Significations of Moon

Names: Shetdyuti, Udupati, Indu, Vidhu, Sasi, Sasanka, Nisakar, Seeramsu, Som, Sheet Rashmi, Abja, Chandramaa, Mrigaanka, Glau, Kaal Ish (Kaalesh), Shashadhar, Atrij, Jalaj, Kshapakar, Shubranshu, Netrayoni, Amrit, Jaic, Yaminiksha, Payodhiputra, Jalnidhitanay, Abhiroop, Kumud, Kumudbandhu, Kumudini, Sheetfu, Himkar, Tarapati, Abdhija, Knashatresh, Jaivatrak, Tuhinkar, Samudrangaj, Tungeesh, Tuhingu, Rakapati, Dwijraj, Amba.

Letters: ya ra la va s sh ha.

Nature and Form: Soft in speech, unsteady, carnal, sexy, learned, round bodied, beautiful eyes, sweet speech, Dhatu planet. Good eyes, Rainy season, huge body, lean and white, black and this hair, mild in temperament, intelligent, beautiful linmbs, Sarad Ritu, beauty, whiteness, shining, learned, saline, short in stature, facing the west, strength at night, middle age, mid-day, Muhurta (an interval of 48 minutes).

Sun and Mercury are the friends of Moon; rest of the Planets are neutral. Moon is exalted up to 3 degree, of Taurus and rest of the 27 degree are Mooltrikona, Cancer is the own sign of Moon.

Lord Krishna, the incarnation of God was from Moon. He was fully Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit) incarnation.

Deity: Varun (god of water), Parvati.

Human Body: Face, belly, brain, wind and phlegm, blood, breast, stomach, right eye, left eye, the fluidic system, saliva, glandular processes, eye sight, lymph, facial features.

Diseases: Excessive sleep, laziness, tastelessness, phlegmatic problem, carbuncle, typhoid fever, bodily health, indigestion, diarrhoea, impurity of blood, mental aberration, anorexia, jaundice, wounds caused by horned animals or aquatics, good blood and vital energy, life, enlargement of spleen, disease, consumption, epilepsy, serios effusions in the body, dyspepsia, septicaemia (blood poisoning), anaemia, pleurisy, paralysis, general inertia, eye diseases, psychiatric problems, nervousness, myxoedema, hysteria, lunacy, nervous debility, gastric catarrh, scrofula, cancer, dysentery, hydrocele, varicose veins, complications due to excess of drinks, bronchitis, eosinophilia, asthma, throat troubles, cold, cough, sprue, peritonitis, tumours, uraemia, catamenial disorders, dropsy, colic pains, intestinal defects and disorders, worms, beriberi.

Dangers: Trouble from women, danger from horned and water animals, fear from Balagrahas, Durha, Kinnaras, Yama, serpents,  Yakshini.

Relatives: Welfare  of mother, maternal relatives.

Persons: Brahmin, Tocharians, Romans, foresters, ascetic ruler, Yavan, women, association with learned people.

Professions: Agriculturist, getting a job, dealers in fluids, pearls, sea-products, clothes; public salesmen, water-carriers, nurses, midwives, sailors, travelers, fishermen, those who manage public conveyance, horticulture, healing, traveling and all traveling requisites, humour, cartoonist, gardeners, liquor dealers, dairy-owners, obstetricians, plastics, waiters, catering, eating places, laundry-owners, confectioners and bakers, house-keepers, female officials.

Actions: Changes, voyages, sea-bath, travel, going to distant place, going to a fortress, sleep, sexual enjoyment.

Abstracts and Qualities: Arts, performing arts, comforts, worldly condition, reverence to Goddess Gouri, mind, poetry, mysteries, romances, fancies, popularity, public life, social success, maternal properties.

Kindness, beneficence, pity, mercy, royal grandeur, satisfaction, saltish, beauty, mental tranquility, tenderness, delicacyon face, happiness, lustre of body, mind, peace, facial lustre, mirth, love, affection, intelligence, splendour, ability, jesting, merriment, pleasure, joking, happiness, disposition of mind, good or bad, impartiality, sourness, quick in thought, fame, fickle-mindedness.

