Sun Mahadasha Effects

Sun Mahadasha

Effects of Sun Mahadasha

Sun Mahadasha Effects
Sun Mahadasha Effects

Sun Mahadasha will affect as with these features and characteristics. The Sun has a masculine and majestic personality, curly but scanty hair, small feet, long hands, broad shoulders and is not very tall.

It has honey colored eyes, a well-developed bone structure and has a squarish appearance. It has a very sharp mind. It is active. It is simple in nature. It wears orange or saffron colored clothes. It does not stay in one place for long. It is of clean habits. Its vehicle is a horse with seven heads. It is wise, truthful, kind, and firm. It respects the guru and gods.

  • Its RELATIONSHIP with the other planets is as follows:

Friendly with….Moon Mars Jupiter

Neutral to…….Mercury

Inimical to……Venus  Saturn

  • It is the KARAKA for the following:

Soul, self, separation, bones, illustrious appearance, king, steady temperament, represents 50 years of age and also age between 23 and 41 years, father, strength, valor, health, eyes, general well being, and devotion to Lord Shiva.

  • It REPRESENTS the following:

(i)         Honey colored eyes, scanty hair, throat, brain, fever, right eye, spleen, spine, belly, mouth, heart, vitality, the native looks upwards, consciousness, individuality, re­sistance to disease, typhoid, meningitis, and bitter taste.

(ii)        Authority, aristocrats, high government officers, govern­ment buildings, boss, administrative head, captain, leader, royalty, royal favor, respect for elders, son, reputation, permanent service, an independent business financed by the father, career, hard work, and capacity to command.

(iii)       Will, good fortune, ambition, faith, generosity, hope, happiness; loyalty, optimism, expansion, splendour, deliberate act, prestige, scruples, arrogance, bluff, subtle, pure, fundamental, long-standing anger, success in worldly affairs, jealousy, pomposity, anger, domineering attitude, prominence, and determination.

(iv)       Copper, ruby, gold, ‘dhatu’ (inanimate objects like miner­als and metals), woo1, positive, heat, summer, dry, fire, temple, Shiva temple, forest, wood, thorny plants, months of June and July, dark red, orange colour, square-shaped, numbers 1 and 4, east, mountains, sharpness, bank of a river, chemicals, thick cloth, wheat, medicine, fortress, child of a coward, noon, quadrupeds, lion, horse, boar, Saurashtra, and Kalinga (Orissa).

(v)        Rudra, mantras, Yoga, Brahma, truth, purity of the mind, and self-realization.

(vi)       The Sun represents a half year. It rises with hind part first.

It presides over Danda (Punishment).

(vii) Magistrates, masters, medical practitioners, doctors, phy­sician, Kshatriya (warrior caste), and goldsmiths.

  • Sun causes heat and burning in the body, sunstroke, and diseases in the heart, skin, eyes, and parts of the body below the navel. It also causes fevers, particularly of undetermined origin.
  • If the Sun is in an even sign and even Navamsa, the native will not have good relations with his father.
  • The Sun is powerful in the tenth house.
  • The strength of the Sun in any horoscope shows the strength of the soul that the native is endowed with and is, therefore, the indicator of divinity in a man.
  • The Sun represents the spiritual authority. The Sun and Jupiter together determine the nature of the guru (preceptor) and spiritual direction that the native is likely to take.
  • The presence of the Sun in any house illuminates that house and accentuates the affairs of that house.
  • (i)…If the Sun is favorable for the horoscope and aspects the Moon, the native will be fortunate and successful throughout his life.

(ii) If a favorable Sun is associated with or is in aspect with Jupiter or Venus, the native will have strokes of good fortune every second year, especially in his 12th, 24th, 30th, and 60th years.

  • An unfavorable Sun aspected by a malefic planet in the horoscope will cause misfortune for the native in his 45th year.
  • The results indicated by a planet will materialize in its major-period or sub-period when the Sun transits a sign of exaltation or mooltrikona of the planet or one owned by it.
  • If the Sun is aspected by Jupiter in a horoscope, the native will be on good terms with the government and will be favored by the government. The extent of such favor will be determined by the nature of Jupiter for that particular nativity and its strength. Here aspect includes association.
  • The reverse would be the case if Saturn is connected with the Sun. The native will be persecuted and troubled by the government if Saturn aspects the Sun. If Saturn is adverse for the horoscope, the troubles will be magni­fied several folds. Here aspect includes association.
  • By nature, the Sun is a malefic planet.

Effects of Sun Mahadasha with other Planets

Sun Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Under Sun Mahadasha Moon Antardasha it would be on the positive side (if the aspecting planet is a beneficial planet for the ascendant), the native will be self-reliant and independent. He will be active, successful and popular. He will enjoy good health and will have a strong constitution. The native is likely to have happiness from children and father. The native will be wealthy.

The two houses in which the aspect takes place to become dominant in the horoscope, and show noticeable results. The material welfare will be great.

