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Sun Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Sun Mahadasha Effects

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Effects of Sun Mahadasha

Sun Mahadasha Effects

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Sun Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha period is for 6 Years in the horoscope when it gets active. 

Sun Mahadasha will change as with these attributes. The Sun has a masculine and royal character, curly, but scanty hair legs, long hands, broad shoulders, and also isn’t so tall. It’s honey-colored eyes, a nicely developed bone structure, and has a squarish appearance.

It’s got a very sharp mind. It’s active. It’s easy in nature. It wears orange or saffron-colored clothes. It doesn’t remain in one place for long. It’s of clean habits. Its vehicle is a horse with seven heads. It’s honest, wise, kind, as well as firm. It respects the gods and genius.

Its compatibility with the other planets is as follows:

Sun in Friendly with Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.

Neutral to Mercury whereas Inimical to Venus and Saturn.

Sun causes heat and burning within the body, sunstroke, and disease from the heart, eyes, skin, and portions of the body beneath the navel.  Additionally, it causes fevers, especially of undetermined origin. &bull, in case the Sun is in a sign and even Navamsa, the native won’t have great relations with his father. The Sun is powerful from the house.

The strength of the Sun in every horoscope shows the strength of the soul which the native is endowed with and is, therefore, the indicator of divinity in a guy. The Sun represents spiritual power.

The Sun and Jupiter together determine the nature of the genius and spiritual direction which the native is very likely to take. The existence of the Sun in almost any house illuminates that house and accentuates the affairs of that house.

In case the sun is favorable for the research and aspects of the moon, the native would be successful and fortunate. If a positive Sun is associated with or is in aspect with Venus or Jupiter, the native may have strokes of good luck every second year, particularly in his twelfth, 24th, 30th, and 60th years.

Sun aspected by a malefic planet in the research will cause misfortune for a native in his 45th year. The results signaled by means of a planet will materialize in its period or sub-period when the Sun transits that an indication of exaltation or even mooltrikona of the planet or one owned by it.

In case the sun is aspected by Jupiter in a horoscope, the native would be on good terms with the authorities and would be preferred by the authorities.

The area of such preference would be based on the nature of Jupiter for that particular birth and its own strength. Here aspect includes association.

The opposite will be the case if Saturn is connected with the Sun. The native would be persecuted and troubled by the authorities if Saturn aspects the Sun. If Saturn is adverse for the research, the troubles would be magnified several folds. Here aspect includes association.

By nature, the Sun is a malefic planet.

Effects of Sun Mahadasha with other Planets

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Sun Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Underneath Sun Mahadasha Moon Antardasha it’d be on the positive side, the native will be independent and self-reliant. He’ll be active, successful, and popular. He’ll enjoy decent health and may have a strong constitution. The native is likely to possess pleasure from kids and father. The native will be rich.

The 2nd house wherein the aspect takes place to become dominant at the horoscope and show evident results. The material welfare will be great. The native will be profitable, prestigious, rich, satisfied with his kids and marriage, and will be well over the comfort-level and prosperity wherein he was born.

On the negative side, the opposite of what’s been listed previously will come to pass. He’ll be vacillating, unable to grasp the opportunity which comes his way, troubled by expenditure, emotionally disturbed, and ill. He might not be generous and big-hearted. He’ll be easily affected by females.

He might make things, but will probably be skillful. There might be a conflict from the character of the indigenous between the mind and the heart.

Sun Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Sun mahadasha mars Antardasha will result because the favorable side, the native will be impressive, bold, assertive, industrious, prosperous, determined, healthful, long-lived, and energetic.

He might be in the military or in a force or a profession that wields weapons. The lifetime of the native may have a predominance of action to be decided by a sign wherein Mars is set.

As an example in a ground sign, the native will probably be good in games and stimulation, in airy, and he is going to be smart and mentally alert, etc.

The aspect between both of these planets will create the native leader and an achiever. He’ll profit from his parents and will be blessed with sons.

On the side of Sun Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, he’ll have none of the effects that are fantastic that are above. He is going to be untruthful, passionate, impulsive, lacking in intelligence, and one who keeps bad business.

