Significations of Moon

Names: Hemn, Gya, Induputra, Somaja, Budha, Kumara, Vidhusuta, Atidirgha, Saumya, Chandraputra, Bodhana, Vit, Chaandri, Gaya, Shaanta, Shyamgattra, Taratanay, Vid, Atideergha, Pancharsis, Masayanni, Sheetbhanutanuj, Sheetdeedhiti, Shantshyamgatra, Shashadhanutanuj, Sheetdeedhiti, Shantshyamgatra, Shashadhartanay, Prabhasut, Ekanga, Chaandra, Tareya, Rauhaneya.

Letters: ta varga.

Nature and Form: Handsome figure, humorous, Jeeva planet, green as the blade of a Dhruva or panic grass, body full of veins, red and long eyes, even limbs, fond of fun, pleasant in speech, clad in green, gurgling speech, fond of joking, mixture of three humours-wind, phlegm, bile, smell, earth, clear in speech, slim and beautiful bodied, eunuch, Ritu-season, looking forward, Hemant Ritu green colour, wetness, directions, Atharva Veda, religious action, north-west quarter, moving in villages, versed in good legends of the past, facing north, jocular disposition, learned.

Moon is Mercury’s enemy; Sun and Venus are friends; Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are neutrals. He is exalted up to 15 of Virgo, subsequent 5 are Mooltrikona and rest of the 10 and Gemini are own signs.

Lord Budha, the incarnation of God was from Mercury. He was Jeevamsa and Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit) combined incarnation.

Deity: Lord Vishnu.

Relatives: Maternal grandfather, flourishing of family, paternal relations, relatives, sister’s children, progeny, maternal uncle, growth of clan, Maternal uncle’s children, maternal aunt, cousin, nephew, niece, step mother.

Human Body: Nerves, skin, navel, neck, pudendum virile, brain, bowels, lungs, hands, arms, tongue, mouth, nervous system, speech, digestive, right cerebral hemisphere, cerebrospinal system, nose, legs, ears, bronchial tubes, throat, forebrain, sweating, taste.

Diseases: Sickness, wounds caused by earth or the ground, wind, phlegm, diseases arising from three humours wind, bile, phlegm; toxic and mental, eye, nose, throat, vocal organ, skin diseases; itches, psoriasis, accident due to fire.

Troubles from violence, evil spirit; bad dream, fear, nightmare, sceptic, delirium, loss of memory, laziness, giddiness, insanity, dumbness, rheumatism, defects of the senses, leucoderma, ear disease and deafness, sudden falls, bad dreams, high strung temperament, certain diseases of the eyes, mental aberration, nervous breakdown, mental instability, vertigo.

Persons: Twins, labous, ambassador, messengers, ministers friends, rank of an heir apparent, twins, Shudra, relations in commerce, industries, amateurs, servants, youth.

Professions: Grammarians, painters, astrologers, writers, dyers, chemists, humorists, pravtitioner of incantation causing death of disease, security guards, gemologists, messengers, sculptors, poet, spies, druggists/chemist, dancers, magicians, cave dwellers, physician, treasury, trading, doctor, schoolmasters, literary men, preceptors, registrars, tailor, postmen, peon, carriers, correspondents, stenographers, artist, interpreters, documentation and recording, priest, teaching, accountants, telephone operator, radio and other communication media, reporters, postal persons, book-keepers, clerks, stationers, books-seller, bus  drivers and train employees, printer of books, broker, architect, money-lender, neighbour.

Actions: Dancing, incantation, making quarrels, water travel, swindling, deceiving others, renunciation, exercising, rubbing (scratching), pilgrimage, controlling carnality, anger etc., discomforts and troubles associated with imprisonment, journeys, messages, journey by land, anxieties, worries, mental activity.

