Pisces Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com for 2016
Free Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions about Nature and Habits

Pisces is the most complicated sign in the entire zodiac system. Its dual nature pulls the person in two different directions. As a consequence he never understands that he wishes to do or what he should do. Due to this mental confusion he mostly thinks that everything around him is wrong but he can never analyze what is wrong.

Pisces are very emotional and they very easily influenced by others. As soon as they enter the room they come to know what is happening there. The difficulty is that they come under the influence of others very easily and hence it is very necessary they should come in contact with right people Otherwise they tend to imitate others and develop a thinking like others.

Pisces are very sentimental and therefore their emotions and feelings play a very important role in reacting to people and situation. Due to their extra sensory knowledge they unreasonably fall in love or hold grudge for anybody. They are very illogical in doing so. They are over filled with sympathy. They cannot perform any work which may harm others. When they find somebody in difficulty or find someone in despair or afflicted by disease they feel like running to help them, but they don’t understand how to help them. Due to this nature of Pisces some people try to take undue advantage of them.

Their imagination power is well-developed. In route they are idealistic and try to escape from the bitter realities of life and get engrossed in their dream – world. This is the reason why many great poets, writers and musician were Pisces. But what is the use of those imagination which cannot be utilized in worldly affairs. This is the reason why Pisces stay behind others and fail to bring themselves in limelight. They lose hope due to little opposition. Their entire personality is negative. Their nature is not stable and changes every moment and depends on their mood. They themselves never take any vital decision and depend on others for decision-making.

Pisces like spending peaceful time at home instead of enjoying sports activities and other worldly enjoyment. Due to this they tend to get lazy. They are attracted towards water. Due to their coward nature they repeatedly risk for forgiveness or constantly give excuses.

Basically Pisces are dual nature. The question is which path they adopt. The most determined and the most weak character are found in Pisces. Some people fall prey to their emotions and adopt a path of pleasure, get influenced by the atmosphere or fall in the company of false friends. Some people come under the influence of liquor or intoxication get habituated to it. But if they find a purpose or mission in life, then they mould themselves according to the situation. Due to the sudden change in their nature, they may surprise their friends. In no moment they shed their weakness and sensual character and raise to any level of self-confidence.

They are attracted to study of Occultism. The love to discover the unknown, philosophical and secret things but people think about them as superstitious where in reality they are very fortunate.

A female Pisces totally possess the feminine attribute outwardly due to which male are attracted towards them. They are ready to adopt a tough life inwardly. Due to love and sympathy for poor and those in despair their house tend to become an asylum for pet animals and children.

Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions about Financial affairs & activities

For a Pisces money is the least important factor. It is a means of them, not an end. But they are always scared of poverty. Hence they do not let their generosity control them unless and until they are forced by their dear ones. They sacrifice everything for them. They do not worry for accumulating money for bad days and therefore their old age is mostly spend in poverty.

In financial matters they frequently face ups and downs. But once they get control over their unstable nature, there is no position in life where they cannot reach. They can be successful in the work of a loader, foreign business, import export or marine business. Their interest may be in the job of nurse, restaurant – owner, social workers, teacher, accountant, money – lender etc. in business they can be successful in joint ventures or partnerships.

Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions about Friendship, Love & Marriage

Pisces never feel shortage of friends. This is not only due to their nature but also due to the power of attracting others. They can go to any extent to help their friends and share their sorrow. They do not expect anything in return for this. As a consequence many people are seen around them to take undue advantage of this nature of theirs. If time comes these people may use the information gathered from Pisces against them or to defame them.

As far as love is concerned, Pisces are very emotional and romantic. They are very much attracted by physical appearance and are very much conscious about physical beauty. The idols expressing sex in temples and the samples displayed in big shops also attract them. This kind of their nature also influences their personal life where they make love more like a lover as a husband with his wife. But if they are mentally hurt then they get very much disturbed. In such a situation normally they don’t react or don’t say anything and for many days they resort to silence and keep thinking silently. They may be suspicious about their life partner. In this field also their dual nature is on the fore. On one day they will shower lot of love on their partner and on the other day unreasonably they will pose themselves of not having any relationship with the partner.

Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions about Health & Food Habits

The make of their physique is mostly in small but balanced. Some Pisces are short in height. But if they are fat they equal to any fat and tall statures person. Their feet and hands are small heavy. Shoulder is fleshly and round. Skin is soft , hair is silky, eyes are light coloured and complexion is fair, there is a grace and sparkle on there is an inherent attraction in them and when they are tension free, there is a grace and sparkle on their face.

As regards to health, paeans are more prone to mental sickness. Due to excessive thinking, there is an adverse effect on their digestive system. Many people are afflicted by berry–berry, palsy and diseases of lungs . There may be over sweating in body especially from hands and feet. They should be cautious about growth or boils is in the intestines.

In the zodiac system Pisces represents the feet . Therefore there can be the problem in the feet of Pisces. Due to the odd Structure of their feet, they may find difficulty is choosing proper footwear for then.

As Pisces is a water sign, Pisces may have an inclination for drinks. Some are seen addicted to liquor.

Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions about Other points to know

According to Indian Pandits / Astrologers, the colour of Pisces is yellowish white. The colour of its ruling planets ,Jupiter is yellow . Its gemstone is yellow sapphire which is to be worn in gold. According to western astrologers, Pisces is ruled by Neptune whose colour is Aquamarine.Pisces manifests the north direction.

According to Indian Astrologers the number of the ruling planet of Pisces that is Jupiter is 3. This number symbolizes numerology , art and oration . According to western astrologers the number of Neptune is 7. This number is considered a very secretive number and people under the influence of this are always in the life of a Piscean. The day represented by Pisces is Thursday.

Zodiac Sign Pisces Horoscope Predictions influences about the followings things, places and persons:

Food grains, food ,Pearl, shells, Lotus, water flower salt , smell/ scent, gen, heat, electricity , lighting , house etc.Ocean, sea , Aquarium, oil – refineries, temple, port, orphanage, health department, jail, prison, well etc. Political head , ministers, bank agent, tourist, lawyer, teacher, religious & Philanthropic person, village head, wealthy, person, businessman, literature, reporter, writer, accountant, auditor, money-lender etc.

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Aquarius Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com for 2016
Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope Predictions about Nature & Habits

Among all the twelve signs in the zodiac system, Aquarius is most humanely sign. It is filled with humanely qualities and they are very much sincere towards their life’s ambitions and are very promising. They are not boasters. They have comprehensive knowledge and they are filled with mental courage and compassion.

The seeds of a highly developed human is hidden in an Aquarius. Today’s society is not capable of understanding its effect. Therefore many qualities of Aquarian go unnoticed. It is the basic nature of Aquarian to make friends. And it is long-lasting most of the times. Their number of friends never get reduced. At the same time there is a kind of renunciation in the nature of Aquarius.

Aquarius have strong will power and they have a determined opinion in every through. They do not easily accept others’ opinion and are fixed to their own views. They face adverse situations with balance and seriousness before taking any decision, first they try to understand the problem completely and unless and until it is inevitable, they do not take any decision instantaneously. Their point of view is of a discover and a scientist. Some of their thoughts are so forwards that people think of them as a person of a future generation and they themselves do not find them to be fit for the contemporary society. When there is a difference of opinion between them and others or other situation then they get very excited in anger.

The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus, makes the Aquarian very secretive. Sometimes there is such an unexpected or sudden change takes place in an Aquarian that he himself is taken aback.

Aquarius is a sign of improvement. Therefore Aquarius believe in new ideas, values, quick results and ideas different from old customs & tradition. They are more satisfied in work related to group, institution or mission than in the confinement of personal relations. They need freedom from the bindings of personal relations.

They can very well understand the intentions of any person who come in their contact by their sixth sense, but they do not express their opinion about them since they do not want to hurt the person. If they utter unpleasing words for others they repent for this very much and try to compensate for this.

Aquarians have an intense feeling to help other. They are mostly found participating in group activities in the welfare of people and nation. Despite themselves being in mental tension, they are seen consoling land pacifying others who are mentally disturbed. Due to this nature of theirs, people take undue advantage. Therefore they should be very cautious in choosing partners and friends.

Aquarius have a sharp logical brain. They believe in setting disputes logically. They have a good mind for business. They try to provide advantage to others in whatever field they are. If they act patiently, and with confidence, there is no position in life where they cannot reach. They do not hesitate to perform any complicated task which may be against rules and regulations if they find it morally correct. In a nutshell Aquarians are called hope for mankind.