He’ll not have preferred from his superiors and might fall out with his son or parent. He might need to recompense for the bad deeds of the father. He’s likely to face injuries, fever, sunstroke, surgical interventions, enmi&ties, and assaults. There’ll be a threat from firearms and fire. His family life will probably be bad.

Sun Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, astronomically does not have any aspect or may shape like the planet is never greater than 28 degrees from the Sun. In accordance with the Hindu system, the only conjunction can be shaped.

The consequences of that are being given as follows:

The brain will be full of energy, firm, and conservative. Nevertheless, if a brand new idea comes up it’ll be examined from the viewpoint of the mental make-up and accepted or rejected within that ambit. The mind won’t respond to lowly persuasions. It’ll be in a position to appreciate sublime concepts.

There’ll not be a fear of fading away of power with age. The native will be emotionally sound and full of energy until his conclusion. He might not have a dread of instability.

He’ll an ability for math, astrology, or astronomy psychological status and wealth. He’ll get a skill in mathematics, astrology, or astronomy. He is going to be prosperous in trading. There might be travels. These fantastic results will be diluted when the sun is an unfavorable planet for horoscope.

 Sun Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha could be on the optimistic side, the native can have respect for religion. He can be sincere and sympathetic. He can have great relations with his father. The father and native kids can also be prosperous and off.

He can be a hypocrite in spiritual matters. He might be a hypocrite in spiritual matters or the superior. The native will be full of energy, sincere, responsible, and trustworthy. He can be a hypocrite in spiritual matters or nursing, charity, or hospital work.

He can have a huge circle of friends. He can be scholarly and can beat the teaching profession. He may be reputed. In the pursuit be a hypocrite in spiritual matters or prosperous and highly placed.

On the negative side, the native might suffer from an issue be a hypocrite in spiritual matters or difficulty at the heart. The areas where results were anticipated, be a hypocrite in spiritual matters.

He can be severe unless other malefic even a religious zealot. He can have difficulty be severe unless other malefic. He might contract a disease he’s been attempting to cure as a physician in a medical institution.

Nevertheless, the negative results won’t be serious unless other malefic planets, like Mars or Saturn, contribute their mite.

Sun Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, astronomically has no aspect or can Form as the planet is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun may shape like the planet is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun.

In accordance with the Roman system, the only conjunction could be formed. The consequence has a preference for and knowledge of.

The native is going to be prosperous, popular, and musically inclined. He’ll you will find indications to the contrary from the horoscope arts. He’ll make it through the opposite sex.

He’ll you will find indications to the contrary from the horoscope children that are great. He’ll you will find indications to the contrary from the horoscope.

His marriage might you will find indications to the contrary from the horoscope. He’ll marry even when there are indications to the contrary in the horoscope.

He’ll be rich and maintain a top position. He’ll have vehicles and great residence. He can have eyesight. The fantastic results will likely be diluted when the sun is an unfavorable planet for horoscope.

Sun Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha might result as a favorable side. The native may have a strong character and will be the master of himself. He’ll be sincere, persevering and patient.

He’ll be a leader, organizer, and administrator. He doesn’t shirk from taking up responsibility. He’ll carry on regardless of approbation or otherwise. He will be prosperous in his endeavors.

He’ll have the fantastic will of the superiors and the government. He’ll attain a top position. He’ll stay in the business of persons over him in position.

Persons older than his age can help him in his affairs. He’ll have a restricted number of kids. He can get patrimony. He may have a healthful and rich age.

He’ll be long-lived.

On the flip side, the native will have to confront obstacles on his way, his affairs can get delayed, he may confront humiliations and declines in business, along with his father or son might pass away, might lose his wealth there might be a serious disagreement with the native.

There’ll be disappointments and many sorrows in his life. He’ll suffer from problems and colds. He’ll suffer from the machinations of the enemies and might not be capable to realize his goals.

His managers can get annoyed with him or he might incur the wrath of the government. The native will be unsympathetic and callous. He might have a tendency to develop some heart disease.

