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Taurus Horoscope Temperament and Nature

Taurus Horoscope people belongs to the earth element, it is a stable zodiac sign. In the EARTH triangle (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) this is the first zodiac sign, but its lord is Venus which belongs to the water element. Even though the Taurian appear to be serious, as they are represented by earth element and quite as water, but when their ego gets a slight jolt or any work is done against their wish they swell their nostrils like the bull and start hissing like a snake.

Taurus’s Kaal Purush is in second Bhava, Which represents the throat. So, they try to express their wish or desire by using their throat power very ferociously.

Male Taurian’s shoulder is broad, thick neck and broad foreheads. Ladies have tall and elevated breasts, and small hands and legs. The Taurian ladies can gain weight in their old age. Taureans are stable, firm and have great attraction towards work.

Tolerance level is well-developed physically and mentally in them. As they are strong-willed person they can tolerate tensions of greater quantity. They will be working slowly. They are obstinate by nature. They do not like frequent changes and want to lead a peaceful life. If a sudden change takes place then they become restless. It is difficult for them to make compromises with opponents or circumstances. And due to this they may have to face problems.

Taurians by nature are very social. They get maximum pleasure and happiness when get a chance to welcome their friends and relatives. They prefer happiness and luxury. They love beauty, art and music. They prefer to stay in a beautiful atmosphere and take interest in gardening.

They love artistic goods, (artifacts) and are experts in decorating them, and love to preserve them carefully. They have a deep knowledge of presentation in a dramatic way. In the stage of life they play any character (role) very successfully. Taurians are successful musicians, actors and artists.

Taurian are of loving nature and this nature also makes them authoritative. This gives birth to hatred and jealousy, but this may not have any relevant reason behind it. For their loved ones their sacrifice will be of the highest level, but when they hate someone they will not forgive them may be in their lifetime. But when the fever comes down they may repent for that.

It a little kindness or softness is shown then they melt and their anger disappears. People try to take undue advantage of these Taurian and make fool of them.

Taurus Horoscope Economic Activities and Occupations

Taurian are liberal and are non believer in ideals. They want these ideals to be use as a means to earn wealth or doing their business. Their strong will always bends them towards earning and accumulating wealth. They always have a tendency of providing economic help to their near and dear ones. Due to this they may face bitter experiences.
Taurian can be good officials on government jobs, army, navy officers, good nurses and doctors. These women normally marry themselves into rich families. They can be good entrepreneurs, show good business skills and prove to have good organising capacity. Normally they prefer professions which has priority for utility and which reflects their love towards art.

The main occupation where they get maximum success are as follows : Cosmetic (Shop) Jewellery and Luxurious goods dealer, money lenders, treasurers, bookies, gamblers, horse jockeys, farming, gardening actors, film producers, tailors, painters, dealers of decorative good, income and sales tax. Normally they are considered to be rich rather than they are. All their works are of showy nature.

Taurus Horoscope Friendship, Love and Marital Relation :

Taurus Horoscope can be trusted as good friends. Planet Venus represents love, so they express maximum love. Being an earth element they will not become emotional very quickly. They take a long time to choose their life partner, but once they take a decision they are firm on that and will go to any extent to bring that person into their life. It is observed that they get entangled in the trap of love. Due to this they are committed to their partners till the last.

Taurus Horoscope males and female show the sign of lust very soon. They get married early. It is not good for them. The societies where remarriage and divorces are common, these females also marry more than one. But this happens only sometimes. Taurian women are more dedicated towards their family in comparison with their male counterparts.

They very thought of divorce never enters into their head easily. In any situation their mind provides them with an emotional feeling due to which they not only take care but also act as protectors of husband. In reality Taurian in their social life love to exhibit but when it comes in turn of expressing love then this feeling suddenly disappears.

They are fond of children, to love them, too much and some part of this love is showered on life partners also. And because of this children occupy an important place in their life. And if there were no major problem in their life then they have more children.

Totally it is a relationship based on love and love for arts and this is the secret of their happiness. Earth elements has two more zodiac sings in its group. Virgo and Capricorn. Capricorn can also become good life partners for Taurus.

Taurus Horoscope Health and Food Habits

Normally Taurus Horoscope people are well-built, strong and fit. They are of medium height and in comparison with their relatives they may be short. Venus has bestowed them with great energy. Due to this they are fit for mechanical and hard physical work.

They experience less pain and never consider themselves unfit for any work.

Their energy should be utilized for constructive purposes. They have laziness and have knowledge of supreme spirit which acts as a greatest enemy for them. When they fall sick they will never let the other person know about it, but becoming normal takes a long time for them.

They normally suffer from Tonsillitis, Diphtheria, Pyrrha, problems related with throat and neck. In the old age they may suffer from palsy, problems of swollen body, attacks of epilepsy or head injury resulting in severe blood loss. Other sickness related with them are constipation, boils, pimples, problems in eyes, rectum and reproductive organs.

Taurian are good eaters. They can get attracted towards intoxicants. They are fond of sweets. Their greatest weakness is food and work. They are happy with those type of wife who satisfy them with these two things. Taurus women spend maximum time in kitchen.

Taurus Horoscope Other Known acts :

According to Indian astrologers the colour of Taurus is white.
The lord is Venus and its colour is grey and its stone is diamond.
Taurus manifests in southern direction.
According to numerology Venus, its lord is represented by number 6.

This number represents arts and artists. This number plays an important role in Taureans’s life. The day represented in the week is Friday.

Taurus Horoscope Predictions represents following goods, places and persons:

White flowers, occupation which is associated with sea, cattle, marine life, stitched garments, fruits and gems.
Stables, furniture marts, pasture away from house, open spaces freed from forests, nearby trees, mountains etc.
Scholars (Vedic) Grammarian, Miner, Potter, priest, astrologer, kind, ascetic, rich man, coach man, farmer, officer, host, musician, lover etc.

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