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Gemini Horoscope Nature and Habits

Among all zodiac signs, Gemini Horoscope is considered to be a ‘difficult to understand’ sort of sign. As other signs can be understood by their symbols. Likewise Gemini Horoscope can also be understood by its symbol. Gemini Horoscope is symbolised by a pair of man & women. A single human brain itself is so marvelous, when two brains, one of a man and the other of a woman combines, it will be beyond imagination. Whatever is possible by the relation of man and woman is discernible in a Gemini Horoscope.

Gemini Horoscope is the first sign of air element in the zodiac system. It lord mercury is the messenger of God. It possesses such a pair of sandals which with the help of which in no time it can reach anywhere. It is the first dual nature sign. Mercury represents the head in a human body.

In this background, one can understand Gemini Horoscope. Gemini commands the head. In its one head, two heads are active-one of a man and other of a woman. It is always moving in the sky, it rides on the wings of thoughts and in no time can reach anywhere.

As it is a dual nature sign, it always seeks two different ways. Its mood is constantly changing, in one moment it is unhappy, the other moment it is satisfied, sometimes very serious, some other time wandering, very talkative, very gloomy, very gleeful like rain and scorching sun at the same time.

This nature is predominant in its sexual activities. Sometimes by nature, it is masculine and sometimes feminine or some other time of the same gender. A Gemini’s life has many ups and downs like the mercury of a barometer. In every moment it shows a different character.

As a slight movement in the radio’s needle changes the station being transmitted, a slight movement in the needle of thoughts of a Gemini, its second head starts working instead of the first head. This is the reason why a Gemini in no time can change the direction of his discussion.

Mercury endows a Gemini with many qualities in abundance like interest in many fields, morals skills, to read others mind, farsightedness, versatility etc. If a Gemini is determined in carrying out a work, then no one can be as faster as decorous, as successful in doing a job as a Gemini. The only weakness with a Gemini is that he cannot stay on a job for a long time.

Gemini are very eloquent. They can win hearts of people by their eloquence. If in mood, he listens to what others say, but most of the times he speaks more. One cannot hope from Gemini that one’s talks can create an impression on Gemini or he will live up to his promise. He cannot stay at one place for a long time.

If he has money and if traveling is favorable then he will at once leave for a journey. He loves to keep moving. He likes the fastest mode of transportation. Monotony is like death for him and to be sentimental and playful is life.

A Gemini is not satisfied even after completing the whole work. He is the biggest critic of himself. As a consequence, he undertakes some challenging work. The main aim of a Gemini is to make their own and others life lively and beautiful.

For this he provides them mental food. Mental satisfaction is an inspiring power for him. If some new problem crops up, he fights with it until be reaches the roots of the problem. He needs his friends and companions for self manifestation.

Female Gemini is not much different from a male Gemini. She is successful in attracting males by using her mental faculties. Sometimes problem may crop up due to her talkative nature.

Gemini should be careful about those negative qualities which arise in them due to this dual nature sign. The biggest negative quality is the ‘I attitude’ or ‘ego’. The hunger of search for variety makes him restless. Such people do not like routine chores. If they are made to do such work, they behave as if they are caged animals.

He is in the forefront in every work which can give name and if he is made to sit at the back he feels that he is not being used properly. The most important point where a Gemini needs to be cautions is he should avoid his powers to get scattered in different directions.

Gemini Horoscope Financial Affairs and activities :

In financial matters also Gemini Horoscope ride on two boats at the same time. They like to undertake jobs in which they can earn quick money without efforts. Like, speculation, shares, earnings by company promoters, to take advantage by new inventions or new thoughts.

But they are not satisfied even after getting sufficient success. As a consequence, in a greed to earn more money, they cross all limits and fall in trouble. Due to this there is ups an downs in their financial life.

Mercury rules the head, therefore Gemini can be more successful where they have to use their brains. Being quick-witted and eloquent, they can become successful diplomats and politicians.

