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Number 8 Numerology Meaning based on Astrology

Number 8 Numerology

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Number 8 Numerology Meaning

Number 8 Numerology
Number 8 in Numerology

The number 8 numerology people who are born on number 8 numerology as 8, 17, and 26 dates of any month belong to the basic (Fadic) number ‘8’. If these, people a born in the time period of 21st December to 26th January then the effect of Saturn is all the more pronounced as this the period of Saturn.

The ruling planet of number 8 numerology is Saturn. The effect of Saturn can fast from 2 years 6 months to 30 years as it remains in each zodiac sign for two and a half years and in 30 years it is able to complete a round of all the zodiac signs.

Some astrologers are of the view that it is an inauspicious planet while others consider it to be hand working and an active planet i.e. a person affected by this planet has to very laborious and industrious as their life will be full of ups and downs, and he will have to continuously struggle against the fate.

Date of birth                           :           8, 17 and 26

Ruling planet                           :           Saturn

Important time period           :           21st December to 20th February

Important day                         :           Saturday 

Saturn is very different from other planets. Thus, the people belonging to this number ‘8’ remain away from others, or due to the effect of Saturn, they get isolated and lonely.

Saturn is air – dominated planet. You must have observed that when a breeze is blowing it is soothing but when the world begs for mercy. Likewise, they would serve and help in every way but when they become angry or against someone then as during huge trees are uprooted in the same way they would also destroy all the opposition.

Number 8 Numerology Characteristics

  1. Generally, common people are unable to understand you so they doubt you and you become lonely.
  2. You are unable to put on a show of emotions and neither have you do it. Thus, people believe you to be harsh, indifferent, and hard-hearted. But you actually do not bother what people think about you.
  3. You are a person of extremes and so you cannot choose a middle path. This is the main quality of your personality.  Due to this unique, quality, you play an important role in your life.
  4. Generally, you are not religious by temperament but if your bent of mind develops towards religion then you cross all the limits and may become superstitious.
  5. If you take up the responsibility of work then you will complete it at all the casts. Due to which you are at loss and there is wastage of time. In the excitement of completing the work you often do not spend money from your own pocket for which you have to face financial losses.  In the excitement neither do you bother about opposition nor you pay attention to any reasoning.  Thus some people become you’re your enemies.
  6. Without any fanfare and propaganda. You keep on doing your work. Which has far-fetching results i.e. whatever work is done is solid and substantial and when this work is completed people praise it for it.
  7. Either you will be very successful in your life or you will be totally unsuccessful. You cannot progress slowly or steadily. Either it will be pinnacles of success or the much unknown bases of unsuccessfulness.
  8. From the worldly point of view. ‘8’is not considered a fortune number and so it is said that the people influenced by this number are found generally in a disturbed, sad, and depressed state.
  9. They are always insulted. It is very difficult to understand this number when 8 are written. It forms two circles that are intertwined with each other. Western astrologers believe both of these circles to have different meanings. They believe one circle represents the material side and the other to have spiritual signification.

The number 8 numerology representatives of material and spiritual sides, these circles are also interpreted in different manner too i.e. where one part specifies great ups and downs, revolutions and horrible clematis , the other specifies philosophical thoughts, religious treatise of mystical formulas for the attainment of supernatural power and their in-depth study, deep thoughts of religious matters, to work whole heartedly and with single mindness towards the goal and the quality of completing the work assigned.