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Sun Mahadasha Example Horoscope

Sun Mahadasha Career Analysis

Let’s understand more about the Effects of Sun Mahadasha and Antardasha results through the below illustration as an example…
(please note that we strictly do not share the personal information of our clients and subscribers)

Date Of Birth: 15th April 1989
Time Of Birth: 12.45 Hrs.
Place Of Birth: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Career Predictions with Sun Dasha Analysis

The Native have the horoscope of Cancer Ascendant with Moon situated in its own lord of the house, and in general, we will say that Moon is in a good position and should be favorable results but here Moon has the Nakshatra lord of Mercury in your horoscope which is combust.

Sun Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 1
Sun Yantra Model with Numbers and Mantra

Any planet which is combust due to the impact of SUN doesn’t give any results with the significance to that house lord.

But when I noticed the degrees then I see that it is far away from SUN, so luckily the combustion effect won’t be there at that level because it impacts when any planet is nearby SUN’s planet positions by 6 degrees….

So overall you would have the average results with the effect of Mercury and due to which as a result you are doing the job in a corporate world.

Currently, you are also going through with the SUN’s Mahadasha period, which will remain active till September 2024 and your career might got impacted when this Mahadasha period got started from September 2018 or say… from the ending period of 2018 or starting phase of 2019…

We are talking much about SUN only because of its current Mahadasha period and the placement of it in your 10th house, which is the significance of Job promotions and the upper management level of your office, especially with the direct reporting manager of yours.

Now, let’s go more deeper into the SUN’s position in your horoscope. Here, the SUN’s Nakshatra lord is Ketu which is in the ‘Retrograde’ position.

Therefore, the SUN’s nature due to Nakshatra is already in loss and not only this the SUN is placed in 10th house that’s okay perfect for your career and also to take your career at great heights as in general SUN is also ‘Exalted’ here means (SUN Ooch ka hai) positive impact within its house lord.

But due to Ketu, you are not getting that much level of success that you actually deserve.

For better understanding we have to understand the nature of Ketu, how it impacts any native with its placement in a particular house. See, Ketu dissatisfies the native with the subject or significance of its house lord and placement that is in your case Career and the status that you see within yourself.

Here, unfortunately, Ketu is with the sign lord of SUN itself. Therefore, here Ketu is directly impacting the SUN with its placement as well as being its Nakshatra lord.

Now, let’s take a look at both Mahadasha and Antardasha period. Currently you are going through with the SUN Mahadasha with Mars Antardasha period which will remain active till November 2019.

Mars is placed in the 11th house in its own Nakshatra lord. So, the impact of Mars could be good but since your Ascendant is Cancer, therefore 11th house is a Baadhak sthaan for you…

It might be possible that you are willing to achieve a good status in your life. That might be your strong desire to achieve it and especially through your career needs

That’s an overview of your planet positions and current Dasha period relates to your query, now let me quickly go through your queries…

1.        Current job duration/stability?

To answer this question, since you are currently going through with the Mars Antardasha period till November 2019, there would as such no problem, the job will remain continue and stable and after that Rahu’s Antardasha period will start from November 2019 which will remain active till October 2020, almost a year.

Well, this is the period when you must need to worry about your job and especially with the stability of job and career… reason Rahu is placed at 8th house which is the significance of Ups and Downs…

Not only this under this period you might spend money with the investment point of view for career growth but that could be merely an illusion. You are strongly suggested to be careful during your Rahu’s Antardasha period.

If I look further than after checking the Transits Rahu’s is placed at the 6th house of your horoscope that signifies the struggle/job, etc. in conjunction with the 12th house of spending, and Rahu in Transit chart is the lord of Mercury that is placed in 10th house of promotions in your horoscope…

So, you are strongly advised to take Rahu Antardasha period on a serious note…

Solution: Before taking any step, you are strongly advised to the complete analysis, plan and then take any decision. Especially relating it to the reality with future and positive vision into it.

Avoid this attitude that you know everything… and yes Rahu also makes you with full of Ego.. Please avoid such things… as this kind of attitude will impact your ability to take the right decisions.

Special period to take care: November 2019 till December last week of 2019.

2.        Current job promotion chances? Any chances of break in career? Dates?

Unfortunately, there are really hard chances of any promotion… better take care with the stability of your job… But still if you are thinking of any promotion then it should happen till starting weeks of September 2019…

Overall since Saturn is placed at the 6th house, therefore struggle or say slow progress in your career would be there for sure…  You are also advised to remain consistently disciplined. And, yes with a diplomatic approach.

