Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha Effects
Ketu Dasha Effects

Ketu Mahadasha Analysis

Whenever your planet positions are going through the Ketu Mahadasha period then the consequence of Ketu Mahadasha will result as follows:

  1. It’s got a serpentine head. The regular human head is cut away. It is tall and gowns in smoke colored garments that are grey and can be tamasik. Its vehicle is a serpent.
    It is by nature a planet. Otherwise, under the effect of any other planet, it acts just like Mars.
    Its compatibility with some other planets is as follows:
    • Favorable with Mars, Venus, Saturn
    • Neutral to Mercury and Jupiter
    • Inimical to Sun, Moon
  2. It is the KARAKA for Witchcraft, difficulty to enemies.
  3. It REPRESENTS the following:

(i) Wounds, injuries, conflicts, intrigues, back-biting, death, liberation, fire, tuberculosis, cholera, fever, pain, paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather.
(ii) Spiritual initiation and development, seer, enmity, anger, doubt, narrow-mindedness, ambition, isolation, lack of confidence, occult, charms, and amulets.

Ketu Mahadasha has the power to block and darken the SUN which represents the self. When Ketu affects the Sun by association or aspect, the native will confront difficulties in his or her endeavors. He will have losses in speculation and hefty expenditure.

He will have difficulty from his kids, who may fall sick every once in a while. He may not have confidence in himself. He or his father might meet with an accident or suffer from ill health.

The native may feel tired and drained of energy. He could be impetuous and rebellious of authority. He can have difficulties from the government, his superiors or from unexpected quarters.

If Ketu is good for the research these will be mitigated to a large extent, and if the Sun is a beneficial planet for the ascendant, the native might have got results from the areas identified above.

Ketu influencing the Moon causes a miserable emotional state, melancholia, pessimism, anger condition of the brain, alcoholism, drug taking, and an attraction for the macabre.

The native is likely to have trouble from his mother or else may fall sick or meet with an accident throughout the major or sub-periods of Ketu.

Women can be inimical to the native and he could be morbidly attracted to them as symbols of gender. He could face difficulties with respect to his house and house. He can be exposed to popular anger.

Association of Mars with Ketu makes the person angry and violent and makes him accountable for injuries.

Mars conjoined with Ketu from the 4th house causes harm to the native through his son, weapon or disease and might lead to the passing of his wife and loss of wealth.

On the other hand, the Ketu sub or major periods will be profitable by the end. This type of relationship with the 5th house can result in an early love story, baldness, and numerous marriages.

Association of Ketu with Mercury provides the Very Same results as listed for Rain.

The connection of Ketu with Jupiter anyplace in the horoscope is bad for the affairs of the house where these 2 planets are located unless there’s a valuable aspect on them.

The connection of Ketu with Venus is bad. It can make the native a pervert.

The results and accomplishments of Ketu sub or major periods are temporary. At the end of its sub or major periods, it can take away whatever it’s previously given.

A house, possessed by a naturally favorable planet, will be quite strong if its owner is placed in that house with Ketu.

Ketu placed in a triangle and connected to the owner of an angle, or placed within an angle and connected to the owner of a triangular house, will give a high status and prosperity during its sub or major periods.

In the event the owner of an angle along with a triangular house has a connection with or facets Ketu in the general sign then the native may have a status and prosperity throughout the sub or major periods of Ketu.

But if the owner of the 8th or the twelfth house is involved, the result will be considerably watered down and the native mother will face a lot of problems in this major or sub period.

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8 thoughts on “Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

  1. You have mentioned that Ketu when placed in an angle house gives favourable results in its major periods sub periods

  2. Ketu mahadasha …….Horrible , m also facing this mahadasha with Saturn saade saati. Ketu – mercury last phase ends on 5 november 2020, Saturn saade saati ends on 24 jan.2020. ketu is in my 7th house with mercury and Venus . What I get NO JOB / NO BUSINESS / DIVORCE . ONLY MEDITATION , I ATTENDED VIPASSANA 10 DAYS COURSE, NOW READING GOOD BOOKS RELATED WITH SORITUALITY , MEDITATION , NO EGO , KNOW THE RIGHT MEANING OF RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. LIVING LIKE A SAGE. TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON MY PARRNTS ( ITS SHAMEFUL FOR ME ) NOW ON 13 DECEMBER 2019 I AM 38 YEARS . I DONT KNOW WHAT IS MY FUTURE. STILL LIVING LIKE A SAGE. I am not blaming ketu mahadasha. Might be fruitful for me. I am only afraid if my next mahadasha VENUS MAHADASHA ( 20 YEARS ) . KAHIN AISA NA HO 7 YEARS + 20 YEARS = 27 YEARS ….PUNISHMENT TO BE CONTINUED.

    1. Hello Niranjan Singh, thank you for showing interest in our research and content.
      To answer this… I would say you should not be so negative about Ketu. If you understand the nature of this planet then it might change your mind and vision about Ketu. You see, Ketu actually provides dissatisfaction about the particular subject that relates according to your horoscope / kundli. But, at another side if we take this planet positively then it provides extreme level of intellectual skills, confidence, speaking abilities, etc.rest it depends upon its positional status in an individual’s horoscope. I would say that you should not worry about the current Dasha period and especially for the upcoming one of Venus Mahadasha as well. If you are still in doubt and need accurate guidance and analysis of your upcoming Dasha period then you may follow this link to know more… Mahadasha Predictions.

      1. Sir , thanks a lot for your kind reply. But my present condition is not so good thats why i am hopeless.

    2. Hi Niranjan,

      I am going through the same sadesati phase and now ketu Mars, what I did with my studies on ketu was I saved in Mutual funds long term and use the money very very slow and keep reading spiritual books and astrology in depth because from my experience I understood after Ketu Moon, the time is difficult and loses prominent. Before my Mars antardasha started, I left the place and moved to South East direction, that’s my Venus/Amtakaraka direction according to vastu and living peacefully, roam around the city often, visit temples, read books, chant mantras, Shree Ram Hanuman chalisa. Every morning pray to Ganesha with Ganesha Stotra. I feel confident and peaceful. I hope that would help. Also, Ketu MD is learning and research oriented phase, so do make proper use of it.

      “जय श्री रामकृष्णहरि ” Friend.


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