Mars in Different Houses

Mars in Different Houses

Effect of Mars in Different Houses

Mars in Different Houses
Mars in Houses

Mars in Different Houses – 1st House

The native would be adventure loving, independent, assertive, moody and physically powerful. In case Mars is an adverse planet for the horoscope, he may be liable to suffer from troubles in the head or be involved in accidents. He may be bothered by his enemies. He may not be truthful.

His mother may be rash and may have quick temper, she may be an active person and may be authoritative. His married life may not be cordial. He may have the habit of pilfering things, or his possessions may be stolen.

He will be young looking and may have ruddy complex­ion, a scar on the temples or head and may suffer from piles. He may not be long-lived. He will be liable to get a fever.

He may join a service where he may have to bear arms or may join an engineering profession. His younger sisters/brothers may be well off in life but they will have some problem with regard to their children.

His elder sister/brother may have a satisfactory life but the elder sister/brother will not have good relations with some of his younger sisters/brothers. His father will be troubled on account of his children. Mars influenced by a Node here will make the native’s mother abort.

Mars in Different Houses – 2nd House

He would be irritable, poorly educated, and will have to work hard for success in life. It will not be so if Mars is placed in its own sign or in the sign of its exaltation. He may speak harshly or his speech will appear disagreeable to others. He will like the company of wicked people.

This position is dangerous to the longevity of the spouse. Mars is restricted in giving full results m this location. The native may suffer from troubles in the eyes, piles, fistula etc. He will live away from his place of birth. The native’s children and his father will be rash and of a quick temper.

The children will be very energetic and powerfully placed in life. An adverse Mars is bad for the longevity of the first child. Some child of the native, who had reached a high position in life may suffer a severe fall from that position. This may also cause dissensions in the family.

The native may spend his wealth over loose women and in meeting his expenses arising out of his dissolute habits. He may be irreligious and unfortunate. His younger sister/brother may find that his secret enemies have grown powerful and active during the major-period or sub-periods of Mars.

The younger sister/brother may also be in danger of being confined or getting injured in an attack by animals or robbers. His mother may be deceived or misguided by her friends. His wife may either be extravagant or meet with a violent end.

Mars in Different Houses – 3rd House

The native will be courageous, healthy, wise, and intelligent. He will have poor relations with his younger brothers/sisters, can communicate well and will love adventure. When Mars is adverse and weak, the native has to guard against ear trouble, injuries to his arms, accidents in short journeys and loss through correspondence.

The native may be prone to fits of violent temper. The native may have to face trouble through colleagues and neighbors. An adverse Mars when in relation with Ketu or another malefic planet is also likely to make his elder sister miscarry.

The native will have an aptitude for Chemical or Mechan­ical Engineering. He may join a service where he may have to bear arms.

The native’s father will be rash and of a quick temper who may lose his wealth in disputes. However, the father will in all probability overcome his enemies and come out successful in litigation. This is not considered a good position for Mars as it is the karaka for this house.

Mars in Different Houses – 4th House

He cannot pull along with his mother and will be an introvert, but will have a good career and home. If Mars is debilitated here and is associated with Ketu, the native will lose his mother shortly after his birth. He will suffer losses pertaining to family property.

His life towards its close will be troublesome. He is likely to get involved in litigation over property. The mind is likely to be in turmoil or be violent, more so if the Moon and the owner of the fourth house are also influenced by Mars, the owner of the sixth house or Ketu.

There may be serious tensions in married life and the native may be at loggerheads with his elder sister/brother. The native’s father will have a difficult family life and he may lose his wealth in disputes.

The native is not likely to obtain an educational degree. He will face obstructions, and lack of help from parents. He is likely to face popular opposition.

Mars in Different Houses – 5th House

He will suffer losses due to excesses and speculation, and be tense, aggressive and impetuous. He will be intelligent. His first child will have quick temper and be prone to accidents and injuries. There will be a threat to the life of the first child and the children will be disobedient.

If Mars is in debilitation or in an enemy’s sign here it gets power to kill the native. This location indicates that the native’s children will be born with surgical assistance. The native may suffer from stomach troubles, piles, fistula etc.

The native will be attractive to the opposite sex and looking to the nature of Mars, there is a possibility of scandals involving the native.

He may be rash in speculation which may cause him losses. He will enjoy vigorous exercises. When Mars influences Mercury from this house, his mother may speak harshly which may be the cause of tension in the family.

Mars in Different Houses – 6th House

He will earn well and will fulfill his desires by working hard. He will be angry and passionate. The native will have difficulties with his servants. He will be able to suppress his enemies. He may suffer losses in the rearing of poultry and animals.

The native’s father will be rash and will have a bad temper. In a female nativity, it indicates accidents, difficult and life-threatening labor and miscarriages. Mars here may cause boils or wounds.

