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“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.”

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career astrology

Career Astrology

Kundli Milan or Guna Milan Analysis or Bride & Groom. Know about all the aspects involved in Kundali Matching.

Foreign Settlement Astrology

Foreign Settlement

Know the insights of your financial management through your horoscope and Vedic astrology.

Kundli Milan

Kundli Matching

Kundli Milan or Guna Milan Analysis or Bride & Groom. Know about all the aspects involved in Kundali Matching.

Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology

Know the insights of your financial management through your horoscope and Vedic astrology.

Pregnancy Prediction

Pregnancy Prediction

When you will get pregnant or conceive. Know a favorable period through Dasha Analysis.

birth time correction

Birth Time Correction

Know your Correct Time of Birth through your horoscope and Vedic Astrology Principles.



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Mercury Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Mercury Mahadasha period is for 17 Years in a Horoscope. It has a grass green complexion, is a yogi, pure, rajasic, as well a speech that is skillful. It is of a disposition. Likewise, it places on cl…

Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Venus Mahadasha period remains to exist for the most till 20 Years in a Horoscope when it becomes active. It’s very handsome to look at, has curly hair, and beautiful eyes. It’s long palms, a broad c…

Mars Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Mars Mahadasha period and effects remain to exist till 7 Years in a Horoscope when it becomes active. Mars is masculine, short in height, and has a thin waist. Its reddish-brown eyes and can be power…

Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Saturn Mahadasha duration remains active for 19 years in a horoscope whenever it becomes active. It’s slender and tall with big and defective teeth and coarse hair. It’s lame and lazy. It’s dark in c…

Jupiter Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

The Jupiter Mahadasha is for 16 Years that goes through all the 9 Planets in a Horoscope. Beneath Jupiter Mahadasha period it’ll result with these features and characteristics. Jupiter has a fat bod…

Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Moon Mahadasha period remains active for 10 years of duration in a horoscope where Moon affects the most during that period. Moon Mahadasha consequences with Moon’s features under the Moon Mahadasha …



Understands Your Issue

Before we proceed to analyze your horoscope, first we listen to your issue and try to get in-depth into it as much as possible. By doing that, it helps us to provide you the best possible accurate solutions

Manual Horoscope Analysis

We might be possibly the first-ever manual horoscope analysis as an organization with the name of – Online Horoscope Services. We do not provide any generic or software-generated reports while answering your queries. 

Quality Assurance

You can rely on to get the answer of your query until your satisfaction with our horoscope analysis and answers based on it. We never leave you in the mid of confusion.  Always available to Help!

Live Video of Horoscope Analysis

We keep full transparency in our services. We provide you the live video recording of your horoscope analysis. All the queries are answered in the video recording session of your horoscope analysis.


” I am quite happy with the services provided by guys. Their astrologer’s reasoning behind why in the past things happened the way it has and why and how it will change in the upcoming Mahadasha makes perfect sense to people like me, who have the habit of getting deep into the analogy. I asked a question about my profession that I am getting into, the answer I got from the astrologer was with a rational explanation which is believable. In a nutshell, I am satisfied with their services. Also, I wish the all the best and May God bless them in all of their endeavors”

Krishna Ganesha

Consultant: work force management

“”The people who don’t believe in Astrology or think it is not necessary for our life then I would like to share my experience with them here that I had consulted for Foreign Settlement Astrology with We all know that to settle abroad it takes so much planning, money and time. I got to know about the favorable Dasha / Antardasha periods for Abroad Settlement and they guide me well in the right direction and it saved a lot of time and money. I would strongly recommend to consult them before you take any major decision in your life especially with any financial related situations.”

Kanchan Chauhan

senior service manager

“With an holistic view of one’s history, present and
future, it is a perfect website to link to. Nishikant, the company / website owner
is very good at making customized predictions. He is straight forward, and offers
solutions that are doable and reliable. If you are a believer in vedic astrology, you can
certainly ask him for guidance on matters that trouble you. Not only this they provide follow up sessions as well for any further questions. “

Rajeev Gupta


“Mahadasha provided a deep analysis of my Horoscope. They did a manual analysis of the horoscope even at the Nakshatra level while following the methods of Vedic Astrology. They were kind, honest and approachable with almost any query that I had in my mind. They have cleared all my doubts I had for the upcoming Dasha / Transit periods. I would like to mention one more thing here that where all other Astrology service providers give generic software generated predictions, is the only platform where I got deep technical insights into my horoscope with transparency. Thank you, Mahadasha & Team!”

Sankaran Guru Subramaniam

Mechanical engineer, london

“Mahadasha’s predictions are very accurate. The best astrological site. I will get all my future predictions done through them. Here’s my experience with them:
They do all their calculations manually. Even though they may take 4 to 5 days, the end-result will be astounding. I was trying for a foreign settlement prediction. The dates specified by Nishikant turned out to be 100% true. As predicted I did get an opportunity in the exact time period specified. Besides, they answer all our questions! I strongly recommend this site.”

D. Priya

it professional

“Honestly saying, I have been to many other Astrology websites. No matter whom you consult all Astrologers provide same kind of generic reports. Like they are available for the showcase only. This is the only website I found that provides manual analysis and most importantly with reasons and logics whatever they predict, that’s something I really liked about Mahadasha Astrology Services. I took their Dasha Predictions and they have provided me deep analysis on my horoscope along with my personal queries as well. I have not found any other website like this but yes they may take time to deliver the report that’s something you need to compromise with… but again quality service also needs time…So, you can choose as per your need.”

Monica Smith

Fashion consultant, LA, USA

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