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Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Ketu Mahadasha Effects

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Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha Effects
Ketu Dasha Effects

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Ketu Mahadasha Analysis

Ketu Mahadasha period is for 7 Years in a Horoscope when it gets active and affects as Antardasha period with all other planets.

Whenever your planet positions are going through the Ketu Mahadasha period then the consequence of Ketu Mahadasha will result as follows:

  1. It’s got a serpentine head. The regular human head is cut away. It is tall and gowns in smoke-colored garments that are grey and can be tamasik. Its vehicle is a serpent.
    It is by nature a planet. Otherwise, under the effect of any other planet, it acts just like Mars.
    Its compatibility with some other planets is as follows:
    • Favorable with Mars, Venus, Saturn
    • Neutral to Mercury and Jupiter
    • Inimical to Sun, Moon
  2. It is the KARAKA for Witchcraft, difficulty to enemies.
  3. It REPRESENTS the following in Ketu Mahadasha period:

(i) Wounds, injuries, conflicts, intrigues, backbiting, death, liberation, fire, tuberculosis, cholera, fever, pain, paternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather.
(ii) Spiritual initiation and development, seer, enmity, anger, doubt, narrow-mindedness, ambition, isolation, lack of confidence, occult, charms, and amulets.

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Ketu Mahadasha has the power to block and darken the SUN which represents the self. When Ketu affects the Sun by association or aspect, the native will confront difficulties in his or her endeavors. He will have losses in speculation and hefty expenditure.

He will have difficulty with his kids, who may fall sick every once in a while. He may not have confidence in himself. Likewise, he or his father might meet with an accident or suffer from ill-health.

The native may feel tired and drained of energy. He could be impetuous and rebellious of authority. He can have difficulties with the government, his superiors, or from unexpected quarters.

If Ketu is good for the research these will be mitigated to a large extent, and if the Sun is a beneficial planet for the ascendant, the native might have got results from the areas identified above.

Ketu influencing the Moon causes a miserable emotional state, melancholia, pessimism, anger condition of the brain, alcoholism, drug-taking, and an attraction for the macabre.

The native is likely to have trouble with his mother or else may fall sick or meet with an accident throughout the major or sub-periods of Ketu.

Women can be inimical to the native, and he could be morbidly attracted to them as symbols of gender. He could face difficulties with respect to his house and house. He can be exposed to popular anger.

The Association of Mars with Ketu makes the person angry and violent and makes him accountable for injuries.

Mars conjoined with Ketu from the 4th house causes harm to the native through his son, weapon or disease and might lead to the passing of his wife and loss of wealth.

On the other hand, the Ketu sub or major periods will be profitable by the end. This type of relationship with the 5th house can result in an early love story, baldness, and numerous marriages.

The Association of Ketu with Mercury provides the Very Same results as listed for rain.

The connection of Ketu with Jupiter anyplace in the horoscope is bad for the affairs of the house where these 2 planets are located unless there’s a valuable aspect on them.

The connection of Ketu with Venus is bad. It can make the native a pervert.

The results and accomplishments of the Ketu sub or major periods are temporary. At the end of its sub or major periods, it can take away whatever it’s previously given.

A house, possessed by a naturally favorable planet, will be quite strong if its owner is placed in that house with Ketu.

Ketu placed in a triangle and connected to the owner of an angle, or placed within an angle and connected to the owner of a triangular house, will give a high status and prosperity during its sub or major periods.

In the event the owner of an angle along with a triangular house has a connection with or facets Ketu in the general sign then the native may have a status and prosperity throughout the sub or major periods of Ketu.

But if the owner of the 8th or the twelfth house is involved, the result will be considerably watered down and the native mother will face a lot of problems in this major or sub-period.

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Ketu Mahadasha Example Horoscope

Let’s understand more about the Effects of Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha results through the below illustration as an example of one of our clients…
(please note that we strictly do not share the personal information of our clients and subscribers)

Date of Birth: 05th August 1975
Time of Birth: 20.02 Hrs.
Place of Birth: London, England

Marriage and Career Predictions with Ketu Dasha Analysis

For the relationship analysis generally, we check 3rd, 11th and 7th house. Under this mainly we see 3rd and 11th because 3rd house is for your communications, approaches, etc. and 7th house is for your friendship and gains from that relationship. A relationship that could convert into a marriage. If we have to include the love relationship kind of thing as well then, we take 5th house as well…

Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 1
Ketu Mahadasha Analysis Example Horoscope

Overview of your Horoscope…

You have the horoscope of Capricorn Ascendant where Saturn is lord of this sign and placed at the 7th house.

