The people who don’t believe in Astrology or think it is not necessary for our life then I would like to share my experience with them here that I had consulted for Foreign Settlement Astrology with We all know that to settle abroad it takes so much planning, money and time. I got to know about the favorable Dasha / Antardasha periods for Abroad Settlement and they guide me well in the right direction and it saved a lot of time and money. I would strongly recommend to consult them before you take any major decision in your life especially with any financial related situations.”

– Kanchan Chauhan – Senior Service Manager, Mumbai

Kanchan Chauhan

Mahadasha provided a deep analysis of my Horoscope. They did a manual analysis of the horoscope even at the Nakshatra level while following the methods of Vedic Astrology. They were kind, honest and approachable with almost any query that I had in my mind. They have cleared all my doubts I had for the upcoming Dasha / Transit periods. I would like to mention one more thing here that where all other Astrology service providers give generic software generated predictions, is the only platform where I got deep technical insights into my horoscope with transparency. Thank you, Mahadasha & Team!

– Sankaran Guru Subramaniam – Mechanical Engineer, London

Sankaran Guru Subramaniam

” I am quite happy with the services provided by guys. Their astrologer’s reasoning behind why in the past things happened the way it has and why and how it will change in the upcoming Mahadasha makes perfect sense to people like me, who have the habit of getting deep into the analogy. I asked a question about my profession that I am getting into, the answer I got from the astrologer was with a rational explanation which is believable. In a nutshell, I am satisfied with their services. Also, I wish the all the best and May God bless them in all of their endeavors”

Krishna Ganesha – Consultant: Workforce Management Solutions

Krishna Ganesh