When negative qualities start developing in male Aquarius, then they are lost in their thoughts and are unable to take decisions as a consequence of which they do not do anything. They are surrounded by cowardly.

Female Aquarius although being attractive, due to their unbiased thoughts fall prey to the jealousy of male. She may dodge her lover by procrastinating her marriage for a long time and even after marriage it cannot be expected from her that she will give physical satisfaction to her husband. Her qualities and nature mostly keeps her engaged in social activities and welfare of mankind and it is difficult to bind her in home.

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope Predictions about Financial Affairs & Activities

Aquarius can adjust themselves to any situation.  They have a special ability to identify human nature.  Therefore they can be expected to play a creative role in any field of life.  They are successful in financial matters, but for them money is not an end but a means and it is for the welfare of others more than for themselves.  Business is not their cup of tea and they should keep themselves away from it.  Due to the influence of Uranus there could be big and sudden change in their destiny.  There could be unexpected or queer monetary gains once in their life.  They can be successful in trusts, insurance company, banks, railway companies, electricity companies, aviation and new discovery projects.

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope Predictions about Friendship, Love, Marriage Compatibility

Friendship is a casual quality of the Aquarius and they have a huge number of friends who have long-lasting relationship despite this, friends seldom understand the nature of an Aquarius completely. This is due to their very complicated and abysmal nature.

Aquarius selects their friends from their personal view. Still, stable relations cannot be expected from them. Due to their forgetfulness sometimes they land themselves in a queer situation. They are always ready to learn from their friends. They do lot have any kind to prejudice and as soon as they come to know about their mistake, they accept very happily and change their preconceived opinion.

Their home is always open for their friends. Therefore to welcome them they always keep it decorated. There may exist old items and modern electronic items. Their love affair begins from friendship. They choose a life partner who is a partner as well as a friend and who is free from fickle mindedness. A partner with a burning desire for sex is not a proper combination for Aquarius because according to them sexual relations are only one side of the coin which should not be allowed to overpower life.

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope Predictions about Health & Food habits

Aquarius are tall and this body is well structured. Their face is oval-shaped. Males are like female figure and females are like children. Hands are long, eyes are away, upper lips are thin are ears are small. Hair is brown in colour and breast of female is small. They do not believe in frivolities but there is a childish and easy smile on their face.
Aquarius represents the ankle, heels and blood-circulation in a human body. Due to slow blood circulation, hands and legs become cold. Due to blood disorders, more serious problems may arise. Aquarius should be cautious about this and they should inhale fresh air as much as they can. Teeth, heart and throat is also influenced by it. Ailment in teeth and tonsils are possible. They should be cautious about pain in joints. They are more pony to infection. If the do not keep proper health, or if they get tired of little work or if they have insomnia, then they should consult a doctor. They should have simple and nutritious food. They should keep their feet warm. They should not neglect injuries or blood disorder. They should not live in an atmosphere of malaria.
They are vulnerable to problems related to veins, stomach, heart and gall – bladder. It is difficult for doctors to treat them. They are seen buying medicine from market which are advertised. Some capsules or energizing medicines are always available with them for their friends’ ailment. In old age they are prone to ailments related to blood – circulation, shortage of blood, headache & back pain, faster heart heats and weakness, unusual accidents hurting legs, injury in heels or fractures of bones.

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope Predictions about Other known facts

According to Indian pundits, astrologers the colour of Aquarius is grayish black. According to Indian astrologers, the colour of the ruling planet of Aquarius i.e. Saturn is black. The gemstone for Saturn is blue sapphire which should be worn in iron. According to western astrologers it is ruled by Uranus. It is related with sun and its mental is uranium.
Aquarius manifests west direction.
Aquarius represents Saturday. The number of its Indian ruling planet Saturn is 8 and Western ruling planet Uranus is 4. Both these numbers are considered lucky. These two numbers play an important role in the life of an Aquarius and brings sudden ups and downs in the life of an Aquarius.

Aquarius Horoscope Predictions directs the following thing, places and person:

Security / defiance – department, business, wholesale business, motor vehicle, wool, silk, electric appliances, boat, bridge, hydro – electricity generation etc.
Mountainous or rough surface, places close to sources, carves, mines, recently dug fields, tunnels, windows, place to store electric goods, temple.
Metal – dealer, orthopedic surgeon, philanthropist, rich person and social worker, fish seller, hunter, water-man, liquor manufacturer, loiterer / first, thief, dacoits, shepherd, killer, person of inferior of cadre, lawyer, registrar of birth-death, blasphemous.

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Capricorn Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com for 2016
Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions about Temperament and Nature

The position of Capricorn’s sign in the horoscope is at its zenith and the result it represents is human beings’ highest aspirations. The aim of Capricorn is always to move ahead and keep climbing and for this they use the shoulders of people who are near them, and they never miss this chance. And this attitude makes them disinterested and selfish.

For the Capricorn personal dignity, social status and position are very important. Normally these Capricorn are alert, traditional, frugal, self disciplined, and they attach more importance to respect and seriousness. They never know how to survive with smiles and laughter.

They have a belief that every work should be done in a beautiful manner. They think a lot, before performing any task, and they are not ready to take any big risk.

With their diplomatic and reasoning power they destroy their emotions and swinging nature. Their main qualities are intelligence, firmness, hare work and beauty. Their negative traits are, they are without emotions, hopelessness, fear and selfishness.

The words that denote their success are the two qualities that are present in their nature are: self-discipline and good will power. They take some time to decide their mission. But once when they decide their target they never turn back. They are always careful about the fact, that what other people think or talk about them, and also they never trust many people. As they have this suspecting nature they do not possess many friends, but still they have one or two friends whom they trust the most. Before that they look at their position and status. They are always ready to neglect them when find weakness in them. They are always considered as mad and crazy.

In cases of religious beliefs they are either blind followers of religion or they can be atheist. They are worshipers of intellect and they accept only those facts which are permitted by reasoning. They love to be a harbinger in very work they do and do not like any control or restriction on them. They never like to depend on any one. They also consider that other people’s responsibilities are also on, their shoulders. They are thirsty for knowledge.

The Capricorns have great affinity for history and ancient things. They always remember birthdays and to her important dates and have respect for them. People search them, and ask from them about rituals for marriages and other occasions.

After marriages the female Capricorn become more embellished. They always think about the welfare of husband and children and think of moving ahead in life. Their area of interest also includes searching pairs for marriages. And sometimes they may unnecessarily poke their nose into that matter. Even though their advice is not required they go and give advice.

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions about Economic activities and Occupation

Capricorn are highly successful in economic fields because of their following qualities; hardworking, patience, devotion and very ambitious.  They get maximum success in the following fields: Director, wholesale cloth merchant, engineer, miner, farmer, etc.  In case of intellectual field:  educationists, science of living being, politician, leader and historian.  They are frugal and believe in proper planning for their future.  They become successful in life because of their hard work.

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions about Friendship, love and Marital Relations

Because of their emotional nature they have few friends. If they have friends then they think about their welfare and how to help them. And so they make friendship with big people. If they consider someone less to them in life then they never show any sympathy towards them.

The Capricorns also have great attractive personality, but they get attracted towards the opposite sex. Even in their love their practical nature comes in between. They will never fall in love, until they believe that they will get in return. In case of revealing love they are very materialistic.

If they love someone then they become very possessive (Jealous) about them. Sometimes their love stories may get affected because of their nature, but if once their arrogance get hurt then they may become very cold.

In reality the Capricorn’s love affair will be an entangled one and it will not be restricted to their homes. They are very alert in case of opposite sex. When they see the opposite sex, they lose their control over themselves. They even crack vulgar jokes. The nature of a wanderer, in their youth may give them in their old age a feeling of a protector or an old person. The main reason for them to get married is greed for money. They get married at a young age. Capricorns love their wife and children very much but is impossible for them to exhibit it externally.

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions about Health and Food Habits

The Capricorns are physically weak and lean. In their child hood their progress is very slow. After they attain sixteen years of age their height starts increasing. With age their physical construction also increases. Their face is thin and oval in shape. Nose is long, round eyes and appears as it they have been pushed in a pit, hair dry and black in colour. Their face always shows worries. Female have slightly heavy bodies.