For marriage, we see the 7th house, its lords, and placement of it and especially the Venus planet as well to know about your spouse. Venus is here for men as the significance of marriage predictions in a horoscope.

And, here Venus could also be the main planet not only to see the nature or to know about your spouse but also to know about the type of marriage.

Marriage is one of the important parts of our life and we all are interested in starting a relationship, if single. Marriage or relationship gives us a remarkable happiness and excitement to live life to the fullest.

We can’t describe the excitement in words that a successful marriage or relationship gives us. A feeling of having a partner to share our emotions, sad or happy moments spread a big and magical smile on our faces.

Before we predict as per your query, we see the promise of marriage in horoscope. After checking the promise, we see if there is early or delayed marriage in horoscope.

If there is promise of marriage, one can get married during the Dasha-Bhukti of a planet related to 7th house Dasha- Bhukti of Lagna lord and 5th lord is also important as per your case specifically.

Marriage can happen during the Dasha-Bhukti of Venus as it is a natural signification or marriage for male natives as stated above as well…

A planet shows results based on the combination it signifies and the results are experienced in the time period (Dasha, Bhukti, and Antar) of that planet.

Before we proceed further first, let me provide an overview of Mahadasha. How it works in an individual’s horoscope.

Mahadasha effect would be around 20%

Antardasha effect would be 45-55%

Rests are Pratyantar Dasha and Sookshm Dasha effects which would like something around 25-30%

The Mahadasha works and provide results like an overall scenario, how the things will happen according to that particular planet’s Dasha period.

Whereas, the Antardasha behaves with relates to that subject, according to the active Planet Mahadasha.

We will talk about your queries / situation and horoscope on the basis of Dasha Predictions and Overall Horoscope…

Let us start with the Dasha Antardasha / Bhukti Analysis with the query of Marriage and Career in your horoscope…

Ketu Mahadasha Marriage

Let’s quickly look into your current Dasha period and do the analysis of it.

Currently, you are going through with the Ketu Mahadasha started from September 2020 and will remain active until September 2027 in general.

Since your Mahadasha has just started, the Antardasha would be on the same planet only. Therefore, you have Ketu Antardasha started from September 2020 and will remain active until February 2021.

Now, Ketu is placed at the 5th house in your horoscope with the Venus sign (Rashi). It will give results like that Venus planet only. Therefore, Ketu is the lord of the 5th and 10th house in your horoscope, where Ketu’s Nakshatra lord is Sun and placed at the 7th house.

If we look at the placement of Venus as well then it is situated at the 8th house, where Sun is the lord of 8th house. These planets Ketu, Venus and Sun are interlinked with each other and especially during this particular Antardasha period.

Here, during your Ketu Antardasha period your 7th house is active as Sun is placed at 7th house and it is the Nakshatra lord of Ketu. Since, Ketu has the properties of Venus as well, it is placed along with the Sun sign lord at 8th house. This could result as it is indicating the love relationship might getting or could get convert into marriage.

If you are looking forward for the love marriage then this particular period of Ketu Antardasha till February 2021 is very crucial.

Even, after this Dasha period, your Venus Antardasha will start from February 2021, that period could also be great if you are looking forward to marriage as Ketu has the properties of Venus already also your Mahadasha is of Ketu only.

But, till April 2022 only this period is pretty much active for marriage and if you are thinking of marriage then you should take this period seriously and look forward to take decision.

However, if you are thinking of the arrange marriage as well then also it would be good for you but please make sure to take decisions as per the advice of any elder family person or someone whom you trust.

I see you have Rahu situated in your 11th house, it could make you extremely confused in taking your main life-changing decisions. It would be better if you could take of your elders.

You should take care of your emotions as well when it comes to relationships thing your Emotions could be the reason for any kind of separation from your relationship. Not only this, but you should also balance out your ego to maintain your relationship. It is due to the placement of Sun in your 7th house.

Ketu Mahadasha Career Analysis

You must have an impact of Mercury in your horoscope related to career but because it is combusted as well. Due to this you usually feel demotivated or say dissatisfied among things you have in your life, or we can say like with much less enthusiasm towards your work.

