Third House

Significances of Third House

3rd House

The political unit is that of communication, that by extension includes one’s immediate environment: siblings, neighbors, short journeys, and every one types of transportation. The third house additionally includes the intellect, the lower mind (details and little bits of knowledge as opposition the upper mind in ninth house), thinking patterns, and early education (before college). Communication includes messages, deliveries, gossip, phone calls, visits, reading and writing.

  1. This house refers to the following:

   (i)         Self.

   (ii)        Physical and moral courage. Fights and causing distress to others. Valour, courage, risk-taking, recognition for efforts, perseverance and patience.

   (iii)       Mental ability and inclination, intellectual hobbies, liter­ary efforts and studiousness. Mental confusion and waking from sleep.

   (iv)       Meals.

   (v)        Hands, arms, ears, collar bone, neck, shoulder blade, upper chest, throat and the nervous system. Part of the hand between the root of the thumb and the root of the index finger. If the first drekkan is rising, this house indicates the right ear; if the cusp is in the second drekkan, the right arm; and if it is in the third, the right testicle.

   (vi)       Cousins, kindred, acquaintance, neighbours, younger brother or sister, female servants, colleagues, mediators, brokers, representatives and friends.

   (vii)      Longevity of the native as it is the eighth house from the eighth. Death of parents.

   (viii)     Adventurous or short journeys, walking, and sports.

   (ix)       Division of property, dire poverty (being the eighth house from the eighth), and removal from and change of residence.

   (x)        Religion (being seventh from the ninth house).

   (xi)       Correspondence, writing, accounting, mathematics, books, publication, news, information, library, bookstore, rumours, carrying tales, signing contracts, conveying messages, and public instructions.

   (xii)      Children of elder brother or sister.

  1. Well placed planets here or powerful owner of this house gives a capacity for profound interest and deep research.
  2. Rahu or Ketu with Mars or with the owner of the sixth in the third can cause disease in the parts of the body signified by this house.
  3. Rahu located here can cause death of father during its major or sub-period.
  4. Powerful connection between the third and the fourth houses means that the native would take part in politics, as the fourth house is a house indicating masses.
  5. Similarly if the third and the eighth houses are so related with the second or seventh house, it shows that the native would commit suicide since the third house represents the self.
  6. If the sixth or the tenth house has connection with the third house it may lead to a military career or the native may join a uniformed service. The job that the native takes up may involve regulatory functions.
  7. The following combinations are for troubles in parts of the body indicated by this house:

   (i)         Throat trouble is indicated if the owner of the third house is associated with Mercury and has malefic influence on it.

   (ii)        Throat trouble or loss of wealth is indicated if there is a planet in the third house where it is either debilitated, combust or is in an enemy sign and is aspected by a malefic planet for the chart.

   (iii)       A malefic planet for the chart located in the third house aspected by or in sambandha with another such planet can lead to throat or ear trouble.

  1. A movable sign in the third house indicates that the native will love travelling and change, unlike a fixed sign here. It will also make the mind sharp and ambitious. The native will have close ties with his younger brothers/sisters, neighbours and colleagues. A common sign here makes the mind more receptive.
  2. We have explained methods to determine the number of children and their gender under FIFTH HOUSE below. By applying these methods to the owner of the third house and its bhavamadhya (cusp) we can determine the NUM­BER and GENDER of native’s younger siblings.
  3. The rules for determining relationship between the native and a relative of his are recorded in paragraph 32 under FIRST HOUSE in this Chapter. If we wish to determine the relations that are likely to exist between the native and his younger brother! sister, we should apply these rules, mutatis mutandis, to the third house.
  4. The following conditions incline the native to join service:

   (i)         If the first and the third or the sixth house are connected, the native is likely to be in service.

   (ii)        Planets placed in the third house make the native in­clined to service.

   (iii)       If the third or the sixth house is connected with the tenth or the eleventh house, the native is likely to be in service.

  1. Sixth House could also be usefully studied for determining the career the native is likely to take up if the third, or the eleventh house is connected with the sixth.

Names: Uras, Sahaj, Bhrata, Prakram, Dushchikya, Vikram, Sahodar, Dhairya, Virya, Karna, Dhanusk.

Relatives: Father, brothers, birth in good family, relatives, mother’s paternal uncle, father’s maternal uncle, coborn.

Human Body: Arms, breast, right ear, throat, chest, growth of body, region between thumb and index finger, legs, collarbone, nervous system, shoulder blade.


Persons: Friend, servants, maid servants, soldier, helpful person, casual acquaintances, neighbours.

Profession: publishing-light reading, news etc. of ephemeral nature; employer, gains from service.

Actions: Causing trouble to others, short travel in good conveyance, division of wealth, war, decoration, commendable work, journeys, short journeys, conveying messages, transiton, journey in small good vehicle, changes, wandering, journey to neighbouring countries, capacity to perform carnal acts, carnal pleasure, raping women.

Abstracts: Illusion, dream, gain, education, fitness, sorrow, melody in voice, music, signature, rumours.

Qualities: Calibre, virtue, patience, courage, valour, prowess, enterprise, mental inclination to study a subject, restlessness.

Eating: Eating of roots, bulbs, taking defective food/drink, eating pure food, entitlement to earn food.

Objects: Tumbler, goblet, beaker, books, crops, ornaments of ears.

Places: Heaven place coming on way in journey, place, library, boo store, change of residence, environment, surrounding regions.


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