Moon makes inconstant, capricious, unsettled, fanciful capable of securing public honours but in danger of reversals, sense of organization , sexual magnetism, ability to sense trends, adaptability (to people and surroundings), mood swings, sense of timing, inclination to risk-taking, staying power/ patience, power drive, will to win, survival (killer) instinct.

Eatables: Honey, love of curd, eating, thick sugarcane, nourishment, eatables, Ghee, oil, sesamum, food, drinks, salt. Corn, milk, rice, good meals, sweet substance, sweets, sweet drink.

Animals: Horses, horned animals, cow, fish.

Plant Life: Juicy plants, creeping plants, medicinal herbs and plants, good fruits, good budding, pulses, wheat, barley, flowers, fruits, white poppy, algae, mushrooms, melon, cucumber, lettuce, winter green, pumpkin, cauliflower, sugarcane, mercury, palm, cabbage, betel leaves, saffron, vegetables, oranges.

Objects: Pearl, precious stones, new clothes, cloth, Janeu, essence, fragrance, liquid, wealth, items of comfort, land, silver, white umbrella, good fan, bell-metal, white Chamar, conch-shell, dress, ornament, garment, jewels, any thing watery, diamond, nine gems, clean crystal, delicate cloth, silk garment, good perfume, waistband, umbrella or other royal insignia, ships.

Places: Snowclad areas, seas, oceans, place of residence, tank, pond, well, native place, the middle world, rivers, watery places, frequent changes of place.

Places in India: Kerala, Kosala, Bharukacha, Broach, islands in oceans (Andamans of Daman, Diu?).


  1. The Moon is feminine, fair, with handsome eyes and melodious voice it is svelte, tall, youthful, with curly and short hair, and is intuitive and beautiful in appearance. It is learned, friendly, kind, fickleminded and likes to wear clean white clothes. It is satwik and specially partial to aged women. It is a queen. Its vehicle is a deer. It gets hurt easily. It is passive and impres­sionable. It is quick moving.
  2. Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows:

               Friendly with                                   Sun Mercury

               Neutral to                                         Mars




               Inimical to                                       None

  1. It is the KARAKA for the following:

   Mental state, mother, breasts, temperament, mind, chest, and lungs.

  1. It REPRESENTS the following:

   (i)         Intellect, meritorious deeds (punya) in the past lives, fickleness, tolerance, infancy (from birth to 4 years of age) and also 24 years of age, orthodoxy, insanity, pleas­ant banter, learning, laziness, sleep, equanimity, devo­tion to Goddess Durga, faith, love, openness, peace, happiness, fame, mediumship, occult studies, hypnosis, telepathy, clairvoyance, artistic accomplishments and a pleasure loving person.

   (ii)        Phlegm, sleep disorders, lethargy, carbuncle, fever with chills, danger from homed or marine animals, blood disorders, lack of appetite, trouble from women, jaun­dice, epilepsy, enlargement of spleen, cold and fever, childbirth, conception, anaemia, embryo, tuberculosis, blood-pressure, neurological disorders, left eye, esopha­gus, ovary, uterus, and diseases in the shoulder.

   (iii)       Strength, beauty or lustre of the face, fair complexion, attractiveness, if the Moon is afflicted it gives sickness in infancy and old age, and makes the native unfortunate. (iv) Flower, fruits, milk, water, affluence, north-west, sweet substances, home, place of residence, fragrance, brahmin, soft cloth, new unused cloth, crystal, ornaments, comfort silver, well, tank, journey, noon, pearl, masses, white colour, belt, salt, favour, radiance, poets, powerful at night, journey to distant lands, fish, marine life, pilgrim­ages, wanderings, eatables, beads, rainy season, change­ability, sense of taste, canopy and other royal insignia.

   (v)        Queen, women, female, sailor, hawker, traveller, nurse, midwife, and such other professions that deal directly with the people at large.