In order to do the analysis of your Career and queries related to it, first, we need to understand that in a horoscope when we are analyzing to determine the native’s career, profession and success in life. We look into the ‘Artha’ or say ‘ArthikTrikona’.

2nd, 6th, and 10th are the Artha house that forms an ‘ArthikTriokna’. Artha means goal or purpose or wealth. These are the most important houses when it comes to material and career/business success.

11th house is Labha, which means gain or benefit. 11th house enhances the good qualities and brings benefit from the house it gets associated with.

11th house brings gains depending on its connection with other houses:

  • 4th and 11th house – Gain of property and vehicle
  • 5th and 11th house – Intelligence, creative talents and gain through speculation
  • 4th, 9th, and 11th house – Very good in academics
  • 6th and 11th house – Win and gain through competition
  • 2nd and 11th house – Financial gain
  • 10th and 11th house – Gain of status and power
  • 3rd and 11th house – Becoming popular

In your current Dasha period since Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha period is going and it is the lord of your 5th and 10th house. Unfortunately, there are very less chances of getting job in this Dasha period and it would remain active until at least February 2021 and even after that during Venus Dasha period till April 2022, there would be not much chances for job in your horoscope.

However, if you are thinking of doing something at your own, start something at your own then you might get success in that particular area. But, in order to do that you are requested to believe in yourself and do the remedies of Ketu.

As, Ketu might make you believe in some area of dissatisfaction that could cause you and your thoughts to take career related decisions in your life.

You are suggested to perform the remedies of Ketu. Let me share the remedies of Ketu…

Ketu Mahadasha Remedies

The lower Ego, materialistic attachments, must be renounced, and previous “Samskaras,” or mental impressions and tendencies from previous lives, must be changed.

Ketu represents something we may have done too much of in the past, and now we must make amends. Ketu is remorseful for his own personal ego and past mistakes.

Ketu signifies a need to spiritualize the areas of life supported by its house and sign placement, and also the planets it conjuncts.

It usually accomplishes this by causing a sense of separation or dissatisfaction with the relevant aspect of life.

Spiritual practices including such seclusion, meditation, self reflection, nonviolence, study of spirituality disciplines and Vedanta philosophy, following intuition, understanding death, and understanding the ephemeral nature of the material and sensual world are the best ways to manage the Ketu energy.

Both Rahu and Ketu must be viewed as an axis that depicts the “Raga and Dwesha” dance, the desires and repulsions that swing the mind and steal inner peace.

Ketu Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Before we continue to know and understand about the Remedies of KETU… first we should also need to know all about KETU and how does it work and could affect our lives and our horoscopes. Let’s go through it…

Ketu is a murderer who robs the house where it tenets life in one way while promoting it in another. It accomplishes both of these goals by evoking a strong sense of emptiness.

By creating a sense of emptiness in the home, the person is more likely to struggle to fill it. This can lead to wealth accumulation and abundance for that house, so Ketu in the 11th can increase wealth by instilling a sense of perpetual poverty or draining the 11th.

Ketu in the seventh house causes a sense of loss of connections with others, which is a natural result of Rahu in the first house, which makes one feel rejected and abandoned because of their outcast status. For those born under the sign of Rahu in the first, this occurs subtly throughout their lives.

Rahu always pushes Ketu to the side. As a result, the nodes always have an effect on an axis. On the one hand, there is worry and expansion (Rahu), while on the other hand, there is detachment and loss (Rahu) (Ketu).

They are the head and tail of karmic truth – too much profusion and engagement for Rahu’s mouth caused him to lose his body, but in some ways he became eternal.

So, where Rahu is, you will overwork and toil because, like Rahu, you are driven by past karmic material attachments. Because of your demon-like efforts, you will achieve a lot there.

You will be rewarded for your thefts, but you will also suffer for them, and you will ignore the other side in some ways, and your detachment from the Ketu side will evolve, or you’re feeling of disappointment there will develop, depending on Ketu’s specific color in the chart, and thus this is one way that various imbalances and karmic feelings will develop – the Rahu side.

The Ketu axis is always important in determining where some of our major life problems – losses, deaths, diseases, strange and dangerous events – will occur. These two have a lot of these things.

They, on the other hand, have such drive and passion that they are the driving force behind much of what happens here. We wouldn’t be having as much trouble if our Rahu and Ketu sides weren’t so strong. We wouldn’t be able to learn as much.