The native will be highly prosperous, esteemed, wealthy, happy with his children and marriage and will generally be well above the level of comfort and prosperity in which he was born. On the negative side (if the aspecting planet is malefic for the ascendant), the reverse of what has been recorded above will come to pass.

He will be vacillating, unable to grasp the opportunity that comes his way, troubled by heavy expenditure, mentally disturbed and ailing. He may not be generous and large hearted. He will be easily influenced by females. He may make fake items but will be skillful. There may be a conflict in the personality of the native between the head and the heart.

Sun Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Mars Antardasha will results as the positive side (if the aspecting planet is a beneficial planet for the ascendant), the native will be impressive, bold, assertive, industrious, prosperous, determined, healthy, long-lived and energetic.

He may be in the army or in a force or profession which wields weapons. The life of the native will have a predominance of activity to be decided by the sign in which Mars is placed. For example in an earth sign, the native will be good at games and bodybuilding; in airy, he will be intelligent and mentally alert, etc. The aspect between these two planets will make the native a leader and an achiever. He will gain from his parents and will be blessed with sons.

On the negative side of Sun Mahadasha Mars Antardasha (if the aspecting planet is malefic for the ascendant), he will have none of the above good effects. He will be untruthful, passionate, impulsive, lacking in intelligence and one who keeps bad company.

He will not have favor from his superiors and may fall out with his son or parent. He may have to recompense for the bad deeds of his father. He is likely to face accidents, fever, sun-stroke, surgical interventions, enmi­ties, and assaults. There will be danger from firearms and fire. His family life will be bad.

Sun Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, astronomically has no aspect or can form as the planet is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun. According to the Hindu system, the only conjunction can be formed. The result of which is being given as follows:

The mind will be energetic, firm and conservative. However, if a new idea comes up it will be examined in the perspective of the established mental makeup and accepted or rejected within that ambit. The mind will not respond to lowly persuasions. It will be able to appreciate sublime concepts. There will not be any apprehension of fading away of mental power with age.

The native will be mentally sound and energetic till his end. He may not have fear of mental instability. He will be scholarly, respected for his mental status and wealthy. He will have an ability for mathematics, astrology or astronomy. He will be successful in trading. There may be travels. These good results will be diluted if the Sun is an adverse planet for the horoscope.

Sun Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha might be on the positive side (if the aspecting planet is a beneficial planet for the ascendant), the native may have respect for religion. He may be honest and sympathetic. He may have good relations with his father.

The father and native’s children may also be well off and prosperous. He may be on the right side of the government. He may go on long journeys on official work or under orders of his superior. The native will be energetic, sincere, responsible and reliable.

He may also be involved or inclined to, charity, nursing or hospital work. He may have a large circle of friends. He may be scholarly and may be in the teaching profession. He may be reputed. In the horoscope of a female, her husband will be highly placed and prosperous.

On the negative side (if the aspecting planet is malefic for the ascendant), the native may suffer from a problem of overweight, derangement of liver or spleen or trouble in the heart. The areas where good results were expected, as described above, will show reverse results.

He may be a hypocrite in religious matters or a religious zealot. He may have trouble or loss from the judiciary. He may contract a disease which he has been trying to cure as a doctor in a medical institution. However, the negative results will not be serious unless other malefic planets, such as Mars or Saturn, also contribute their mite.

Sun Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Venus Antardasha, astronomically has no aspect or can form as the planet is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun. According to the Hindu system, the only conjunction can be formed. The result of which is being given.

The native will be successful, popular and musically inclined. He will have taste for and knowledge of fine arts. He will earn through the opposite sex. He will have a happy marriage and good children. He will be a warm-hearted person.

His marriage may emerge out of a love affair. He will marry even if there are indications to the contrary in the horoscope. He will be wealthy and hold a high position. He will have good residence and vehicles. He may have defective eyesight. The good results will be diluted if the Sun is an adverse planet for the horoscope.

Sun Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha might results as the positive side (if the aspecting planet is a beneficial planet for the ascendant), the native will have a strong personality and will be the master of himself. He will be honest, persevering and patient. He will be a good leader, organiser and administrator. He does not shirk from taking up responsibility.

He will carry on regardless of approbation or otherwise. He will be successful in his endeavours. He will have the good will of his superiors and the government. He will attain a high position. He will remain in the company of persons above him in standing.

Persons older than him in age will help him in his affairs. He may have limited number of children. He may get patrimony. He will have a healthy and affluent old age. He will be long-lived.

On the negative side (if the aspecting planet is a malefic for the ascendant), the native may have to face obstacles in his path, his affairs may get delayed, he may face humiliations and losses in business; and his father or son may pass away, may lose his wealth or there may be serious disagreement with the native.

There will be many sorrows and disappointments in his life. He will suffer from colds and rheumatic troubles. He will suffer from the machinations of his enemies and may not be able to achieve his goals. His bosses may get annoyed with him or he may incur the wrath of the government. The native will be unsympathetic and callous. He may tend to develop some heart ailment.


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