   (vi)       Moon represents the Yavana desh (North West Frontier Province, now a part of Pakistan), Europe, Dama (getting one’s work done by temptation), governs Moola (plants, creepers, grass, trees etc.), rises head first, represents crawling insects, looks squarely ahead.

  1. If the fourth house, its owner and the Moon are influenced by Saturn the native is dispassionate. If these are under the influence of Rahu the native is fearful.
  2. The native suffers from epilepsy if the waning Moon is in the eighth house under the influence of Rahu, the fourth house is likewise affected by Rahu and there is no beneficial influence.
  3. If the following in the sixth or the eighth house, not connected with Rahu but under malefic influence, the native suffers from blood pressure problems.
  4. If the Moon is located adversely in the twelfth house it harms the left eye.
  5. If the Moon is very weak in a horoscope and so is the ascendant the infant is likely to die in its infancy.
  6. The native will have mass appeal if the Moon is powerful and is related to the fourth house and its owner.
  7. (i) The native will suffer from tuberculosis if the fourth house, its owner and the Moon are related to Saturn and Rahu and there is no mitigating beneficial influ­ence.

   (ii)        The Sun and the Moon, when they exchange signs in the birth or navansha chart or join together in Leo, also cause chest ailments,

  1. The longevity of that relative of the native represented by the house from which the Moon is placed in the sixth house will be harmed by it. Thus if the Moon is in the sixth house from the fourth, i.e. if the Moon is in the ninth house, the longevity of native’s mother will be badly effected.
  2. In continuation of the preceding paragraph, the longevity of the first born is seriously endangered if the Moon is located in the tenth house,(being in the sixth house from the fifth house).
  3. If the Moon is strong in a horoscope and has beneficial aspect, the native will by nature be sympathetic, will be sensitive, will have emotional maturity and the capacity to influence the society beneficially.
  4. The nature of child birth, whether easy or difficult, for the mother of the native at the time of his birth can be judged from the Moon. If the Moon is associated with or under the influence of malefic planets, the native’s mother had much trouble at the time of his birth. If it is under the influence of Mars or Ketu also, surgery was performed at the time of his birth.
  5. A powerful Moon is also, like the Sun capable of giving power and pre-eminence but whereas the Sun will also make the person strong willed, the Moon would make him a leader or administrator responsive to the needs of the people.
  6. Whereas the Sun overcomes and influences any planet with which it is associated, the Moon accepts any planetary influence that is brought to bear on it. The Sun is therefore the indicator of native’s spirit of independence; the Moon is that of dependence.
  7. The Sun is the indicator of native’s prestige, the Moon of popularity.
  8. The importance of an unblemished and good Moon cannot be overemphasised with regard to the longevity of the infant. (i) If the Moon is in the drekkans of Mercury, Venus or Jupiter, or of a planet which is a beneficial planet for the ascendant or, (ii) if the dispositor of the Moon is powerful. it can safely be predicted that there is no BALARISTA and the infant will live to a good age. The exceptions to these rules are as follows:

   (a)        The Moon is in the first, sixth, eighth, or the twelfth house and is weak and afflicted.

   (b)        The Moon is in the eighth house from the ascendant and the eighth house from the Moon contains a malefic planet. This subject has been treated in detail under the Eighth House in Chapter Five.

  1. If the Moon is in aspect to a beneficial Jupiter or Venus, the native will enjoy strokes of good fortune every fourth or sixth year.
  2. If the Moon is between the ascendant and the cusp of the fourth house, or between the cusps of the seventh and the tenth houses it is considered to be in low tide. Elsewhere it is in high tide. The Moon in low tide is considered weak.
  3. The Moon is powerful in the fourth house and gives results there provided it is waxing. A waning Moon there will be powerless to give results.
  4. The Moon damages the eighth house from the house it occupies.
  5. By nature the Moon when waxing is a beneficial planet. It is a malefic planet when waning (within 72 degrees of the Sun).
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