As a result, they are where the lesson stick will fall in this life, as well as where serious fruits from previous lessons will be handed back to you.

They are never largely considered benefic in the manner of “all good,” since they must always carry some heavy karma associated with their birth, but in the right chart, they can be truly honorable.

In some aspects, they can be the cause of valor, endeavor, courage, and certainly, things like running away from a dangerous environment, being progressive, fighting bad governments, being the underdog, being a meditator or spiritualist of any good type.

And, also thinking about things like mythology, death, reincarnation, God’s valor, God’s ultimate law (Ketu is especially aware of this because he’s dead because of it), and being the underdog.

In Jyotish, Ketu is the highest spiritual planet because he rules the ultimate truth for us here. Jupiter can teach us all about Dharma, but Ketu is the one who puts it into practice.

Ketu and Saturn assist us in understanding Jupiter’s teachings, and they alone teach us the importance of humility. Jupiter, like Venus, is too soft.

Malefic teach the more difficult aspects of our lessons, and thus are braver and more caring than benefics, who would spoil us rotten if left to their own devices.

In the serpent’s tail, Ketu signifies the opposite node of Rahu. It is dark. Its allies are Venus and Rahu, while its adversaries are the Moon and Mars. Ketu has a life expectancy of 42 years.

The planet Ketu is also known as the bed. As a result, the bed provided by in-laws after getting married is considered auspicious for the birth of a son, and the actual impact of Ketu can never be inauspicious as long as that bed is in the house.

Understanding their patterns is critical to resolving and resolving karma and inner conflicts.

Remedies of Ketu Mahadasha

1. Keep a dog.

2. Donate a black and white blanket in any temple.

3. Worship lord Ganesha.

4. Wear gold in the ear.

5. Use saffron as tilak.

Note: Since your horoscope is of Capricorn Ascendant, therefore, you have 11th house as your ‘Baadhak’ plus Rahu is placed there as well. You have to keep the balance for your ambitions and desires. This could create huge problems in your life or may stop you to do something you actually wish to do.

Main Planet to take care of all your needs and fulfillment is… KETU
(I will share the KETU Yantra model as well, place it at your temple or workplace).

Ketu Yantra and Benefits

The planet Ketu is associated with spirituality. Ketu represents the spiritual evolution process. Ketu is also referred to as chaya graha because he is not a material embodiment (Shadow planet).

Ketu is the southernmost point on the earth’s orbit around the Sun, where it intersects Chandra’s path. He, like his counterpart Rahu, is a signifier of any unexpected event, whether it’s an accident or a lottery win.

He represents secrecy, frustration, secret enemies, greed, and knowledge of abroad and artificial languages, such as computer languages. He stands for strange or foreign religious beliefs, obsessive personalities, mass tragedies, and mysterious diseases.

He is responsible for abortions, marital strife, and domestic issues. The difference between Rahu’s and Ketu’s meanings is that Ketu’s effects are less severe than Rahu’s.

The mental anguish and uncertainty, on the other hand, are greater. Ketu is a worldly malefic and a spiritual benefic, as he causes a small amount of sorrow and loss, leading to the individual’s conversion to God.

Intelligence, empowerment, knowledge and understanding, non-attachment, great insight, and psychic abilities are all connected with Ketu.

Regular Ketu propitiation reduces the risk of accidents, insect bites, allergies, and other ailments. The remedies for Ketu help to alleviate mental anxieties and mysterious fears.

How to Install Ketu Yantra?

Ketu Yantra: For the +ve influence of planet Ketu.

Spiritual attitudes, asceticism, and nonattachment to desires and passions are all gifts from Ketu. Ketu is a half-planet that bestows knowledge, discrimination abilities, spiritual knowledge, and self-knowledge.

It endows its inhabitants with psychic abilities and transforms them into masters of the healing arts, natural healing, tantric healing, and the healing of those afflicted by evil spirits and ghosts.

Ketu does not rule any zodiac sign, but it does have power over Pisces.

Ketu Yantra Model
Ketu Yantra Model with Numbers and Mantra

Ketu Stotram

Phalashpushps sankasham taarakagrahmastakam.

Raudram Raudratmakam Ghauram Tam Ketum Pranmamaham.

Ketu Peerahar Strotram

Anekaroop Vanaishch Shatshauth Sahastrasha.