Abstracts: Multi-meaning sentence, arts, Recreation, sacrifice, religious rites related to Lord Vishnu, spell of high order, wise lectures, tranquility, mixture of tings, amulet soft words, Vedanta philosophy, fame, humour, Mantras, jokes, politeness, mental purity, poetic ability, education, rational mind, prosperity, conjugal happiness, worldly condition, wisdom, learning.

Skills and Qualities: Eulogy, skill in mechanical and fine arts, eloquence, truth-speaking, aptness for acquiring knowledge, intelligence, peace, humility, devotion, modesty, soft words, impartial nature, devotion, makes wary, subtle, talkative, busy, restlessness; tricks, speculation, shrewdness; inclines to the study of science, intellectual conquests.

Sruti (Vedic knowledge), Smriti (traditional law), mathematics, Vedanta, language of the elite, accountancy, astrology, admiration of language, one who masters Telugu language, writing, literature, numerology.

Animals: Birds, horses.

Plant Life: Juicy plants, tree, green gram, grass, betel leaves, vegetables.

Objects: Bell-metal, oyster-shell, soaked clothes, higher knowledge, gold, sculpture, best ornament, new garment, dust, Saleable commodities, medicines, food, clothing.


  1. Mercury has grass green complexion, is pure, a yogi, rajasik, and of skilbul speech. It is of happy disposition. It puts on green clothes. It is witty and likes jokes and laughter. Its vehicle is a lion with the trunk at an elephant. It is the son of the Moon. It is adaptable.
  2. Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows:

                    Friendly with                                    Sun


                    Neutral to                                          Mars



                    Inimical to                                        Moon

  1. It is the KARAICA for the following:

   Learning, eloquence, skill, maternal uncle, studiousness, Lord Vishnu, childhood, education, trade and commerce, truthfulness, mathematics, friends, consciousness, astrol­ogy, humour, speech and places of entertainment.

  1. It REPRESENTS the following:

   (i)         Arts and crafts, earth, prince, trader, female eunuch, leafy trees, charms, birds, boy, partly wet cloth, play­grounds, October and November, race-courses, clubs, emerald, alloy of metals, mixture of things, grass green colour, north. Bheda (tact and diplomacy), paper money and broker.

   (ii)        Intellect, vocation, intelligence, writing, attention to de­tails, training, discrimination (Buddhi), publishing, com­mand over languages and adaptability.

   (iii)       Skin, brain, intestines, bronchial tubes, larynx and impo­tence. Sense of smell. The tendency to look sideways like a shy damsel.

   (iv)       School teachers, brokers, editors, reporters, authors, print­ers, orators, mathematicians, accountants, insurance agents, sanitary inspectors, merchants, messengers, con­jurers, and jokers.

   (v)        Mercury represents hypochondria, disturbance in think-big process, worry, apprehension of the likelihood of something untoward happening, bad speech, diseases in the eye, throat, nose and skin.

  1. Mercury is by nature neutral and whenever it comes under the influence of another planet, it takes on its nature and influence.
  2. Jupiter governs the realm of abstract thinking. Mercury relates to more concrete side of it. It represents mental energy. It governs quick grasp of thought, writing, education, rapid exchange of information, publishing, journalism and calculation.
  3. Since Mercury relates to pre-adolescent period of life after infancy, any affliction to it can lead to illnesses during this period, or an unhappy childhood.
  4. Since Mercury is the significator of trade and since money is an essential part of trade, Mercury represents acquisition, accumulation and expenditure of money.
  5. A weak Mercury can make a man naive, irrational, given to fantasizing, confused, immature and even insane. Under the influence of a powerful Saturn it can lose its inherent intelligence and may make the native dull.
  6. It is powerful in the first house and infructuous in the fourth. It rises head first.
  7. It is by nature a beneficial planet and if it is not under the influence of a malefic planet, or placed in an adverse sign or sign of a naturally malefic planet, it will give results like a naturally beneficial planet.
  8. An at least averagely strong Mercury influenced by Venus in any manner in the birth chart may give musical ability.
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