Capricorn’s kaal purush represents knees, bones and skin. If on Saturn, the positive influence of Venus falls, then skin will be delicate and beautiful. But if Capricorn’s get evil eyes of Saturn or other planets then they may suffer from skin disease for a long time.

Due to sadness they may suffer from the following problems:-
Problems in gall bladder, injuries in stomach, problems in digestive organs, blockages in intestines. Due to damp and cold places they may suffer from breathing troubles and asthma. Pain in joints and swelling can be there. There are chances of accidents of heel and legs.

The depression in the Capricorns may attract them towards intoxication. In the whole world people who hide and drink secretly belong to this zodiac sign and their number is in majority. And so they should be very careful about their food habits.

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions about Other Known Facts

According to Indian astrologer the colour of Capricorn is dark spotted grey.The lord is Saturn and its colour is black and its gem is blue sapphire, which can be worn in iron.Capricorn manifests in southern direction.The zodiac sign in week days represents Saturday. The number of its Lord,Saturn is number 8. This number may suddenly bring misfortune. This number plays an important role in the life of Capricorn.

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope Predictions about indicates following things, places and persons:

Immovable property, wholesale business, city corporation, municipal corporation,liquids from underground, submarines, farms, animals, shoes, sticks, coffin, cement,bricks, ice, skeletons etc.
Devotees solider, eunuch, workers in royal services, engineers etc.
Lockers, Dungeons, hospitals of contagious diseases, orphanage, jail, cemetery,Mausoleum, cattle sheds, underpopulated and, caves, highly populated area, old buildings, tanks, temples, caves, thick forest, filthy localities etc.

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Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com for 2016
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions about Temperament and Nature

Sagittarius horoscope predictions nature is revealed by an archer, which is the representative of this zodiac sign. As the archer concentrates and hits the target correctly, in the same way the Sagittarius people try to move towards their target without a pause.

There is a strong feeling to move ahead in the nature of Sagittarius. There are three directions in which they can move ahead: materialistic atmosphere, visionary interest and knowledge, and spiritual development. The line which they choose can be determined only after seeking their horoscopes and planetary positions.

One main quality of these Sagittarius is strong feeling towards independence. they cannot tolerate any kind of control over their independence, their views and occupation. Because of this feeling towards independence, a major proportion of these people are seen in the line of players.

Sagittarius is highly intellectual people. Their personality is full of merry-making and excitement. But they should protect themselves from being too much of optimistic and keeping too much of faith on someone especially in matter of finance, where it is essential to become practical.

They are open-hearted and outspoken. They may sometimes become very frank in their behavior. Their energetic and exited nature expects that people should also behave like them, and behave properly. They cannot bear cunningest and treachery.

Sagittarius is a dual natured zodiac sign. This affects the nature of the person belonging to this zodiac sign. Sometimes they may get angry without any cause. They manage financial matters properly. In their life they may express their interests in religion, law, occultism and philosophy.

From the beginning Sagittarius show optimistic attitude towards life. When they are pleased then the excitement and happiness reflects in their occupation. Sometimes in speech, work or behavior they show exaggeration which creates enemies for them. Instead of living in a civilized society with luxuries they prefer to stay close to nature which provides them happiness. They avoid highly populated areas and love to stay at open places which have less population. As they have faith in future they sometimes love to take risky opportunities.

They keep their attention focused on one work, till they become extremely tired and they will never move their eyes on any other thing. Normally they never love to keep themselves tied with any one type of work. New ideas keep on flashing in their minds and changes take place very frequently. As a politician they will be changing their policies very frequently. As a religious preacher they may change religious principles. If they are doing a scientific research, then they may leave it and turn towards some business. If they realise that they are unable to achieve their goal, then they stop it in between. They may sever relations with their ambitions and may start some new job, or they may not do anything in their life time.

Normally the Sagittarius are polite; when they display their inherent nature they may become harsh and violent. Intuition is also one of their qualities. They reflect truth, peace and justice and so they have great sympathy for oppressed and tormented people. They become people’s ‘ideal’, they gain success and status, and become a popular person. Normally they are very fortunate people; they never burn in the flames of unsuccessfulness and move ahead in life. According to the proverb if Guru (Jupiter) is favorable for you, then nobody can do any harm to you.

People may try to take undue advantage of their kindness. People may deceive them by telling unreal and fabricated stories and try to gain their sympathy.

Even though they possess all these qualities, they are emotional and arrogant, sometimes even small matter may hurt their ego. They are not at all careful about other’s feelings and they hurt them by their frank, bitter and boastful talks.

Female Sagittarius are more generous than their male counterparts. Their self-sacrifice is of greater depth in nature, they have higher level of understanding about respect and duty, but their view-point about life is of independent nature. Other qualities which they possess are same as male Sagittarius.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions about Economic Activities and Occupation

Their intuition power is so intense that before any bargain is finalized they can foresee its outcomes. Jupiter’s given qualities makes them a good, talented money leader, organizer, group activists, political activists. They have good hold the fields of writing and publication. They can become good authors, editors, publishers, printers and can be seen in the line of book sellers. They can also be accountant, clerk, registrar, postman, interpreter and teacher. Only this zodiac sign has been given so many options related to occupations. No other zodiac sign has got this type of chance with having so many types of occupation. But they should choose jobs of such types, which they love to do and then it should provide them with maximum holidays.

The Sagittarius can become good sportsman, also especially when the sports is related with horses and dogs. For anything they may try to reach to its roots and they get maximum happiness in that. They search for weakness in their competitors and then work accordingly. And due to this nature they are highly successful in legal profession. Their areas of interests are golf, fishing, football which keeps them entertained. They feel suffocated in a closed chamber.

They love power. It becomes difficult for them to work with friends or partners. But then also they are very popular among their subordinates. Normally they do not accumulate wealth. But is by chance they had accumulated wealth, then they lose it in their old age. The love to spend money with open hands.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions about Friendship, Love and Marriage

The Sagittarius love to make maximum friendship with the opposite sex. They make friendship very fast and this friendship continues for a long time in their life. Their sweet smile contributes a lot in making friends and friendship. They are very popular in their friend circle. They are known to their friends because of their nature of merriment and good reasoning power, and these qualities creates problems for their life partners. To protect themselves from jealousy they have to be understanding and use their virtue.

In case of marriage this zodiac sign is known as ‘bachelors’ zodiac sign. Sagittarius are fond of their freedom to such an extent that they cannot sacrifice their independence in exchange with marriage. And due to this, these people remain bachelors and unmarried. This does not mean that they do not experience waves of love in their heart. In reality they are very emotional and get easily attracted towards opposite sex, but this attraction cannot be for any one person. When they turn emotional they marry and then repent for that divorces and disturbances related with married life are also found in the zodiac sign. And because of arrogance they never accept their faults and people accept their married life as an ideal and here also Sagittarius frank nature comes in between.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions about Health and Food Habits

Sagittarius are either very tall or very short. Their body is thin lean and thighs are lengthy. Their forehead is broad, hair flying in the front, shining eyes, lengthy nose and broad mouth. Short stature Sagittarius have broad shoulders and they have a tendency of gaining weight in their old age. Their health is good and body is restless. Their waist is lengthy and legs and body are well-shaped. the colour of the hair is light brown.As per Kaal Purush theory Sagittarius represents shoulders, thighs, nerves and heart.

Normally the Sagittarius suffer from back pain & nerves pain, especially when Mars was in Sagittarius at the time of their birth. They may suffer from the following diseases :- problems in ligaments, palsy in legs, diseases related to nose, bronchitis problems of blood and heart. Their body and mind should not work too much, they should save themselves from intoxicants and make it a practice of providing maximum looseness or relaxation to mind and body. They should avoid eating oily and heavy food.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions about Other Known Facts

According to Indian astrologers the colour of Sagittarius is yellow.
The lord is Jupiter and its colour is Yellow.
Jupiter’s gem is Topaz and it should be worn in gold.
Sagittarius manifests in eastern direction.
In the week days, Sagittarius represents Thursday.
As per numerology Jupiter, its lord is represented by number 3.
This number plays an important role in Sagittarian’s life.
This number act as an introducer to literature and also display interests in other media.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions indicates about following things, places and persons:

Medicines, flowers, tuber roots, fruit, seed, fish, other aquatic animals, aquatic fruits and flowers, houses, elephants, arrows, spear, needless, paste board, rope etc.
Mountains, the room in the house at great height, horse stable, ammunition factory, churches, learned man in medicines, doctor, teacher, orator, bank officials, religious preacher, political worker, pleader, persons working in embassy.