  • The kind of liberal and kind behavior that you extend towards others is never reciprocated and it does not benefit you in any way. Whatever extraordinary hard work you put in, you are never praised for it but after you pass on, the same people will pay their tributes to you and move heaven and earth in your praise.  If this is not destiny then what is it?
  • By nature you are a grave and serious person. In your life there is no childishness. Whatever you say has a solid bases. People may ignore your advice but it does not matter to you.
  • You either belong to lower status or very high status in the society. The people belonging to lower status fight against the injustices of society for whole of their life ends like this. But people are not able to understand them.
  • You do not believe in outward show and do not bind yourself with traditions and customs, thus people form a negative view of you but your heart is full of love thus the people who understand you will always remain by your side. You love other people from the depths of your heart and want them to reciprocate in the same manner.  But you do not display your emotions thus you become lonely although you are ready to scarify everything for your friends.
  • If you ambitious then you would always like to be on the senior most post, in the biggest business, a lot of respect i.e. everything must be the best. At such a time you would and like to have a lower post, smaller work on smaller business and you will not be able to adjust with the lower standards life provides for you. To fulfill your ambition you can do everything
  • Due to the affect of Saturn you have to face many difficulties but inspire of that you are able to bear situation well and keep it under control.
  • Although you have hate service i.e. serving under someone else but because of adverse circumstances you would be ready to do that also. You can do all sorts of work earning money but you would never measure it.
  • Though some people consider it an unfortunate number but to the people whom it favors, it is very fortune and can make them millionaires.
  • The time for fun and happiness is very less in your life. Your life is meant for work and work is your enjoyment. You never bother about relaxation and recreation.
  • Being isolated you become depressed. You cannot become friendly with others, this is your nature. But no matter what others think about you, they would always praise your work.
  • Because of the affect of Saturn you always fearing of a sudden accident or bad happening. You are always disturbed and on your guard that there might not be a fight or quarrel with someone.
  • You are prone to addiction of some kind and once you are afflicted with it. It is very difficult for you to get rid of it. Its effects and results are both bad.
  • In a young age itself, you become a mature person.

From the strange incidents of your life, you must have drawn an inference of life and its ups downs. If most of the important happenings of your life have occurred with effects of number ‘8’ then you can be sure that the coming year’s life would be good.

            If important and major happenings have occurred on such dates that there total comes to ‘4’ then you are playing in the hands of fate. You never know what happen and when. If 4 and 8 come together in your life, then there is a possibility of a major accident. This might cause your death.

            The sign of your number is a weighing scale balanced on the tip of the sword. This is a symbol of justice that’s why this number is always swinging in between human and divine justice. There are many amazing ancient thoughts attached to this. Romans believed it to be a symbol of justice. 

Jesus believed it to be associated with special religious customs and traditions.  These customs were completed on the 8th day of the month.  In the feast associated with this special custom, only 8 candles were lit and this feast lasted for 8 days.

No one is perfect; everyone has a possibility of improvement. By adopting the following precautions you can also save yourself from varying problems and become successful.

  1. Do not hide anything from your wife. If the mystery is solved and the truth comes out you may have to look smaller.
  2. There is a possibility that your life partner may have harsh behavior but do not get irritated. She may need medical care.
  3. Do not get stuck at one place only, make Friends, meet people, visit them and invite them. It would help you.
  4. Do not hesitate; say what you need to say without hesitation. You will benefit from this in business and interviews.
  5. Do not leave your work on others; it will bring losses to you. Complete your work yourself or get it done in front of you.
  6. That your relatives, brother sister would help you are a misunderstanding. You should work hard to provide for yourself.
  7. You would have many enemies and a lot of opposition but don’t worry, keep working towards your goal. Success would ultimately be yours.
  8. Those days and times when generally your work is not progressing well, avoid doing money transactions and business agreements.
  9. Leave being stubborn, become patient i.e. pay attention to what others say.
  10. Do not indulge in smaller or lower status work. Money is not everything; take out time to pray also.
  11.  Worrying about the future does not help. Do your work sincerely, with full efforts, and leave the results on destiny. Nobody’s whole life remains bad or full of darkness thus do away with depression, worry, and the tendency of idleness, and you will definitely become successful.
  12. Fill your life with happiness and your loneliness will fly away, irritation will be finished, and you will get a new strength to bear hardships.
  13. Do not fall in love with other women. It is not your field. You might have to face ignominy due to this.

Number 8 Numerology Health

The people who have Vedic number 8 numerology are prone to liver problems. Enlargement and not proper working of the liver is the common complaint in them. Due to liver problems, many other problems make them prey, thus these people should do everything necessary to avoid it.

  1. Leave addiction and bad habits. This can become the cause of your downfall.
  2. Your planet is an air bad habit. This because of gas in the stomach, constipation, and intestinal diseases.
  3. Due to the effects of gas, you may be affected by arthritis in old age so pay attention to it and take vitamins and medicines that make you agile.
  4. The people belonging to number ‘8’ generally have a problem of, falling of hair, breathing problems, blood and urine problems. So pay attention to it beforehand only.
  5. Green vegetables are especially beneficial to you. Take fruits regularly.

Exercise: Number 8 numerology people should do ‘Surya-namaskar. Bhujangasan, Dhnurasan, Halasan and shirasan, which are most appropriate for them. The most important thing about these asanas is on one side they remove liver ailments while on the other make the body strong and healthy and increase its immunity towards disease.

