Number 1 Numerology Meaning Based on Astrology

Number 1 Numerology

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Number 1 Numerology Details

Number 1 Numerology
Number 1 in Numerology

                Number 1 Numerology is the person who is born 1, 10, 19, and 28 dates of any months have ‘1’ as their basic number. Other than these dates if the sum total of any number is ‘1’ then its basis number will also be ‘1’

Number ‘1’ represents extreme courage thus it is the super most important number. It is ruled by the ‘SUN’. It foretells about the creativity of the individual. The person ruled by this number wants always to be independent. Such a person has a unique characteristic of individualism. He likes to sometimes he is so unbending in his views that he is labeled as a stubborn or obstinate person.

Dates of Birth               :          1, 10, 19 and 28

The Planet                   :           Sun

Important Time          :           21st March to 28th April and

Period                          :           21st July to 28th August.

Number 1 Numerology Personality

  1. If you have number 1 numerology then you are a person of extraordinary courage and patience. To keep on striving even in adverse conditions is only possible for you.
  2. You are a born leader. In childhood, you will have led your playmates and after growing up you will lead in the society and your household. The unique qualities of leadership that are present in you are not likely to be in anyone else.
  3. The art of making friends should be learned from you. You are able to formula strong friendship with an unknown person too. Due to this characteristic, you will get immense praise in society.
  4. You are always striving to discover something new, a product a method, or a theory. Another characteristic is to do some courage and unique work. The only person like you is capable of doing something incomprehensible by a common man.
  5. Physically you are strong and capable of doing any extraordinary work.
  6. Whether you are in service or business you will reach the pinnacles of success. The inborn quality of leadership will take you to the forefront in each and every field.
  7. You are always conscious and striving towards your goals as your goals are determined by you at an early age.
  8. You are an expert decision master. You take an immediate decision on every subject of importance. Generally, your decisions prove right.
  9. You are a person of independent personality and a life without any interference from others.
  10. You believe in new ideas and inventions. You are also able to maintain equilibrium in the present and new ideas.
  11. You do not tolerate any kind of interference in your work. You do not like anyone’s bickering and somebody’s constant adversely is not taken kindly by you.
  12. You do not beautiful. Progressive and interesting life. A disorients life and uncivilized behavior is intolerable for you, for you appreciate the beauty and you are a patron of art, be it in any form.
  13. You are a straight forward person who does not waste his words and so you do not like false praise and flattery.
  14. You work very hard to earn money but while spending it you are equally casual. That’s why it does not remain for long with you.
  15. You have a fertile imagination and you are a successful coordinator. This helps you are maintaining good relations with important people which adds to your prestige in society.
  16. Being a strong-willed person you stick to your decision this makes you the most reliable person in society. No one can move from your decision once you have decided it.
  17. You are ambitious and your sticks to you have a very impressive personality. Whether work you take up, you always complete it.
  18. You have a cheerful nature and so peoples are immediately attracted to you.

You often over-spend because of showing –off. And so you feel the pinch of it.

Stubbornness and excessive freedom is a warring bell for you. Be cautious.

Beware of friends and relatives. Excessive faith or them may prove harmful especially where is concerned. Or you may have to suffer.

You appreciate beauty but do not get entangled in the love if a lady, it may bring you and name.

You should cultivate friendship with people whose basic number is ‘1’ are ideal companions to you. The people, men or women belonging to basic number ‘4’ would also be beneficial. But beware of the people belonging to the basic number ‘7’.

You should take precautions against diseases like blood pressure and heart attack and other such heart-related diseases. Consult the doctor regularly.

Number 1 Numerology Health

The people who have Numerology number ‘1’ are generally troubled with heart ailments. Heart disease is generally the outcome of urine ailment.

Modern heart disease treatment asks the patient to relax. But only those people are affected by this disease who are busy in such a work that does not require physical labor and this they make themselves fat and obese. 

These people should work according to the following guidelines.  These will help these people to save themselves from heart disease.

Exercise: Do all the exercise of ‘Surya-namaskar’ regularly. But if they are already suffering from heart-disease they should avoid it. Fasting-they should observe a fast on Sunday.

Number 1 Lucky Days and Dates

A person who is born between 21st March -24th April or 21st July-28 August and have ‘1’ as their basic number, have been born in the favourable period when the ruling planet Sun is in its most favourable position.  A person of basic number ‘1’ may also start a new work in this time period as it will prove most appropriate and beneficial.

         But October, November and December will prove unfavorable and so no new world should be started during these months. Sun is not strong enough in these months and so there would be a lack of enthusing and due to unnecessary fruitless running around the person will become troubles and tense.

Auspicious Years, Months and Days for Number 1 Numerology

The people who have basic number ‘1’ the best of their life are 1, 10, 19, 28 37, 46,55,64,73 and 82n