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Scorpio Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com
Zodiac Sign Scoprio Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope Predictions about Nature & Habits

Scorpio is a sign of water element. It is the second sign of the water triangle (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Its ruling planet is Mars which is a fire planet. The combination of water and fire helps to convert water into vapors. This can bring repulse in the calm and stable water. Vapour is one of the main source of energy. In Scorpio there is a limitless repository of energy.

Scorpio is a stable sign. This quality makes the Scorpio very religious and devoted. They are always engaged in some or the other work and once they are determined to do a work, they don’t sit quiet, until they finish the work. To take advantage of their energy, they should be made to realize about their supremacy. There is a great difference between Taurus, another sign ruled by Mars and Scorpio, which is also ruled by Mars. The difference is that Taurus think themselves as born leaders and they find it difficult to work under anybody. They lack stability they while away or misuse their energy. On the contrary, Scorpio are more inclined to creative activity.

Scorpio is an equal or a female sign. Such signs are considered very wild and polite and they do not get into conflict with others unless they are forced to do so. But once when somebody irritates or excites them, they do whatever they can to insult such person. In such situations female Scorpion are like an injured lioness.

Male Scorpion have an extraordinary power to attract others towards them. In their childhood they are very delicate and prone to may diseases. After attaining the age of 21, they acquire surprising energy to fight with diseases. They have to face mostly hidden diseases and breathing troubles. They are also prone more to accidents. There are very few Scorpion who do not meet accidents. These accidents leave an indelible mark on their body.

If there is no unpropitious sign of the unfortunate / evil planets on the Lagna or there is no other unfavorable combinations, then the body of the Scorpion is finely structured. Their hands are longer than normal, face is wide, attractive personality, small curly hairs and fleshy body. There is a special kind of ignorance and fascination in the hands & feet of female Scorpion which attracts others. They can make use of this fascinating powers when required in a positive or negative way.

Whatever work or business Scorpio take up, they put their complete efforts and hard work into it. Their head is also a devil’s workshop. They have strong imagination power and a very sharp brain, but because of being more imaginative they are caught in their own trap and they fail to take proper advantage of their powers. One of the reasons for this is that they are very jealousy minded. A small prank or comment for fun may hurt them badly. They start thinking about such issues which is unfavorable for them. For example, if a friend tells the Scorpio that his wife was seen talking to particular person in market, then the jealousy minded Scorpio will start thinking about the illicit relations of his wife with the person. As a result of this the peace in the family could come to an end.

The biggest weakness in a Scorpio is that with whom so ever they come in contact, and give their complete trust to them, they try to mould themselves according to their thinking or according to them. And as a result they have to pay the price once they believe that their friend or their superior is trying to insult him then he will instantaneously ready himself to take revenge. They have a habit of leading a double character life. One to show to the world and the other for themselves. They appear very talkative and frank but hold back some important confidential matter which they reveal when they get a proper opportunity.

Scorpio do not like to interfere in others affairs. They take interest only when they are related to them. They are not interested in unimportant matters and never take the help of cheating or deception. As far as possible they talk less. Their words are very balanced.

Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio gives them the qualities like self-confidence, to work in excitement, courage, determination, excitement and fearlessness. If they like somebody, they like them from the depth of their heart and if they dislike somebody they do so from their heart. They go to the extremes of anything very quickly they get excited. They are not ready to bend before anybody, even if they are alone. They fight for themselves along and choose their path themselves.

The main quality of Scorpio is that they are always under the control of their emotions not only in love affairs but in all other work. If they do not get an opportunity to stay on the highest emotional position, they fall prey to psychological diseases. They can choose any field to express their emotions, like social, political injustice, economical exploitation, insufficient accommodation arrangement. They apply their energy to the fullest to fight against injustice and they possess extraordinary intuitive power. They get a prior intimation of future incidents by their intuitive power and they act accordingly. It is true that Scorpio have the ability of hurting as the Scorpion does with its sting. If somebody takes revenge from them they do not forget it easily. But after expressing their sorrow they can take control over their anger. And at the same moment they forgive their enemies.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope Predictions about Financial matters and Activities

Scorpio possess limitless energy. They can be compared to an engine which is does not keep working becomes worn out. It they do not opportunity use their energy then it affects their health adversely. They fall prey to mental problems.

It is also true that they are not satisfied by small or unimportant work. If they feel that they are only a small & unimportant spare part of a machine and their energy is being wasted or not used productively then they lose all their enthusiasm to work. They try to search a new job and start working from the beginning.

Scorpio are mostly compared to and instructor. Every time they try to reach to the root of any problem. They have a strong reasoning ability and intuitive power. They are totally devoted to their work or business. Due to these qualities they become good doctors, surgeons, advisors and orators. Due to their original thinking they can become successful in business, politics, literature etc.

They have good command over language. By creating an impression on the audience by their oratory skills, they can make them move in the direction they wish to. As writers, they choose to be critics or any field where they can judge others qualities and weaknesses. They are also interested in scientific subjects. They describe things in a very playful way. Very soon in their life they take interest in occult studies. They can very well study others character. As they possess the ability of deep analysis and reaching to the roots of reality, they can become good police officials, especially investigators of criminal offences. The problem is that, if they are in this field, they may come across people of their own sign. i.e. Scorpio. If they fall prey to negative qualities, they may even become criminals.

Scorpio can become good psychologist. In government departments they can play the role of diplomats and conversations very well. They play an important role in resolving conflicts or teaching lesson to enemies. They can be good soldiers also. Generally they love discipline but this discipline should not come in their way of displaying their energy.

They like to undertake risky and dangerous work like discovering hidden treasures, exploring unknown places etc. They prefer to play risky game only like boxing, karate, judo etc. They are also interested in swimming, but more risky water games like skeeing in water, boat race etc.

Scorpio often get acclamation and appreciation from their friends and colleagues but very few of them escape from defamation due to frauds and scams. They have normally two sources of income. In the initial years of their life they have to struggle a lot and face may difficulties, but in the later part they meet success.

They easily trust anybody and get trapped in their plots and plans which do not have concrete evidences. They believe in spending their money with both hands. Money lying in their pockets pricks them. When somebody screams for help. they cannot stop themselves from running to help them especially when the person is of opposite sex. The is the reason why Scorpio seldom accumulate wealth.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope Predictions about Friendship, Love and Marriage

Scorpio represents private organs of a person. The seventh sign, which expresses marital and love relations is Taurus. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus which governs the excretion of sperms in the whole body. Taurus itself represents the strength of man hood. It moves on its way by swinging here and there. But when it gets out of control, it becomes very difficult to control it. It crushes everything that is lying front of it.

Therefore it is apparent from this that in the zodiac system, Scorpio is the most lustful sign. A major part of their energy is wasted on love affairs. Many Scorpio maintain two families at the same time.

They are very emotional and in no time, they fall in new love affairs. At the same time, they do not forget their old love affairs. The main reason behind breaking of their love relations is their jealousy nature. They expect to derive too much satisfaction from their life partners. If such things do not happen, they become very restless and try to seek extra marital relationships. They cannot cope with a dejected life-partner. Therefore before marrying a Scorpio, one should know very well that a Scorpio husband wants to play the role of a lover of his wife. Soe also a Scorpio wife wants to be a lover of her husband. If they bring such practices in their life, then only they can lead a happy life.

For a female Scorpio, an ideal husband can only be a male Scorpio. She can be happy also with a male Piscean or Cancerian. She can also get along with a male Virgo or Aquarian. A Taurus husband fully tries to keep his Scorpio wife happy. As far as possible, he will not let family matters to go out. A Taurus husband is mostly concerned about his status and family glory. But the problem with a Scorpio wife is that she loses her temper very quickly. In such situations, she is not aware of anything. Neither about the position of her husband nor anybody’s suggestions. When her excitement gets over, she repents for her behavior. Normally Scorpio wives are very hard-working, simple and truthful. The same is with Scorpio husbands.

As far as friendship is concerned, when Scorpio make friendship very soon they get closer to them. But their friendship very rarely remains stable. When there is some misunderstanding or arguments between the two, then there is no enemy as bad as a Scorpio.