Mars in its own house here is likely to make the native join service. An afflicted and weak Mars is likely to be bad for the younger sister/ brother of native’s mother. It is also not good for the younger sister/brother of the native.

They may suffer from illnesses during the sub-periods of Mars in the major-period of an owner of the second, eighth or the tenth house. It will give results of its placement in the second house to his children. A powerful and good Mars here is excellent for his father. Such a Mars will raise the father to a very high position in life.

Mars in Different Houses – 7th House

He will be restless, irritable and argumentative. He will have to work hard for success in life. He is not likely to have friendly relations with women, his relations with his wife will be difficult and there may be separated from a spouse. He will have a strong sexual nature.

He will suffer losses in litigation. The wife will be unhealthy and shaft lived. If the planet is close to the cusp of this house it is likely to make the fixing up of the marriage of the native very difficult. Several proposals will not materialize.

He is likely to face popular opposition. He may suffer losses through litigation. His younger sister/brother will have his source of worry and trouble in his children, or he may have recurrent colic pain in his stomach.

The native’s second child may not live or may suffer seriously from illnesses. His elder sister/brother may have strained relations with his father.

Mars in Different Houses – 8th House

He will be of the weak constitution but will have strong sexual desire. The native may suffer from piles, fistula etc. Mars here may cause boils-or wounds. An adverse Mars with a Node or aspected by one, may make the native get involved in an accident.

He will not be wealthy. His death can be violent. He will suffer losses due to theft and fire. His wife will be extravagant. His income may dry up. The native’s father will face danger to his life.

The married life of native’s parents must also have been poor. The native is likely to die of wounds or due to poison or injury by a weapon. The younger brother will have a bad temper. Mars here for Aries ascendant is considered good.

Mars in Different Houses – 9th House

The native will face difficulties due to his father. The parents and younger brother will be rash and short tempered. He is likely to face legal problems. Long and overseas journeys can be dangerous.

He will not have many friends but he will be ambi­tious and will have the urge to forge ahead in life. He will tend to do well in life after 27 years of age. He will be successful.

If the Moon is either weak or afflicted and Mars is a seriously adverse planet, the mother may not live long. Such a Mars when it influences the Sun may cause heart ailment to his father.

The native may be of bad conduct and may face a threat of impris­onment. If Rahu influences the twelfth house, the threat of imprisonment will be very real.

Mars in Different Houses – 10th House

He will be ambitious, persevering and successful but will be self centered . The native will face slander and unfounded allega­tions and will face the possibility of falling from his high position.

An unaspected Mars close to the cusp of this house and unas­sisted, makes the native argumentative, rash, sharp of mind and shrewd. If the planet is powerful and unblemished, the native will have much power, riches and authority.

The native can be a Mechanical or Electrical engineer or an employee of the armed or uniformed service, well versed in the science of mantras, a physical culturist, or a surgeon. His best years will be 28th and 58th. Mars in Leo in this house gives great progress in life and profession.

A bad Mars will bring about the loss of younger sister! brother through violent means. Such a Mars alongwith an afflict­ed Moon is bad for the longevity of mother, and the native’s and his wife’s mental equilibrium. If in place of the Moon, Jupiter is afflicted, he may lose his eldest child.

A bad Mars is liable to cause trouble through servants, enemies, litigation or maternal uncle to the native’s children.

Mars in Different Houses – 11th House

He will realise his ambitions with the help of his friends but he will face opposition and dispute also from them. The friends will be few and if there is a watery sign here, they will turn inimical later.

If an adverse Saturn influences Mars here the native stands in danger of severe accident or injury. If Jupiter is adverse and it is influenced by an unfavourable Mars, the native will face trouble from judiciary and losses through friends. He will be wealthy and influential.

If other factors support this result, the native is likely to earn his livelihood through thefts, or his income may be from stolen goods. His enemies will be suppressed and he may be successful in litigation. He may have to face problems connected with the birth of or affairs of his children.

He may speak rudely and may be fond of non vege­tarian food. His elder sister/brother will be irritable but ener­getic.

Mars in Different Houses – 12th House

He will be indebted, and lonely and will have strained rela­tions with his younger brothers/sisters. He will have strong sex urge. He will suffer from secret enemies. He can be injured by robbers and quadrupeds. There is a danger of the native getting imprisoned, especially so if Rahu also influences the twelfth house or its owner.

He may have eye trouble. His mother may have fistula or piles. He is likely to lose his mother around the age of 27 years and may face a serious financial reverse in his 45th year. He is not likely to have an upright moral character and will have liaisons with several women.

The marriage will show signs of failure. He may be violently opposed to his wife. She may also be given to consumption of alcohol. Mars m Libra or Pisces is bad for the financial status of the native.

It will make the younger sister/brother and father of the native angry and irritable and the native or his eldest child may have to undergo surgery.

A powerful and beneficial Mars here will raise his younger sister/brother to a very high and powerful position in life. It will give results of its placement in the second house to his elder sister/brother.

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