Utpaatroopi Jagtaam Peeram Haratu Me Tama.

Ketu Gayatri Mantra

Om Jaimini Gotraya Vid Mahe Dhumranaarya Dheemahi.

Tanno Ketu Parachodyaat.

Ketu Beej Mantra

Om Stram Streem Straum Sa Ketave Namah.

Start using this Yantra on any Thursday morning.

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35 thoughts on “Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis”

  1. You have mentioned that Ketu when placed in an angle house gives favourable results in its major periods sub periods

  2. Ketu mahadasha …….Horrible , m also facing this mahadasha with Saturn saade saati. Ketu – mercury last phase ends on 5 november 2020, Saturn saade saati ends on 24 jan.2020. ketu is in my 7th house with mercury and Venus . What I get NO JOB / NO BUSINESS / DIVORCE . ONLY MEDITATION , I ATTENDED VIPASSANA 10 DAYS COURSE, NOW READING GOOD BOOKS RELATED WITH SORITUALITY , MEDITATION , NO EGO , KNOW THE RIGHT MEANING OF RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. LIVING LIKE A SAGE. TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON MY PARRNTS ( ITS SHAMEFUL FOR ME ) NOW ON 13 DECEMBER 2019 I AM 38 YEARS . I DONT KNOW WHAT IS MY FUTURE. STILL LIVING LIKE A SAGE. I am not blaming ketu mahadasha. Might be fruitful for me. I am only afraid if my next mahadasha VENUS MAHADASHA ( 20 YEARS ) . KAHIN AISA NA HO 7 YEARS + 20 YEARS = 27 YEARS ….PUNISHMENT TO BE CONTINUED.

    1. Hello Niranjan Singh, thank you for showing interest in our research and content.
      To answer this… I would say you should not be so negative about Ketu. If you understand the nature of this planet then it might change your mind and vision about Ketu. You see, Ketu actually provides dissatisfaction about the particular subject that relates according to your horoscope / kundli. But, at another side if we take this planet positively then it provides extreme level of intellectual skills, confidence, speaking abilities, it depends upon its positional status in an individual’s horoscope. I would say that you should not worry about the current Dasha period and especially for the upcoming one of Venus Mahadasha as well. If you are still in doubt and need accurate guidance and analysis of your upcoming Dasha period then you may follow this link to know more… Mahadasha Predictions.

      1. Sir , thanks a lot for your kind reply. But my present condition is not so good thats why i am hopeless.

    2. Hi Niranjan,

      I am going through the same sadesati phase and now ketu Mars, what I did with my studies on ketu was I saved in Mutual funds long term and use the money very very slow and keep reading spiritual books and astrology in depth because from my experience I understood after Ketu Moon, the time is difficult and loses prominent. Before my Mars antardasha started, I left the place and moved to South East direction, that’s my Venus/Amtakaraka direction according to vastu and living peacefully, roam around the city often, visit temples, read books, chant mantras, Shree Ram Hanuman chalisa. Every morning pray to Ganesha with Ganesha Stotra. I feel confident and peaceful. I hope that would help. Also, Ketu MD is learning and research oriented phase, so do make proper use of it.

      “जय श्री रामकृष्णहरि ” Friend.


  3. Hi my name is nikhil sharma ketu is in 12 th house in sagitarius sign in 29 degree . . And my lagna degree is also 29 degree .. Kekltu dasha started in nov 2019 till march it’s going to be ketu – ketu period.. My Jupiter is in 11 house with moon in scorpio sign and in navmansa my ketu is in 8 th house in aries sign while my Mars is in 7 th house in pisces . Could you please tell about my future ketu periods and subperiods effects?

    1. Hello Nitin,

      Thanks for asking about the Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis. As per your horoscope and the placement of Ketu in 12th house would result as an individual who would be so much into spiritual or say in search of ‘Moksh Prapti’ methods. You would have an extreme level of spiritual connection and since as stated you have Ketu in 8th house in Navamsa than it could also result in deep research about these spiritual kinds of subjects.

      However, the placement of Ketu in the 12th house is exalted and it would result in good but only if your deeds and intentions towards it are on the right path. Else it could result in so much negativity that it would let you feel so much demotivated about your life with no meaning or sole purpose of it.