3. Peak time of career? Dates/Age? Same as 2nd

4. Stable job in career? Dates? Same as 1st

5. Career moves/chances new job opportunity dates?

After the period of Rahu’s Antardasha, from October 2020… Jupiter’s Antardasha will start and I would say that this period would be better to start looking for other job opportunities… 

This period will remain active from October 2020 till July 2021.

6. Promotion in jobs? Full authority in job? Dates? Same as 2nd question, except Authority (senior management level)

7. Chances of Defamation in career?

Yes, during Rahu’s Antardasha period, kindly refer to the 1st question’s answer… as if there are any strong chances of Defamation then its during Rahu’s Antardasha period only.

8. Any chances of own business? If yes, then what business would be most suitable?

Yes, if you are planning or thinking of doing business then during Jupiter AntarDasha period from October 2020, would be beneficial for you, and you can choose the line that is like trading of good,  any technical line… that is linked with the digital world or anything that involved your own creativity or creation in the business.

This type of business will suit you better.

11. Mental insecurity in job reasons… Any solution?

The main reason of this and also even why you are asking this… is mainly because of Ketu only…  as first its placement in the 2nd house where SUN is the lord of that house and secondly it is impacting your status, security, lack of saving, etc.

See, you are strongly advised to believe in yourself and in your capabilities, reason, Ketu’s nature is to dissatisfy the native related to that subject or significance where it is placed and in your case it is your insecurity / status and anything that related to it.

And, yes if you take things with a proper approach, research, planning, etc. then also things will be much better than you can imagine.

12.  Any other important information related to my career?

Yes, I will answer this with the logics of Astrology and your horoscope. If somehow the Venus is not combusted then the story of your life and career could be completed different and you might achieve the great heights of success in your career.

Here, Venus is completely combusted in your horoscope at 04 degrees and 14 minutes. And Sun is posited at 01 degrees and 35 minutes… Here, Venus comes under 6 degrees near to the Sun, as a result, complete combustion. No results or say the benefit of the planet Venus in your horoscope.

Venus is again important in your horoscope because Saturn’s Nakshatra lord is Venus itself and Saturn is placed at 6th house… which is why as a result you will also face huge difficulties with the fulfillment of your desires.

I will suggest you to take it like this… do not over a dream or become over-ambitious about anything… just think of your goal and start working on it. This is also the solution of your Baadhak Sthaan that is 11th house that is the significance for the fulfillment of desires.


– During Sun’ Mahadasha period you will remain in doubt and dissatisfied as its Nakshatra lord is Ketu. So, you are requested to keep yourself aware of this and avoid this kind of negativity, will remain active till September 2024

–  During Mar’s Antardasha period (current) till November 2019, focus on the stability of your job / career so that you become that much stable to face the upcoming Antardasha period of Rahu.,.

– In Rahu’s Antardasha period, do not get distracted, do not spend unnecessary, avoid any wrong decisions, strongly advised to take care of your career with the stability. from November 2019 till October 2020.

– If planning for business than Jupiter’s Antardasha period could be the best time period for it from October 2020.

Sun Mahadasha Remedies

Trying to work out some ego issues. Identifying who we are as individuals, as well as the true identity of the Soul. Meditate on the Atman, or inner Self, in order to find peace  within.

A weak Sun can indicate a lack of self-esteem, while a strong Sun in an unfavorable position can indicate an inflated ego and a selfish personality.

Learning Dharmic ways to use and refer to power, status, and authority.

Trying to learn to respect and heal one’s relationship with one’s father and seniors.

Sun Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Before we continue to know and understand about the Remedies of Sun… first we should also need to know all about Sun Planet and how does it work and could affect our lives and our horoscopes. Let’s go through it…

The Sun, also known as Vishnu, the Lord of Presentation, is the father of our planetary system, resolving all of the planets around it. The Sun reflects the strength of light in the sky, the temperature of the earth, the energy of presentation, and improvement.

