Twelfth House

Signification of Twelfth House

12th House

This is most likely the foremost misunderstood house of all. The twelfth House refers to the subconscious, the hidden self that exists except our physical everyday reality. This includes the mind, subconscious memory, and subconscious habit patterns from the past, psychological state, karmic debts, self-deceit, escapism, religious realization, limitations, frustration, and ultimately our self-undoing.

On a physical, material level, the twelfth house includes things that take North American nation aloof from everyday life: establishments (such as hospitals, prisons, and government offices), places of confinement, secrets, secret relationships, hidden enemies, and cooperation for others. It additionally refers to sorrow, tribulations, widowhood, grief, funerals, exile, seclusion, bribery, subversion, murder, suicide, kidnapping, and endings.

For those that believe, the twelfth home is additionally thought of to discuss with the collective unconscious of all humanity.

As with the opposite angular homes, any planets during this house area unit important. Planets within the tenth house, the sign up the cusp of the tenth house, and its ruling planet can greatly influence your career and your general name publicly.

  1. This house refers to the following:

   (i)         Expenditure, extravagance, loss.

   (ii)        Unforeseen troubles, sorrow, worries, misfortune.

   (iii)       Punishment, seclusion, imprisonment, restriction on freedom, isolation, and confinement.

   (iv)       Bad deeds. Fall both physical and figurative.

   (v)        Secret enemy. conspiracy and underground move­ments. Secret and occult societies. Secret plots and spies.

   (vi)       Deceit and persecution.

   (vii)      Kidnapping, looting, crime, arson, rape, poisoning, bootlegging, smuggling, and blackmailing etc.

   (viii)     End, spiritual practices, moksha (emancipation from the cycle of births and death), sin, hell, heaven, occult. Past karmas (deeds done in previous lives).

   (ix)       Feet and toes. Infirmity in a limb. Left eye, left shoulder, and left side of the genitals and anus depending on the drekkan rising.

   (x)        Going away from home, exile, extradition, travels, and going abroad.

   (xi)       Sexual pleasure. Sound sleep.

   (xii)      Inferiority complex.

   (xiii)     Suffering in secret.

   (xiv)     Selfless and profound service to the society, and acts arising out of pricking of one’s conscience.

   (xv)      Repayment of loan by the native (for repayment the eighth house also has to operate since on repayment the creditor will earn which is indicated by the second house from the seventh).

   (xvi)     Father’s wealth and property devolving on the na­tive.

   (xvii)    Elephants and homes. Large cattle and beasts (sixth house refers to pet animals).

   (xviii)   Loss due to marriage or wife. Loss of wife.

   (xix)     Termination of appointment.

   (xx)      Hospitals, jails, asylums, monasteries, and places of seclusion.

   (xxi)     Institutionalized religion.