      Also, best if you can follow or perform the remedies of Jupiter… as per your horoscope. For more info please feel free to share your birth details and query at

      All the best,

      Nishikant Chandra

  4. Hello from Scotland. Currently mu husband is going thr Ketu mahadahsa from april 2016. His ketu is in 4th hs gemini while mars+rahu in 10th hs, saggitarius and in 11th hs jupiter+mercury+venus+sun. He is aquarius moon with pisces lagna,retro saturn in3rd hs taurius. For him ketu-ketu,ketu-mars,ketu-rahu periods were worst. Next month he will start ketu-jupiter, i am worried about his future.

    1. Hello Mrs. Jyoti,

      Thanks for sharing your concern with us here…

      During Ketu Dasha period, the natives usually feel low and demotivated and for the Pisces ascendant or Lagna people, this thing becomes more active as usually Pisces are over-sensitive with the surrounding things, like what they feel, act, or respond. Now this Ketu Jupiter period could be more impactful for your husband as the Lagna Lord will get active and Ketu is already there… During this period we would strongly suggest keeping yourself calm in every situation and things could go even better as Jupiter is situated at the 11th house as well.

      Rest we can predict more in detail if you can share the birth details here at

      Thanks for visiting Have a great Dasha ahead!

      Nishikant Chandra

  5. Hello Sir ,

    My ketu antardasha would begin next year from feb 2021 to jan 2022.I am under rahu mahadasha from 2010 to 2028.

    My birth chart has placement of Ketu in 9th house and rahu in 3rd house.

    How will the ketu antardasha with the 9th house ketu placement in my birthchart.Would it be malefic or beneficial.

    1. Hello Srilaxmi,

      Thanks for asking this… We would strongly recommend you to go through with other links and contents on our website. It is available for free to read about Ketu houses and its placement along with Rahu in different houses. You can also use the ‘Search’ column available on our website.

      I hope if this helps, after this if you still needed any help then feel free to share your birth details at

      Thanks for visiting

      Nishikant Chandra.

  6. In ketu mahadasha which is placed in 11 house in kundli and Rahu antadasha which is place in fifth house in kundli with Saturn what is its effects on me.

  7. Namaskaram sir,

    I am currently in the last 5 months of Ketu mahadasa. I have suffered so much – lost all my friends, parents had a huge misunderstanding on me with trust issues, a lot of problems at home, my home burned, I met with an accident, parents suffered from legal cases from relatives, my fiance left me saying that he needs some break till I complete my studies, for the second time ( this happened at the beginning of Ketu – mercury beginning) – I don’t know if he will come back or not. I contacted him a lot and he blocked me everywhere he could. Even though I like him, my parents are not accepting him. I don’t know where my life is taking me. I am in the spiritual mode, still, a lot of thoughts and memories which I don’t want to look back is haunting me. had lot of spiritual travels too.

    Could you please let me know if there will be more things that exist as the ketu’s final string and how will be the upcoming venus dasa? I am looking forward to a reply sir.

    Ketu and mars in the 5th house, venus in the 4th house. Born on shani dasa and I will be 29years old in this april 22.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for sharing your concern with us.

      We would like to look into this, but we do not have your birth details yet. We need to know at least your Ascendant so that we can do the general analysis here and answer your query. However, please feel free to share your birth details here at

      Nishikant Chandra

  8. Hello sir,
    I’m a scorpio ascendant person , currently rahu(11th house) dasha and ketu(5th house) antardasa are running ,I’m jobless and not getting any job. Ketu antardasa will end this December and Venus antardasa will start would I able to get the job during this period.
    I have conjunction of sun,mer,ven,sat,ketu in 5th house and moon,mars, rahu conjunction in 11th house , Jupiter in 3rd house. I’m suffering from anxiety and not able to get the job please help!

    1. Thanks for asking your query related to the Dasha Predictions.

      Ketu is the planet of spirituality. Ketu represents the spiritual process of evolution. Ketu is also not a material embodiment and is referred to as chaya Graha (Shadow planet). Ketu is the southern point where the path of the earth around the Sun cuts the path of Chandra. Like his counterpart Rahu, he is also the signification of any sudden event to be it in an accident or a lottery gain. He indicates secrecy, dissatisfaction, hidden enemies, greed, proficiency in foreign and artificial languages like computer languages. He represents foreign or alien religious beliefs, obsessive personality, mass tragedies, and mysterious diseases. He causes abortions, rifts in married life as well as domestic problems.