Scorpio expect too much from their friends. For trivial issues they keep on disturbing their friends, but at the same time they too are very generous. They take their friends to best of hotels & restaurant to treat them. The squander money to welcome them and provide hospitality to them. They do not care whether their friend is affluent or pauper. Whether he will able to able to repay their kindness or not. If necessary, they extend even financial help to the friends.

In the beginning Scorpio parents love their children too much, but when they grow, Scorpio parent impose strict discipline on them. The expectations of parents is very stable. Due to strict discipline, children may develop a psychology of fear from parents. With growing age the differences in their thinking widens and this take the form of generation gap.

Parents should be very careful while brining Scorpio children. Scorpio children have a very determined personality and are very stubborn. They wish that their inquisitiveness should be fully satisfied. If parents fail in doing so, then the children search their own path for their satisfaction and may follow wrong or improper direction. If this is not controlled by the parents at proper time then they get addicted to it. This may adversely affect them.

The worst quality which may develop in Scorpio children is jealousy. This attitude could be for their younger siblings. In hostels these children may be getting engaged in search of a secret source of entertainment.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope Predictions about Health & Food Habits

According to Indian fund or Astrologers the colour of Scorpio is Golden. According to Westerners, persons born under this sign like red or maroon colour. The curtains, floor etc. of their room will be mostly of this colour. To make the colours more loudly or exciting, they may mix blacker dark colours to it.To decorate their rooms they use peacock feathers, stone or pebble kind of unusual articles,and pictures stimulating lust. They love intoxicating music only –After the passage of certain time, Scorpio are attracted towards occult studies. One should not get surprised if the room of Scorpio is lighted with sandal incense sticks.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope Predictions about Other Known Facts

Scorpio manifests the Northern direction.
The number of Mars, the Lord of Scorpio is 9. According to Cheiro, the number creates heavy disturbances and confusion.
This number plays an important role in the lives of Scorpio.
In days it represents Tuesday is governed by Lord Kart key, whose vehicle is said to be a peacock.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Horoscope Predictions directs the following things, places and person.

Explosives, bomb, crackers, knifes & weapons, sword, other weapons, liquor, chemicals, oil, acid, petroleum, poison, groundnut, linseed plant, mustard, iron.
Well, pits of same – Scorpion, gutters, rivers, ruined houses on coastal places, kitchen, slaughter houses, fish – meat market, operation theatre, toilets, storage place of iron, leather tannery, laboratory, cemetery, articles produced in the month of autumn (Sharad Ritu).
Affluent, strong and charismatic person, president in corporations, legislator, passenger, film heroes, thief, tax evaders etc.

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Libra Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Libra Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Libra Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com
Free Zodiac Sign Libra Horoscope Predictions for 2016

Habits and Nature

Libra is a sign of beauty and balance. It is ruled by Venus which is considered to be the king of countenance & beauty. Therefore a Libran is more interested in beauty aspect. The sign Taurus is also ruled by Venus. But there is great difference in these two signs. In Taurus the quality of Venus for material love is more prominent, whereas in Libra, the creative side of Venus is on the fore. This is the reason why a Libran likes to be in a pleasant surrounding in the absence of which he is out of mood. And this is possible only if Librans maintain proper balance in them as is seen in the symbol of Libra. If a little balance is lost everything gets disturbed. They believe in extracting happiness from life till the last drop and living life to the fullest.

Mentally, Librans can be good juges, Panch, messenger of peace. They have the tact and feel the need logically to get to the root of any subject. In doing so, they do not spare themselves. Due to this nature of Librans, they are found more eager to study Law. They can participate in public life, at the same time they can also contribute towards creation lf law. They have full command over language. They believe in expressing their views in short sentences and intelligible language.

Although Librans may be lacking in many aspects, but still they are popular among their friends. They keep themselves away from quarrels and fights. Their likings can be known from their costumes or dressing sense. Highly idealistic and highly moralistic principles are the base of their character. They like to live in the present according to their nature. They are least bothered about their past and future. Once they have chosen their path in life, they always proceed towards success. But the present conditions and situations greatly affect their mind, which swings them in hope and despondency.

One of the significant qualities of Librans is that before discussing any matter they consider, analyze and balance all its sides. This obviously will take time. This applies to their decision making and organizing. As a consequence, those who like quick decision making, consider this aspect of Librans as lack of decision making power and lose courage. At the same time, one of the weakness found in Librans is that any time they way jump from one side of the balance to the other side and may change their party. Having made up their mind for a particular thing, in no time they may change their thinking and consider some different view.

With relevance to situation Librans are morally very tactful because they have the ability to consider both sides of a problem. Due to this ability and the hypnotic ability of Librans they are always ahead in achieving their goods than others who may take time to understand the situation. They are justice loving people and cannot tolerate injustice.

If weakness grows in them they may go astray and they may not be able to achieve success. Female Librans also possess almost all the qualities possessed by male Librnas. The biggest difficulty with them is that they cannot say “No” to anybody and thus many problems and tensions crop up.

In the zodiac system Libra occupies the place in front of Aries. Leaders born under this sign will always be in limelight and be popular where as Arien leaders will be known only during good times and will disappear in rainy days.

Financial Affairs & Activities

Librans are considered successful in material or worldly affairs. They can accumulate wealth in the form of land or house. They can be clever businessman and earn money and success. The most important is that whatever business or occupation they choose, they try to maintain complete propriety. They are ready to expend any amount of money to buy beautiful and grand articles. Money is not much important for them. in Indian astrology Libra is also known as Businessman’s sing.

These people not only become good lawyers and judge but also some of them take up special study and devote their whole life in research activities. Some become great scientists and doctors. In the field of education Librans earn both money and success. But very few of them save more for their future or old age. Names of some famous Librans are actress Sara Barnhart, dramatist Oscar wild, Annie Besant, former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri etc. A famous Libran who is always remembered is Mahatma Gandhi.

Pharmacy, Painting, story and play writing, architecture, air force, selling – agents and in some other professions. Librans can become successful. Their hobbies include photography, gardening, painting, poem, music etc. Libra is a moving sign, hence the hobbies of Librans is constantly changing.

Friendship, Love and Marriage

Librans are good friends. Truly speaking life becomes very difficult without friends for Librans. They are very popular among their friends Love is of utmost importance for Librnas. Until old age they are interested in love. These is a fear with Librans of making love proposal or whenever they see a beautiful lady. They may repent for this in future. Most of the times Librans may be having many love -affairs. Sex play in important role in their life but they get more pleasure in having playful or unreal love affairs. These kind of plays begin in their life from a very small age.

They are not much pompous in love affairs, but they never fail in extracting from the minutest thing. They forget while weighing love that it cannot be seen from a microscope. They fail in keeping their lovers bound and satisfied for a long time. A Libran treats his lover as a non – living thing like a bouquet or a beautiful painting. Who can tolerate this?

Therefore the wife of a Libran has always to be watchful about her husband’s fickle mindedness and she herself has to be very attractive. If she does so then she can expect every possibility of limitless happiness in her married life from a Libran partner. To secure a balanced relationship a male or a female Libran can sacrifice anything.

Health & Food Habits

Health of Librans is always find but the condition is that they should always maintain their balance. If the balance is disturbed, then they may have muscular problem and the structure of body may get disturbed. Their face is heart shaped with a smile. There is a hole in their chin. Body is lengthy and well structured. Even after having good food they don’t get obese. Hands and feet are thin but strong. Nose is like parrot’s beak. Hair on head starts falling in old age.

Female Librans body is medium in size and flexible. Their chest is broad, feet are well shaped, hair are light brown, jaws are circular, eyes are yellow and face is heart shaped. They have dimpled chin. Their voice is melodious and laughter is very vibrating. They have mostly fair complexion.

Libra represents kidneys waist and spine of a person. In Librans there is a possibility of appendicitis and pain in back & disc. In the horoscope, if Saturn is in Libra, then such people may have kidney stone problem. In despair they should take proper care of their food and should engage their minds in music, reading novel or any other kind of arts.

Libra Horoscope Predictions Other points to know:

According to Indian Pundits / Astrologers, colour of Libra is blue.
The colour of its ruling planet ‘Venus’ is mixed or white.
The gemstone for Venus is diamond which is to be worn in silver.
Libra manifests the west direction.

The number of Venus is 6.
Number 6 symbolizes beauty and hobby.
This number plays an important role in the life of a Libran.
It enhances the inclination towards art.
The day, represented by Libra is Friday.