  1. The nature of the planet and the nature of influence on that planet will decide whether the results accruing out of this house will be to the liking of the native or not. For example whether expenditure will be to native’s liking can be determined in this manner.
  2. The Moon in this house in a movable sign or aspected by Saturn makes a person wander.
  3. When the twelfth house is influenced by malefic planets and the owner of the twelfth house is also similarly influenced by such planets, the native will wander from one country to the other.
  4. A planet connected with the second, seventh (or ninth) and the twelfth houses makes the native go away from his family on a long journey to a far away place.
  5. If this house is connected with the second, sixth, and the tenth houses it indicates service in a hospital. If this house is connected only with the sixth house then it shows that the native would be hospitalized.
  6. If the fourth and the twelfth houses are connected it indicates a change in residence.
  7. If the ninth and this house are related a long journey and life abroad are indicated.
  8. If the Sun or the Moon is located in this house and is afflicted by malefic planets, the native is likely to lose his eye-sight. The same principle can be used for predictions regarding native’s relatives. For example if there is the Sun in the eighth house with such affliction it would mean loss of sight to the father.
  9. All planets baring Venus are considered badly placed in this house. Venus is good both in the sixth (though not for married life) and the twelfth houses.
  10. Venus benefits the house or planet from which it is in the twelfth house.
  11. If the owners of the fourth and the twelfth houses (watery houses) influence the eighth house and its owner, death by drowning is indicated. However if the twelfth house is occupied by a planet it will then act according to the nature of the occupying planet. In the above combination the owner of the fourth house only reinforces the watery effect of the owner of the twelfth house. The combination basically depends upon the connection between the eighth and the twelfth houses.
  12. If the weak and afflicted owner of the twelfth house is placed in the third, sixth or the eighth house and has malefic influence without any redeeming beneficial effect, it gives rise to Vipareet Raj Yoga and confers immense riches.
  13. This house also indicates wastage. So if the Sun is located here it would mean complete expenditure of the self. The man would therefore be selfless. Moon here would mean irritability-and emotional imbalance. Mars here means the native makes efforts for others. Mars here can also lead to muscular atrophy. Mercury here would make a man extremely talkative. Jupiter here would make the man keep giving unsolicited advice. Venus in this house can make a man lustful. Saturn here can make the native nervous in nature.
  14. If the three ascendants, the twelfth house, and their owners are influenced by satvik planets, and the fourth house, its owner and the Moon are under the influence of Saturn the native attains moksha (liberation from the cycle of births and deaths).
  15. The nature of expenditure and also whether it would be pleasant or otherwise will depend on the nature of the planet connected with this house whose period is current causing the expenditure.
  16. If Venus is in the twelfth house and is connected with Saturn and Rahu the native will have insatiable sexual appetite. His relations with his wife will not be cordial but the wife will be long lived.
  17. The native will suffer from insomnia if the twelfth house, its owner, Venus and the Moon all have malefic influence.
  18. The owner of a house situated in the twelfth house, or the owner of the twelfth house in any house, or a sambandha between the owner of the twelfth house and the owner of any house, will cause loss to the native of matters that are signified by that house.
  19. (i) When the first and twelfth houses, their owners and Rahu are related, the native is likely to be imprisoned.

   (ii)        If the second and the twelfth; or, the third and the eleventh; or, the fourth and the tenth; or, the fifth and the ninth houses have equal number of planets, the native is likely to be jailed. H beneficial planets are also involved in this combination in any manner, the native may be released from jail early, or if only beneficial planets form this combination, he may be pkced under some restriction for his own benefit.

Names: Apay, Vyay, Nash, Prantya, Antya, Rishpha, Dwadas, Daridrya, Pap, Dukha, Anghri, Kshaya, Suchaka, Bandhan, Sayan.

Relatives: Loss of wife, blow to the thought of happiness to parents, brothers, father’s wealth, indicates about eldest child.

Human Body: Two feet, leg, left eye.

Bodily defects, physical handicaps, loss of limb, mutilation of a limb, liberation from pain, bodily injury, death, sickness, chronic diseases, poisoning.

condition of body after death, fear from enemy.

Persons: People’s enmity, opponent in litigation or election, enmity with public, secret inimical activity, enemy’s imprisonment, secret enemies.

Profession: Termination of appointment, livelihood in places other than native place.

Actions:  Fall into hell, journey by foot, punishment, adultery, fulfilling responsibility, marriage, good/bad deeds, building reservoir etc., loss by marriage, discussion or dispute, renouncing one’s couch, discharge of debts, going to another place, entry into heaven, worrying about desired object, imprisonment, sinful deeds, sin, scandals, fraud, treachery, intrigue, deception, boot-legging, smuggling, murder, assassination, blackmailing, arson, rape, loot, kidnap, secret toil of mind, secret and silent suffering, self-undoing, extradition, conspiracy, secret plots and schemes, secret working of mind, repayment of loan, issue, of cheques, unselfish deeds, profound service rendered to mankind donations, exile.

Abstracts: Expenses, loss, misery, decline, poverty, last, awakening from sleep, mental pain, harm, receipt of charity, hardship, losses (physical, financial and mental), degree of freedom enjoyed, convent or monastic life, segregation, restraint, limitation, penury, purchases, investments, waste, obstacles, impediments, sorrow, anxiety, urgent demands, obscurity of mind, paternal wealth lost, secret intelligence, suspicion, anxiety, misgiving, fear and inferiority complex, extremities, solitude, self-sacrifice, seclusion, restrictions, envy, malice.

Qualities:  Obstinacy, gallantry, anger wretchedness, cunningness.

Animals: Cattle, large cattle, beasts.


Places: Bed, sleeping place, place of enemy’s confinement in chains, inauspicious house, mental institutes, hospitals, nursing homes, sanatoriums, life in a foreign place, change of place.

National: Means to hamper progress of enemy, spy, talebearer, enemy’s war movements, minister.

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