Due to their inquisitiveness and a nature to investigate the truth, they can be successful in all kind of investigation and search related jobs. They can be good editor, writer, planner etc. They love traveling hence they can perform the job of a business agent very well.

They can be good lawyer, adviser, speaker. They are always in search of a medium through which they can express / display themselves. Hence they can take help of music, dance, art etc. for this.

Gemini Horoscope are found in following business :

Writer, Clerk, business agent, editor, teacher and speaker, lawyer, employers in postal department, artist, guide photographer, transpiration department employees, Secretary, personal assistant, treasurer, translator, dealers in cycle-scooter, dealers in stationery, engineering contractors, Message carriers, foreign embassy authority, stage-speaker, share market-brokers, company promoters etc.

Gemini Horoscope Friendship, Love and Marriage :

Gemini cannot live without friends. They make friends with any stranger who come in the contact due to their eloquence. They know how to felicitated their friends. They have compassion and generosity for their friends only as long as they are in front of them. When the friends are away, they are vanished from the minds of Gemini.

In love affairs also, Gemini are like puzzles. At one moment they get fully involved in love, the other moment they become disloyal. Many Gemini are seen having two families.

Due to their diplomatic nature, they are successful in maintaining two families at the same time. Gemini lover is seldom serious in love. In spite of having deep love, he is carried away by some big challenge. His love is from head and not from heart and his love is also well thought.

Gemini husband are mostly loiterers and they have wife and a lover at the same time. This has an adverse influence on their married life. Gemini wives can also rarely keep away themselves from seduction of other males although they are totally devoted to their husband. Their relations are not stable. The main case of divorce are most of the time Gemini wives.

Gemini male are in search of such a life partner who supports in his mental interest, who is not tied only to home and should be ever ready to get up and set out with him the moment he says so. She should match her interests with her husband’s interests and she should not take her husband’s loitering nature seriously.

Where he sees his benefit, he will land at once and will put an end to his love affairs in no time which may affect his married life. He should be made to understand calmly frequent interrogations and pressure may produce untoward consequence. Due to which he may leave his home.

Gemini parents, although love their children but think of them as burden on them.

Gemini Horoscope Health and Food Habits

In a Gemini Horoscope, head is the ruler, therefore as far as health is considered, he will never let his mind control his body. Most of the times people belonging to this sign are not so healthy, but each and every organ of their body is active. There eyes are mostly brown or blue in colour. Their complexion could be both fair or dark. They are tall and straight posture. Hands are long. Nose is also very long and sharp. Legs are thin and veins are very shiny.

Most of the sickness of Gemini is related to mind. If they are happy and have a sound mind, then they can keep all ailments at bay. If they cannot do so, then they fall prey to all kinds of mental diseases. Due to extraordinary hard work they feel mentally tired. At that time they are more in need of fresh air, proper sleep and food than any medicines. But due to their nature, they refuse to follow any such suggestions.

The main diseases to which they are prone are, stuttering and diseases of tongue, pleurisy, pneumonia, longs related diseases, cold & cough, bronchitis, kind of breathing diseases. In horoscope the sixth house from Gemini is of Scorpio, therefore they are prone to non-diagnose disease.

Gemini Horoscope Other known Fact

  • According to Indian astrologers the colour of Gemini is Green like a parrot.
  • The colour of its lord Mercury is green like that of grass.
  • The gem stone for Mercury is Emerald.
  • Gemini manifests in West direction.
  • The number of Mercury is 5.
  • This number represents variety.
  • This number plays an important role in the life a person of this sign. In days, this sign represents Wednesday.
  • Gemini directs the following things, place and persons.
  • Walls, chest, suitcase, Rail, Train, Bus, Car, Taxi, plane, parachute, Publishing Newspaper, Newspaper page, Cotton, green gram and all green coloured objects.
  • Agricultural fields, Mountains, Hills, playing courts, dining hall,Schools, baby sitter etc.
    Preacher, tourist, messenger, editor, lawyer, politician, teacher, artist etc.

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