Number 8 Lucky Days and Dates

As you are ruled Saturn, the time period from 21st December to 26th January is especially favorable for you. The work done in this period will meet success.

Number 8 Numerology Auspicious Years, Dates, and Days

Period of years 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71, 80, and 89 will be good and favorable and the years that are favorable for ‘2’ and ‘4’ numbers are also good for you.  The years that can be divided with ‘4’ will also be favorable.  Likewise, the suitable dates for you are 8, 17, and 26 i.e the dates which have a total of ‘8’ are appropriated for new work.

If any of the above dates fall on Saturday and in the time period from 21st December to 26th January, then that is the most auspicious one for you.

Lucky Colors for Number 8 Numerology

Dark brown, Black, Dark blue and violet are fortune and auspicious color for you. If you are able to keep a black handkerchief in your pocket then it will help you in decreasing and difficulties

Black colors are most favorable. The pants of black color is commonly worn but if the necktie is also black color or black waves then it would be most favorable.  The cushions also can be of for the sofa, in the house.

Lucky Gemstone for Number 8 Numerology

Being ruled by Saturn, your auspicious gem stone is dark blue sapphire. You can also wear black pearl and black diamond. Your fortune colors are dark colors thus it is necessary that the gem stone too must be dark colored.

            Blue sapphire is a very versatile gemstone, its effects too are very quick, it is capable of bringing great ups and downs in your life so it is essential that you first check and test its suitability to yourself. You must keep it under your pillow for 2 months and see if your get bad dreams then you must not wear it and you may like to try black pearl or black diamond. 

You should also be vigilant about the general happenings of those days if they are favorable then do wear them.  It should be of a minimum of 6gms (Ratti) and it should be worn a ring made of five metals, and it should touch the skin.  On a Saturday, after purifying it should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand.

The most auspicious gemstone is blue sapphire. It should be worn in an iron ring, studded in such a way that it should touch the skin.

Number 8 Numerology Ruling Planet and Deity

Your ruling planet is Saturn. Get an idol of Saturn (Shani) made of five elements and light a wick of mustard oil in front of it on Saturday while in difficulty recite the following mantra 108 times.

Aum Aem Hrim Shrim Shnecharai Namah

Prayers: They should offer prayer to shani-Dev’ Sesamum seeds should be made regularly on Saturdays.

If you are facing a bad time, then on a Saturday see your shadow in mustard oil first thing in the morning and give it to an old or dark-complexioned beggar. Give black sesame seeds to the beggar or a dark-complexioned servant. Keep your servant happy.

Keep a fast on Saturday, eat your dark colored food only once during the fast and eat one of black sesame and juggary in the food.

Fasting: As fast should be observed on Saturday. The food should be taken only once on that day and the salty and sour things should not be eaten.

Important Advice For Fasting

We would like to advise you as to what is supposed to be done on the day of fasting. In the present scientific age, it is not advisable to remain totally without food and water for the whole day. The meaning of fast is to troubled the body but to make it light healthy.

If on the day fast, it is your weakly, rest and holiday then are ideal as you should not put in hard work on such a day. You should not have constipation as it would hamper the effects of the fast.

            On the day of the fast, if you feel weak then you should rake a cup of milk, tea or such drinks or you also eat some dry fruits but this must be taken only once in the whole day and at a pre-decided time. If you would not like this then you should take a glass of fresh fruit juice or you can take fruit according to the seasons.

            In the evening, after offering prayers should you complete your fast by having light. Do not eat, in the evening as it would make the fast futile.

Famous Personalities Born with Number 8 Numerology

Some important personalities of Basic Number ‘8’

Queen Mary                            17 February                 8

Chamberlain                            8 July                           8

Gen. Beranrd Shaw                26 July                         8

Lloyd George                          17 January                   8

Prince Albert                           26 August                   8

Admiral Davy                         26 December               8

Cavlins                                    8 January                     8

Jonh D. Rockefeller                8 July                           8

Swami Shivanand                   8 September                8

Guru Nanak                            8 November                8

Rajgopalacharia                       8 December                 8

Mautshu Tung                         26 December               8

You can read about the SATURN planet to understand more about Number 8 Characteristics as SATURN is the Ruling Planet of Number ‘8’. SATURN PLANET AND ITS EFFECTS


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