Libra Horoscope Predictions has certain influence on the following item –

Cotton;, silk and terelene material, wheat, sugarcane, food grains, animals, vehicles, luxurious items etc.
Land near wind mill, the outhouse in a mansion,  interior rooms,the backside of mountain, places of cool breeze, mountain cliffs etc.,
Lawyers, judge, investigator / critic chemist, painter, transport, defense personnel, Restaurant owner, milk or milk product seller,fruit seller, story and dramatist, musicians, sculptor, public relations officer, host / hospitality, salesman etc.

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Virgo Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Virgo Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Virgo Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com
Free Zodiac Sign Virgo Horoscope Predictions for 2016

Nature and Habits

As the name suggest, Virgo are very shy and hesitant like a virgin and if somebody touches their body they squeeze with shy like a touch-me-not plant. They are very hesitant in having sexual relations with others. Due to this nature of theirs, mostly they remain unmarried for a long time.

Just like a virgin girl, Virgo are very silent, peace-loving, systematic in their work and diplomatic unlike other signs, they believe in serving others. They follow every instructions very carefully and completely. They are capable of distinguishing good from bad. They can reach to the roots of most of the problem and situations.

Virgo are critic by birth. Therefore they think a lot before choosing friends. They analyze clearly and their decision and opinion is based on reality. They have a natural ability of acquire knowledge about new subjects.

One more quality observed in Virgo is that they like to perform their work elaborating and they pay attention to it’s every part. The Virgo mostly like to perform fine work like watch-making, ornaments designing, production of micro equipment, analyzing through a microscope etc.

When negative qualities in them develop then they constantly speak ill of others and criticize them. They do not enjoy doing this. They are attracted towards things which are not related. They believe in maintaining their personality, their life and their home according to their wishes.

Virgo are very intelligent and they have very strong memory. They are successful in performing those work in which others do not succeed. Unless they reach their goal, they don’t sit quietly.

Normally it is very difficult to get control over them and cheat them. They highly respect position and law. Their knowledge is prospering. They are deep thinkers, they like to listen to good orators, they have good command over language but still they keep themselves away from publicity. As they are very energetic they can retain their youth for a longer time. It is very difficult to guess their age by looking at their face. They get irritated by all trivial issues but they hate bloodshed. They are good mediators and representatives.

Virgo is the second sign rule by Mercury, first being Gemini. But there is a wide difference between these two signs. A Gemini always flies in air whereas a Virgo is matured and his feet are fixed to earth.

A notable point observed in a Virgo is that they constantly keep changing their jobs and house.

Financial Affairs & Activities

Virgo can become excellent lawyers and orators. They can be successful in scientific research and business due to their hard-working nature, strong will power and determination. They are very talented in reviewing literature and art. In financial matters they are very careful and less spending. It is profitable for them to invest in house, land etc. They can be good money lenders and writers. Mostly they like to work behind the scene and the credit is taken away by somebody else. They love the work more than the financial benefit related it. They can give their time & energy without expecting any monitory returns for it. But there is a limit to their generosity and when they feel that it is exceeding then they know to say ‘no’. Their serving attitude may take them to the profession of doctors or nursing.

While traveling, Virgo keep one part of money in one pocket and the other part in some other pocket. As they don’t intend to spend, they keep the remaining money in their suitcase.

Friendship, Love and Marriage

Virgo do not let emotions take control over them. They analyze their friends properly and hurt them by frank speaking. They are indifferent towards lust and excited emotions.

It is very difficult to understand them in matters of love. There may be deep love in their heart but they keep themselves away from emotions and expressing love. Jealousy can also be found in them. In this sign both good and bad men and women are found. In the beginning years of their life they are very honest. But when they change, they change with an attitude of revenge. They are able to hide their feelings in this position also. Some people resort to drinks and intoxication.

Virgo are not easily caught in love trap. Their heart takes time to melt. But once they fall in love, they express full devotion.

But still he does not behave like animals. Sex is not much important for him and he can express love in words. His love is clearly seen in his work, especially when his partner is not keeping good health. At such time no one can serve like a Virgo. Man and woman both do not like to have many children, but pay sufficient attention to those who are already born.

If negative qualities start developing in Virgo, then he doesn’t like any partner. His nature of criticism kills his sexual feelings before they are properly developed. There is mental pain in such people

Most of the Virgo consider marriage as a compromise made by Law. The same is with female Virgo.

Health & Food Habits

As Virgo take proper care of their health, mostly they keep diseases at bay throughout their life. They live longer and retain their youth in old age also. The do not fall prey to diseases, but a strange thing in them is that when they read in books or newspaper about some diseases, they imagine that they have been attacked by that disease.

They have interest for food. When they don’t get tasty food, their hunger is killed. if they do not control themselves they may come under the influence of drinks and intoxication. Proper tuning in life is very important for them. If it is disturbed, it affects their mental designing and disturbs their digestion power. If they are careless about eating, then it may affect their stomach. They may have problems in longs and there could be pain in the veins of their shoulders and arms. The main reason of their diseases may be their hard work. Simple and light food, lot of water, fresh air, sun bath and sound sleep and rest is beneficial for their health. It is to be quoted that in the zodiac system Virgo represents the stomach of a persons.

They body a Virgo is mostly tall and thin. Hair and eyes are black. There is a dense growth of hair on eyebrows. Voice is thin and sharp. They walk fast. Their tummy seldom bulges out. Their nose is straight.

Virgo Horoscope Predictions Other Known Facts

According to Indian astrologers the colour of Virgo
is grey or mixture of all colours. The lord is Mercury and its colour is green grass or blackish green and its gem is emerald and it should be worn in gold or bronze. Virgo manifests in southern direction.

According to numerology, Mercury …its lord is represented by number 5. His number symbolises change and instability. This number plays an important role in Virgan’s life. Due to tis influence, these people keep on changing their residence and jobs. The day represented in the week is Wednesday.

Virgo Horoscope Predictions directs following thing, places and person :

Garden, Grain fields, Agricultural land, Restaurant, Places of washing utensils, Fruit & vegetable shops, Go down, Granary, Cupboards of books, First aid box, Doctor’s kit, Library, Bathrooms, cow shed etc.
Health department officials, Engineers, Auditors, Teachers, Ship or Naval chief, Textile mills employees, Press-officials, editor, publisher, writer, broker, accountants, lawyer, insurance agents, artists, baker, mathematicians, astrologers etc.

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Leo Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Leo Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Free Zodiac Sign Leo Horoscope Predictions for 2016
Free Zodiac Sign Leo Horoscope Predictions for 2016

Economic Activities and Occupations

The Leo have the capability to perform tough jobs, but the way they adopt is normally imperfect and creates problems for their co-workers. Sometimes they perform such small work which they should not do not delegate it to the people of lower level. In this way they waste a phase of idleness, due to which the suddenly leave the job and sit quietly. And when the phase ends, they start working again.

Leo are considered as fortunate in terms of financial matters. They achieve maximum success in any field when they work with honesty. There are chances of getting maximum benefit from people of higher post and aged people. Gambling, using the money may be profitable. In their economic plans which are of big nature and has got people’s protection will be successful for them.

They have to keep a check on their spending nature. Leo can earn good income from the following: Gold, brass, diamond jewellery business, works related with governmental and municipal offices.

Friendship, Love, Marital Relation

The Leo are very liberal towards their friends, but as they prefer flattery they always choose wrong set of friends, and have to bear losses. Even if there financial position is not stable than also they will try to fulfill their friend’s demands. They cannot say ‘no’ or refuse. The Leo can tolerate any hardships for their beloved ones. Leon women also prove to be good friends.

In the Leo heart there will be always fire of love will be burning rapidly because it falls in the center of fire Triangle. They are very loyal in their love relationships. Leon’s Kaal Purush represents heart, and so his love generates from heart and his emotions are deeply rooted. But to hide his emotions, in his love matter he normally takes the help of rudeness.

The Leo are full of lust and they give maximum importance to it. For love matters they will do everything devotedly. Women get attracted towards the manhood and by flattery take undue advantage and try to win their hearts. Defective Leo normally marry women of a lower status, and get a feeling of satisfaction as if they are greater to someone in comparison. They lack the knowledge of checking the character and get attracted towards outer appearance and wealth. They are full of lust and uncontrolled desires. This type of people suffers from all types of sexual disorders.