His presence denotes “day,” while his absence denotes “night.” The Sun -a royal planet of power, authority, and finances – has also been linked to the soul in the human body and the ability to render bodily services to others.

When the Sun is placed in Houses 1 to 5, 8, 9, 11, and 12, it produces positive results. The Sun has a bad time in the 6th, 7th, and 10th houses. The Sun’s friendly planets are the Moon, Jupiter, and Mars, while Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu are enemies.

The stable house and the house of the exaltation of the Sun is the Puccka Ghar, whereas the 7th house is in the house of debilitation. Mars in the 6th house and Ketu in the 1st house cause the Sun to produce exalted results.

When the Sun is exalted or placed in an auspicious house in a person’s horoscope, he is destined to rise in power and status. If a person creates obstacles for him, that person will inevitably meet his demise. If the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury, much better results are predicted.

The Sun has a negative impact on the items associated with the house in which he is located. As a result, he will cause health issues for the native in the first house. He will have a negative impact on the family and its comforts in the second house.

The native’s sisters and daughters will not fare well with the Sun in the 6th house. In the seventh, he will encounter difficulties in the comforts of his wife. In tough times, the Sun of the 8th house would save the native’s life.

The Sun in the 9th house will destroy the forefathers’ comforts and possibly endanger the native of their property. The Sun will have a negative impact on the father on the 10th.

If the native does not enhance the power of Saturn by consuming liquor, meat, or eggs, the Sun in the 2nd House increases and actually increases the native’s income by a factor of ten. The native’s comforts of night hour sleep are destroyed by the Sun in the 12th house.

Because Saturn and Venus are great friends, the Sun will not be able to harm Venus when it is aspected by Saturn.

When Saturn is aspected by the Sun, on the other hand, the Sun will not be afraid of Saturn and will destroy Venus, as both are natural enemies in the house where he is placed.

Remedies for Sun in 10th House

Government benefits and favors, good health, and a stronger financial position. The native will be given a government job, as well as the conveniences of vehicles and servants.

The native will be suspicious of others at all times. The native’s father will die during his childhood if Saturn is in the 4th house. The native will have a very short life if the Sun is in the 10th house and the Moon is in the 5th house.

If there is no planet in the 4th house, the native will be denied government favors and benefits.

Remedies for Sun
  1. It will be extremely beneficial to toss a copper coin into a river or canal for 43 years.
  2. Avoid alcoholic beverages and meat.
  3. Don’t wear blue or black clothes.

Main Planet to take care of all your needs and fulfillment is… SUN
(I will share the SUN Yantra model as well, place it at your temple or workplace).

Sun Yantra and Benefits

Ravi, Surya, Bhanu, Arka, Mithra, and so many other names have been given to the Sun God. In fact, the Rigveda is replete with praise, referring to Him by a variety of names and characteristics.

Atmakaraka is his name (Significator of the soul). The Sun, as the center of the solar system, is the source of life for all other planets and all life on the planets.

He represents the heart, the eyes, respect, and power, as well as fatherhood, honor, status, and fame. He is mentioned in Rudhra Prashna as an example of a living God (“The Gopas say the Invisible is Visible here”).

He is also known as a Kavi, which means “the poet who sees everything.” Ravi has a good sense of what’s going on. On Sundays, Trijakalpa Suryanamaskara (a Ravi pooja) is performed in his honor.

Propitiation for Ravi strengthens bones, cures illnesses, especially those of the heart and circulatory system, bestows progeny, gold, and replaces honor and dignity.

However, Ravi’s exact role is determined by his rulership, placement, and alliance, as well as his natal chart aspect.

How to Install Sun Yantra?

Surya Yantra: For the planet Sun’s positive influence.

The Sun provides us with vitality, resistance, and immunity. It is in charge of our physical nature, or the constitution of our bodies.

Our life force, willpower, intellect, greatness, prosperity, success in worldly matters, wealth, personal conduct, activity, cheerfulness, good fortune, wisdom, passion, fame, real understanding of medication, and the knowledge of the surrounding world are all ruled by the Sun.

It also governs our interactions with temples and other sacred sites.

Sun Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis 2
Sun Yantra Model with Numbers and Mantra

Start using this Yantra on any Sunday Morning.


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