated above in starting. You can refer to it. In short, just do not lose hope within yourself.

Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

After this Venus Dasha would be there… from February 2025 till April 2026. You are strongly advised not to focus or run behind materialistic things or any act that is related to lust or the fulfillment of your materialistic desires.

It could lead to huge losses and also can affect your family life. So be careful! During this Dasha period…

Mars Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Sun Antardasha will start from April 2026 and will active till August 2026. During this particular Dasha period, you could feel disappointed within yourself and related to confidence.

However, if you can deal with it then this Dasha period could benefit you with the approaching or getting in contact with the reputed people, who are at the big positions in their life. So, take out the most of it.

Mars Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

This will remain active from August 2026 till March 2027. This ending period Mars Mahadasha along with the Moon’s Antardasha could provide you the same results as at the starting of it.

It is because of the placement of the Moon in your horoscope. Moon is placed with the 1st sign and its lord is Mars itself.

The placement of the Moon in mars sign lord is partially debilitated. So again, you are required to focus your emotional balancing here, not to feel depressed, etc.

Overall this Mars Mahadasha, you are required to take care of yourself majorly with the enthusiasm towards anything. Be practical with your emotions.

If you take this attitude in your life then things will be much easier for you than you can think during the Mars Mahadasha period especially.

Let me quickly share the remedies that need to be followed during Mars Mahadasha:

Mars Mahadasha Remedies

Acts at the peak of Mars, smooth as wax or stone-like. Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are your friends, Mercury and Ketu are your enemies.

When it comes to Mars, Rahu and Saturn are neutral. Mars’ first cycle lasted 28–33 years, the second 63–68 years, and the third 98–103 years. Houses 1 and 8 are two houses higher than Mars, with house 10 being the highest and house 4 being the lowest.

Mars works poorly in houses (bhavas) 4 and 8, but benefits when placed in houses (bhavas) 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Mars governs gender, siblings, earth and property, and animal instincts in man. A beneficial Mars offers self-confidence, intense knowledge, argumentative spirit and spirit of adventure, strong determination, and leadership qualities in all human endeavors.

Conversely, a weak and vulnerable Mars native can quickly become impatient, irresponsible, fighting, and brutal. Such a Mars native could get turns into a sexual pervert.

The general effects and remedial measures of Mars can be delineated as follows:

Mars Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Develop courage and initiative for the sake of defending dharmic principles alone; learn to relax, calm down, and maintain nonviolence; regulate indignation and use energy, physical, and mental strength for the sake of defending dharmic principles alone.

There may be a desire to use power to enforce your will on others, a dictatorial or tyrannical aspect that needs to be overcome.

Defend justice and righteousness.

Remove yourself from any unwanted possessions or destructive habits by destroying them and detaching yourself from them. Separate yourself from the wicked and the illiterate. Develop a single-minded mindset.

Hatha Yoga and relaxation exercises should be practiced.

Mars in 12th House Remedies

Since Jupiter rules this house, both Mars and Jupiter will produce positive results now.

This is also known as Rahu’s “Pukka Ghar,” which means that despite its place in the horoscope, Rahu will no longer bother the native. (Please keep in mind that this outcome is possible even though Mars is not Debilitated.)

Remedies of Mars Mahadasha
  1. Honey should be consumed first thing in the morning.
  2. The native’s wealth would increase by eating sweets and giving sweets to others.

Main Planet to take care of all your needs and fulfillment is… MARS
(I will share the Mars Yantra model as well, place it at your temple or workplace).

Mars Yantra and Benefits

Mars, known as Mangal, Angaraka, Kuja, and Chavai is the Commander in the planetary cabinet. He is the warlord. Mangal means the auspicious one. Angaraka is the one who is like burning coal.

Kuja is the significator of brothers or sisters, aggressive attitude, war, sports, martial arts, analytical subjects like math, statistics, engineering.

He also indicates loans, diseases that look violent particularly nerves, liabilities, and violence. He is the significator of vehicles and communication skills. Mars is known as “bhumi Putra” (Son of Earth).

The latest pictures taken of the surface of Mars suggest similarities between Earth and Mars. Regular prayer to Mars frees one from loans, poverty, a sickness that affect the brain. It gives immense courage and also gives communication skills.

Kuja in certain placement causes ‘kuja dosha’ (Defects caused by Mars), as he predisposes the native towards harshness. The role of kuja depends on individual charts – harshness for a policeman may be a gift but for a professor, it may be a curse!

How to Install Mangal Yantra?

Mangal Yantra: For the +ve influence of planet Mars.

Mars gives energy, determination, great administrative ability, and an independent spirit. It rules over courage, bravery, patience, self-confidence, leadership abilities, physical strength, forcefulness.

Mars Yantra
Mars Yantra Model Numbers with Mantra

Start using this Yantra on any Tuesday Morning.

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