      I hope if that information was helpful to understand about Ketu. However, I would strongly suggest you check the

      Or you may also contact us at

      Nishikant Chandra

  9. Im underpassing moon anthardasha. Ketu conjoined Guru in 8th. Moon exalted in 4h conjoined Mars Câncer sign. My mom suffered an leg amputtation just the dasha started. I Lost my health, peace, family, house, friends, car and Job. ALL left us behind and i hate my life. I cant take care of my daughters and I know that It Will be more issues.

  10. Everything was going well… I career graph was going up and up for 20 years.. Started facing trouble in 2015 …and quit the job… Again got in to the job within 3 months… Everything was going well till 2019 Feb…. I was told that I have been Promoted and soon promotion letter will be handed over. Rather getting promotion letter… I was asked to look for any other job in March 2019 . And on July 1st 2019 I was relieved without job. Since then despite good performance and even after selection in the job… I could not get the offer letter and jobless since two years… My Ketu MD started in June 2015 . Lost the job in Ketu-Rahu… Ketu – Jupiter… Currently going through Ketu – Saturn – Jupiter… Despite having full time Astrologer on Annual Basis… Even Consulted India’s celebrity astrologers who took lots of money for various pooja and consultation… No prediction gone right.. Spent lots of money in Astrology… Gems and Share Market… Now living on the money from In-laws… No one told me that I will go through such phase…. I don’t know what is next… Ketu – Mercury will start from June 21 and Venus MD from June22.Both me and my wife were under Ketu MD… She was treated for depression and thank God she recovered fully. Her Ketu MD in last Phase and Venus MD starting from Sept 21. Hope everything goes well now… We both met Guru in life and became spiritual. Have been doing donation to the spiritual organisation before losing the job… Thank God that all of us my wife and kids are safe and healthy… I think all the blessings from Guru… Hope to get job soon….

    1. Dear Anonymous(User),

      Thank you for sharing your experience that you had gone through during the Ketu Mahadasha period. You see the Ketu provides this type of results where you are about to gain something and immediately something happened that where you absolutely sure about to gain something it went and even beyond your expectations in the wildest dreams. Anyone who is going through with the Ketu Mahadasha period all are requested to keep yourself stick to reality and not to overthink anything, any subjects that are living in your life at that particular time period.

      This type of remedy or say tick has done wonders to the people who are going with the Ketu Mahadasha or Antardasha period. If you wish to know specifically about your Mahadasha Antardasha Predictions then opt for our Dasha Predictions to get a detailed analysis of your horoscope/kundli. You can check here at Mahadasha Antardasha Analysis

      Thanks and stay safe & team

  11. My lagan is Pisces, and have Chandar, Ketu and Mangal in 8th house. Ketu mahadasha has started just 3 months back. What do you predict and what are the remedies? Thanks for your help.

  12. Hello ,
    My Ketu mahadasha has not started will start on 2049. but i feel i will die in my ketu mahadasha. I have experienced Saturn Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha in 2018-19, and it was the worst. Will i suffer too much in my Ketu Mahadasha ?
    My dob:- 10/10/2001
    10:41 am

  13. I’m currently in ketu-rahu period. Ketu first house in Taurus. I am so confused with what to do with myself. I’m 30 in a few weeks, childless, with time running out to have a family.

    Prior to this period I had to leave my job, now I’ve lost all my money due to circumstances out of my control. Everything I have tried to do this year has failed. I think I could tolerate all this if it wasn’t for the fact I desperately want to get on with my life. But I’m stuck. I don’t know what to focus on. I can’t move abroad to have a relationship with someone I met. I’m doing the spirituality learning (i.e. sanskrit, mythology and vedanta) but this evidently isn’t going to pay the bills.

    They say to live like a nun and have no material attachments… I’ve sold most of my possessions already but it’s still not enough. I honestly don’t know what else ketu wants me to do, as I’ve already given up almost everything and completely changed my personality.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for sharing your experience of going with the Ketu-Rahu Dasha period. It is important to control your thoughts and focus on reality rather than visual imagination-based things. It also takes an individual towards non-materialism or not having any attachments with anyone/the world. The only thing I would say here is that just performing and focusing on your life duties would be the best remedy that you could have during this Dasha period.

      For more, please connect to us at

      Thanks & team.

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