Leon women also have great lust, but they want to lead a life full of luxury and according to their own whims and fancies. As they have too much of confidence in them they tend to select wrong persons as lovers. The consequence of which is that their hearts break. Leon women’s past life, if remembered, it will be full of broken love stories, affairs, segregation from husbands and even divorce.

Health And Food Habit

The Leo in their body a royal splendor. He is polite in walking and speaking, his shoulders and forehead are broad. Majority of the Leo are tall and have a well-built personality, but if they are short, they can be easily recognized every in a big crowd. Napoleon is an example of this. He used to walk slowly. Their pace is longer that the average. Their laughter is like the royal of a lion. They may take interest in dance because of their well-built bodies.

Either the Leo are very healthy or often fall sick and lie in beds. Adverse atmosphere and their suppressed arrogance and undesired love affairs affect their health. They have capacity to recover fast, but the best medicines for them are peace, love and relishing atmosphere.

Leo’s Kaal Purus represents heart and upper part of backbone, Leo should be very careful about these parts of the body. Leo, zodiac sign or Sun, Mars and Neptune have its evil eyes on it and so weakness in heart of any type can occur. In Leo zodiac sign, Mars position increases the heart beats. The Leo can suffer from the following illness heart disease, heart beats becoming faster, suffer from sunstroke, pain in joints, fever. The Leo should keep themselves away from alcohol and intoxicant, and should eat a balanced and good diet.

Leo Horoscope Predictions with Other Known facts:

According of Indian astrologers the colour of Leo is yellow, white, pale.
Its lord is sun, and sun’s colour is dark red.
It is also called as Tamravarna.
Sun’s gem is ruby which is worn in gold or copper.
Leon manifests in eastern direction.
Leon’s lord is sun and its number is 1. The people belonging to this number are full of strong will power and self-confidence. In the weekdays Sunday represented by Leo.

Leo indicates the following goods, Places and People.

Chillis, Almond, saffron, Thorny Plants, Golden items, Finger rings, Gold corns, Brass, Medicines etc.
High mountain, wild animals home’s jungles, forest, palace, fort, mansion, governmental offices, Club, houses, Theaters (Cinema and Drama), Play Ground, casino, jockey, share market, gold mines, mint, fire-place, chimney, Kitchen, open roof etc.

Jeweller, Goldsmith, insurance authority, manager, officer, superintendent, director, captain etc.

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Cancer Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Sign Cancer Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Free Zodiac Sign Cancer Horoscope Predictions for 2016
Zodiac Sign Cancer Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Temperament and Nature

Cancer belongs to water element, triangle’s first zodiac sign. According to ancient astrologers, why this name has been given, because sun’s movement in the sky appears as moving in front & back as crab. This habit is found in the people born in cancer zodiac sign. They always move or come backwards in their work & decision. This continuous flow is also found in terms of their destiny, as up downs are very common for them in life. This type of nature is because of moon, which is the lord of cancer & its nature is also changing in fifteen days, growing & reducing.

To understand Cancerian’s nature we have to keep in mind one special quality about them. Cancer (crab) when holds and item in its paws / claws, it tightens its grip around it, never ready to leave, even though it may have to lose his paws / claws. They have the strong emotion of getting attached to their loved ones & ideas. This nature provides them with the qualities of receptiveness, attentiveness & courage.

By nature these Cancerians are very sentimental. If someone says something to them, they think about that for hours together & have a great impact on them. Their mood changes very frequently. They are bestowed with good imaginative power. They use this imaginative power to make things appear larger than they are, not only for themselves but for others also. They posses good memory. And because of this, past is very important for them, whether it may be family’s past, country’s or society’s, they have the habit of decorating the facts and present it dramatically. And for this they are in search of audience. Normally they adopt a life style in which they get audience of their choice, for e.g. – a teacher. And when this never happens then their friends relative have to assume the role of an audience.

Cancerians are in great love with their family, especially wife & son without this their life is incomplete. They maintain their friendship throughout their life. They are their own masters, they will not tolerate and kind of restrictions imposed on them.

The crab makes the cancerians submissive & solitary. And due to this fast changes get a phase of restriction in their life. In their life if they have to bring an uncommon or ultra modern change, then they will prefer to be conservative, but in case of mental ideas & their day-to-day view point they show exemplary courage. They show mercy & compassion to the people who are distress. Constant worrying is their habit & this is the biggest foe for them.

Cancerians achieve great success in life & occupy the highest position. Once they reach the top or achieve great success then they are not ready to part with it. They cannot escape the glare & dazzle of publicity & media. They can be good artist, writer (author) musician & drama artist. Some can also be businessmen, psychoanalyst, learn occultism, religious or take interest in extra ordinary living philosophy.

Normally they dream of huge projects. For the welfare of others they chalk out big ideas, but if faced with criticism, they feel hurt. At that time they may restrict themselves.

The cancerians are attacked by negative feelings they become slaves of their mood, in the flow of emotions, they become a bundle of opposition. Attaching (giving) more importance to self, they lose compassion & friendship. To attract others they may take help of illness & pose as if they are sick. Negative feelings also attack their sexual life.

Female cancerian also have same qualities as their male counter parts, but the special quality is of a mother. If they fail in expressing motherly qualities, they restrict themselves in a circle & become a burden for their family. Cancer’s lord is feminine, moon & due to which these people have some female qualities in them and they are self tormenting also.

Cancer’s Lord is moon, which is a light providing planet, but it shines on borrowed light. If its relation with its light’s source is cut off then it will not be able to shine. The same is the matter with the cancerians. Cancer is also a dwarf or pigmy zodiac sign. Majority of cancerians are pygmies (dwarfs).

Economic Activities & Occupation

Cancerians are hard-working & energetic but normally the may tend to have to evil habit of gambling, investing in share market, which may lose their hard-earned money & disturbs their business. In their life the financial status anticipates changes & hence they should be careful from offices or people who tells that small amount of money can be doubled etc. They have to remain alert or chances of cheating is possible. They should be extra alert in terms of signing papers, documents etc.

Cancerians normally get money from queer places, sources & strangers when they come in contact with them. They should invest in the following which may be profitable for them oil purification coal, ships Radium, electricity, forts. If money is invested in companies which manufacture utility goods for people it will be profitable.

The economic places in which they will be successful are as follows; medicines (fluids import, exploration & search development of earth & mines, restaurant, materials found in water milk & dairy products. In the zodiac system it occupies the 4th zodiac sign, the cancerians can take interest in Vedic literature and do repeated study or research. They get maximum pleasure when the stay near water.

Friendship, Love & Marital Status

They prove to be good friends and continue (maintain) their friendship throughout their life. In matters & love they very emotional & sentimental and brain becomes a store house of all little small things of the past. Even though they are very loving by nature, but they never express their love. And so normally they are considered cruel & emotionless. They are totally sacrificing towards their family.

This is true that cancerians are highly emotional, imaginary lover, but they are shy also & they cannot tolerate insult or even disrespect. And due to this, many misunderstandings take place. But finally they are successful in removing all the stumbling blocks.

Health and food Habits

The Cancerians are weak in their childhood, but with the passing of time their body develops.They have a big frame & bones are protruding. Hands & legs are thin & lengthy as compared to body. Forehead is big, lower jaw is protruding towards front. Face is broad & nose is raised above. Hair is brown in colour & there is a great distance between the two eyes. Pygmies (short people) are born in this zodiac sign.
Cancer represents chest and bosom. Cancerians have to be very careful about their food. They can be a good eater, due to which their stomachs are big and protrude outside. In cases of depression or with the group of friends they may become alcoholics. Worry is their biggest foe. Due to this their digestion gets disturbs, which is turn affects their blood circulation. A these cancerians are too much imaginative, they always weave the webs, and dreamy, which in turn brings bad effects for their health.

The diseases by which they can be affected are; the major diseases are as follows : Problems in lungs, flew, cough, asthma breathing, trouble, pleurisy, tuberculosis, stomach probe. Beri-Beri, problems in ligaments, fear emotions, epilepsy, jaundice, obstruction in gall bladder, worms in intestines, boils on chest, swollen bodies, cancer & pain in joints. Majority of the diseases from which Cancerian people suffer are because of two much of emotions uncontrolled sentiments & when they pass through a phase of depression. They should protect themselves from the worries and fear of future.

