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effects of moon mahadasha

Moon Mahadasha Effects

Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis

Moon Mahadasha period remains active for 10 years of duration in a horoscope where Moon affects the most during that period.

Moon Mahadasha consequences with Moon’s features under the Moon Mahadasha is female, fair, with handsome eyes and voice it’s svelte, tall, youthful, with curly and short hair, and can be instinctive and beautiful in appearance.

It’s learned, friendly fickle-minded, and likes to wear clean white clothes. It’s straightforward and partial to elderly ladies. It’s a queen. Its car is a deer. It gets hurt easily.

It’s passive and impressionable. It’s quick-moving. In case the 4th house, its owner, and the Moon are affected by Saturn the native is dispassionate.

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