Significations of Venus

Names: Daitya Punjya, Kavya, Bhrgusut, Aachcha, Asphujit, Danvejya, Bhrgu, Sit, Bhargav Soonu, Achcha, Daitya guru, Kaan, Kavi, Ushna, Ratna, Daityakritvik, Pundareek, Dheeshnya, Daityacharya, Ritu-Arundhati.

Letters: ch cha ja jha nja.

Nature: Strong when retrograde, and when ahead of Sun, strong during period following mid day, Vasanta, happy, beautiful figure and eyes, poet, curly haired, limbs and body huge, body of the colour of Durva sprout, lovely in look, broad eyes, wind and phlegm in composition, clad in garment of variegated colour, acid in taste, he has treasured his virile power, black curled hair, moving in the world of serpents, curved lines and rhythmic scrolls.

Mercury and Saturn are friends of Venus; Mars and Jupiter are neutrals; Sun and Moun are enemies. Venus is exalted at 27 of Pisces, 15 of Libra are signs.

Sage Bhargava, the incarnation of God was from Venus. He was Jeevamsa and Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit) combined incarnation.

Deity: Indrani, Lakshmi.

Relatives: Female relations, wife’s beauty, wife.

Human Body: Semen, diagnosis, wind and phlegm, chin, cheeks, Eustachian tubes, aural ducts, reins, veins, ovaries, internal generative system, kidneys, uterus, part of the pancreas, appendix, face, eyesight, urinary, system, lachrymal (tear) glands, intestine.

Diseases: Trouble in cohabitation, exudation of semen, strangury, jaundice, rickets, disease in generative organ, loss of bodily splendour due to intercourse with courtesans, eye trouble; urinary, windy, phlegmatic diseases, carbuncle, laziness, tiredness and exhaustion, eye diseases, diabetes, appendicitis, sexual disorders, endocrine (hormonal) disorder, typhoid, diseases of tear glands, leucoderma, urethral strictures, stones in the kidney and urinary bladder.

Dangers: Fear from witches, female ghosts, female deities.

Persons: Progeny, women, learned in Shastras, friend, break of friendship with dear friend, ministers, wealthy, young, handsome, famous, charitable, lustful persons; leaders, celebrity, elephant riders, learned, Cupid.

Professions: People living by sale, purchase of articles, potters, dealers in gold, cattle, precious stones, apparel, textiles, treasurers, makers of toilet accessories, dealers in scents, florists, flower sellers, clothiers, embroiderers, fancy dealers, pastry-cooks, confectioners, butlers, sweet makers, maid-servants, musicians, painter, singers, actors, cinema artists, instrumentalists, dancers, artists of all kinds, silk mercers, literary critic; dealer in foreign exchange; dealers in elephants, horses, cars and conveyances, silks and expensive textiles, perfumeries, fancy and ladies’ articles, furnishings; entertainers of all kinds, hat and dress dealers and makers, furniture makers, cosmeticians, beauticians, coffee planters, tea estate owners, cartoonists, engravers, poets, social secretaries, photography, embroiderers.

Actions: Carnal desire, jesting, education, dance, sweet talk, commerce, literary service, amorous enjoyment, pleasure of poetry, sexual union, addiction to many women, sport.

Abstracts: Wealth, prosperity charming speech, festivity, triple symphony (union of song, dance, instrumental music), comforts, respect in assembly, respect, honour, humour, comedy, drama, music, sleep, enjoyment of music, literature, arts; stength, beauty, facial glow, favours of women, joy, love affairs, attavhments, pleasures, success.

Qualities: Good disposition towards all, gentlemanliness, jealous nature, makes pleasant in his reverse motion, manner, loving, inclined to sensuous and mental beauty, cultured, hopeful, bright, poetical.

Animals: Ox, horses, elephants, birds of diverse kind.

Eating: Takers of only refined, purified food, eating of sweets.

Plant Life: Gallochum tree, sissoo tree (Aguru), coconut, sandal tree, holy fig tree, nutmeg (Jayphal), orris root (Vach), sandalwood, lotus, coconut, cowgram creeping plant, flowers, flower plant, fragrant flower, all juicy and tasty fruits, fig, tobacco, rubber, cherry, white poppy, chestnut, apple, Asoka tree, jasmine, cotton, dandelion, gooseberry, pomegranate.

Objects: Strong clothes, pearls, jewels, diamonds, ornaments, precious, blanket chariot, conveyance, scented letters, cosmetics, scents, hoarded goods, objects of art and fashion, white dress, handicraft, Ral, gold, clothes, jewellery, gem, necklace, cow-dung, marriages, perfumes, fortunes, money, coins, adornments, sandalwood oil, condiments mica.

Places: Garden, bed room, couch, house, vehicle.

Skills: Mesmeris, magic, winning over the king, Siddhis, fine arts, poetry, astrology.


  1. It is very handsome to look at, has dark curly hair, and beautiful eyes. It has long hands, broad chest prominent shoul­ders, big thighs and a swarthily clear complexion. It is of rajasik temperament, is very fortunate and likes to wear coloured clothes of various hues. It is intelligent, joyful and fond of sports. It is the teacher of the demons. It is of a peaceful nature. Its vehicle is a white horse. It is passive.
  2. Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows:

                   Friendly with                                      Mercury


                   Neutral to                                            Mars


                   Inimical to                                          Sun


  1. It is the KARAKA for the following:

   Kidneys, buried treasure, wealth, conveyances, clothes, music, wife, concubines, sexual pleasure and bed.

  1. It REPRESENTS the following:

   (i)         Ornaments, perfumes, flowers, opulence, marriage, fes­tivals, south-east, beloved, beauty, comfort, art, dance, pleasures, guru of the demons, minister, painting, luxu­ry, multicoloured objects, diamond, place of entertain­ment, restaurants, cinema house, theatre, bedroom, wa­ter, brahmin, decorated or embroidered cloth, biped, Goddess Lakshmi, youth, spring season, flowering trees and articles of luxury.

   (ii)        Affection, good taste, sense of taste, one’s liking, self indulgence, harmony, love, aesthetic sense, elegance, refinement, pleasure seeking, show, charisma, charm, easy going, accommodating, and cooperative.

   (iii)       Semen, genitals, fair complexion, face, chin, cheeks, eyes, throat, the tendency to look side ways like a shy damsel, from 15 to 22 years of age and also 25 years of age, feminine gender.

   (iv)       Jewellers, actors, musicians, perfumers, artists, and gen­erally people dealing with entertainment, pleasure and beauty.

   (v)        Anaemia, diseases of urinary or reproductive system, breaking up of friendship, and impotence or inability to have normal sex relations.

  1. By nature Venus is a beneficial planet. It rises head first. It represents Jeeva (animate creature). It is powerful in the fourth house. It is not considered good in the seventh house, and is powerless in the sixth. It is inclined to Sama (appeal to reason) like Jupiter.
  2. When Venus comes under the influence of Mars it gives rise to passions and manifests intense sexuality and sensuality.
  3. Venus connected with Mercury or Jupiter promotes true love, beauty, learning, purity and general well being.
  4. A well placed and powerful Venus in a horoscope ensures a continuous run of good fortune and a career which steadily remains successful.
  5. A Venus in debilitation or afflicted by Mars or Saturn reduces the longevity of the wife , causes marital discord and. generally makes the family life of the native disturbed.
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