Zodiac Sign Cancer Horoscope Predictions Other Known facts

According to Indian astrologers Cancer’s colour is rose & red.
Its lord is moon, whose colour is white.
Moon’s gem is pearl, which should be worn in silver.
The cancer manifests in north direction.
Cancer’s lord is Moon whose original number is 2. It represents dualism. Neptnue’s number is 7 and it has a special relation with it. Both the numbers play an important role in the life of Cancerians. In the week the zodiac sign, is represented by Monday.

Zodiac Sign Cancer Horoscope Predictions indicated the following materials places & people :

Milk & milk products, silver, tea, petrol all fluids, fruits specially banana, Rubber Cauliflower, Mushroom etc.
Stem, River Drain, Lake, sea, well, Waterfalls, Valley swamp, aquarium, Diary farm, Garages, Drainages sea.
People working in ship, Businessman, Restaurant, Tea stall owner, Nurse, Matron, Historian, teacher, preachers, speaker etc.

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Gemini Horoscope Predictions

Gemini Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Zodiac Sign Gemini Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com
Zodiac Sign Gemini Horoscope Predictions with Mahadasha.com

Nature and Habits

Among all zodiac signs,Gemini is considered to be a ‘difficult to understand’ sort of sign. As other signs can be understood by their symbols. Likewise Gemini can also be understood by its symbol. Gemini is symbolised by a pair of man & women. A single human brain itself is so marvelous, when two brains, one of a man and the other of a woman combines, it will be beyond imagination. Whatever is possible by the relation of man and woman is discernible in a Gemini.
Gemini is the first sign of air element in the zodiac system. It lord mercury is the messenger of God. It possesses such a pair of sandals which with the help of which in no time it can reach anywhere. It is the first dual nature sign. Mercury represents the head in human body.
In this background one can understand Gemini. Gemini commands the head. In its one head, two heads are active-one of a man and other of a woman. It is always moving in the sky, it rides on the wings of thoughts and in no time can reach anywhere. As it is a dual nature sign, it always seeks two different ways. Its mood is constantly changing, in one moment it is unhappy, the other moment it is satisfied, sometimes very serious, some other time wandering, very talkative, very gloomy, very gleeful like rain and scorching sun at the same time. This nature is predominant in its sexual activities. Sometimes by nature it is masculine and sometimes feminine or some other time of the same gender. A Gemini’s life has many ups and downs like the mercury of a barometer. In every moment it shows a different character.
As a slight movement in the radio’s needle changes the station being transmitted, a slight movement in the needle of thoughts of a Gemini, its second head starts working instead of the first head. This is the reason why a Gemini in no time can change the direction of his discussion.

Mercury endows a Gemini with many qualities in abundance like interest in many fields, morals skills, to read others mind, farsightedness, versatility etc. If a Gemini is determined in carrying out a work, then no one can be as faster as decorous, as successful in doing a job as a Gemini. The only weakness with a Gemini is that he cannot stay on a job for a long time.

Gemini are very eloquent. They can win hearts of people by their eloquence. If in mood, he listens to what others say, but most of the times he speaks more. One cannot hope from Gemini that one’s talks can create an impression on Gemini or he will live up to his promise. He cannot stay at one place for a long time. If he has money and if traveling is favorable then he will at once leave for a journey. He loves to keep moving. He likes the fastest mode of transportation. Monotony is like death for him and to be sentimental and playful is life.
A Gemini is not satisfied even after completing the whole work. He is the biggest critic of himself. As a consequence, he undertakes some challenging work. The main aim of a Gemini is to make their own and others life lively and beautiful. For this he provides them mental food. Mental satisfaction is an inspiring power for him. If some new problem crops up, he fights with it until be reaches the roots of the problem. He needs his friends and companions for self manifestation.

Female Gemini is not much different from a male Gemini. She is successful in attracting males by using her mental faculties. Sometimes problem may crop up due to her talkative nature.

Gemini should be careful about those negative qualities which arise in them due to this dual nature sign. The biggest negative quality is the ‘I attitude’ or ‘ego’. The hunger of search for variety makes him restless. Such people do not like routine chores. If they are made to do such work, they behave as if they are caged animals. He is in the forefront in every work which can give name and if he is made to sit at the back he feels that he is not being used properly. The most important point where a Gemini needs to be cautions is he should avoid his powers to get scattered in different directions.

Financial Affairs and activities :

In financial matters also Gemini ride on two boats at the same time. They like to undertake jobs in which they can earn quick money without efforts. Like, speculation, shares, earnings by company promoters, to take advantage by new inventions or new thoughts. But they are not satisfied even after getting sufficient success. As a consequence, in a greed to earn more money, they cross all limits and fall in trouble. Due to this there is ups an downs in their financial life.

Mercury rules the head, therefore Gemini can be more successful where they have to use their brains. Being quick-witted and eloquent, they can become successful diplomats and politicians. Due to their inquisitiveness and a nature to investigate the truth, they can be successful in all kind of investigation and search related jobs. They can be good editor, writer, planner etc. They love traveling hence they can perform the job of a business agent very well.
They can be good lawyer, adviser, speaker. They are always in search of a medium through which they can express / display themselves. Hence they can take help of music, dance, art etc. for this.

Gemini are found in following business :
Writer, Clerk, business agent, editor, teacher and speaker, lawyer, employers in postal department, artist, guide photographer, transpiration department employees, Secretary, personal assistant, treasurer, translator, dealers in cycle-scooter, dealers in stationery, engineering contractors, Message carriers, foreign embassy authority, stage-speaker, share market-brokers, company promoters etc.

Friendship, Love and Marriage :

Gemini cannot live without friends. They make friends with any stranger who come in the contact due to their eloquence. They know how to felicitated their friends. They have compassion and generosity for their friends only as long as they are in front of them. When the friends are away, they are vanished from the minds of Gemini.

In love affairs also, Gemini are like puzzles. At one moment they get fully involved in love, the other moment they become disloyal. Many Gemini are seen having two families. Due to their diplomatic nature, they are successful in maintaining two families at the same time. Gemini lover is seldom serious in love. In spite of having deep love, he is carried away by some big challenge. His love is from head and not from heart and his love is also well thought.

Gemini husband are mostly loiterers and they have wife and a lover at the same time. This has an adverse influence on their married life. Gemini wives can also rarely keep away themselves from seduction of other males although they are totally devoted to their husband. Their relations are not stable. The main case of divorce are most of the time Gemini wives.

Gemini male are in search of such a life partner who supports in his mental interest, who is not tied only to home and should be ever ready to get up and set out with him the moment he says so. She should match her interests with her husband’s interests and she should not take her husband’s loitering nature seriously. Where he sees his benefit, he will land at once and will put an end to his love affairs in no time which may affect his married life. He should be made to understand calmly frequent interrogations and pressure may produce untoward consequence. Due to which he may leave his home.

Gemini parents, although love their children but think of them as burden on them.

Health and Food Habits

In a Gemini, head is the ruler, therefore as far as health is considered, he will never let his mind control his body. Most of the times people belonging to this sign are not so healthy, but each and every organ of their body is active. There eyes are mostly brown or blue in colour. Their complexion could be both fair or dark. They are tall and straight posture. Hands are long. Nose is also very long and sharp. Legs are thin and veins are very shiny.

Most of the sickness of Gemini is related to mind. If they are happy and have a sound mind, then they can keep all ailments at bay. If they cannot do so, then they fall prey to all kinds of mental diseases. Due to extraordinary hard work they feel mentally tired. At that time they are more in need of fresh air, proper sleep and food than any medicines. But due to their nature, they refuse to follow any such suggestions.

The main diseases to which they are prone are, stuttering and diseases of tongue, pleurisy, pneumonia, longs related diseases, cold & cough, bronchitis, kind of breathing diseases. In horoscope the sixth house from Gemini is of Scorpio, therefore they are prone to non-diagnose disease.

Other known Fact

According to Indian astrologers the colour of Gemini is Green like a parrot.
The colour of its lord Mercury is green like that of grass.
The gem stone for Mercury is Emerald.
Gemini manifests in West direction.
The number of Mercury is 5.
This number represents variety.
This number plays an important role in the life a person of this sign. In days, this sign represents Wednesday.
Gemini directs the following things, place and persons.
Walls, chest, suitcase, Rail, Train, Bus, Car, Taxi, plane, parachute, Publishing Newspaper, Newspaper page, Cotton, green gram and all green coloured objects.
Agricultural fields, Mountains, Hills, playing courts, dining hall,Schools, baby sitter etc.
Preacher, tourist, messenger, editor, lawyer, politician, teacher, artist etc.

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